How to say “I’m Sorry” in French (and forgive others) : Apologize like you mean it

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Chloe Fowler
fantastique ! Merci beaucoup
Hameed Asefi
Génial, merci Géraldine, très utile.
Howard Wiggins
Thank you, Geraldine. That is so sweet to teach us how to forgive people in French. Next, teach us how to hold grudges and how to say \
Lorne Beck
Martin Wallace
Est-ce que \
Pendant toute l'année que j'ai passé en France, je me suis excusée en disant: \
Michel Golabaigne
Salut Geraldine, \nMERCI BEAUCOUP !!!\nComme toujour extrêmement compacte et super instructive !!!\nNous t'aimons !!!\n À la semain prochaine.\nMichel
Miljan Arandelovic
Comment écrire correctement ? \
Parfait! I've been using Désolée! Merci!
Oui In France
Great tips, Geraldine! As foreigners, it's so important to come across as polite and knowing how to apologize is super important. Merci!
Romi Agua
Onde você estava? Em que estava pensando? Achei você um pouco distante neste vídeo. 💖👍
Super ! Merci Géraldine
thank you! such a lot of information in such a short lesson!! great info!
marcone evaristo araújo paim araújo
Merci beaucoup!!!!