Learn Italian Ep.06 - Common Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense

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In this video we'll cover 5 of some of the most common irregular verbs in Italian!Corresponding blog post: Snapchat: weilatomEQUIPMENT:Filmed on Canon G7xEdited on iMovieAlways remember to SPREAD THE LOVE!!Tom

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Alex Vitta
I respect you brother Tom am Alex am from toscana marina di massa Italy an may God bless Tom
Alexandru Fiu
Nice video!! :)
Asmaa Sherif
what about dovere /salire/dire/sceglire/sapere/bevere/uscire.....etc
Azijur Howlader
Hey tom, thanks a lot for your video
Baba Fatty
can someone learn italian 3 months
Beth Derbyshire
Thank you for your videos!!!
Brian Chafin
Why wasn't \
Carlos Henrique
Sei bello
Caroline Amore
Ch Santos
voglio posso\nvuoi puoi\nvuole può\nvogliamo possiamo\nvolete protette\nvogliono possono
Chemietoe Toe
hey man how are you can you explain me why you say for example the cities = le citta why instead of le citte ?
Dandilion Shayk
Your videos really help me soo much !! and u explain and teah so well !! \nThankk u soo much !! \u003c3
Dieu My _Regina Tran Thi
very useful! Grazie!
Gabriele Pappalardo
Avrei una domanda..\nPerché al minuto 4:09 dici \
Guïem Haielle
wait so technically in you drop the subject form any sentence and just have the verb and object. and they your describing another group of people you could even drop the verb because the adjective(s) it will tell you the amount and gender of anything and anyone right. I'm still not clear why Italian isn't more popular and used more than English 😂😂😂
Hassan Alanazi
hello there. well you tell me, which verb is the most found in Italian, is it the ARE, IRE, ERE. I will be thankful
Islam Zahid
U r da best\nin this age Sir...
Jah Nathy
You are great teacher buddy
Joan Lynch
I have a question about the article that accompanies the possessive pronouns like \
Kateryna Tykhonenko
perfect teacher
Khindajot Bhullar
thx a lot \nI understand
Lee Squires
Hey Tom. Thanks for the video. I've noticed that you've never used the formal way of speaking when you say the conjugations, such as when you say that è is he, she or it. Isn't it also 'you are' in the formal way, as in 'Lei è il mio medico'? \nDo you feel from your trips to Italy and from your learning that the formal way of speaking isn't used enough to mention it anymore? My courses still use it but is that because they may be out of date?
Lito Lito
Mark Pyles
Hi Tom:\n\nI love your videos!!!! Out of curiosity, do you know Spanish? Thanks Tom. Keep up the fantastic videos!!!!\n\nMark
Maroof Tajudeen
i loooooove this teaching, GOOOOOOOOOOD
Małgorzata Zygmunt
Thanks Tom! You send us lots of positive energy and that helps to study Italian:)! Grazie!
Michael Quakenbush
Thank you, this is so helpful! I am doing the DuoLingo app for learning Italian, and this actually explains it so well.
Nati Picicaroli
La tua pronuncia è fantastica. Grazie mille.
Nicole Olivia Scott
How can you tell is a verb in present tense is irregular or regular !!! Grazie.
Olivia Pepe
Hey, I have been loving your videos and they are actually really, really helping me to understand and learn everything basic... but in an easy way. Anyway, I was wondering if you could make some practice test sheets or quizzes to review the overall chapter instead of me just looking back into my notebook without a challenge or going into your next chapter without a definite overall yes of understanding everything. Again, thankyou for making these vidoes, but a practice sheet would also be a great addition.
Pasquale Giamundi
Secondo me manca anche un altro verbo irregolare più usato: \
S. Monica Monica
Tom, when do you use quali sono , il quale, coloro? please shed some lights. Grazie mille.
Sherry Spectre
I am very new to learning Italian. I am second generation Italian and heard both sets of grandparents speak it. Unfortunately,I only picked up a small amount from them when I was a kid. I love your videos. I am going to master this someday. Weila!
Svetlana Yakubova
and always remember to spread the love :)
Weilà Tom
Per tutti i miei amici in Italia, ho sentito che c'è stato di nuovo un terremoto. Sto pensando a voi e siete nelle mie preghiere. Un abbraccio grande!! ❤️
Zackery Plaxton
Can you do other tenses of the verbs as well? Specifically simplest future and past tense forms. Thanks 😊
cevat uygur
you are great. Thanks for helping us learn this language. You are my favorite.
hungowapower yes
Awesome video! Vote Trump
idkyara _
I love these videos bc I'm TRYING to learn Italian lol. Since college is time consuming I don't have that much time left to really put effort in learning Italian.
josefa tavashaputa
Gno is pronounced like ño in Spanish?
pamela crescenzo
lo sa questo che proprio oggi in italia c'è stato un terremoto di 6,5 della scala richter?
tee rod
beautiful language! but I'm so torn between learning Spanish or Italian!
we Tom! dovresti fare un video dei dialetti in Italia, soprattutto il dialetto di dove vieni tu! Forse puoi mostrarci alcune parole e come differiscono dall'italiano normale. Penso che sarebbe una buona idea
toshiyuki suzuki
can't help giggling @ *io ho*.... what came to mind instantly is *i'm a ho!* kinda true before christ came to my life🙌\nawesome as always, tom... plenty thanks!
Δημήτριος Διρχαλίδης
Great explanation Tom!