This is why GERMAN SHEPHERDS are the FUNNIEST DOGS - Funny DOG compilation

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Dogs are great, especially german shepherds! This compilation is the best try not to laugh challenge! Just look how all these german shepherds behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!The content in this compilation is licensed and used with authorization of the rights holder. If you have any questions about compilation or clip licensing, please contact us: [email protected] TO SEE YOUR PET IN OUR COMPILATIONS?Send your clips or links to: [email protected] more funny videos & pictures visit and like our Facebook page:

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This is funnier than the entirety of The Emoji Movie.
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Huskies are also pretty funny, but I love German Shepherds too
My German Shepard does the same thing as the dog with the snow shovel. I can't mop the floor, sweep the floor, mow the lawn rake the lawn with my dog anywhere around. He like the vacuum cleaner. Just a warning to anyone going to get Shepard of your own, they whine loudly, snore loudly, and will bug you repeatedly to play ball.They shed enough hair to make a full sized set of throw pillows from season to season. Mine is now 2 years old I love him more than any dog I have ever owned. Also a German Shepard is very smart, If I can't find his ball, no worries he knows where it is and doesn't mind showing me where my son hid it. He knows all the family members names, he knows my other dogs name and will find them if asked.We have 5 cats, mine, my daughters two out door cats and HIS cat.His cat sleeps with him, eats with him plays with him,and plays patty cake on his back.Where he goes his cat goes. The cat walks under his belly and chest. Yes my dog has his own pet cat silly as that sounds.
German shepherd❤
Abigail Quezada
They're definitely good family dogs
Always Late
Beautiful animals
Ana M
I miss my german shepherd Koda. He died February 12, 2018. This video made me cry.
Angela Frediani
Ashire MGTOW
The music was too loud in the vid
Aviation Nut
People screwing up good videos with cheesey music since 1995.
Call Me Plz
First vid to start up my day! Love it
C’est Moi
No music pls
DMHQ - Administration
Swimming pool. A blue turtle shepherd mix. 😂 They should have a dubstep mix of German Shepherds howling. 🎧
Love German Shepherds
Darlene Greywolf
I can't see you!!!! So that means you can't see me behind toilet paper!!! Good hiding spot!!!! Ha. Ha !!!!
Deborah Van der meer
Dr. MG M
@ 9:22 dog masturbation 😍😂
El Bastardo del Titán
I love the video.
Fresh Cakes
Legend has it that dog with the stick is still trying to get through the door
Genio Perez
Why do you add music?
Gurneet Bains
I've became for of a German Shepard love after this video and I know you did too. 😍😍😍😍
Happy Happy
Sorry, huskies are at the top of my list
Hivolt Arc
Dogs just can't imagine an \
I amcarbonandotherbits.
Love this breed to bits. From a toddler up to moving away from the nest at 18. German Shepherds were the only breed i knew as a family pet. Breeders should really try to back breed the hip displacia out of these dogs, because it's heartbreaking to see young dogs put down because of this crippling defect that is inherent to this breed.
Обожаю Овчарок Лайк ;)
The head tilting is so precious
Inverted Vertigo
When my German Shepard was a about 6-9 months old we had a few packs of soda in the living room for a party the next day. We left to get something to eat and come back to a large soda puddle on the floor with busted cans all over the room and she was bouncing from couch to couch and didn't stop for about 2 hours until she crashed. The next morning she walks into my room goes under neath my bed and comes back with another can. I looked under and she hid about 5 more cans in my room for later
Irene roland
Stop the background music
Jacqueline Juarez
I LOVE German Shepherds been loving them for years now!! They are cute, funny, friendly, and GREAT family dogs!! ❤️❤️ I want one SO bad!!😩😩😍
Jasmyne Duarte
My german dogs just makes me laugh all the time
Jay Wulf
Sound too loud mate. Video Editing 101.
John Blackburn
We had a German Shepherd when I was younger. He was a great dog. Loyal, smart, hansom, and funny. R.I.P Buck
John King
Average IQ of a German Shepherd = 80. Smarter than some of the things we call human.
John Waters
I love dogs sooo march😻😻
Jordan Sailors
All you need is a German shepherd and a golden retriever to have the most memorable moments
Joy Pace
I WANT ONE!!!!!!!
Just your Average girl
Last year, a teenager who lives on our street (and is a horrible person) chained his bulldog up, but the bulldog escaped and late at night, it found another dog who was a German Shepard. The bulldog led the shepherd to my friends house where his bunny was killed then..they came to ours. He killed our goats and our cat, Poppy. Later that morning we found the goats and Poppy dead....we were heart broken! We found the bulldog with blood all over his muzzle he ran from my father. But the shepherd was trapped in our pasture. She had no blood on her so we figured the bulldog had done the killing... we kept the shepherd and called animal control to get the bulldog help because it had been abused by the dumb teenager. We named the dog daisy and we had her for 6 months...we took her to the vet because she was itching a lot and we found a chip, it told us where her wonder lived and we gave her back...we miss you daisy, especially me. \u003c3
Kavya Reddy
German Shepherds are the best breed.
Kevlar Moneyclips
I noticed there was no footage from the civil rights era. Probably a good choice.
