💈 Old school Barber - Complete Head and Face Shave with Massage and Hot towel - ASMR sounds

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I'm in love with that lady there, I can't help it lol. So beautiful, with an unspoken charm about her.
ASMR Barber
The whole service. Hope you like. A big thanks to the Scapicchio barbershop
That beard sure does grow back overnight.
Abraham Wu
3:52 - loading the brush
it looks like more expensive than a plastic surgery!
Antonia P.
yay all in one! grazie!
This is the complete opposite of a black barber shop.
Austrian Prepper
very perfect Video - perfeto - best servive ! thank you for that great job
Bean B. Beanie
That display of products and imagery in the background of some of the shots (There is a great example at 9:15) is really clever product placement. I like that; it was really well-done! Also, nice ASMR video. I loved it!
Bohemond L
Be shaved and head massage by an italian superMilf ho yeahh ^^
Brule the Spear-Slayer
the woman barber is such a cutie
Cap't Jack
It's \
Charlie Van Horn
Great video, you can tell they take pride in their work.
Chris Hawk
This is an art.
Coleton Bruch
26:58 - 27:40 had me ROLLING
and that's how professor Charles Xavier was born
Conjured Fantasy ASMR
Always enjoy these. Thanks ASMR Barber.
Dana A
Thats the most professional barber shop I've seen. Genuine care at fullest. Awesome video.
Dat Nigga John Redcorn
This is probably the best ASMR shaving video on YouTube. The sounds are perfect, and there isn't any distracting background nonsense. You can tell that her wrapping the hot towel around your head and massaging your face would feel so good
Dindu Nuffin
What kind of reaction do you get when you ask the people if you can film and to be a little quiet?
Nice team up!!! :D
Elier Melendez
Very relaxing and therapeutic..
Fanai Armstrong
Damn sucks if you're the guy in the black waiting to get a haircut
I kind of love how the barber with the beard looks like a doctor. It kind of reminds me of how Barber Surgeons might look if they still existed today.
Frank Certo
I would expect that the price is high as they take far too much time with preparation and entire process. How can one make a living taking this long? Should take 35-40 minutes maximum for both head and face combined. 1 hour is crazy. What do they charge $90-100 US equivalent in Euros.
Frank Lanbrano
It takes this long to due one client?
The female barber seems like a happy person and is glad to be there. Unlike her younger colleague with the glasses, who seems like a grumpy puss.
was this service done specially for your video or is it the same level of service for anyone who books an appointment? it's fricken unreal if this is standard...certainly tops all other shops in my opinion.
Hi, Neighbor!
1:01:46 Someone couldn't hold in that fart any longer
I.G. O.M.
Sleep shall be exquisite tonight.
James Dare
You can tell that female barber was a real good looking women back in her day. Still looks alright in this tbh.
Jeffrey Sasquatch
Makes me wander just how many times the women barbers (like the woman above) have to go in the back and gag, after dealing with a disgusting, flirting perv man. I already confronted a man that was hitting on my wife at her business. Lets just says he chose to leave there post hast!..............(evil grin)
2:33 \
Jose Efrain Camarillo Jr.
I find the woman in this video very attractive! Haha.
5 Generations. Woah. Respect.
Kazi Gang
34:48 that dude looks like a mad nazi scientist thats planning to take his organs
Ken R.
Great videos !......But dont all these haircuts and shaves get expensive?
Kitchen Desires
finally gave us the full video
Lawrence H.
I'm sitting here eating fries watching a marathon of ASMR Barber videos for the shear eccentric fascination I have with this. Now, even though I have a full head of hair, I'm thinking about doing this just for how relaxing this seems to experience first-hand. Especially the warm towel. Thanks, ASMR Barber.
31:28 the guy in the back... Jonny Depp in fear and loathing ? ^^
Little Watermelon ASMR
Ludvig Berg
very nice treatment! quiet enviroment and no stress from the barbers.
Luis Rodriguez
the guy trying to hide from the camera xD
Lunis Badman
Dr. Colonel Sanders from Scrubs. :D
Mark G.
Just got my first straight razor shave today, (9/13/18) but not from that stunningly beautiful brunette. Wow!
Mehmet Pajaziti
26:57 very relaxing
Momen Attia
I liked the lady who cuts the hair; she was very relaxing. I liked the video. Thanks mate!
The lady hands look so soft and smooth. I would love to get a handjob from her.
Nigel Old & Grey
OK a little creepy all of them stood around watching
Great video! Also idk why but whenever an ad comes up in your videos it's ALWAYS the ad about almond joy candy xD Like that's the only one there's no other ads lol
Oliver Hill
Are you able to give a price range on what this entire service would cost? I would absolutely LOVE to do this.
