Girls Turn Into Boys Challenge #BoysChallenge (Tik Tok/

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elders react family fri... kids react react reacting reacting to reaction reaction time reaction time channel reactions tal fishman teens react time

*Снеха Куичи Ханджо*
0:54 1:07 5:27 6:28
10 Hour 10 Minute
did i just read it right?\n\n*storybooth* viewers watch this
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A Common Soldier
*The reverse traps have arrived...* \n\n*No one is safe...*
Alejandro Godinez
I wish  I could be on your youtube channel xoxoxo
Ana Gonzales
They get that dreamy look while the girls are turned around 😅 so cute 😂
Angie J gutierrez
Pause at 5:06 that face you make when you watch tal’s videos 😂👌
Aphmau Fangirl
When girls are boys and they actually look more attractive than boys u see 😂😂😂😂\nLike if u agree
Ashley Farrell
4:53 pause look at them they look like they have fallen in love lol
Austin Dean
This trend is so transphobic and it makes fun of the trans community
Beki_Violet !
“We’re watching girls turn into boys.”\n\n“Why can’t boys turn into guys?”\n\nThey do, it’s called puberty
Blaiklynn Long
Yes the Dolan Twins that just made my day💕😘😂
Bryanbro13 Hi
The song is bad by xxxtentacion rip x
B⃣A⃣D⃣ ᙭
Someone please, take this song of TikTok...
Camille Noni Lukan (903CamLuka)
5:28...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI i think I am lesbian
Carlee Kenner
Are you guys on cocaine? - Anthony 2018
CatLover Fan12
7:05 is my fav and my other one is 7:26 is good and this 9:02. OMG the part when he kept on saying wow was funny his face xD
Christie MM
the one with the red hair n hoody is the most awesome one to me oww my gosh I would fall for her if I didn't know she a a girl
Christina Bryant
Christopher Terrebonne
The guy in the blue chair is really cute and rhis is a girl
Courtnie Johnson
At 4:23 I think that one's the best
Crafty kids - Avedog and jax
Cristy Correces
Girls are so cool
Cupcake Le Pony
when you wanna do this but you already have short hair-
The song is BAD! by xxxtentacion
Dayami Fernandez
When you realise that the girls that turn into a boy looks like your crush
Eli vlogs
I wanna do this challenge now
Farhaan Callachund
The song is bad \n\n\n\n\n\nI mean the song's name is BAD 😂😂
Hufflepuff and Proud
Girls have longer necks than guys thats why girls can turn their head instead of turning their whole body
5:52 I saw my friend
At 5:28 looks like a Kpop idol and looks so much like a boy
Itzel Romo
First..\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIf i don't refresh the page😂
Jaskirat Kaur
1:43 the girl look like billie eilish but with red hair lol 😆
Jernie DeWitt
7:08 I would date if that was a guy 🤤
Jojo Moss
“A guy can- can not look that attractive...” “yeah? Have you seen the Dolan Twins?” This made me laugh so hard idek😂
Jolien Millet
A guy cannot look so good \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nEver seen BTS before??? 🤔🤔🤔
TBH I wished some of those “guys” were real like they 😂
Ithink the girl who has red hairs
Kawaii Cookie
The moment you realize that girls are always cuter even when in boi form.
5:28 When the blonde hair guy says in his mind: Why the heck does he look better than me? 😂😂😂😂 JK
I am cracking up XD!!!
Lily Tucker
The female mentality is both feminine and masculine and vice versa..... We just have to suppress our other side because society dictates that we should
Lost Elusion
Luckyy RBLX
when you take drugs for the first time 7:35
Madison Hof
Is it weird that when they’re guys they actually look really hot😂
Majed Nasser
Girl to boy\nShemale to girl \n😜
Marianne Castro
The red girl really looks like a a boys! xD
Marshmello floof
Me Not you
Oml The music Is XXX thats so sad
Micaiah Pratt
you wanna know the sad part?\n\n\n\n\n\nthese guy transformations are much better looking then 90% of the boys I've seen in real life....
