12 Things Your Dog Hates About You

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Do you want to understand your dog better? Did you know that most of the dogs don't like when you pat their heads? Here are 12 of these annoying habits that your beloved pets don’t like at all. When you get a dog, your life becomes way more fun. Now you have a best friend, who's waiting for you to come home every evening and lightens up your mood. No matter the circumstances every dog unconditionally loves his or her owner, but there are quite a few ways you can get your dogs mad without even realizing it.TIMESTAMPSHugging your dog

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ANTI Gaming
My dog love hugging
Adina Lupu
please do another video with this topic because i have a dog and i want to know more about her world
Adriana Busani
My dog thinks he owns me not the other way around.
Brahhhh @4:23!!
Albino from Utah
My dog loves to jump in the shower with me. It was weird the first few times but i noticed that he loved to join me so i let him. He also loved head pats, he also loved laying around all day watching tv with me.
Alex Tan
not always true, the only reason my dog \
Aliyah Roome
Me dogs love \n the bath that much they jumped in there when I \n was in there but still love them always will ovi im going to take them for a walk now tho lol
i’m hugging my dog while watching this video... oops
Ana Felipe
My dog absolutely loves it when I hug him,n rub him. When I stop caressing him he reaches for my arm bringing it to him for more n continued caressing.
Anwesa Biswas
Who are listening to video but don't have a dog?
My dog loves baths and runs to the bathroom everytime the bath rund
What's your doggo's name? \n\nBtw, dogs really can recognize bad a person! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNApO77qg5w&
Bella Chedester
I'm getting my pitbull puppy in 4 weeks😁😊😍
Bre Grayer
My dog invade my personal space so she can't get mad when I invade her personal space
Bunnyhearts Horses
1:04 Poor dog looks like she had flashbacks from the war..
Cara Garcia
I don't know why people think dogs don't understand human speech. My dog understands almost everything that is said, so did my dog before him. I spend a lot of time around my dog though.
Cathie Guiffrida
When I pat my step sisters dog she bit me
Chase and Carter
One time I was crying my dog went outside and got me a flower😍😍
Chloe Wang
this video made me change my ways of treating my beagle ;)
Lol my dog literally jumps in the tub and excitely wines for the bath water to start. He also has his own pool.outside for hot days and he runs and plays in it making a mess. Hahah i think the bath thing is wrong. If you show your pup that water is okay and gradually and patiently show him that water can be fun they warm.up to it and actually go nuts. My dog is crazy for water and baths. Lol
Darren C B
Shampoo for dogs, I have 2 dogs and never will they get a dog shampoo. Head and shoulders like me is what they get. Dog shampoo ffs
Darth Dogoz
My dog sent me this video.... Via his dog mobile..... I cri
Dead Pool.
My dog *LOVES* bath's.
Dean Nilvalli
In the video, the facial expression and body language of the dogs shown getting their heads patted or getting hugged clearly indicates that they are happy. What an unconvincing portion of the video these two scenes present. And of course, this also calls into doubt your entire authority on dog body language.
Derp Studios
most of thies dont apply to allmost every dog i know or at least most of the first ones\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n(no one cares about grammar dont be that guy)
Digger Dawg
I don't think I spend enough time with my dog (5:06). I mean, he's by my side almost 24 hours a day and somehow, it _still_ doesn't seem like I'm spending enough time with him. I wish there were 34 hours in the day, so I could have those additional hours joined at the hip as well.
Uhm... staring someone into the eyes without blinking is very much an act of aggression or will be interpreted so to cause unease among humans too.
Elene Thelander
Faul McOmlete
Fuggin' bs
I've experienced that I never met a dog who likes if you massage his paws....
Ghost Paws
i love my dog even if he is small he is still though he a Chihuahua
Grace Leon
If I don't give my dog a hug, he will get upset, put his paw on my arm and pull it towards him. I love him.
Happywife Taylor
My dog hates baths. No wonder he wants to go outside immediately after a bath and roll around in the dirt.
I'm a cat person.
I Don't Know How To Draw
My dog has never gone on a walk and she is 7 years old
I Love Unicorn
My Dog don't like bathing too..😂😂.\nBTW, my dog like hugs..😘
I lOvE iNqUiSiToR mAsTeR number1
I’m getting a dog and my mum gave my beagle away to the trainer because they are hunting dogs and he lives in the country side I live in London!!!!
