ASMR Get some Tingles from my Spanish Whispers (Español Susurros)(English subs)

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My first ASMR video in a language I don't speak: Spanish. People are keeping on asking me to do a video in this or that language I don't speak so I thought it could be a new concept. Do a 10 minutes video where I just say random things I found in some beginners videos on YouTube. I don't know. If people like this, I could make it a series.If you would like to see me whisper during 10 minutes in your language, please leave a comment below!Note: I won't upload any video until next Tuesday in order to concentrate on the "I love you" video. I'll make an annoucement tomorrow in the Community Tab :)If you are new here, first thank you!Here is the normal planning:Monday: FrenchWednesday: JapaneseFriday: KoreanSunday: EnglishSometimes I also upload other videos the other days of the week.Good night, friends! :)===SUBSCRIBE, it's free:

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