Faith In Humanity Restored 2018 - Beautiful Moments of Respect and Fair Play in Sports

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Beautiful Mome... Football Respect Moments RESPECT IN SPORT Real Life Heroes Respect Sports Try To Watch This Without Crying Where Sports meets Humanity

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*And then you see a video of people eating meat and then you lose your faith in humanity again. KILL ALL HUMANS*
Is this what world peace looks like?
ABOsahar DJ
Humanity HumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanityHumanity
Aaron Gidley
I'm a aussie and I feel bad for they keiwes
Adam Orme
One day I will create a news channel that only broadcasts the positive events that happened that day, I guarantee the program would be longer than current news broadcasts as there is always good in this world
Albert Einstein
Humanity comes first in all terms irrespctive of colour, or religions. ;)
AlchemistNZ Soapmaker
That Haka made our entire nation cry with pride and respect. We gathered around TVs that day and cried our goodbyes. I could hear the young boys next door performing that Haka as his body was taken to the hearse, I could hear the sob in their war cries, and the painful cries of the ladies upstairs. There is no more respectful display at this funeral in NZ than that last heartfelt Haka. Go in peace, our friend and know we are proud of you.
Alina Shaikh
No i am not crying ok i am not crying💔
Anon amous
With the American and Russian \
Anthony Birdsong
The Haka is simultaneously the most terrifying and beautiful displays. Respect to all of you and sorrow for your loss.
Assad Kamal
Great 🎅
Bangtan Sonyeon damn
Videos like this shouldn’t have any dislike
Bob Iscuter
i cant stop laughing at the first one
CA_ Nahu
Estos video asi me hacen llorar como loco 😭
Carlos Josue Ruiz
Que increíble el video. A los que corren la maratón los respeto muchísimo por que son los únicos que dan todo hasta llegar al punto de casi el desmayó a como se vio en el vídeo
Caroline Beltran
Wow. The last one. Tears for years.
Chinese Things
Chris Bergonzi
These vids remind me that we are human, fragile and beautiful, cruel and kind. I cry and feel again. We are all connected though we forget....
The comment section=The cringe
Cryminal Team Poland
David Balderston
Imagine what the world would be like if we were bombarded with these kinds of images 24/7 instead of the ugliest side of humanity.
The onions are strooonngggg here.
if you watch this video while listening creed or radiohead you will cry
Came here to cleanse my soul from all the bullshit. Humanity can be so great but we choose selfishness over kindness.
Grayson Herring
A few years ago I got in a fight on the Softball field with my own teammate because she purposely hit the girl running (she hit a home run and my teammate was mad) and made her tear something in her hamstring. She couldn't walk at all... after the fight I went and picked up the girl and carried her through all the bases (if her teammates did it, it wouldn't have counted.) But I really felt like she deserved that home run. My coach then didn't know if he should kick me off the team for fighting or keep me for what I did... the girl ended up giving me her jersey. And I still have it to do this day... it hangs on my wall with the rest of my softball stuff.
Hagu gaPL
I literally cried at this!
Hollow 609
In this world we live in there will always be darkness. But in the middle of that darkness there will always be a spot of light that will remind us of all the good in our lives
Thats so sad, alexa play despacito
Isabella Cetra
Who was he older lady that the soccer player hugged was that his mom or a fan I'm rly confused
ItzYaGurlGachaChan ;3 XD
It makes me cry how much people care for one another. I hate it that some people in this world are lonely, sad, depressed, or have no one there for them. May God bless them all💕
Ivo N.
Beautiful, but can we also get an applause for all the nurses, OT and similar occupations out there that do this daily.
Jaime Little
I told myself not to cry, but when you see these sort of things it tends to tear at your ❤️ strings, knowing there is still people out there that care! Thanks for sharing this wonderful video...😘
Jakob Hoffman
Why do they stick their fingers in other peoples mouths?
Jakub Jandourek
Send this to Serena...
Jesse Turay
Seems like the soccer players almost knew to go to the injured person's mouth and roll them to the safety position. Have they all been trained to respond to a downed player?
John John
Number 10s ass at 3:32
Jose Meza
I remember till this day I gave my victory to my rival In cross country race his mom was dying of cancer her wish was to see him win in state finals it broke my heart to give up the race after all that training but to see her smile and enjoy happiness before she passed away was priceless
Julio García
Lloré como un crío!!
Sorry but my faith in humanity will never be restored. 😔😧😩😢😭 but I do believe there is a chance.
Wish I knew the stories and/or circumstances of these moments. Hard to understand what some of them meant. Great video though 👍🏼
Khan Afridi
really amazing ....😊😊😊😚😚😚😙😙😙
If humanity could just get rid of bigotry, hate, intolerance and the like just imagine what we could accomplish.
Lynne N
I always have and always will have faith in humanity.\nJust because an action does not scream loudly does not mean it can not be heard!!!!!
