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Taehyung and Jungkook have been friends since childhood. Taehyung has always known that Jungkook is more than just an acquaintance to him but he doesn't say anything, he's content with having Jungkook as his best friend. However, everything changes when the new student, Park Jimin, enters their school. Jungkook has always been drawn to people of his kind - humble but extremely charismatic. It's almost love at first sight. Jungkook doesn't tell anybody about his feelings though. He just slowly gets closer to Jimin. But Taehyung knows everything. He knows how Jungkook looks at Jimin. He knows how Jungkook trembles at the very sight of him. The whole Taehyung's world shatters because of a simple question he asks Jungkook at their prom. "Where would you like to study?" The answer leaves a bruise on Taehyung's heart. Jungkook wants to be around his hyung. Jimin hyung. Kim Taehyung, are you all alone again? Yet, Taehyung's determination is limitless. He wants to be with Jungkook no matter what. He decides to enter the same Academy as him and Jimin. What is there to lose anyway? Still, the sky comes tumbling down when Taehyung sees them together. It's clear that they're deeply in love with each other. Taehyung loses his mind but doesn't miss his chance to confess when Jimin is absent. He's in another city and is unable to interrupt. However, Taehyung immediately gets rejected by Jungkook. "We're just friends, hyung" Of course, none of them could guess that Jimin was about to come back at this very moment. One pull - and their lips touch. It is a kiss full of Taehyung's hunger. The one that happens once in a lifetime. For Jungkook - it is a cry for help. After that Jimin leaves him. Jungkook is left alone. There are thousands broken pieces of Kim Taehyung and it's impossible to bring them back together.____RUSSIAN VER.Тэхён и Чонгук друзья ещё с раннего детства. Тэхён всегда осознавал, что Чонгук ему больше, чем просто приятель, но не говорил ничего, укрываясь теплым местом лучшего друга и радуясь его нахождению в его жизни. Все меняется когда в школе появляется новый ученик - Пак Чимин. У Чонгука интерес к такого рода личностям — скромным, но чертовски харизматичным. Это был почти что любовь с первого взгляда. Чонгук о своих чувствах никому не говорит. Лишь пристраевается к Чимину ближе. Тэхён всё знает. Знает, как Чонгук смотрит на Чимина. Знает, как тот трепещет рядом с Паком. Весь мир Кима рушится крахом, после невинного вопроса на их выпускном, куда бы хотел пойти учиться Чонгук. Ответ бил по сердцу Тэхёна. Чонгук хочет быть рядом с хёном. С Чимином хёном. Ким Тэхён, ты опять остался один? Его решимости нет предела, пусть так, но он будет рядом с Чонгуком. Он решает поступить в ту же академия, что и Пак с Чоном. Что ему терять? Небо рухнуло у Кима над головой, когда он видит пару Чон Чонгука и Пак Чимина. Влюбленных друг в друга до чертиков. Тэхён теряет рассудок и пользуется моментом отсутствия Пака. Тот же в другой стране и не потревожит. Признание Чонгуку. И тут же отказ. "Ведь мы же друзья, хён." Никто же не знал, что Чимин вот-вот явит им себя. Рывок и их губы уже соприкоснулись. Это был жадный поцелуй для Тэхёна, тот, что бывает в первый и последний раз. Для Чонгука это мольба о помощи. Чимин ушел. Чонгук остался один. Ким Тэхён разбит на тысячи осколков.♡ HD is your senpai :')♡ vk: © Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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when you start crying and you have not seen it yet
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well this is just rude.. I'm heartbroken
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This made me so sad 😭😭
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Omgggg. I LOVE IT 👏😍❤❤❤
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Прикооольно😍 будто бы трейлер к фильму)
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This made my heart detached I'm crying. The end
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*This is could be a good as fanfiction..*
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You want to break my heart too ?
