Official Trailer #2 (2019) | Brie Larson, Jude Law

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Watch the second official trailer for MCU sci-fi action film "Captain Marvel" starring Brie Larson, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson, Annette Bening, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, Gemma Chan, and Lee Pace. Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. Release date: March 8th, 2019.Plot SummaryCarol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

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Can we do another super expensive reshoot with another leading actress?
ABC 123
Brie Larson sounds like a 13 year old who doesn't want to be embarrassed by her dad as he drops her off to her first day of high school
AJ Alpha
In my opinion shes too model-like so i can't take her serious as this character. we need someone more fierce, unless she changes my mind after seeing the full movie.
Aaron Holiday
He lost his eye to the cat, the last thing he let his guard down to and trusted.
Abin Tom Sebastian
Plot twist: she will vanish when thanos snapped his fingers
Oh my god, Nick Fury loves cats. I’m dying help. Lol
Alex Mar
If they mess her up, I will burn marvel. They’ve already given her the long blonde hair instead of the badass punk rock haircut, so if she’s sexualised or there it’s just. Drawn out love story....i can not be responsible for any casualties
Andrew Toh
Can we have a movie about Fury and the cat instead?
Ben Dover
Seems kind of weak compared to the rest of the marvel movies. Hopefully it was a badly edited promo
Brought To You By SixtySixTricks
*I feel sad to say it but due to Brie Larson, this is one Marvel movie I'll never try watching.* \n\nLet me know how it goes. Peace out.
Bruno m
is it just me or does the cgi @1:57 look very cheesy
Byron Daryl-Kelley
I THINK THE movie will be good... I think she's just a bad actress... The reason for having Sam Jackson and Jude law in the movie... To carry her I mean hero
Chris Gardner
Brie larson looks dead behind the eyes.
ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!
I guess it's a little better than the first trailer. God bless
Correct opinion guy
This was a lot cooler than the first trailer.
Courtney Tillman
I would have preferred Gwendoline Christie ( Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, Also Captain Phasma from Star Wars The Last Jedi) as Captain Marvel to me she is a complete BAD ASS. This woman would be able to be emotionless without being completely Flat like Brie Larson is in this movie. I would love to see Gwendoline play in more roles and have a lead part she is really under valued in my opinion.
Dali Bchir
Well this is my opinion. I think She's so monotonous that the movie will suck I mean one voice tone and one facial expression all the long of two trailers isn't a good sign right? or is it just me?
Dan Festag
This is just not interesting
Daniel RH
Captain Marvel will save Ironman and Nebula from drifting in space.
Dweeb Demolisher
Here’s the thing, I want to like it but I feel like there a part missing. Also she looks like green lantern when she flys
Elijah Heyrosa
Cool but in my opinion has a lot of spoilers
Enes Mani
Falcon: So you like cats?
Um, this is literally the same trailer. If you put them side-by-side in the same damn thing. LOL. Not good.... The only thing that's different is they put the orchestra to raise one's emotions a little bit. But... For what?... Nobody cares about Marvel. There's no emotional attachment here... Gal Gadot is Captain Marvel. Aka Wonder Woman. We just don't need this movie. if you read up on Captain Marvel's rap sheet, she pretty much has the power to do anything. When you raise up a human character to be an alien with the power of a God, what's the point or gravity of anything? Lol. Nothing else matters when you can bend time. Oh well. Just a nerdy argument here.
That cat was indeed a skrull\n\n\n\n\nmm'kay
Gabriel Ross
Sorry. Still kinda meh to me. I want to really like this film, and maybe I'll end up liking it. But I'm just not feeling this film yet. Definitely isn't wowing me.
Hana Yun
I've been waiting for this movie for a long time. Thanks Marble for a new green lantern movie.
Hannah Ward
So is it just me or does the cat's nametag say ORION?!
Harambae Nugget
I hope the cgi is unfinished
Hawaii Holistic
anyone else think this quality of acting shouldnt be apart of the marvel universe?
Hoa Lý
Then Nick Furry kisses the cat and it turned back into human - a beautiful princess who was cursed by a dark wizzard (Morgan Le Fay maybe). They live in happiness together ever and ever after. Until one day, Thanos came to our planet, snapped one shot and Nick was vanished himself... the following part we’ve already know 🤣
is that kristen stewart 2.0? damn does your face have any expressions?
Hunter Lipina
Green Lantern called....\n\nHe wants his movie back
Ian McIntyre
Fury's biggest secret revealed: He has a weakness for cats!
Ishan Goswami
There was something missing in this trailer ..... Stan Lee....
It's Lalz
Captain Marvel could step on me and I would thank her.\n\n\nP.s. idk why all the hate cuz it got me shook and I ain't ready, Jesus take the wheel!
Jay Cole
Captain Marvel: Marvels First Flop
Jeff castell
Really wanted it to be good... seems so forced. Like women even superwomen can't answer a simple straightforward question. Can you fly this thing? I'd like to know before you kill me. Might as well be. \
Jethro Jireh
always have been a marvel freak since 2008 would fight against dc and people call me marvel fanboy, today I say... I'm quite disappointed w this trailer :/
Jon Collins
Alright, now that was much better, everything i didn't like about the first trailer just ain't there for this one. Still not sold on the movie yet but a bit more optimistic.\nEdit: Upon further review I released that this was actually the same trailer as the last one just cut better. Doesn't change my current stance though.
Jon Idoncair
Hello again, friend of a friend. I knew you well.....
Juan Carlos Valdes
Another Marvel movie to watch! I don't care what critics say or NOT about movies, I watch ALL of them!
