German Shepherd Protecting Babies And Kids

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Our husky was pretty much our baby sitter lol, if our daughter was in her bouncer or even on the floor playing the husky would be sat in front of her with 1 paw on our daughter like she was guarding her and its been the same ever since, no one was allowed near her without the huskies permission.  My daughters off to secondary school this year,  god help any boys that try to get near her, our husky is still just as protective to this day, true friend and protector for life
hey those kids may be harmful for those dogs
Andriette McDaniel
this is so cute 😍
Anonymous Maximus
Y must u watch things that make me cry an smile at the same time I have allergys an cryin makes my nose more stuffed uggggggh
Arm63 Done
Aron Deloreto
I hope the family has a nice life I wish them all the best .
How to not educate your dog.
Ben Richards
yeah its really funny watching a dog lick a babies eye ball, no doubt just after licking its own anus for the 5th time that day....🙄
Big Smokey*
Hide ya kids hide ya wife
Further proof the German shepherds are the best guard dogs ❤️
These video are adorable and all that, but for me, I would never have a dog until my child is much older. Granted, the vast majority of the time dogs can be great companions and protectors, but there are times that family dogs have attacked children, and sometimes for reasons no one is able to figure out. That, or spread germs, diseases and tick/flees. They are pets, but they are still animals, and could go off for any number of reasons... maybe even if the child hits the dog in the wrong way, at the wrong time...etc. But to each his own.. Those of you that have grown up with a dog yourself, or let your dog around your young child, that's certainly your choice and I have nothing against people doing what they are comfortable with. For me, I just wouldn't do it no matter how slight the risk of attack, or risks of germs, diseases, bugs spreading to my child.
Brent Kozak
Here Wolf, meet our helpless infant.
Dogs are amazing, loyal, special creatures...
D.Anthony Franco Jr.
Oh my God! This dog breed is incredible! Gotta get one!
Dark 6
I had a German shepherd name Zack he was very protective over my children awesome dogs for sure very smart
Dead poolz
Dissident Aggressor
I'm over 40 yrs old right now but I'll tell ya'll I wldn't be on this earth if not for my Sergeant. I was 9 when a rabid dog jumped our fence. He gave his life to save me. He was injured badly but he never gave up. 3rd January...... ich liebe dich mein bester Freund :(
Divya Div
I have a German shepherd
Dolores Hernandez
Donna Burris
I have a pit who has been around babies most of her life. She is so gentle and full of love
Uh, thst's not protecting the baby. That dog is showing dominance over the baby. Any dog trainer will tell you that.
are there competitions of guarding dogs?! Also i'm amazed how he let go when his protegee was safe
Emma Davies
This is exactly why I trust them over humans any day. Thanks for sharing. I love German Shepherds. ❤️❤️👍👍👌👌🙌🏽🙌🏽🐶🐶🐻🐻🐾🐾
Evan Gowans
I have a black english mastiff amd he's very protective over my two kids. He mostly stays by my son as he's got austism but he's one loving dog
FluffyHamster Bro
Germán shepards love to protect their owners they are loveful
FoxNews BS
We had a male german shepherd, about 80 lbs. While away once I left him in the house overnight and came back the next day. My sliding glass door had been crowbar'd though I didn't realize it until weeks later when I saw the marks. I then realized that it was my dog that kept them from coming in when the noise of trying to get in must have alerted him. I wish I could have been there to see the look on their faces when my dog's face appeared on the other side of the curtain drawn. Its a good thing they didn't get all the way in the house because he would have bitten the hell out them. He did not take kindly to strangers in the house unless we were around otherwise he was a kind and gentle dog.
Frank Quitely
Man, that just lifted my day!
Frank Reynolds a.k.a Danny Devito
(I was bored, middle of the night. Also, 0:53)\nGerman Shepherd: I protec baby hooman.\nHusky: let me c i wont hurt\nGerman Shepherd: no\nHusky: okai\na bit later\nhusky: let me c i wont hurt\nGerman Shepherd: I still protec! but fin for 1 dog treat\nHusky: okai\n*husky stares intently at baby hooman*\nGerman Shepherd: dont tink of doing tings.\nHusky: okai\nHusky: baby hooman cri-ing\nHusky:halp\n*german shepherd looks at baby hooman intently*\nGerman Shepherd: baby hooman fine, just wait it out.\nGerman Shepherd: just wait for big hooman to halp baby hooman.\n*both sit down staring intently at the baby hooman*
Frank smith
i could never let my dog ever never never never never lick my baby in the mouth i know that there way of kissing you an showering you with love but i can't do it like other ppl
Gesuina Reize
that is love
Glory Mosby
Love the video but I wouldn't let any dog lick my baby on the face
Going Oz
God never make mistakes.