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This is sooooooo amazing.👏👏👏👏🌌🌌🌌i love this.😍😍😍
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The ending is so sad
Fantastic Moonlight
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Omg i'm Jungshook *-*\n\nGreat job! This is so beautiful 😢❤
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Мне нужен такой фанфик)
Куда плакать? \nКристина, ты добиваешь морально, так красиво получилось, да и дохренашеньки материала искать пришлось~
i do not understand the final
[beauty] omg why!!! this is so sad!!! yet the editing is so beautiful!!! and i'm eating spicy noodles at the same time. my eyes are tearing up.
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Part 2?
It's Noam
Ji Kook
О БОЖЕ Я СТРАДАЮ(((( ЭТО ЛУЧШЕЕ :___________)
Jimin's hair
How ?? Just.. how ? HOw caN u be sO talENted ???
Jimin’s Thighs
Wow you rlly stick to your name bc now I’m feeling ultra sad
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His scream at the end.....I wanna jump off a bridge because thAT WAS SO GOOD
poor tae T.T good video! very touching..
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Это очень мило но Ви жалко😢
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Я во время просмотра:\nКак шикарно\nКак атмосферно\nКак грустно\nЗареву щас\nГОСПОДИ ЭТО ЧТО МАЛЕК\nХочу ещё\nСмотрю снова\nИ так бесконечно\nСПАСИБО ЭТО ПРЕКРАСНО 😩❤️
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The feels... 😣😣😭😭😭😭\n\nThis was amazing! Ah why are you so talented! 💓
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This is a masterpiece.
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This had me in tears I-~~
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I'm not a fan of this kind of relationship. \nBut I liked the video. Many thanks to the author!!!
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Beautiful , plis what is the video of minute 1:41 ????
О боже,я плачу😢😢
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Just one word ....... amazing 💫
Minho is THAT Bitch
Everything bout this makes me sad..THE STORY IS THE SONG IS AND THE-
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1. I'm cryin'\n2.V screaming is me when i saw a damn spider *and i hate people when they said that spiders are cute.. SATAN IS CUTER THEN SPIDERS*\n3. I can't breath
Omg your edits are always so beautiful and well done!!😍
Спасибо за субтитры)))))) тебе пора снимать свои фильмы
This was sad from beginning to the end what kind of wild shit is this
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what happened at the end? V killed Jimin?! I can't undrestand someone tell me 😓
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I wish I could edit like you
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I dont even ship this, but wae?? My hearteu, i cant💔💔💔
Beautiful story with a beautiful edit, you seriously think a lot about each piece of the edit, right?\n 'cause evrything is so well thought, each detail, the clips, the plot, the song,the quotes... and that's what makes your way of editing even perfect!
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What the heck.. what the heck is this stupidnesssss.. I have a single tear going down my face.. I ship a triangleeee.. it doesn’t end like thissss.. they all just freaking hold hands in circle😂
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Oh shit! I'm effin' crying! I really really love Jikook...and the ending just killed me😭\n\nWhy?? Why?? Whyy????!!!\n\nLol. This ks very good! I really loved it
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AHHH. Esto es tan isdhwjdoqsbsojjosq lo amo, cjau.\n/c muere pero revive para dejar su like
It’s so sad
I love taekook honestly so much
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Never land
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1:16 at the first look I really took it's Jikook O_0
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I’m SHOOK but also amazed, this is a bootiful masterpiece 😭💞
I'm sad\nI'm tired\nbut I'm happy now thanks
SONG : eden, wake up
[ ChanChuu ]
_ SweetSugaKookies _
