The Best Funny Weight Management Commercials Around the World

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- wolf -
The tiger one was rude
AMAZING TRICK TO LOSE WEIGHT, NO SARCASM\n\n\n\nStep 1: Eat less food throughout the day; its not that hard.\nStep 2: Take a walk outside everyday, or shocker even jog a little at least once.\nStep 3: Thats it! Keep it up for a year and you will be a new person.
That crying belly button is creepy af
Aakarsh Naidu Girrem
4:10 she is cute!
Alecia wehbe
U mean to tell me that coffee can make my body look like that Smhhhh
Alexa Faith Dilidili
What's your favorite?...well the title says \
Anis Khoirunnisa
Thai adv are hillarious 😅😅😅
Anna Redmond
I loved the talking belly one!!! It was so cute!
Anna Sherosky
Who doesn't struggle with their weight nowadays I know I do
Atik Russell
0:44 hahahaha
Not to lie but the tigers are so mess up XD!
BTS Lover
Thailand ✌😂
Bambam 2206
2:33 is kinda creepy..😲
Banana Nana
4:53 Excuse me miss, where’s your chin at these days?
Bipul Mohanto
So offensive
Danex Pinoy
moooore! 😂
3:05 that girl is kinda fine not gonna lie
Diana Fischer
Ich schwör Bernd das Brot 🍞.\nDie haut sich bestimmt selbst so auf die Scheide Schwert fort Satz Bildung \nMilumil Mann
my fav was the belly sucking the food.......... lol
Earl Green
TAKE NEW GROUND II Corinthians 10:15b – 18\nI often lament the fact that in a “gospel saturated” country most of the evangelism effort is spent trying to get Christians to move from one denomination to another. I agree with a pastor who said other pastors should send back migrating Christians who fell out of agreement with their former Church -go back and fix the problem! Yes, it’s easier to preach to a Christian but getting a Baptist to be an Adventist or a Catholic to be a Witness is a waste of time. Better to go to the ghetto youth, agnostic, atheist, rich famous and powerful, beautiful, haughty, and worldly unsaved wo/man. “A well person doesn’t need a doctor.” Take new ground for Jesus.
Eleeth Tahgra
All those....Thai commercials....its a TRAP.
Emma G
Damn these lowkey offensive as hell
Frisk 1560
0:28 Thai 1:29 --------- Thai ใครเป็นคนไทยติบด้วย \u003e_\u003c
George Isaak
I think the lady in the elevator had by far the most gorgeous silhouette !
Hadi Kareem
Creepy asians
Heven Shin
The tiger part creeps me out because they looks like zombie demon lol🤣
Hydden N. Plainsyght
I loved the 'belly button' commercials; very funny.
the first one tho its rude but so funny
Jan Krynicky
The SJWs in the comments are better than the commercials. They just need a soundtrack. Something like the hungry bellybutton sound.
Jati Nugraha
Dont do diet. Your belly will crying 😢
Joaquin Lomeli
*I just got hungry watching these commercials... it is motivating me to eat lol*
Judith Mariotti
Rude and sexist af. Great.
Justin Wanajrat
These commercials will never make it in the US. Will have a bunch of PC groups suing everyone involved.
Kathleen Thomson
1:47, Actually though
Keira Westwoodk
This is ironic while watching this an add for weight loss came on lol XD
KimT Hearteu
The Talking Stomach Part is so hilarious and creepy😂😱😂😂😂
Kimberly Chamblain
Funniest, you said? No, some of them are cringy, especially the belly button ones! 😣😣😣
Lumos SK
that man boob tho
The second one make me laugh 😂 like a motherfucker
Marco Polo
these are random not very funny
Maria S.
The truth hurts 😲 ouch!
Maya Khayat
The chubbier girl in the tiger one was rly cute tho
Mayur M
What's the name of the hot model, who was cast in the Vslim commercial, that was filmed on the set of an airline cabin?
Mech Abi
1:30 🤣🤣🤣 was The best
Mr. T
We need some of this reality here in the states ! Everybody here is to scared to tell the truth.