Grant Battane
Dogs are so cool...way smarter than we think
i have a 7 month old German Shepard and she is as big as me when she jumps up on me\n\n\nim 12 years old
Lovely video :)\nLittle Boys=Toy Cars then Bikes then Scooters then Motor Bikes then Real is most of their DNA lol
Jacob Schneider
930 cats dislike this video
Jailbreak Tonighnovich
Smartest dogs
Jasmine Gonzalez
My German Shepherd passed away on July 30th, 2018 she was the best of them all I really miss her she always protected me and when my parents pretended to hit me (playing around to see what she does) she always barked and stepped in between us \nShe was by my side for 13 years since I was 3
John Jarrell
Josephine Abbott
I have had G/S all my life as pets and working dogs prisons and police so I have a very good knowledge of the breed.They are loyal but they have the same trates as other dogs.I am here to tell you that the G/S with his muzzle across the baby almost coering the infant that is plane domaniation and possation it is NOT affection look into the dogs eyes.Youwill one day try to remove the baby and the trouble will begin.Empathies with them for what they are inteligent loyal and obedient NOT baby sitters. And as for the one who is barcking ferously the owners leave me speachless.God bless all G/S
Klodjan Hoxha
May Allah bless all the dogs and humans in this video they both show values of loyalties and understanding towards each other kind. Respect from Albania.
Little gems
My favourite dog
Lorrie Smith
As a one year old, I was playing with the neighbor baby in their backyard. They had a German Shepherd. When my 6'4\
German Shepherd were people this would be a better world 🌎
Mara Nayome Model
Not the mouth
Marc Lévesque
Protecting is a stupid word.
Michael H Fogg
when my son was a newborn, we would take him to his \
Mike W
we dont deserve these animals, they are better than us.
Smart and loyal animals. Thanks for sharing. I'm not a dog lover but I appreciated the video.
N Kel
love shepards...but realize that the baby was being licked by tongue which 10 minutes before was uesd by the shepard to clean its testacles. .Dogs like that. have very very good hygenienic skills. baby now testacle juice on its face yukkkky
Nana Afriyie
I lost my German Shepherd 3 days ago... she's called Miley... can't stp missing her cos she was sooo protective... RIP Miley... will miss u alot...
Nikki de Bruijne
I had a white german shephard and he was amazing. one time someone tried to break into our house but he scared them so much they left. when I fell asleep on the couch he would come sleep next to me protecting me. if i walked with him and someone aproached me he would protect me too. he saved my mother from an angry man trying to attack her. he was my hero. unfortunatly he died 3 years ago. I miss him so much
Original Twinkie
0:40-0:41 “Ali-a”
Paddy Pup
I had a snapping turtle that used to protect me when I was a wee lad, used to swim up and down the tank really fast when danger was near. Good old snappy 😍
Patrice Daynes
Shepherds are GREAT with families and other kids,which is misunderstood (the other kids part). We taught ours that the kids on our street were all part of pack. She was valued but lowest in pack. Trust me, she taught us Way More than us her. Our vet had this saying on his wall about when I get old and my eyes can't see I NEED you to help me move on... you get it and so we did we,except my ex, I literally loved her too much to do this one last thing for her. He blew me off,so one saturday in Michigan in FEB (snow everywhere) she was having a hard time breathing-so I called the vet and said I would bring her in. Not your husband? NO I said,he won't, or can't or just does not give a damn. The vet said Okay we will expect you, and I took a pack of Baloney with me and we stoped at her favorite park where she could pee her goodbye on each tree, ran as best as she could and ate baloney. then we went across the street to a vet she did not know as she always shook when I tookher there-but it must be the smell or something...She knew it was A vet. They had the shot ready and asked me to wait in the lobby to which I said \
Patricia Linguissi
NO THANK YOU they may change their mind and eat them one day when they get angry I will never leave my baby alone with that kind of dogs I can't take that risk
Pizza DogYT
5:16 heyyy I saw that guy at arcade city yesterday!!
Pranamy Viraj
I love German Shepard
Rachel Dunwoodie
P.S my dog is knocked out sleeping lol.
Ravel K.D
Aw I i love dogs even tho my profile pic is a cat but i love both
There are several where the parents are pretending to attack the child to get a defense reaction from the dog. This is NOT a good idea, because dogs are pack animals and react to \
so this is teaching a dog to attack someone else in the family by constantly taunting it and trying to get it to be pissed off while protecting the child. May look like just protection, but now that dog does this anytime you come near that person or object they are gunna be defense towards it and will bite you. its a dog not a human they are not gunna be like \
Rc Buddy
It’s common behaviour for a dog to protect his food
Revertino Tse
5.16 of the Video. The Guy wears the heavy suit normally to train the Dog to Attack. Apparently he got the shock of his Lifetime. When the Dog lunched at him . And had no choice but to say Uncle. And Surrendered
Richard Myhan
I have had many German Shepherds over the years. Hands down best kid safe family protectors!
Ron Winters
I've owned German Shepherd's and they are wonderful dogs. Very protective of their family.
Ronald Dyer
The huskie said I want to see the baby but the German Shepherd said no
Rudy Juarez
I love how the G/S in the first video leapt in to save that kid. The best friend to have. 💯💯💯👍
Savage Wolfy
did that person in the first vid just film there kid drowning...
Scott Rackley
I'm not a huge fan of German's but they will protect little ones at the expense of their own life, I've seen it
Serchhip Chelsea
Serkan Ozer
Too dangerous to have a dog.
