How to organize a music festival like Tomorrowland

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CNN's Antonia Mortensen takes an exclusive tour behind the scenes at Belgian electronic music festival Tomorrowland. More from CNN at

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Alexander BOK 2
So How to organize a music festival like Tomorrowlan??????
Andre Colon
How the hell is this 'How to' anything??
there are people of germany * shows flag of belgiu?*
Blackwell Audio
Screw the batteries at 1:54, I hear Pendulum in the background!
Burning Panda MilkShake HD
CS:GO Peak
I can smell swett just from the video, money sucking place.
CallHimMr Wayne
It's an interesting video, but afterwards I still don't know how to organize a festival.
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Álvarez
so someone twetted something about tomorrowland and drugs and the way they solved it was by the police twetting back. awesome haha
Cold Rain Events
a bit too short and not much background information.. :/
DJ Rogue
0:14 There are only 196 countries on earth
From Germany........ they show a Belgium flag 😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Luxa
1:24 \
Daniel Mullins
Ye they were cooling off in a hot tub
Dj Morgan
You covered 1% of what goes on well done
Dominik Wujek
The informations were nice and clear but then David Guetta came in ;/
Dror Levi
Loveparade should be back , that belgian wannabe festival is sad in comparison.
1:19 NICE \
EDM On Top
Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Is it 90% just dudes with no shirts on?
Looking at the title, I thought this would be a Tutorial......\nA bit of A let down....
Esteban Licea
Excessive Menace
where does it say how to organise it
4:50 awww, my boy Porter when he was a young but cool cutie :3
1. get a lot of people\n2. get cold hot tub\n3. hire CIE.\n4. ask david guetta to play a song\n5. festival
Extremely bad report of the iconic Belgian Festival Tomorrowland
Gimme ur toes
People from all around... Germany (shows Belgium flag) ...
Hans Erhard
the flag from belgian \
Hermine H
1:20 is the belgian flag -.- still pretty similar but not the same, Belgium has vertical stripes, black yellow red, while germany has horizontal stripes black red yellow. And Holland is NOT Belgium haha, neigbours, yet, not locals XD XD this is soooooo cringy ahhaha! get your facts straight hahahah
Isabel München
zero tolerance for drugs... haha... good one.
Jakob Schaller
She said people from germany and they showed the flag of
Jann. mOH
welcome in the free europe
1:23 A few locals? As far as I know, Belgium and \
People coming from all around the world: brazil,japan,...germany\
Karlo Pavicic
Ok, let's review the tutorial:\n\n1. Invite people from 214 countries\n2. Make some kind of green and yellow tree\n3. Buy a hot tub for people to cool off in\n4. Hire the NSA\n..... PROFIT
4:26 I would agree with you there but I don't quite feel it lives up to the one at Ultra
Ksenia Asatryan
A butcher? That is awefull 😥
Luca Miskovic
Name of the Song at 0:27 ? 🔥
Things that you will need to organize a music festival like Tomorrowland:-\n\n1. MONEY!!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n2. LOTS OF IT!!\n\n\n\n\n\n\nThats all!
Maris Zadinans
Maulik Mamgain
See the description -Belgin Electronic festival!wow R.I.P English
Only in belgium ! but unfortunately CNN are not the best for information when they make something outside their country... i guess a few american will loose somes IQ after see this interview 😂😂😂😂
1:19 yes the german flag \nSorry belgium
Michael Farník
I just love how literally everyone in the comments is roasting CNN :3
Nadim Mouawad
Still not as big as Woodstock *flies away*
The most effort for the shittiest music.
Newell Loo
i doubt the events are drug-free
Niklas Kremers
No errors
when there are only 204 countries and she said 248?
Pedro Frutuoso
1:28 Portugal crlh
Pedro L.
Shows Belgian people and says germans lol
At 5:05 it says \
Rick Terscale
Yes yes yes. The biggest festival on the planet ever!! :D
Ruthie Ridgeway
This looks so much better than coachella TBH
Scared Curze
why people always think than the belgian flag is the german flag ...
Se cual es el gran secreto de los illuminati
Tomorrowland = Heaven 😍😍
Simon Riley
Thank you for the tutorial I will now organize my own , yesterdayland.
CNN trying to be cool, getting all the facts wrong. This was so funny to watch. Great job humiliating yourselves. FakeNews.
Success in Tech
worst behind the scenes ever
CNN please never go to a music festival ever again. I literally cringed watching that.
Thomas Vielhuber
1:19 Uuhm Im sorry to tell you, but this is NOT GERMANY.
Tommy Voz
Anyone else notice the Belgian flag during the word \
Tomorrowland My dream
I Love You Tomorrowland 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tomorrowland 2016, esperame que voooooyyy :')
Cool down in the hot tub???????????????
Travis O'Sullivan
it looks like a big version on secriet gardan party
Fuck CNN
Tudor Baidoc
Look up untold festival. Half prices, double the fun, triple the magic
Hey they said to not do drugs! That'll stop the 100,000s of EDM goers!
Vitus Benson
hahah first telling there are germans while showing a belgish flag and then Spelling Nicky Romeo instead of Romero :D
Walker #131013
4:25 Avicii & Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One
Nicky, Romeo & Julia
1:20 Omg \n:From Germany (showing the belgium national flag).\nAnd then they say they are from netherlands and she say Few locals bruh .\n(Tomorrowland takes place in belgium)
CARL COX!!!!!!!
*cools down in a HOT tub
ben butterly
There is actually so many things wrong in this video
bishu limbu
I am from nepal .\nI wish I also there ..tomorrland.
No mention about stage or the production behind it.....
e. verhoef.
holland , some locals? hahahaha
They really brought the FIRE this year!
els deheusch
a few locals ??? Holland isn't Belgium !
erik hondje
1:23\n-'where are you from?' \n-'We're from holland!'\n-'Well a few locals there...'\nomg... -.-'
Really nice ! and is very good to know that have a very organized security on these festival, better than much happens here in Brazil.
Portugal in the spot xD
Forget the drugs! :]
julio bello
Is my dream to one day I could go to tomorrowland
liam lordan
Swiss guys in Switzerland morph suits with a Belgium flag and she says Germany.... Tut tut cnn
luke johnson
luke rush
Cnn fake news
at 0.27 whats that remix called 
Come to Defqon 1 next year fro some harder stuff rather than this weak mainstream crap.
rock roll
She's so corny and she says it's a cashless Festival because you gave all your cash to the festival that give you a rechargeable battery for your phone know you rent a little 1000 amp recharger and in actuality you stand in the line that's an hour and a half long
Good that I now know exactly how to organize a festival like tomorrowland