Muhammad Yuda
daddy and son has different taste lol hes dady wan a elephan lol
My Name Is VÍMÁL
Naulo Sanchar
Nereknu Vamnic
just imagine all those LANDWHALES IN USA CALING JAPAN NAZZIS !!!
Nero Avilio
These doesn't sit right with me. Every person is beautiful and I get that they're saying that obesity is unhealthy and ol, but they can portray it in sucha way it doesn't make the chubby or fat people less attractive just because they're not all skin and bones🤷🏿\u200d♀️\nThe message they're trynna portray is good, but the execution is not right.
Once Upon A Blink
The sad thing when the people who are overweight in these videos are nothing compared to what you have in your country I think it’s easy to tell I live in the USA \n\nEdit: I think I should add that there’s nothing wrong with having a little extra weight on your body as long as it isn’t to the point that it’s unhealthy I’m all for body positivity and am completely against body shaming but I do think people should strive to be healthy but I’m not gonna judge people if they aren’t as healthy as they could be
Opgamer 23974
the blue arm should at least let the guy get his moneys worth
Phương Vũ
go tigers go =))))
Ralu D
No preferences, all are good commercials!
Rani D.
That’s just offensive
Rylee Matthew
That tiger one is effed up
Saianna Sweet
3:47 was the best 😂😂😂😂😂
Salty Bunny
All those dislikes from salty lazy nerds who only eat [email protected] and never exercise lol
Sarah Dunbar
man r these degrading and offensive
Sarah Durán
Siendo sincera, creo que algunos de estos anuncios solo explican que debes ser extremadamente delgada para ser más guapa. Aun así, me he reído un montón pero la enseñanza no es para nada buena.
tiger one was just plain annoying
Serene Euphoria
The belly button thing freaks me out
Solesha Joseph
The Belly With The Mouth Is Creepy And Weird \nThe Tigers Remind Me Of Gremlins And The Alvin & Chipmunks From ()
Sophia Lejtman
Bottom line is it's majority the same company and it's very degrading to women.😣
Stacey Christians
omg these ads are ridiculously funny!
Stella Pujantoro
Mom be like...\n\nJHAST EAT YO DINNAH SON
Tae's loud a** sneeze and YOONMIN!
I say it again. Those tigers a creepy af
Tahsina Ahmed
why do thai ppl need sliming ads?everyone in thailand is slim
The Naut
Them tigers are scary!!!!
The Person Girl
The lady of the plane scene was really pretty but had no ass 😗
Unicorngirl 25
The stomach to boobs one killed me 😂
Whispers Keep
I want to know the tiger one, just the tiger one. Grr
Ydraws Pw
These are really questionable.. Like what was going on in the producers’ minds??
Thailand ads is crazzy😂😂
Zeynep Ozpalas
2:10 bitch wtf
_ annoyed
I wonder if all this criticism about \
abdul alim khan
This is going to trigger so many fat loving fatties.
the truth hurts.
blue bird
The first one killed me!
chetan choudhary
0:50 ,4:30
chola evolucionada
Ladies you know we all have done what the elevator girl did
cringe videos
Excuse me wtf
duyên hiệp ngô
2:16 how amazing !!! I wish I could do that .
ieisha shaikh
The elephant thing is so horrible because that actress is gorgeous.
jelica s
Imagine the fat SJWs seeing these. TRIGGERED 😂😂
jeojeun xx
_i was eating while watching this btw_
mr reality
Ah, the land of the Futanari.....I mean Shemales.
nesting dolls filled with rainwater
needlessly sexualizing women, fat-shaming.... just great. Real funny.
oneng kusumah
those “plus sizes” elephants in the usa really need this kind of reality check ads
Imagine if it's aired in America today.. the feminists will screaming for sure
rosey ahmed
Haaaaa so funny haaaaaaaaaaa 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂 my stomach pain when belly start crying
sam mosquera
So creepy 4:23
shawn page
Who is that guy on right 4:10
Is that Joji on the right at 4:10?
Šnicla Pupusa
Lmao I love Thai people
Астра Лонг
Николай Маргвелашвили
расизм, чую расизм !
So offensive