Isabel Sanchez
my dog love when i do all of this things
JM Rock
I don't know why these YT factual videos are so annoying, but they are. Always generalizing... All dogs are different. They have different needs, and they communicate differently with people. Owners and their wonderful dogs have different relationships. It is like saying, we all get along with people the same way. My Chihuahua mix loves his head patted he always wants to jump and sit on my lap and loves hugs and kisses. Please ! If you are going to do a video on facts, please make it factual without generalizing.
Jericho Jericho
I don't agree with the head petting. My pug always seems to enjoy it. He closes his eyes in an enjoyable way. And looks at me like why did you stop?
Jon Cheshire
I just got an English Mastiff pup a month ago! He’s growing so quickly. He’s so lazy. Lol
Kylie Rose
I’m babysitting a French Bulldog puppy atm and I just want him to like me thx for the tips
Kyra Dimopoulos Dimopoulos
Love videos
Link I
Lucas Michaud
Leave a like if you have a dog, a doggo or a broker
Lulu The Duck
When I am crying, my dog comes and licks my face and lays next to me
LáSt ŪçhïHã
When u don't even have a dog..\n\n\n\nI cri evri nyt
M Mom
My dogs take a shower with my husband. They seem to enjoy it.
M Perry
I think dogs are the best pets to have no matter what.
Marwah Queen
My dog is really just like me like the people I don’t like he doesn’t like if I am bored he is bored if I run he will run and if I sit he will sit if I stand up he will stand up if I sit on the floor he will run to come sit on my lap
Michael Oluwajuyemi
🐕 are the best!
Michelle Gonzalez
I have a Siberian huskh she loves everything meat spicy things cuddles and kisses and loves to run but she hates tight leash she relax with loose leash loves taking cold baths and loves treats and separation anxiety when I am not there for the whole day like yesterday night she whined one time she waits for me in my slide door and when I woke up she was next to my slide door and whined and cry so me and my mom went outside and spend time with her
This wants me to rush to my dog and play with them
Much Love
i’m allergic to dogs. tragic, i know. i’m starting allergic shots soon because i’m so done with being allergic, because dogs are literally my life
Myley Turnbaugh
I was addicted to drugs and alcohol and had to walk away from everyone i ever known as they were all part of the drug game so i went to the SPCA and found a little dog i named Boomers and he was found wandering around some woods in Baltimore county ,MD , they said he was starving and was apparently beating ,full of flea's and just bad stuff. That was 4 years ago and it is still just me and him ,i love him so much and take him with me every where, i can't imagine being without him,he saved me.
Natalie Cortez
The dog can't tell you so how do you know this
NateDaPlayer - Triggered
1:44 middle finger :O
Niko the cute puppy
my dog hates going to the vet but do I still bring him, yeah...
Old Soul
Lol I'm pretty sure my dog would agree the bath is his least favorite.
Olivia Mossner
Hey guys don't lison when I made the caller lose he ran away :( jk
Pets The Show
Tysm know I know
Dogs are awesome like if you agree
Alot of bad info on here,,,
R-Erin 2 Go
LOL.......they don't like their personal space invaded, yet mine have no problem invading mine 24/7, but I LOVE IT
Rawr Rico
My Chihuahua loves cuddling with me and falling asleep with me and being with me 24 seven and we just give me affection and love
Rebecca Rivas Rojas
Am i the only one whos watching this but doesnt have a dog \n\nAm i?? 😣😣
Receptive Will
My big dog pica likes being pat on the head but my puppy atlas doesnt
Rock Wright
This music makes me want to take a vacation.
My dog hates me touching his face and picking him up to hug him lol
I do not have a dog still watched this video 😂😂
I used 2 own a Black Lab Chow mix named Loki from 2005-2018, He was SO calm!! 😊 He wasn’t really a normal dog, he had NO interest in toys and was OBSESSED with food and drinking water!!
Shawn T Williams
Did you ask the dogs what they like and dont like? No? You sir kmow nothing.