Panglima Gagah Berani
ITALIANS...really amazing
Patrick Fox
ever been slapped by a woman. get your face shaved by one
Paul Fischer
I'm guessing this was one of your more expensive shaves? Excellent work again my man 👍
Pedro Carvalho
OK.. This is my favourite video from you !
Popeye N
3 people working on you, that must have been expensive.
Ranger Boy
they have nice coats
Raul Garza
I can appreciate everything, really, except his LONG fingernails..\nI’m sorry but that flaw is huge for me..
Rick Cunliffe
It's nice to see Colonel Doctor getting a job after Sacred Heart closed.
Rocco Lucio
I love watching your videos.
Rocket Scientist
So relaxing hate when a barber forcing me to speak.
S Williams
What a fantastic shop! The quality!
Saint Shamrock
The pretty lady should have done both . Gramps with his shitty lather , and that freak from Dexters laboratory should have hit the bricks.
Sam Fenix
I wonder what the problem was with that Jonny depp looking barber, looked mad the whole video even on the video thumbnail.
Sam Shields
That one barber looks like a young Bernie sanders.
Ski 4257
What kind of soap brush is she using?
Stefan Dimitrov
True professionals :)) Respect to you and them :)
Super Abound
Man, he really overdid it with that brush
Svetozar Boric
That woman has beautiful,clean, gentle hands... Just watching at them i feel relaxed...
I would never be able to hold my phone in recording position for an hour+
the lady barber is the best part of the whole video
Tim Brown
Wow, she is absolutely beautiful. I have always had an attraction to Italian women. She's amazing work th the straight razor..I'd wind up bleeding all over the place if I tried to shave with one .lol My brother bought me one and I keep watching this video and thinking,\
Tpz Elf
The application of the shaving cream with the brush upon Massimo's head and then the meticulous shaving is an ASMR machine for me. This video provided the longest-lasting and most continuous bout of tingles I have yet experienced. Grazie, Massimo, e grazie a la famiglia Scapicchio.
Vallaquenta Isildur
Fascinating, but never would let someone with a sharp razor on my throat. In this moment the barber Has a horrible power over you.
Victor Rene
where those Mariachi's at 54:00?
Vitaly Semenov - песни под гитару
Service at the highest level. Very nice woman barber.
Wafeeq Zarif
I bet she gives an amazing hand job.
The Full Length, UN-rated Director's Cut with deleted scenes... :D Bravo.
Youtube Dude
wow all that attention must be nice to be catered to
He grew his hair extra long just to go to that shop
italian girls are cute, even at +40 years old
What a sweet lady
Ah Italia...the country of my people and one of the greatest places on earth.
thumbnail looks like an album cover :D
She’s beautiful!
What an interesting thing for a family to pass down
jessie adams
Kind of awkward with all those people just watching someone get a shave.
wow she is totally sexy
mad dog
great quality shave well you would expect that from a family of 5 generations of shaving in the family
Barber: How can i help you today?\nAsmr Barber: Have you ever seen avatar: the last airbender?\nBarber: say no more
I'd like to comment on a few comments made earlier. I've been using straight razors since 1965.\n\nConcerning the razor noise. The true straight razors seen in this clip are all 7/8, 8/8 sized or being almost 1 inch wide. A heavy blade will make a heavy noise. A detachable blade razor has only a small amount of steel that rings. I've used all of these myself. The first razor seen is a Filharmonica Barber's Professional razor (you can tell by the black rubber on the grip (tang) and by the handle (scales) and the gold insignia and design. They're worth around $700 now as they haven't been made in over 25 years.\n\nThe rich lather is to insure the beard is fully moistened, the skin is lubricated, and for the whiskers to stand up for cutting.\n\nIt's only my guess that if the shop was busy with clients one would be getting attention from only one of the family. I figure that when they arranged for the video all the family wanted to get into the production. They do work well together tho.\n\nThey're using Proraso products. There's another clip on Youtube of the same shop and family in what appears to be a Proraso promotional video. The younger barber is more animated in that clip.\n\nThe white coats...a sign of professionalism...and another spot for the Proraso insignia.\n\nA beautiful shop and a great video.
This is like Don Corleone getting a shave.
who is that guy, Johnny Depp?? lol
sergio pelizzato
Un saluto da Venezia a questa simpatica e talentuosa famiglia.
when she applys the towels she doubles the towel in the forehead area ,\
Per la prima volta il suono della lama sulla pelle e sulla coramella valorizzano al meglio questo bellissimo servizio. Spererei in futuro in un raggruppamento per barbiere anche per i video dell'esperienza indiana.
That was almost like a surgical procedure than a shave. I loved (and got tingles from) the careful and extensive way he put the lather on your beard and her towel wrapping technique.
wyo angel
very nice.keep the good work
i love it