Stop Stop STOP!\n\nI watched this and I got quite angry. I see so many people fight about whether it's Jikook, Vkook, or Vmin but guess what... There's a little something called\n\nVMINKOOK\n\nI watch many MANY videos about these three and most people shout VKOOK and some shout JIKOOK and it's rarely ever VMIN. But why can't we just go Vminkook? \n\nI ship Namjin because Jin is protective over the members kind of like a mother. Not to mention he has motherly qualities. (Like cooking for example) And Namjoon is the leader and is also protective over the members like a father. He has this sort of I guess manly aura??? I'm not saying that Jin doesn't have this (Of course he does it's JIN we're talking about) but they seem to have the qualities of a married couple.\n\nI also ship Yoonseok because Yoongi has always been a reserved person. He prefers to stay inside by himself writing lyrics, playing the piano, or just sleeping. And Hoseok seems to be the opposite. He prefers to go out and hang out with friends. So these two would most likely stick to their own right? WRONG! Anytime these two come together if Yoongi is laying down relaxing Hoseok sometimes lays down beside him becoming relaxed and calm. And when Hoseok is hyper having fun Yoongi joins in becoming upbeat and joyful. These two are what I call the Sun and Moon relationship. Like the sun and moon they are opposites but both are needed to have balance. However this is only half right. I say they are opposites but they really aren't. When they're around one another they turn into each other.\n\nAnd because of this there are three left. An odd number. One has to be left behind. There can only be two people in one relationship right? Once again WRONG! This is actually possible. To have a three person relationship. Rather than some cliche love triangle have a threeway. It has happened before. In fact a relationship consisting of MORE than just three is possible. But I specifically ship these three and not a different threeway is because of their behavior around one another. Jungkook and Taehyung's behavior around Jimin is the same but some may say because everyone loves Jimin. (Which is correct) But then let's look at Taehyung's and Jimin's behavior around their little (Not Really) Maknae. Jimin is EXTREMELY touchy. He loves to hang around the Maknae and teases him sometimes. (Like when he accused Jungkook of copying him) Unfortunately I can't name specific behaviors and moments because of how unpopular this ship is ;-; Also when it comes to Vmin and Vkook I always see them having fun. Like best friends. But of course this has also been present in romantic relationships as well. There have been moments where Jungkook would stick his tongue in his cheek (A habit he does when he's nervous or uncomfortable) anytime the hyungs get a little touchy with their maknaes. And Taehyung would lick his lips and look away (Btw he licks his lips as one of his habits it isn't always when he's nervous like Jungkook). Jimin has shown his moents as well but I won't go into that this is already long enough. Just look up vminkook moments jealous maknaes and you'll see what I mean.\n\nI've been trying forever to provide proof for these relationships I ship of course these are just my opinion. However the ships that make me a little annoyed are:\n\nYoonmin\nTaejin\nYoonkook\nNamkook\nJinmin\nJihope\nVhope\nJunghope\n\nYoonmin most of all. I have tried watching Yoonmin moments believe me but whenever I watch them I see the way Yoongi cracks a smile at Jimin's antics. But that smile isn't a smile you give to your lover. It was a smile a father gives to his son. The others I don't exactly understand either. I only see two friends hanging out but when I see the other ships I see a couple. Two (or three #Vminkook ) loving people planning on spending the rest of their lives together. I hope this influenced you opinion on ships. But of course this is just my opinion.
Слишком прекрасно. Проплакала все видео
It’s freaking 2:00 in the morning and I can’t breathe-and I feel like I’ve been shot. This is heartbreaking and beautiful!! HOW DID I JUST NOW FIND THIS. 😭😭😭😭😭
Wait I'm confused...Did Jungkook kiss Taehyung and Jimin found out?
Я люблю тебя и это (hope my russian isn't bad, im trying to learn c: )
by BLUEkorea
Не ну \nНу...\nБлин \nНет слов \nАаааааааа \nПросто время отлично так порыдать
What?? My JiKook D:\u003c\n\nAnd I thought this would be VMinKook, not VKookMin :I\n\nBut I like your fmv(s)
christian chim chim guchi justin seugeul
I feelin its really happen in their relationship in bangtan.. I hope its never happen.. (sorry Im in a bad mood, i think im thinking a lots now)
i got yes jam
jeongs -
it's okay taetae , you have jeongguk , let jungkook with jimin :(
i’m just speechless????? this is so beautifully done woW i love art
mi corazón...\nlpm.
Это потрясающе\nНет слов
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why? why u did it w/ me?
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Omg I'm crying. 😭💔 the last part got me ....😭💔💔.\nOmg the edit is more than good more than beautiful......😭😭😭😭😭........ Is is awesome ..... And even more than that if it's even possible....... 😍\n😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤💋..
