Smarty Dogs | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

From dogs learning how to play fetch by themselves, dogs opening gates, crates, and doors, to dogs picking up their toys on command, these are just a few of the smart dogs in this smarty dogs video compilation.The Pet Collective is home to the top trending clips, most entertaining memes, and funniest animal videos online. Simply put, we think animals are the best ever. If you agree, let’s make it YouTube official right here, right meow:Subscribe to The Pet Collective:

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Abishan jegatheeshan
6:40 sneak out 101, make it look like the owner forgot to close the door properly while he locked it !
Aiden Vision
What a god boy👍🏻😁
Alyssa Layatack
These dogs are smarter than me like if u relate
Angela H.G
I bet he does that when your not home and he trashed the house
Anime and marvel Dude
6:21 this dog just wants to have more fun infinite fetch
Aqua marine
Such well trained and cute dogs!👏😃
Avakin Viancca
The dog that was cleaning was like \
Aviation Lover
The dislikes are cats
Ballew Twins
These dogs need smarties lolz
Bella Ryan
Me: clean the house \n\nMy dog: meh\n\nMe: CLEAN THE HOUSE!\n\nMy dog: GO! I'm sleepy \n\nMe:really 😐
BlueTyphoon 375
0:02 When Paw Patrol is so popular
Brandondlr08 De los reyes
Brittney B
I was surprised the dog was allowed in the store .... off leash 😂
Caleb Cease
5:04 Dog logic\nIf I cant seez u\nu cant seez meh
Callie Masters
When my dog gets nervous he just shits on the floor. That's his one talent.
Caught eating treats at the kitchen without owner's permission
Chaotic Fyre
I love how the Great Dane is so shook about the lab getting out
Co Viners
omg so cute
Dipankar Das
At 4:03 dog was doing shopping clever than us😎😂🙏🤗🤗🤗
Dog lover Larson
These dogos
Ems The Unicorpse dog runs away if you say his name...
Ethan Evans
A www he was so happy seeing that he was gonna clean house 1:02 edit: oops I mean 2:01
Fernando Guzman
If u teach dogs these stuff next thing u know humans are gonna be dogs pets
Franklin Castillo
6:35 \nlock picking 100
Galaxy Blaster
Ida Hegland
3:02 omg hi mom
It’s Mia
I think I need to teach my dog to clean my toys XD!!😰😂😂
Jaelyn Xiloj
If people are going to dislike this.... why watch it??? And by the way these dogs are sooo cute!!!💝😂😘😘
John Thomas
Hey rob where's your dog? Oh shes just down at that grocery store shopping
K I R A的啊人快
This is the reason why I love dogs \u003c333
Kali Owens
1:20 why is there a horse in ur house 😳 lamo
Kawaii_kira Shadow
That dog was cleaning like\n*I GOT 21SECONDS TO GO I GOT 21SECONDS TO GO I GOT 21 SECONDS BEFORE MOMMY COMES HOME AND STARTS SHOUTING LIKE A HIPPO*\nXd lol dog are great I have 2😂🤣😝❣️
Kayleigh Cattau
The dog at the store so so so smart lol
Kelli Laughlin
I need the cleaning dog
Dogs are too good for us, honestly
KittyCat MeowMeow
I wish I had a dog that would clean up
Kyla S.
At 1:36 the Great Dane could’ve easily jumped over lol 😂
LPS Eevee gaming
Anyone 2018???
The dog upraising begins now \u003e:D
Leila loves Minecraft
I have a dog 🐶 I love him so much lol this video
Lil Jay 69420
I like the dog that can shop and clean the house the most but all the other dogs are very smart two
Luke S.
Well its confirmed...dogs are my favorite animals.
Oh my god, the dog who buys his own stuff.\nSo strong and independent.\nI loved that.
Marjohanny Berrios
Mary Highbard
I've never seen anybody so excited to clean the house before 😭
Melannie Mejia
I miss my dog so much but he's in doggy heaven right now
Mia Valadez
They all have Eaten to many smarties
Michelle Isiekwena
Dogs make me so happy
Miguel Solorio
How abut the dums dogs
Mr GameBoy
5:04 *sneak 100*\n\n\n_You have gone incognito mode. However, you are not invisible._
Mr RoboticTitan
Dogs are our friend... why? \n\n\n\n\n\n\nBecause change the D and g and it will turn to God
My Barbie World
1:57 Oh, that’s just LAZY
Navindi De Silva
Why are people not talking about the dog in the beginning(Ollie) who smiled for the video!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nLIKE HOW?🐶🐶🐶
Nikita Cavalier
These are so great. The hiding lab, lol. He gets the concept of “go hide”, but doesn’t see the point of staying behind the plant once she is done counting, lol, lol. Animals are just the greatest. The dog picking up his/her own toys is brilliant. I wish we all got that excited to pick up messes. They are all so great. ❤️🐶
These Are the goodest of boyes
Noori Alazawi
3:45\nThis canadian dog i much nicer than Americans.