My dog loves head petting and we have a corgi so he twitches his little leg it’s to cute
Sunshine Gibson
Like if you love your pup
Teddy Moynihan
So you're saying I can't hold my dog, I can't pet my dog, I can't look at my dog, I can't leave my dog alone, I can't not leave my dog alone, I can't stop my dog from exploring, I can't allow my dog to smell things, I can't use a lease on my dog, I can't not give my dog attention, I can't give my dog too much attention, I can't have a personality around my dog and I can't let my dog get wet... \n\nOKAY NP! I THINK I'VE GOT IT 🤔
The Cat Meow
My dog hugs me instead i hug her and i never trained it?
The gr8 plasticine bumble bee
Very good youtube video - well done. \nAll these people who treat their dogs too well and not permit their canines to follow their respective instinct are just basically asking for trouble in various ways. \n1. The critters won't defend their owners in a dangerous situation \n2. Can't replace human companionship with dogs company \n3. The dogs will see other dogs as their enemy and try to fight other dogs \n4. If don't show the dogs who's boss - they will not obey in times of need \n5. When the owners aren't home the dogs will do almost whatever they please. \nBesides , it's just silly to be lazy and make the pets lazy - instead of allowing the dogs to follow their own instinct of behaving in pack mentality.
Tony Schimke
dogs are not humans they are animals don't let them eat human food and don't let them sleep in your bed if they get mad who cares they are not humans and cant verbally talk
Top Fertilizer
My dog like head-patting. He usually bring my hand to his head for patting.
Totally Acting
My dog hates hugs she has to struggle away to get out of my arms she gets mad when I don’t take her with me she will run under the tv counter and I have to ask for forgiveness by kneeling down and asking her politely to get out of under the counter she will and when I’m on my phone she barks at me also she tries to bite my earphones like if she knew that is what gets sound into my ears she is super intelligent she likes licking a lot that is how she wakes me up she is so cute and adorable
Unicorn Kate
My shih tzu probably is confused what his name actually is bc he has SOOOOOOOOO MANY nicknames
Vaughn Thomas
My dog begs me to go to bed. Then gets in the middle of us laying down and squeezes up against us. The one who goes to work last in the morning, ends up with her spooned up against your chest. When you wake up she rolls over onto her back toward you and paws at you tell you hug her and rub her belly. She'll also flip your elbow up in the air to get under your arm and snuggle against you anytime you're on the couch or sitting on the floor.
*the laughing cats though HA HA HA HA*
Zen O
wow awesome share, i love dogs!
He said patying its head twice
cheesy mouse
0:47 pff I will hug her she's sooooooo cute! She's a sheltie
child 1
Who else is here because their dog told them to watch this?
epic gamer
4:22 what is that face
honey. tea
Different people have different dogs so these aren’t exactly the facts. Like this if you agree
So what can I DO WITH MY DOG. JUST IGNORE IT????\n\n\n------------\n\n\naaaa Junk Remaining!\n\naaaa AAA a a a aaaa a a AAAAAAAA a as\nA\nA\nAaaa\nAaaa a a a a a a\nA\nAs\nA\nAaaa\nA\nA\nA\nA\nA\nAaaa\nA\n\nA\nAAAAAAAA aaaa\nA\nA\nAs\nA\nAaaa\nA\nA\nA\nA\nA\nA\nA\n\nAa\nA\nA\nA\nA
olivia Psalms91
i really disagree with most of these. my dog picks up my hand with her nose so i can pet her.\nand when im laying down she comes and gets so close to me that if she got any closer she'd be behind me.\ni learned that when you repeat the same words and talking to them when pups, they learn just like babies.\ni ask my chihuahua if he wants to go bye-bye and he runs and brings me his harness/leash. also brings me his plastic bowl when he's hungry and places it on top of my feet.
paige Dunn
And who wrote this....
I expose my dog to strong smells on a daily basis, but it goes both ways.
My dog doesn’t fuss when taking baths but my husband takes him to a dog bathing place so I’m not sure if that makes the difference but even before we learned about the dog bathing place he didn’t fuss and we bathed him in the basement sink
savage 2.o
When I'm sick my dog lays down next to me 😊😊 like if your dog does the same 👍👍
the point i found funny is that you didnt used farenhait / feet in this video
unicorn marsh mellow Sotelo
I have to dogs their cute like if your dogs are cute too
wwe champoin!!!!!
2:44 - 2:46 lol yeah sure bud. you live in a nice world.
like this if you love your dog
It depends