Waaa. The story is so painful :\u003c the song so beautiful;x the video just perfect!!! \u003c3
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Lloré AHRE... Emmm... Alguien que hable español... Weno estoi solita como una hormiga AHRE que decía ...mmm...weno bye
о божечки, как же великолепно \nэто шедевр \u003c3
rina kay
похороните меня за плинтусом \nпиздец кристина\nпомогите
rudy menoza
Taehyung don't be sad I'm here
youre the fu*king god! i love it so much its perfect!
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holland malec and vminkook?? you know the way to my heart
show me answer
Okay, so i don't ship any of bts members but oh my god this video! Bravo! It is so so so good and emotional and aah just beautiful
soyxlunaxlove lol
You're a god! Whenever I see this, I always cried. It's so good. Your edit skills are amazing. Thanks for this beautiful and sad edit!❤ Stay strong!
stupid smile
Esto es tan sad :(
the feelss lmao why am i crying this is so amazing
taehyung ate suga kookies
I was about to cry... but that \
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u w u
Holy. Shit.
+russian sub\nremember about me social media: \n♡ vk: https://vk.com/sad__corner\n♡ ig: https://www.instagram.com/ultra__sad/\n♡ ig (for edit): https://www.instagram.com/ultra__sad2.0/\n♡ twi: https://twitter.com/ultra__sad
val; loona & bangtan
Why am i crying? Like omg, this broke my heart in two... gosh, i love taekook, and this. Poor of my baby, tae, but... jungkook didn't love him back...
i'm in love, your edits are always so perfect omg. wish i could edit like you♡
x jjk
saklaf :\u003c
This is so good! OMG
Очень душевно вышло! Чувствуется этот накал, что идёт с каждой секундой
Алсу Тиховская
Охиреть можно
Саша Мин
ЭТО АХУЕННООООООО!!!!\nВЫЫЫЫХХХВААААХХ😍😍😍😍\nМНЕ НРАВИТСЯ ТВОИ ВИДОСИКИ 😻\nПродолжай мы все очень тебя любим😻😻😻
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ААААААААААААААА ФАТА ФАК, чо то сердечко кольнуло, ОМГ, В ДУШЕ Я ЗАЛИВАЮСЬ ВОДОПАДНЫМИ СЛЕЗАМИ, ЭТО ВОИСТИНУ ПРЕКРАСНО, СПС ЗА ЭТО УТРО,СПС ЗА ЭТО ВОСПОМИНАНИЕ И ЗА ПРОЖИТЫЙ СЕЙЧАС МОМЕНТ, это действительно очень красиво, ВААААА~, о господи, внутри как будто взрыв, ну емае и как мне теперь не пересматривать это творение, да и лучшее искусство в форме видео?? ??? ААААааАААаа, пойду еще раз пересмотрю, ЧУВАК ТЫ ЛУЧШИЙ!! ДА ПУСТЬ В ТВОЕМ СЕРДЦЕ ВСЕГДА ВИТАЕТ ВДОХНОВЕНИЕ!!!! чувак, Я ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ!!!! НАДЕЮСЬ Я ХОТЬ КАК ТО СКРАСИЛ ТВОЙ ДЕНЬ, ИБО ТЫ ПРЕВРАТИЛА МОЙ, В НЕЧТО НЕВЕРОЯТНОЕ, АААааАаАА, ЕЩЕ РАЗ СПАСИБО!!! БОЖЕ Я ПЛАЧУ, АААА !!! Т Т зачем же так💧💧
Чёрный Сахарок
Это прям история из моей жизни... Я перевелась в другую школу где был парень который бегал за мной в итоге мы подружились, но у него была лучшая подруга которая оказалась в него влюблена, позже мы начали встречаться, но я на неделю уехала к своей подруге так как она росталась с парнем и она была в тяжёлом состоянии я не могла оставить её одну. А приехала через четыре дня так как мама подруги прихала с командировки. А когда пришла в университет застала сцену как они целуются...Я перестала с ними общаться и в общем как мне сказала одногруппница этой \
ーBᴀᴏᴢɪ Sᴜʙʟɪᴍɪɴᴀʟs
1:01 Link Please💜
Quero uma fanfic disso pra hj na minha mesa