Mahana-Claire Teriitemataua
Maja Połulich
I'm crying 😭
Marty Mcmarty
A moment I will remember forever is when I was running the 5k. W were almost there, about three hundred meters to go when my leg gave out. My tendons around my knee had snapped. I was running in a big group while most of them kept going one man and woman, who were husband and wife. Stopped and helped me hobble the last few hundred meters. I was so grateful that I bought the, a brand new tv. They had a pretty crap one so I bought them a brand new one. We’ve been friends ever since
Maryann Anderson
The kid who positioned himself on the mat and then used the other kid's arm to pin himself down was the one that made me cry.  What a remarkable young man.
Matt gaming
I never got to tell this story. But why not. .\nLong ago. My mom. Rest her soul. Use to run marathons. She fell one time. We wondered why she was taking so long. Then dead last there she was limping to the finish. Escorted by two bike cops. For years she complained about it. But now when I think of. Im so thankful they just let her finish what she on her own started. Thank you.
Merchant Ivory
Monad Rymael
Seeing kids who drew the short straw in life, getting a chance to stand on top is heartwarming.\nBut to me, seeing someone sacrifice their own chance of victory, for a struggling opponent, feels more genuine.
Who's cutting onions.... Nobody cause I'm crying like a god dam MAN. ✔
Nathan Drake
my god.............. pls help to all people.........
Got a TikTok ad on thus video... i don't feel like my faith humanity was restored at all
Om Wasan
The Brownlee brothers
Pankaj Awachar
1:25 the smile on the face of the kid is priceless
Peter Marion
I am now only 60% water
Phantom_ 1145
8:56 no friends , no life
Princess Sisi
Pleaaaaase stop wars😔 💔💔🌟
Rakha Fitra
0:22 could someone explain to me what is happening? Who is the person that died?
Roberto Calzado
You will never be a Champion unless you show absolute respect for your rivals.
Rylee Austin
Omg I love this this wAs so sweet and kind I literally wanna cry ugh imagine 2”19 and what the world would be ugh I love this 😭❤️😭😭❤️❤️
12:30 its soo cute bro ☺ He try to get him on top and he cant. So he lose in this position, respect 👍
Santosh Kumar
Human race is more important than victory race......
Sarat Sanasam
literally i m crying while m watching this video
Shaylah K Vlogs
I swear to god there are onions. Please stop cutting onions
Try not to cry challenge
Taylor Kawiti
I was at the funeral in the first video. It was for Jonah Lomu, a famous and loved rugby player. Almost everybody cried while he was carried away, including the people performing the haka, as he was a great man. R.I.P.
Tenille Faumui
The first one the Haka Maori culture (my culture)
Thatone Randomperson
I was crying for the hole thing
The Mulatt
Idk... if I was disabled I wouldn't want people to be nice to me because I'm disabled... feels a bit like they do it so they can feel good about themselves
Trolltimate Offender
NOBODY IS CUTTING ONIONS. The display at12:25 is shameful, parading this genetic deformity out on the mat. Disgrace. Put pads and helmet on it too and make it quarterback. Jeez.
Un Poeta Enamorado
No puedo creer que me haga echo llorar esto... que hermoso... porfavor aun los que quedamos de buen corazon siempre hagamos el bien y ayudemos a nuestro rival en ocasiones de estas.. no le tengamos ravia ni rencor .! Esto me conmovio el corazon 😢😢😀💝💝💪💪💪😍💧
Uncle Ben’s Rice
Nothing can restore the faith in humanity I once had.
When I'm deep down in the rabbit hole that is my twisted mental health, those kinds of videos help me out. For a few minutes the world isn't a cruel place anymore
There's some good in us humans yet.
Willians Sanchez
This is my religion.
Work Dedication
If you didnt cry during this video then your not a human being.
This rehumenise me
who's cutting onions in my room
Zaki D
i really don't want to cry but i don't know how so hard
1:05 My country... I'm crying and i'm sooo proud ♥
angela harding
there are good people out there just not many of them
c. j. macq
this is only a small example of the 10's of 1000's of acts of heroism and just plain kindness that occur everyday but go unnoticed, unappreciated and unrewarded. I think its damned time WE DEMAND our society be based upon such acts rather than to continue to accept our present system that rewards and makes hero's out of the elite - the liars, thieves, rapists and murderers - or even your run of the mill, silly pop-culture icon. its time we let the best of humanity lead us by example, make and enforce our laws. its time we put into practice and begin to emulate the best of humanity rather than its most foul, vile and despicable.
clash of clans - pain
Comos e llama la cancion del minuto 8:53 porfa
confused Humanity
The kid in the wrestling gets me the most. Here he is being told ok here is your opponent and then he does the honourable thing, he loses. Giving his opponent such a high and a loss against his record. That young man is a star and I hope life treats him well.
guy face bros gaming
Videos I watch after watching tik tok 😅
imodin e
The world we are living in is messed up to the point of seing someone doing a good deed is surprising
lord james
the mere broship of this video is enough to make the toughest man shed even one tear
master shifu
2018 is fked up..,all this positiveness is fading away.
mickey blowman
Only together can we reach the stars.
What was the first clip? I'm so confused.
sugar-ray palfrey
I'm sure that dude in the NASCAR was pulled out by his dad
Ángeles Moguel
Ahora mismo no se que decir sobre esta parte
Сергей Мороз
Хорошее видео мотивирующее ..одно не пойму какие убогие ставят дизлайки ..
Have faith in Human being