High School Geography Test - 90% FAIL!

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Can You Pass this Basic High School Geography Test that 90% of adults FAILED? Find out now in under 5 minutes!This geography test was taken from a local high school and we chose 7 questions to take from it. Next, we gave the 7 questions to a group of adults and a group of high schoolers. Shockingly, only ~10% of the adults were able to pass this exam while 87% of the high schoolers who took it were able to pass! For further information, comment below or PM me!Fact of the Day! - A tiger's legs are so powerful that it will remain standing even after death!Be sure to check out my next upload on Friday, October 7th! Thanks for watching! Please subscribe, leave a like, and feel free to comment!"How Much Do You Know About Business?" -

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Adam Mangler
The last could equally have been the Australian borealis, but good questions all the same.
Aidan Rodgers
6/6 wicked easy although to be fair i didn't learn any of that in school
Al Cor
5 right, missed on oxbow lake but how are countries regions?
Ambria Daniels Band
Don't know...don't wanna know African countries. Why learn about shithole countries that contribute NOTHING
Andre A
I’ve taken no geography courses outside of high school and I got 5/6. I definitely am not knowledgeable on this subject. What I was taught I learnt, but I haven’t learnt a lot.\n\nDumb test
Andrex10 •
Asdrubael VecT
По английскому в школе была слабая четверка, но я смог перевести и без ошибок ответить на все вопросы, хотя некоторые и не касались географии.
Bank of Zambia
I got 6/6 and I am 11
Bob Fakbutt
5/6 English isn't my first language I did not know that it was called a Oxbow
British mapper
6/6 im 13
Carter Bergman
Aced it woooooooo guessed two successfuly
Charles Perricone
that was too easy, and I'm not a genius
Chris Chris
The aurora borealis isn't a geographic location. It's an atmospheric phenomenon.
Chris Zierke
Not really a geography test, since half the questions were not about geography. Three were science related ( geomorphology and atmospheric).
Christopher martinez
6/6 and I'm still in middle school I've known most of these for years
Dab On the 100 underlined in red emoji twice
Just an FYI the last question could be two possible answers the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) or Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) as they are both very similar in appearance to my knowledge \n\n\nPs . \n\nI know you've probs been bugged about this before :P\n\n6/6 btw
David Cole
Got everything but the River crap..
David Turnbole
Yeah, Oxbow is the only one I missed.
David W
Everent clearly has no brain
Eddie Blackford
Questions were too easy.. But still 2 went wrong
Felix Niederhauser
6/6 nice refresher for a seasoned globetrotter like me. :-) despite the fact that many questions not relatet to regions, rather to sovereign countries.The Aurora question is completely misplaced.
FewGrain 42
6/6 easy 14yo doing history. And no cheats
the most important questions, why do we get 10 points for every question and give us 6 questions, and then have a list with 50 points max...?\nyou do not only fail at geography, since as someone alread stated, you show us some islands, and outlines of a country and ask what region it is... and show us the aurora borealis... wich is also not a region... and you fail at math also...\n\nalso i don't understand why not just 1 point and give a us a list from 0 - 6...\n\n\ni don't get it
Francis C. Howland Jr.
High School level? I was taught most of this by the 4th grade, in the non-unionized public schools of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida, in the 1950's. And without a federal Department of (Mis) Education.
Frank Rodgers
I got them all right...as usual.
Gaby Bibse
i got them ALL right and im in 5th grade😂😂😂 I surprised myself
Garundi P. McGrundy
I score 100, a perfect score. What do you expect with a B.S degree in Education: Biology and Geology Studies and the M.A. degree in Geoscience. Yet can't get a job. Schools want Black, Brown and Yellow \
Gudjon Pall Gudmundsson
Where is Paris? American ; isnt it in London?
Gérard Lefrançois
No one told me all the words to identify something.
Hawkeye knows
I got all of them(really) when do i get my cookie??
Irvin Andrade
I got 50 points, just missed the lake question
Only half the questions were geographical
J.F.S.F 3
I got two right and I’m getting ready to go to ninth grade. I got 1 and 6 correct
Jacob Zondag
@Everent, I would like to have more details about sample of adults. What was the purpose of the test? I also have some doubts on the nature of your questions: The Aurora is not a typical geography subject.
Jammin G
Somebody explain how the Aurora Borealis is Geography? It's an aerial phenomena NOT geography! And it can appear in more than one area. So THAT question needs to be changed or thrown out completely!
Jim Setbacken
where is the test? 7 questions to answer within 5 minutes?
Kasper Buur
More like 90% of americans fail
Lance Baker
5 is wrong. An oxbow is part of a river, the right side part of the picture. A lake is never an oxbow.
Leatherfart '
Im 12 and this was really easy apart from the last one which got me\nI think this was targeting americans
Logan Alvira
I Got 40 Points.\nPass, Above Average.
Loki Gnosis
Brit here, other than the points made by others below, I have a maths test for you - If I answer 6 questions right, at 10 points a question, didn't I score 60 not 50?\n'ang on it's a yank test so I'm probably wrong.....
Loki Loki
Type of rivers is not a geography question!
Lorenzo Beckmann
2 questions were not geography
Got 5/6 last question I was expecting to be Northern lights
Question: Since there were 6 questions and they were worth 10 points each, why was the top score 50? Shouldn't the top score have been 60?
