Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet) - Reverse Racism

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Aamer Rahman Fear Of A Brown Planet comedy race reverse racism

AMEN AMEN AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!
Andre Walker Comedy
I am in LOVE with this man! #ReverseRacism at its finest! 
Andrew Gaston
these comments are a trip! #whitetears  ha...tears are for people who feel pain or remorse or great joy. the devil has no tears LOL
Ah, the double standard and hypocrisy of black people, holding others accountable for things they had nothing to do with :)
Asari Aibangbee
Tears tears
Augusta Simmons
Perfectly said!:)
Wow! That was hitting the nail on the head. Thanks for posting.
Chicago & Anaiyah Edourad
So true!!!
Chris Hyde
imma let you finish, but Irish people had one of the worst slaveries of all time
Christi K
Reverse racism: A CONCEPT EXORCISED by the funny Rahman. Lol, love it.
Daaang! He pretty much summed up racism and colonization (what people spend their lifetimes on!!!) and \
Crys Campbell
THIS IS THE MOST SUCCINCT history lesson, EVER!!! Thank you for this! I will share widely!
David Pinto
awesome sauce.
Truth be told.. BRILLIANT!!!
Eugène Hoogstad
Love how comedians take the essence of something and make it into a joke
Fidel Cashflow
Watching all the dislikes pile up as soon as Reddit finds the video. lol.
100 percent truth.
Glenn Smith
Damn the truth hurts lol
I Dropped My Taco
I'm not pretentious I swear
This was brilliant. 
Iris Gonzalez
Straight FACTS if it was the other way around they would never be able to handle it some of them are so mentally weak it's ridiculous.
IrwinThe PantyDropperExtrordinaire
I needed this......just to remember I'm not crazy.
Jackie Salzinger
applies to sexism, too. ooof this is so good
I thought this was hilarious
Jamaica W.
I really love this!
Jamil Mukhtar
Shit got too real for some of the people there, they tried holding back their laughs but it's too funny they couldn't
Jay McMillon
This guy dropped some knowledge. Too bad certain people won't be able to pick it up.
Jeff Kloepfer
I'm white and I find this funny
Jester Jenkins
This is just brilliant! :) Hilarious as well! :)
Johana Dauphin
This is everything
Jonah Hanoj
holy shit lol.  I love when comedians shake up your view of society and make you look at it a different way
K Johnson
America is a very racist society, only folks who hate the truth, are upset with this comedian. It takes a lot of energy to hate, and there is only one race of folk, who have it down pat.
K Slone
K. Clarke
Realist shit ever, lol...
Kimberly Carter
Kwabena Ekuban
I wonder how he was able to work these skits at the comedy club. I wanna say the beginning was roough
L carter
Could not have said it any better
Lashun M
Wow! The truth hurts...love this guy...
Linda Seaborn
Every time I share this with someone else I watch it again. I've watched it about twenty times now and I'm nowhere near getting sick of it. I'm so impressed with how this guy explains \
Lisa Harney
I love this bit. It is so clear, and so explicit.
Mahmoud Mohamed
absolute genius! there is no way to deny the tragic truth of his words, that manage to cut right into the heart of such a complex matter in a few minutes
Maj Bonnet
This is brilliant. I will use this in the UnDoing White Privilege trainings I run for white folks. I love this piece.
Mary Cherry
Dude you're the funniest guy ever!
May H
This is amazing. I'm going to direct any white person who says anything about reverse racism to this.
Miss Joe
funny and brilliant ! yes this guy is talented ! real talk is sooooo pleasant
rac·ism  [rey-siz-uhm] \nnoun\n1.\na belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.\n2.\na policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.\n3.\nhatred or intolerance of another race or other races.\n\n\nyou don't have to go back in time to be racist towards a white person, i've seen it happen to all races and no one race is excluded from racism.
My Beauty Marc
Beautifully stated, 
OKeba Ra
Olubusola Ajayi
My hero.
I love this video
This is the greatest joke I've ever heard in the history of stand up, NO wait the history of comedy
Paulo Nunes
Brilliant analysis!
It would be funnier if it wasn't so accurate and sad.\nJust think of how many generations of Brown People (we're ALL brown-skinned, including so-called \
Rae Neumann
That was good, very clear and to the point.
Raiyan Hossain
this is only too true , only idiots would argue otherwise. and its also kinda sad how we just laugh about events that were so unjust and changed the course of history. forgive and forget eh ? sigh
Rayhan El-leissy
 Aamer i've been waiting for a video for a long time and you have not dissapointed :)\nwas hilarious
Real Push
This is so true!!! Spot on for real, I love it!! Genius piece my friend. Funny and insightful. Good job.