Michelle Young
The moment when your like..........WTH!
Mivi Abenojar
I can be any boy
Muhammad Hasan
Justin Bieber
My babe Lian
JUNGCOCK!?!?!? BTS (Behind The Scenes)
Myth Gamer
That song was from a rapper that died a couple of months ago.... hi f you did not know......R.I.P XXX
Rainbow Furry
When you realise the girls in boy forms are HOTTER THEN YOU
Rim Al Amin
Girls are boys who are girls that are boys who are girls.😂
Ro Ngenga
Some girls are look hotter in boys look
Sem Ruru
I think the girl with the black hair and white skin and red lips she was like a kpop boy so beautiful so cute😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤
Shay Shay
He said Dolan twins and I died. 😂❤️❤️
Sidney Caguimbal
5:27 idk but I thought it was a member of bts😂
The song is \
TadaStudios Art&Development
Tecnically, every male starts out as female while developing in the womb, then they gain that y chromosome that makes them male
Tamanna Lahon
10:19-10:20  My bisexual self is confused
Tamaro Taylore
Anyone who likes the song it is called “bad” by XXXTENTACION
Taylin Blom
she deadass looks like Draco Malfoy😰 10:32
Tiger love
5:19 was perfect. The beat was timed perfectly and she looked like a real boy. Excellent work. 👍👏
Tiya Bisla
7:39... are girls really female..!!!?? wooww woooowwww wwoooooooowwwww
Tricia Q
I think I'm lesbian
Uraza Leopard
Vee Bee
Omg the music is in my head 🤣🤣🤣🤣
So you never saw a good looking guy before huh?\n\n\n\n\nMe neither😑
XxSnipeGoddxX C-ops
Musicaly kids sure do now how to cringify a nice song
Mulan inspired these girls.
Ysra Kamel
1:07 & 5:28 Them Best ! Cute Boy's Asian ♡
Yumblebee Xu
When an Asian girl does it, the result is a kpop star\nEdit: THX SO MUCH FOR THE LIKES! Also thx to everyone who commented, they are all so funny!
One thing learned..... don't trust guys with hoodies...
Zoro Gaming
Yg Indonesia bilang hadir
_XxXToxIc XxX_
Bruhh you look like a girrafe xdd
ace sooruth
That moment when you realise that some girls look way hotter as a boy.
anime short mini movies HONEYK
Not all boy are handsome
duckmeat !!!
i HavE TruSt IsSuEs NOw
gc EpiXx
Song name - xxxtentacion BAD! unreleased song. Rest in Peace xxxtentacion I will miss you Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy
gh app
At 3:53 the girl on the left looks exactly like Infinite!!!!\nLike if you agree
hana-bibi luchmun
Thèse girls are more attractive than guys at my school
haylee velasquez
I did the boy challenge to i looked like a BOY!
im exposed
5:27\n\n\n*Bts left the chat*\n\n\n\n8:11\n\n\n*Wig snatched.*
jose ortiz
the girl with the red hair pulled it off soo good
lyly permata sari
5:28 kpop idol look like 😍😍😍🤓🤓🤓❤️❤️❤️
monika luna
olivia 9922
When he told the name \
perla gutierrez
The song is BAD!(that's the name of the song and it's made by xxxtentacion
sally the fox
lol the boys feel triggerd when the girls turn into hotter boys XD
sammy d
the song is realy cechie \n\n\nits stuck in my head
sweetforever21 Last
You look like a hot guy
wolfgirl gacha studio and other fun stuff
Ok just because I'm a girl means I cant do it. I can't do it my hair is too long
ye lets go 123
Bro those 2 other ppl that are sitting in the red and green chair everytime they say that's a dude when a girl tries to show how she looks like as a guy like that's the challange u can't just say no that's a dude ofc it is if it a girl change to dudes like wtf
Word so profane something like a bad