Steel Wings
Hug a German Shepherd today :3... they've earned it.
Wow, amazing dogs! So gentle and caring and when required to protect their people, fierce and formidable!
TS O'Day
I love german shepherds and own them, my favorite dog far and away. I also have babies,no matter how well you think you know your dog be very careful, they are still dogs and one bite and shake and your small child could be dead before you could even take a step.
Taylor !
This is why I love dogs over humans ❤❤❤❤
Today I Got Time Cuz
As cute as these videos are and as much as I unconditionally love animals and especially dogs.....\n\nI wouldn't risk a dog near my kid like that just in case it turned on the kid.\n\nI wouldn't have it lick the mouth of my child also lol.
Tom Riviere
The last time I had a German Shepard I was 17 years old and I only had her for almost one year. She died of distemper. I tried everything to save her life. I will never forget the look she gave me before the Vet put her to sleep. She broke my heart so much that I never got a dog again. That was 53 years ago. Dogs love you more than you love yourself.
Trevor Cox
Disgusting allowing dogs to lick these babies faces havent you got any sense?\n\ndogs carry germs. They touch any thing. They lick each others dogs asholes \n\n\nSome people should not have babies or dogs!!!!!
Vk Goutivk79
Don't let it lick at your child.
It all depends on the owners though, my neighbords have a gs and it bites people, bc they beat him up with the broom stick or \
Good thing most dogs are friendly, because I never want to see a shepherd suddenly bite the baby’s face off.
amanda hugnkis
I had a german shepard black lab mix when I was a child. All I can say is that is one hell of a combo. Most loyal, intelligent, fiercely defensive dog I have ever seen. It could open doors, including the gate to it's outdoor pen. Could herd cows with literally zero practice, playful as hell, overly mindful of children (and cats among other small farm animals). Also, he nearly attacked a UPS delivery man who cornered my mother in a sexual advance once. Watched until the guy put his hands on either wall by her and went apeshit. Chased him to his van and snagged his pants but lost his grip and the loser took off. I'm sure there would have been a nasty hospital visit if that creep hadn't gotten so lucky.
antonio barrera
I just got a German Shepherd and a baby on the way 😁😁😁
edmund mcgrath
Nice video BUT have seen hundreds of face bites/ childrens/ babies all breeds. faces during my years of practice as a trauma surgeon. It happens, well trained, great dogs, everything fine until one day for whatever reason...than scarred for life or worse. Careful with your kids and dogs is my advice. I would not take a chance, and don't with my own dogs/kids. best of luck.
dogs love to lick children and you never know what they have been licking before, maybe the ass of another dog
gylda matbagon
wow! love this video.. our pets are not trained but we consider them as part of family.... thanks for sharing this..
never ever trust anyone who does not like dogs or a dog who does not like someone,worked with a guy and he was here a few times and my dog hated him..a super friendly dog but she hated him...turns out he was abusing his me people,trust your dogs instincts.
4:36 :- 'Easy, Jaeger ...'\n\nYou mean Attack on Toddler ...\n\n\n\n\n\nI'll get my coat ...
paved w good intentions progress not perfection
The ones that are not obviously staged or where the animals just doing what it naturally does are absolutely beautiful and heart lifting the ones where they're being trained or also pretty cool but I have to say as a dog lover and a dog trainer for the military that it really bothers me for people to stress the animal out by pretending to attack the baby when they are obviously not trained Dog Handlers and they're not doing it for the dog or the baby but just because they find it amusing and want to put on video that's kind of cruel Plus it'll give the dog of weird sense of insecurity around the baby and I'm assuming these are parents doing it you don't want the animal to feel like it needs to protect the child from the parents or for the animal too so she ate the baby with being attacked and being stressed out I do completely understand the instinct 2 video tape smacking the bed next to the baby and watching the dog bark because it's hilarious and or you think it is and you think that it's showing how protected the animal is which it is in some way but it's not a training session the goal clearly isn't train the animal but to antagonize it around the child because it's reaction amuses you which again I can understand that's a human normality however I would advise against it it's not good for the animal or the child or the future relationship between the family members and the dog but all of your children and animals are beautiful and and the deepest sense of the word I love you all and I hope that you have wonderful safe and happy lives and thank you for being dog lovers oversees a dog saved my life on more than one occasion
rezwana hussain
protecter it's really suitable name for dogs....awesome video. ..🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒
ANY toddler will still wear out a German Shepherd easily, who are known for their stamina. No one can keep up with an infant (chuckle!)
shyamali ghosal
Dogs are Man's best Companion. .best Well Wisher.
snvff xxx
i had a beautiful GS for 18 years.. we grow up togehter, the smartest dog i ever seen..
haha how the German shepherd kept an eye on the Husky... priceless
the king
Well they are men's best friend? I have a German Shepard myself. Good dogs. 👍👍
Νικος Κατσαρος
Amazing this dogs are very loyal real heroes there are my fave dogs with huski
Мария Марк
Немецкие овчарки--Лучшие!