Msp Flickah
I'm new to this channel, and I'm already enjoying your vids! :P Keep up with the good work!
My Channel
I got em all... Ha Ha.
6/6. I'm in seventh grade, and this isn't very hard. Also, English is not my first language.
Noel Genoway
60/60 that was easy!
90% fail of American adults
PandaKiddo Plays
As a Middle Schooler I got 4/6. So will I pass High School?
Philippe Lefebvre
This was way too easy... Makes sense though since I'm a geography nerd...
PringlesKing William
This test was so easy I was mad. I was literally screaming at my phone.
Ralph Krattli
6 out of 6 , coz I am not educated in the USA
Rauz Ranee
This is like the easiest geography test ever.
Richard Norton
If people do not have this knowledge it means nothing. I prefer to keep it in my brain rather than Google everything. I got 6 correct answers and could probably answer any geography question they could offer. It has little to do with intellect unless I can combine this knowledge with information to make new knowledge.
Rosi Girginova
I'm 13 and guessed 3 of them , is that bad ?
Rune Liefting
Are these countries for high school, man I knew this when i was 10
Samuel T
This isn't exactly geography test as half the questions had to do with other than locations (the one about the Aurora was more of a physics question).\nOnly missed one: about the oxbow lake. And that's not a geographical location - it's more of a geological phenomenon.\nI think the people that devised this test should get less than fifty percent.
Scott Biggs
#6 is wrong: it's the Aurora. You can't tell if it's the Borealis or the Australis from the photograph. So assuming it's in the northern hemisphere is incorrect. You don't know your geography is you think you're in one place, but you could be on the other side of the world! (I won't give someone half credit for being off by 12,000 miles.)\n\n#5 is only partially correct. \
Silent Rager
Skywalker Mapping
This is Easier than Kindergarden Level\nBecause i beated em all 6/6
Aurora Borealis?! At this time of the year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen?
Syafina Putri
Tarik Manzie
5/6 Geography is great!
The Clones
TheHackerNorway Pokémon GO
6/6 im 12
Truism Gates
Get and change your title as totally wrong, has really nothing to do with geography, and whilst at it get rid of the pride in seeking to make others sound foolish. Not every country has a poor family orientated and governmental education system.
Viktor Bijdezee
6/6, easily
This test is not only about geography but also topography. I missed on the lake question. So I got 50. I did pass. The political geography ones, the ones about the countries, were very easy. Ah! By the way, I'm in my mid fifties.
Willie Daniels
That photo is of an OXBOW lake after the river moves past it! I have never heard of anything called \
Willie Eckerslike
Japan is not a region, it's a country. You have failed at the first question.\nEthiopia is not a region, it's a country. You've failed again.\nWhy do you keep asking about regions and showing countries?\nQuestion 6 is science not geography.
Why can't each correct answer just give you one point?
Your Channel
That was fun. I got 3/6. I don't get out much and I don't remember being taught things like that in school back in the 70's/80's. Cool video. =D
Zionist Communist
I got 50% right, of wich all are the first 3 ones, lol.
Of course there will be a bunch of arrogant and mostly lying twits here commenting something the effect that you have to have an IQ less than room temperature not to know all of these. I missed the one on Ethiopia. Big damn deal. I've got better things to do than learn the location of every shithole country.
I suck. I got 4/6. I missed. #5 and #6. Before taking this I thought I was good at geography
graham grasdal
maybe 90% of the hillbillies in Kentucky, but this was ridiculously easy for a Canadian and I would bet any European as well.
ii_ Jenn
50% \n3/6\nBut I still haven't taken geography.Welp,im off to observe and go to google maps.
indonesia Supporter
jay b
6/6 too easy
This is a poor test because some of the answers are so much worse than the others. For example, if you think Ethiopia is actually Kenya, that is not bad. But if you think Ethiopia is France or something, that's a problem. Intelligent guesses are OK even if you are wrong.
joe woodchuck
One can probably say the same about history and especially math. Try to order 5 or 6 ounces of lunch meat at the deli counter and see what happens. \n How did they ever finish high school?
line вøд
Am 12 and i got all of them right...
neddy laddy
Whoever set this test got some thing wrong. The Aurora Borealis refers specifically to the northern lights. Aurora Australis refers to the southern lights. The generic name of the phenomena show is aurora. Anyone with half a brain could heave deduced thee from the capitalised words. I am shocked that Everent failed to pick that up himself.
No wonder americans fail, they don't know what planet they're walking on.
I got 5. Didn't get that Oxbow lake. I said horseshoe, since that's the shape. Anyone care to enlighten me?
sasquatch1 ****
The dumbing down of America is complete!
I failed 4 and 5. But only because we don't fucking have the same names in Swedish...
Comrade Trump fails everything.
tupac amaru
I assume you meant 90% of AMERICAN adults.
6 rätt av 6 , 60 poäng
v. domo
The adults in the USA who failed this test are the same ones who failed by voting for Trump.
Kazakhstan--land of Borat!
This test fails the geography test. Those are not regions, they are sovereign countries.
werner harms
90% fail? That's dangerous! Adressing a nuke to North-Korea and extincting Toronto!
I'm dutch and answered every question correctly within 2 seconds, while painting my nails!! This can't be a serious 90% fail, must be chosen as a title to make people in USA feel smart when they answer 3 of those correctly.
yolo yolo
This is easy