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This had made my eyes fill with happy tears! 😭
Abidur Rahman
if i was that boy i would always be kind to the tree i would always visit him and be happy with him and i would love him as it is so kind hearted and friendly.
Adithya Poorna HS
before I don't know how useful tree is
Adnan Ahmed
Beautiful story with beautiful message. I am 25 years old but this story reminds me my school days where we grown up.. Love those days
Ahmad Waqas
How nice
Ahmed Ali
Alex Blue
Hey they said mans need trees and trees need mans they forgot women and kids😑
Amjad Hossain
I feel so sad!
Andrea Kristina Elpedes
I cry in this story 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😘😔😌😫🙍🙅🙇
Angela Nguyen
It is a great story to learn
Anime_ islife
The boy is so selfish
Ann Collin
Beautiful story.💓💕💞
Aribam Sharma
The boy represent every human being. The tree can live without the boy but the boy need the tree to live. Still we have to harm the tree /nature to live. What a pathetic life we human beings have? We the human beings are the most advanced creation on earth as the scholars say. But we are the one who destroy our own home/earth. No other creature on earth is responsible for the destruction of the Mother Nature except human being. I think we the human beings are the worst and uncivilized creatures. We need source of renewable form of energy without impact on the Mother Nature. Otherwise we will destroy the home for all the creatures on earth apart from our own. Then where will our future generations go? Do we have the permission for destruction of this little planet? Can we go to other solar system to start life? A BIG NO we are too far from that. So wake up human beings.
Atanu Karak
i cried at the end .... more plese 😂😂
Ayesha Farheen
I had this story as my lesson..... Guys if u think this story is lessonable and moral like plz 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍plz
Bangla funny Video
We read it in language arts
Blue Phoenix
Boot Paradise
I love this movie so much and I'm so sad when I watch this movie.😩😩😁
Celia Gonzalez
I didn't like a lot this story because the boy wasn't nice with the tree , he left it with out any branches 😦😦😭😭😭 and i noticed that he only is going to the tree for help, not for friendship.
Durga Baniya
Story is amazing
Elenski 101
i literally couldn't watch ll of this. my heart is aching and i am about to cry
Elina Abaei
This was so sad i never will find a sad story as this #savethenature
Fatima Nazneen
best story
Gerhan Dave
The sacrifice of Mother Nature
Gesmeiry Valdez
This story made me cry and I couldn’t talk I wanted to talk but I couldn’t
Gina Ortiz
Woah..\nThat's deep.
Hilal Yuusuf
It is true man need tree and tree need tree
Hina Zahra
Ipsita Jena
I'm crying now.. cause it's true..
Iris Li
I read a book about this before
Israt Payel
Beautiful story
Javaria Shahzad
This is the good moral
Jharenz Fermin
amazing story I❤ it
Jl Dekha
This tree is a very kind and good friend but the boy is not very kind and neither is a good friend. There are few friends who want to see a friend happy by sacrificing himself.
Jonattan Méndez
My children loved the story, me as well. Thanks! 👍
Jugessur Govindlall
Not a word to say just tear comes to my eyes
Kate Cat
Why does the tree keep calling him boy doesn't he have a name
Kenshuka Official
It's a nice story 😭💓
Kid Scientist
Great story I love it
Know The Unknown
Kourtney Watson
Kunika Kedia
I just cried
Lalawpsanga fanchun Sanga
I cry Because of tree , boy i Don't like he selfish so more , tree may God bless you always 🙏😿😭😭
Lauryn and Bella Rhett
I admit I'm more of the boy. selfish and only thinks of myself. how about you? but I'm trying to change slowly by slowly
Lena White
That was so sweet 😂😂😂😥! !
but the tree was a girl in the book
Maham Nawaz
It made me burst in trears
MaiMiku_29 :3
You need more subs and likes
Mal sawma
best story I ever heard it's make me very happy too :-)
Sad story! It shows the selfishness of human being.
Maxim Rang
i love the moral of the story
Md. Rafiqul Islam Faruki
yes we must save trees..
Musa Ahmed
Save the 🌲 I am crying because the 🌲 has a big HEART and SOUL he helps people who are so sad if he was real bless the 🌲 extra time. If he was sad I will help him. Thanks TREE., troutions down below.🌲🌳🌴=TREE. This will teach you a litsen if you don't care about other people who are very sad.,😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😕😕😕😕😕😞😞😞😞😞😞😨😨😨😩😩😱😱😱😧😧😧😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
Muskan Md T,S
Who else love stories??
Naco Nav
Naha Nouri
Wow.....!\na intresing story 👏👏👏\ni love nature 😍😍🌍🌲🌲\nsave trees ! 🌲
Nasir Iqbal
We should preserve nature but our biggest problem is that we think someone else will save it
Noor Fatima
The boy so mean and last he is a good boy
Nour Abd Elmenaem S
l feel like l could cry from the story!
Only for #Funn
i have seen so many stories... but it was so good ...\nit is giving a msg ... we should care all of us... .\n i like you creation....
Prince Charming
I love this story
Priyasha Morshed
Nice story
Rahamadhullah Khan
Give respect to earth please good story
Rama's Yummy Kitchen
greed has poisoned our minds and heart !
Rasheed Rasheed
Wow gorgeous
Ravika Mahabal
I feel sad:-(.The tree acted liked a father to him.:-(, :-(.I am crying
Rebecca Sharif
Beautiful story. Love it
Richard Dong
Okay, the narrator and voice imply the tree is a male, but the subtitles refer to the tree as a female?\nLol.
Rodge Aniga
ahhhh what a lovely story
Saji Parayankal
Protect our biodiversity. Without nature there is no life. Nature is our mother.
Sanjoy Malaker
the real story
Satyavati Mahajan
Hi how are you
Shipster 34
Literally cried after Watchin this... #savenature
Sister Slideout
It so sad I also cry
Sobyah Nasim
We love this story before go to the bed we watch the story everyday
Sthitaprajna Kar
I love this
Subas Tripathy
i also love
Tales For Tots
This is a truly beautiful story and very relevant for today's times.
Tisasie Ketema
😢😢😢😢😢it maks me cry human is so salfish
Tisha Chattoo
Very sad and touching heart story
Vu Thi Hai Anh
wow! Goooooooooooooooood I love it!
Youricorn Lover
This is the good story ever . \nI really love this story 😘😘😍😍😘❤️😍😍💕💕
bhargavi smiley
It was not a was girlfriend for that boy
bubblegum zara
I cried when I watched this story
cyriel deniega
so sad😭😭!!! save mother nature #savemothernature
mahira nooreen
Everybody reading this I just want to let you know this is very important and you can't always ask for more than you already have like the boy, second of all never give up, stay strong, always stay strong...
maqsood khan
superb story
meenakshi pinky
omg i love that tree:-):-);-)
milli walling
This story so emotional.
nilima bhat
Very heart wrenching story..... mother nature keeps giving, but that punk takes complete advantages........ Very bad
I wanna plant a tree after watching this video.
she she
it made me cry.. i love it! the best!
shilpa bhide
The tree is very helpful
tendai mpala
thu nghia
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xXSage_ NightwingXx
This video made me cry😭😭\nLike if it made you cry... so i will be happy
yasir majid
so nice but it makes my heart break when I see the tree It felted that he was week and missed the boy but the ending was good I felt nice when i see the tree happy