Dogs are better than us 😂😂
Orange Purple
Aw this is so cute lol😂😘
Peace of Cake
At 1:36 What Kind Of Dog Is That
The people who disliked this are cats 😽
Ren Dog
Dogs are an amazing animal Gods creation Godbless them all 😍😘
The guy teaches the dog to buy in the store\n\n\n\n\n\n1 year later\nThe guy is sleeping\nDog: takes wallet\nBuys million of treats\nThe guy is Awake lol\nRip money
Rogue Gaming
lol the Great Dane was triggered when the lab got out and he was too big lolololol!!!
Ronald Gaillard
6:52 I was worried he would lose his teeth.
Rubi Padhi
Dog labour... 😂😂
Ryan duindam
Border collie is the smartest
Scarlett Collins
1:33 poor dog his sis/bro got out and left him
Sherri Edwards
1:41 cat 1: *wtf is that dog doing!?\ncat 2:*Yeah hes really wierd and really disguting\ndog:*dont mind me im just eating ice
Simon Biergans
This guy may regret teaching his dog how to go shopping... One day this dog will learn how to use a credit card to shop online and max out all his cards buying all the dog treats he wants :)
Sloth Potter
Why didn't I see my Boxer on this? His talent is that he can make slobber bubbles when I have food.
Slurpity Derp
they are evolving brothers
Suga! Kookie!
2:29 or 2:30 that dog is so cute
These dogs have a better change at graduating than me lol
Teresa Lopez
Lol when dogs are happy to clean the house and we take one hour to clean
Terry Mah
I died at laghing in the beginning
The-strange_orangeWolf Leannestrachan
4:05 that guy behind the red girl looks SO Jealous
Twinkle Topaz
3:50\n\n\nIf only I was that girl...
1:59 I would like to place an order for 16 of those, please.
Vivianayy Or just vivian
Dogs are so smart!! ❤️❤️❤️
Warrior Gamer
I wish i had a dog like the one at the store
My dog sould be on this list.\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHe can seriosly Help me cook, if i need for example some eggs for My pancakes i can just tell him that and he'll grab the eggs out of the fridge
Yellow Mistake
Big doggo:*Opens kitty door *\nMedium doggo:YAY FREEDOM!!! *escapes *\nBig doggo:HEY! what about me?\nBig doggo:Hello? hellooo? ;-;
Yes Yes
The dog that was shopping..kinda had a sad look in its eyes.
Yvone Pentinio
At 1:44 me and the dog is same we always eat ice
Zahara Malpas
I need the dog that cleaned the house
My heart melts when I see a dog with his toy 😊
alexandra avalos
I have 2 dogs but they only know how to sit and bow and give paw I need to train them more 😂😑😑
Me: Watching random animal videos\nMe: HAHA!! 😂 I’m in love with these!\nMe: Subcribes\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIdk y I did that. Probably cuz everyone else does it
demreka gabrielle abalde
Wish my dog is like them\nHit the like botton if you like your pet is like in the video.👍👍
hon da
3:10 if that was a great dane then boom say good by to your wallet cuase sometimes it trys to drag the sector of treats and toys in it
kane bradley
They're all soooo cute I love the border-colli because I have one they r so smart
I want a dog in my life :(
kim namjoonie
Big dog: hey this is the plan i get you out and u get me out. *opens kitty door*\nMedium dog: YAY! FREEDOM! *get out*\nBig dog: now go unlock the door *medium dog walk out* what about me? Hey! I helped u!
no puns intended
I think the border collie is a Service dog
sadie s
My dog should be on this list. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHe knows exactly where my head is so he can sit on it.
sandra szakacs
I'm going to teach my dog how to do my chores 😂😂😂
1:49 cat's like.. been there, dont that....
xXGachaChanXx And xXGachaGirlXx
4:21 That dog is so lucky to have a free treat.\n\nEdit: 8:03 that brown dog is like \