I love hilarious social commentary. Comedians are truly some of the most intelligent and/or socially aware people on this planet. I love this. Brilliant.
Reginald Caldwell
This was great.
Robb Nelson
It's still racism, in it's own way. If you want to stop racism, stop talking about it. That means both sides. The less you feed the evil, the less it will grow. There are too many fronts to argue in this debate to come to a communal agreement about what is racism because the definition is subjective to who is feeling sensitive at that moment. There needs to be a general ban on anything related to racial discussion within the comedy industry, as this will douse the fire of racism from the public faster than most approaches. If we allow racism and humour to be synonymous, then we will never achieve to be a society without racism. Learn from the mistakes all races have made.
Sami Ahmed
Be Afraid.
Scott Hardy
Funny & Bright!! W. Kamau Bell led me here. Sir, your time machine has been serviced and is ready for use!
I'm white and this is the truest thing I've seen all week.
Lol, so true! Kinda like reverse sexism :p
True that!
Taryn Matthews
i don't think i could love this bit any more.
Tim XFunc Carter
Learned helplessness...\n\nthere's an old saying \
#BOOM!!\n\nRandy Watson mic drop and exit stage left.\n\nDude is spot on!!!!!
Vernon Jackson
Wikum Silva
this is hilarious because its actually a really original, intelligent thought. you make us brown people proud man haha
Will Goins
The thing that got to me was hating your own eyes and hair. I met an Asian girl around 16, who told me while I was hanging with my friends that she wasn't Asian and that she was white. She was adopted and had white parents and acted like a normal American girl. What made me sad was that the friends I was with were Asian. It was sad that culture had told her that people who looked like her weren't good enough and that's a lie. Acting like a normal American girl shouldn't mean that you're 'white'.
Will Schmidt
I am going to immigrate to India and whine about \
Zack King
A study was done recently where three-year-olds from all different races were asked which skin colour was best and worst. You can guess what they said. All gave the same answer. So by the age of three, kids can tell that society judges them on their colour. Anyone who thinks we're finished with the whole equal rights thing and that continuing efforts are just political correctness needs to appreciate that we have further to go. Not about guilt, just about helping future children see themselves as equal.
I agree with what he's saying 100%, but I don't get why people are laughing. Seems serious as hell to me.
I need to show this to every white person I ever encounter
so much truth in this video. goodness.
preaaaaach it
That was brilliant!
This is literally the most perfect thing I've ever seen
I shared this video in my \
icedwhite mocha
New favorite video
oh god, bunch of white people who can not handle the truth
100% agree, how often do you do shows btw?
saying reverse racism exists is like saying rich people can experience poverty.
It's so funny to me how butthurt some whites are getting in the comments. How seriously they are taking a comedian's JOKE, trying to defend the white race/history/culture like it needs defending now because some comedian would dare say something negative about it. Whenever a minority gets upset at a joke against their culture or history, whites are the first to jump up and down and say \
master shabazz
it feels so good to see my fellow Colored People rising up against white supremacy, the white man has done you all wrong it is time to take his image down. \n\n
Lol, I bet all tgem dislikes were white folks. Lol
Because pale skin isn't looked down upon in this society to the detriment of the health of white people. Because the proponents of tolerance aren't trying to destroy harmful stereotypes against non whites while trying to preserve and institutionalize even more damaging and limiting anti-white stereotypes at the same time. Because the growth of non white people in the western world isn't being subsidized by quotas and welfare while white people struggle to maintain their lifestyles by having less and less children. Because non whites can't go back to their homeland and see nothing but people that look like them in all facets of society while white people are the minority in Europe's most historic and iconic cities in which their culture revolves. Because hate crimes against whites aren't skyrocketing while everyone but white nationalists are trying to ignore, dismiss and even justify these occurences.\n\nIf white people were really privileged you wouldn't be able to talk about \
snoth cambin
Truth hurts.
maybe the history is not on our side, but why do i have to pay for what my ancestors did? it's not like we go around and scream all germans are nazis just because their grandparents were
Funny and so true! Love it...
hahaha, and an educator
@patrioticjames10 You forget that the US also mistreated Chinese and Japanese and East Asians in general and continue to do so. Chinese Exclusion and Japanese/Gentleman's Acts, Massacres of Chinese American settlers in the 1800s, sending Japanese Americans to concentration camps, etc. \n\n\