YouTubers React To No Nut November Challenge

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A VeryRegularBoxOfCereal
3:10 do they not know what nut means?
Adelaine McMuffin
Mmmm those select few people really just... They're probably REALLY fun to be around
Adolf Hitler
I actually tried No Nut November for real and lasted for 5 days.
Adorfu Hitleru
christian bois: *NO NUT FOREVER*
Alex Vargas
Alexis Nourian
My boy Jacksfilm is the memeiest of them all 👌
Ammagon -
25th day of no nut november\nI have gained the ability of levitation and telekinesis my eyes can also see up to 78km
Andrew Mcarthur
A good thing about NNN is when my mum leaves my room door open I don’t even have to get up to close it I can just use my telekinesis
AndrewLuis CrespoDeMoura
No Nut November has been going on for a few years. It won't stop for a while. Unlike other memes, it can be more timeless and has the potential to be a traditional meme. Something people just joke about each year
B. jackson
No nut November has become my hardest task since the SATs. lmao
The whiny guy tho... just chill
Bill Cosby
Brandon Valdez
Day 24, i can now teleport and firebend
Everybody has tried No Nut November. Nobody has succeeded.
Carlo Rufio
None of these YouTubers have been on the internet it seems. NNN is at least 3 years old.
Comrade Dog
Oh make them react to Destroy D!ck December...
Good YouTubers: what's no nut november????\nJackfilms: haha no nut amen
Damian C
2:52 I haven’t seen someone so irritated by something so harmless in a long time. He must be fun at parties.
Damian Cruz
Guys got to deal with that No Nut November, but girls got to deal with that Stop Squirting September 😂
Idk what ya'll are on about it's October 55th
Die Putzfrau
*December has left the chat*
Dimitrius Fisher
Make them react to DDD (Destroy Dk December) next XD
El Gero Motion Pictures
It's over boys, we did it
Help I still have 6 days to go\n\nDay 25: I want to bust one but im resisting\n\nDay:26 im officially out boiss sorry to let you down
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4:00 gayboi
Counting down the seconds to #DestroyDickDecember
Freaking Shooketh
what about no squirt september for the ladies
GD AlyaDaGamer
Tomorrow is the last day of no nut November. keep strong boys
Gilberto Gomez
I lost a few brain cells on the Hollywood girls 🤦\u200d♂️
Henry Smith
I can’t believe asmrdarling is in this.
Hide The Chicken
2:52 its funny how I have the exact same thoughts when I hear him talking
I hope my profile pic gives you nightmares
Joey seems like a nice guy in these videos but every time he speaks in this one I have the urge to skip him 😒
Insane Oyster
But hey, that’s just a theory. A NUT THEORY
Intrinity Boi
Participate with me and the other victors in destroy dicc December \n\nLaidies prepare for forbidden fingering February
It's iVulpex
Mark my words, there will be a no succ September
My friend didn't nut for a year, and he actually went to a Buddhist temple over the summer, got his head shaved, and meditated every day. Then he got a girlfriend and got normal again. But that was weird. No joke. I think he almost reached enlightenment.
James Wise Magic
How have these youtubers not heard of no nut November? Like.... do they even internet?! 😂
Jamyang Pelsang
For the females out there, I propose to you \
Johaness Wagner
“How did they make spongebob sexual”\n\nI’m not sure but are you feeling it now Mr.Krabs?
Jonathan Aimoto
“I believe that the hand collar would serve as a sufficient blocking device.”\n\nBUT THATS JUST A THEORY... A NUT THEORY
Jacksfilms and matpat were great in this video
It’s no fun November for some of these losers lol
Koala Kontrol Jr
I just want to smack Joey Graceffa in the face. Idk why
Korben Dallas
Leopard 2A6
I failed yesterday... Another grave stone in the Non Nut November cemetery, I am sorry fellow NNN comrades...
Mark Silla
Guys it day 20. The headaches have finally stopped, Finally controlling X Ray vision.
Life hack: To complete No Nut November just get erectile dysfunction that way it’s literally impossible for you to nut
Mikeky Mike
Milo Moran
I am doing no nut November, day 28 going strong
Miranda Zhang
clearly jackfilms is the only youtuber who goes on the internet regularly
Mordecai 38
Those girls made me lose No Nut November
Myles Prospero
2:51 why do people talk like this
Nathan Sciarone
Jack is the only good youtuber in this p.o.s vid
Neiko san
*DAY 29:* \n I've lost all the hearing in my right eye.
Props to anthony for noticing HentaiHaven in a split second
Girls participate in NNN, too. Not sure why people think otherwise.
Oliver Mackenzie
Day 26 of No Nut November........I have completed the 7 Wonders and I am the next supreme
Oof .mp3
NNN Is almost over.\nDDD Is almost here.
Paul Rotherts
I haven't nutted for a year\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNow im Thanos
Queen Kathleen
Omg AMSR Darling! ❤️💕
Here is a list that took some time to make\n\nJackless January\nFapless February \nMasterbationless March\nArouseless April\nMeatless May\nJizzless June\nJuiceless July\nAbsention August\nShunning September\nOutrunning October\nNo Nut November\nDodging December
Retro- GIE
I failed this challenge and Im ashamed... Anyone else?
Ryan Rusch
No Nut November existed in 2016 lmao
SCM Gaming
I just simultaneously whipped and nay nayed
people are living under rocks
Day 20. I feel the power coursing through me
Sethy Sloth
in 3 days my sperm will be saying \
Sketchy Akechi
Thank God for Jack.
SoFloJitt 27
Women aren't safe\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n *N O F I N G E R F E B U A R Y*
Sophie Guy
how have people not heard of no nut November before?
SuP Sucka
stop squirting September ladies😎
Sushi Rice
I’m actually participating in no nut November, since it’s November 28, I have overcome most of my challenges and grown a third eye into the 4th dimension
Swagger Smii7y
No going back now, let them react to Destroy D*ck December
The Electric Penguin
“And No Nut November is for what... sadness or something?” \n-MatPat 2018
Tomminium Moda Suka
2:55 And your speech isn't?
Travis Williams
Ha! All these foolish YouTubers doubt the validity of no nut November, but I haven't nutted in 19 years! I have achieved godhood!
Vlad the magnificent
i masturbated throughout the whole video
World_of Complications
These yt have no humour at all
No Nut november has been around for years and now they are just doing this andd to the people who said it wont last another year its been tradition for a while now
chuks epells
Roses are red 🌹 \nViolets are blue \nI nutted on day one \nAnd so did you ....
crazy with a camera
Do they not know this has been a thing for like 5 years
george appleton
Graceffa is soo pissed
i eat ass leafynothere
No Oxygen October\n\nYou can't breathe. The reward is heaven.
jakob zandstra
My csgo account got banned because this world isnt ready for my ability to see through all walls.
no squirt september
lars has ligma
Day 27 still going strong I can now reach true enlightenment
love how they always have jacksfilms in those kinds of videos so theres at least one youtuber who gets it
How do you guys prevent nutting in your sleep?
our lord and saviour chuck norris
I'm so mad. They think noone does this but me and all my friends do it and we will make it.
solrac inti
Any tips on how to keep the telekinesis under control? I’ve been randomly levitating since day 14
sour melones
She said is it really that hard
ur dad gey
1 like = undo nut that you have failed this november
vertex digital
weebs and memes
November 28 haven't been able to sleep I have learned how to control liquids with my mind must resist just a few more days we can do it boys!
can you even be a youtuber without knowing what no nut november is