Kripa Tripura
I love German Shepherd alot
Kristina Dugas
The music is to loud to herr the actual vid
I used to have a German Shepherd but he died when I was little
Laquetta West
That one German Shepherd dragging the kid is like: I am going to get you to the finish line and we are going to win this race!
Laura McGrath
One of them was a lab but I’ll give u it
Leonardo Espiritu
I want a german shepherd for a dog🐶🐕
Linda B.
Very nice video but the music?! Disturbing like hell!
If I ever get a German Shepherd, I'm going to name it Dogmeat.
Lynda Kirkness
I want to hear the dogs. Not the loud music
Maddi Games
I had a German Shepard. She was such a great dog. Loved her to death. RIP
Mandleshwar Gaur
they are the est dogs i yet know.......hey and um great video man you guys are great at making people laugh and spreading joy amongst people.......I love your Videos and the animals in them......good job!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Parsons
this is one of the funniest video I have seen, LOVE GSD's of all ages xoxoxoxoxo
Matt Ryan
Could do without the music. Cant hear the dogs.
This video is so beautiful it made me cry a lot, I've lost my gsd 12/3 on this year because his stomach twisted, he was 11.5 years old, God I miss him a lot :'(
Max Morrill
Like the video but the background music was definitely foreground music, all you can hear..had to quit after a min and a half..
Megan H
The music......................🤐
Moo Cow Pudding
I love my German Shepherd!
Turn the music down holy shit
Naisula Poussard
German Shepherd so beautiful, smart protective î loove them
Nienna V.
God bless your musical taste. First animal video with good music😊
Nights of Chaos
The Marines Hymn at the end tho😁
Ole The Viking
My German Shepherd was put to sleep yesterday but this video reminded me of all the good times I had with him. :)
Pablo Albarran
The music ruined the video
Patrizia Ambrosi
I have one that got hit by a car and lost a leg. 😬😧
Poochy Kurosuki
I would love to enjoy this video, bit I can't cus the music is to loud... I love GSD's and like this video other than the REALLY LOUD MUSIC
Awesome video but please, don't drive with your dogs in the front seat without a proper protective harness/belt for them. They are a part of your family after all and if you happen to be in a car crash you wouldn't want them to die or get seriously hurt.
Rob S
My German Shepherd is a senior, not sure how much time she has left, but she has entertained our family for many years and made us laugh. Best breed of dog.
Rocky Smith
Man I sure miss my German Shepherds, back when I was three years old I wondered off in the woods behind my house. My family didn’t realize I was missing until our girl German Shepherd named Bear was outside barking away. So my dad followed her in the woods and she lead him to me while our bigger German Shepherd named Remo was walking right beside me guarding me. They saved my life that day and were the best Dogs I ever had! Rest In Peace Bear (1999-2013) and Remo (1998-2007) 🙏 I think about them a lot and watching this video made me shed some tears for them.
Shepherds are the best breed, hands down! ❤️
Find yourself a GSD that's of sound body and mind and you'll never find a better companion for you and your loved ones.
Sahil rajput
It so funny and i love dogs
Samantha Young
Now I really want a German Shepherd and a husky
Sophia Tran
At least German shepherds are Loyal and protcect Their owners
Sparkly Yoongi
I was alone at home and I heard a door trying to open I thought it was the intruders and got a bat. When I went to the living room (that’s were we have our second door and that’s the door I heard) I saw my white german Sheppard opened the door I was shocked 😂
I wish I knew how to record my screen
TaRon Harbin
3:40 and 00:40 legend has it both GSD's with those sticks are still trying to get through those doors
The Dog Show
Great video
The Shadow
And this is why they are my first favorite type of dog 😘😍
Tristan Read
Take that ridiculous music off. This isn't AFV
Uma venugopal
I love goldens and labs and Germans and 4th comes huskies.
V8 Berenguer
They are The BEST!
Watermelon Pie
Love the German Shepherds. Hate the obnoxiously loud and unnecessary music.
Yadira Lafuente
i love this vid omg so cute and funny
Zoe's World
I have two! My big dog rolls around on the floor, paws himself, and makes funny noises! We call it The Bear ;)
Wth the music is so loud at the beginning you can't hear the vids
I am so tired of Shitzus, Boos, Chihuahuas and other things like that. Now German Shepherds - these are REAL dogs.
Shepherds, my true weakness! Such amazing animals!! Love the video!!!
laura denieffe
Please get rid of the music when the video has it's own audio!
maureen kasirye
omg, what is the name of the first song? Please tell me :)))))
sherefa hickey
My german shepherd 💝💝 had him since I was 3 and now I am 11 he passed away 1 week ago and my house is boring and no dog can replace him😰😢
stand off fps
2:19 dog: catch me if you can 😂
I've had my German Shepard for 6 years. Surround by children daycares he's become the protector, defender and mascot for the whole bunch. I am always amazed how he is so gentle with the kids and weighs in at 140 pounds.
Nice video, but the music is too loud to hear the dogs.
the king
I love german shepards. They are the best dogs.
tom Sherman
I don't have a German Shepherd and I want One and this video made me want One more!!!!
xd Juice
If you thought this video was funny you have to sebscrub to me
Андрей Худинов
1:07 ha-ha-ha!😂😂😂