Julio L
Meh, I'd better wait for Shazam, the real Captain Marvel.
Wtf is America's problem with women \nIn movies or comedy. Or any other profession for that matter. You guys are cancer
Justice Jester
Kinda feels like an Green Lantern rip-off.....lame.
Kento Komoto
Don't worry folks! Samuel L. Jackson will save this movie!
Krishna Choppara
nick sounds so playful, but he is so serious in other movies.
Krit King
They gave you 2 tries to \
Kuroko Taiga
Who else really wants to see this, I know all the negative viewpoints but it still looks good to me and I’m not gonna knit-pick at it or try to hate it, even though I have my worries about it
LTM Clan
She really doesn't come across as having enough charisma to play the part BUT Marvel has yet to let me down in terms of casting as they have nailed every major character. Tom Holland = best Spider Man to date. Robert Downey Jr = the perfect Tony Stark. Chris Hemswoth IS Thor. Benedict Cumberbatch anyone? Even Mark Ruffalo is perfect. So I will hold judgement.
Lost Soul
the dialogue seems really dumbed down and brie larson is way up her own ass in this shit show of what is basically an explainer video of a character that has'nt been introduced yet. Its going to be marvels version of green lantern meets man of steel. DIRECT TO VIDEO!
M Misko
She literally had the same tone in her voice the same time they need to add scenes where shes yelling and saying something not just one tone the whole trailer come to think of it, it probably will be like that the whole movie
Mark Hogan
Meh. Dialogue seems extremely cheesy and on the nose, even for a comic book movie. \
Matthew Loller
Brie Larson is so cringy, she sounds so stuck up like she's already accomplished something
1:22 I'm so f*d up. Nice reference.
Michael Simmons
I remember Captain Marvel is an 8 yr old boy , now he’s a 30 yr old transgender woman ?
I've never seen and heard Brie Larson deliver lines so poorly. The trailer is better than the first one, but I'm still not excited.
Nehal Gurung
That's last form looked like a super saiyan lol
Pallas Villamero
When I first watched the trailer I thought about making a funny comment about how they fortunately did not put the cringy 'her - hero' thing is in there, but they managed to put it in there anyway.....crrrringeeeefesstttt
PsychO Strik3r
Sorta feels like one of Marvels lame phase one films, like The Incredible Hulk. Idk man this just doesn’t look interesting, and Larson’s stale delivery doesn’t help much.
Q Crew
Man people are really hating Brie Larson in this.... they should have chosen Charlize Theron!!
Rafael Barret
Excuse me WHAT
Looks like this'll be one of those identity crisis movies. Hope it ends up decent, still 50/50 about it. (Not hyped or disappointed, just need to see more to know.)
Did Disney even screen test Brie Larson for this role? What were they thinking?
Roman Garcia
I like brie larson as an actress. But i dont think this movie suites her and vice versa. The movies looks ok, from a trailer stand point. The action sequences look good. I most likely gonna watch it on a torrent.
Ronald Kurkowski Jr
Ronan the Accuser at 1:45 of the trailer. YESSSSS
Ross Carlson
Gonna say it now - this will not be Marvel's best, in fact it'll be regarded in the bottom 25%
S Smith
Goodbye phase 2 it was nice while it lasted. This movie will tank at the box office just like Solo.
So Nick Fury was weak and pathetic before a woman he meets that can't act turns him into a man? The feminism is strong with this one. Bad move but just my opinion.
Goosebumps all over the body while watching this #cantwait \n❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thanos be like this is who is gonna kick my butt?
0:22 \
1:45 is that ronan?
*Thanos:* No man can defeat me!\n*Carol, punching him in the throat:* I am no man
Arthur Morgan dies
shes literary the female version of Hal Jordan
Tim B
Tim Lo
So I'll just watch captain America again... Seriously not hyped for this
Ty M
For everyone who was crying for the old lady\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nLol
Void Rebellion
Not going to say I'm not excited or I don't want to watch it, but... is it me or is there something missing? Like it just lacks some enthusiasm. 🤔🤔🤔
Wewe ak
The coolest and best thing in this trailer was easily fury and the cat
dewey dodo
some how another captain title figure just don't seem right .
looks like feminist crap
faraz paikar
For some reason I am not hyped for this movie
Am I the only one who thinks that she sounds 100% monotone in both trailers?!
hyunggu's sensitive side
We officially have both Sherlocks and Dr. Watsons.
juan stevan ordoñez villota
I know you could think \
king xj
Her delivery so passionless, marvel continuity is my draw at this point'
lucifer chithu
Nick Fury with Hair and Both Eyes
Ahhh, the Youtube critics , so sure of themselves , ready with a quick judgement call. ready to put up a meme for attention. so quaint... ,\n\n and now that I've gotten the trolls attention.\n\n Ms. Marvel, or Captain Marvel as she is now called , \n\nwill not have the \
pamela antonetty
That’s a flerken not a real cat
this die hard MCU fan will be there opening night but I'm not particularly excited about it. She has zero charisma or screen presence. Huge eyeroll for the cheesy pandering \
somya ranjan padhi
it's nice....but fans are waiting for avengers4 release it as soon as possible
stranger Danger
It's her I'm just not feeling her
I ride the los angeles blue line every day..I have never seen white grandma on there.. If I did see one, I would assume she was an alien.
I dont have anything against brie Larson but idk if this is the right role for her. I think this is gonna bomb.
“I’m gonna end it” \n\n....most unthreatening voice ever. Sounded like my 4 year old cousin squealed it.