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I'm jealous...I just cant whistle...
Play it over and over again just to listen to the whistling - not that there's anything wrong with his singing or piano playing either.
ADL 14
i came here because Korean Drama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. who same like me?
Amber brooks
I LOVE BILLY😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
An Tran
Here because of Romantic Doctor Kim.
And You
Anh Anh
Came here from Romantic doctor, teacher Kim. This song so amazing.
Ann Grace Garduque
Well we all have a face\nThat we hide away forever\nAnd we take them out and show ourselves\nWhen everyone has gone\nSome are satin some are steel\nSome are silk and some are leather\nThey're the faces of the stranger\nBut we love to try them on\n\nWell, we all fall in love\nBut we disregard the danger\nThough we share so many secrets\nThere are some we never tell\nWhy were you so surprised\nThat you never saw the stranger\nDid you ever let your lover see\nThe stranger in yourself?\n\nDon't be afraid to try again\nEveryone goes south\nEvery now and then\nYou've done it, why can't someone else?\nYou should know by now\nYou've been there yourself\n\nOnce I used to believe\nI was such a great romancer\nThen I came home to a woman\nThat I could not recognize\nWhen I pressed her for a reason\nShe refused to even answer\nIt was then I felt the stranger\nKick me right between the eyes\n\nWell, we all fall in love\nBut we disregard the danger\nThough we share so many secrets\nThere are some we never tell\nWhy were you so surprised\nThat you never saw the stranger\nDid you ever let your lover see\nThe stranger in yourself?\n\nDon't be afraid to try again\nEveryone goes south\nEvery now and then\nYou've done it why can't someone else?\nYou should know by now\nYou've been there yourself\n\nYou may never understand\nHow the stranger is inspired\nBut he isn't always evil\nAnd he isn't always wrong\nThough you drown in good intentions\nYou will never quench the fire\nYou'll give in to your desire\nWhen the stranger comes along.
Anthony Lawrence
Sitting next to my new puppy listening to this song. As soon as he started whistling she got up, looked around in a panic, and ran to the other room where she promptly pooped on the carpet.
This is the second best Billy Joel song to date.  The first is \
Great track to whistle along with
Brian Denver
Caroline Blankenship
Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim! This song is an amazing theme for the main character!!! It's melodically so diverse, they can play different parts at different times to get the right mood.
Christina Masden
Mr Joel I'd love you to score my work while I'm still able to approve
Dana Howell
My all-time fave Billy Joel song ... followed closely by “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant.”
Derrick Carter
Poppin, stoppin, hoppin like a rabbit
Douglas Rogers
Everyone goes South every now an Then...................
Fitz A
 He recorded this song with his first wife singing with him in unison.\nyou can her a female voice singing along with him on certain parts of this song\nthat's her.   
Georgia B
Hangover 3 XD
Gwendel Rodriguez
This song is being used as the end credits to the Korean Drama \
Hai Mi Sa
Came after Hong Bin's cover ^^ \nps* hearing the original ver make me more proud of him \nour kong's skills impressively developing \n#aproudSt🌟light
HanYoRim 28
Coming here as Seohyun sing this song at SBS drama awards
Jane Janssen
There is so much truth in the words! I guess if you live long enough it might make sense. Took me forty-five + years.!!!!
Jimmy JAM
Lyrics here are so sick good.
John Payne
Such a ballad, and so amazingly true, and right on, everyone has a strange side, they try to HIDE, think about it! Amazing artist, poet and musicianship, like his, talent will be never FORGOTTEN!
Jose Schmoe
Whilst I've never been a Billy Joel fan there were some songs here and there I liked. This is one of them. It brings me back to summer 1978. I had just graduate HS and was embarking on a summer trip to France as an exchange student. We were in a staging area of sorts in Brattleboro, Vermont. We were there like for 2 weeks boning up on our french. I took my cassette player and this was one of the tunes I played on it over and over again. When I hear this it takes me to hot steamy summer nights in un airconditioned dorms just waiting to find out wot France was like. I loved it and this song reminds me of that great experience.
Jubilee Kim
this song remind me japanese drama platonic
Just Bizarre
Kiana Orfinada
The reason why im here because of vixx hongbin. 😉
Love this singer so much
Lee Seul Hee
*Bought here by KDRAMA Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.*
Lemmy Hetfield II
Everybody loses their shit to Piano Man, but this and New York State of Mind are the superior Billy Joel songs, IMHO. This one starts off very hauntingly melodic and then picks up with a fierce beat and an almost hard-rock swagger about it, greatly written to boot. Good tune.
Los Lunas Jefe
Hangover 3
Marlene Arteaga
I love the whistling
Matthew Collis
Some of the deepest and most brilliant song lyrics ever written ....
This song is the shiznit
Mercedez R
This song made me really think about life and it's pretty darn AMAZING!
Nici Nicnic
I came here because of Hongin ❤️
Ole Olsen
Poppin, stoppin hoppin like a rabbit...
Patricia Rociento
Kim Sabu! :-)
82 dislikes?!?! GTFOH
Perry Berens
This song revisited, reminds me of the frightened youth living on an ever growing ego inflation. Peer pressure and being popular making it impossible to reveal yourself even to yourself. You are what they say you are. Never growing up. Just becoming inflated. Yet beneath the inflation lies the still frightened child. \nBilly Joel nailed that sentiment with this song.some whistle the same tune coming in as they do going out. Never knowing themselves or others . Just a whistle in a dark alley.
Pump Up The Jam
You may never understand\nHow the stranger is inspired\nBut he is not always evil\nAnd he is not always wrong\nThough you drown in good intentions\nYou may never quench the fire\nYou’ll give in to your desire\nWhen the stranger comes along.\n\nAbsolutely most killer section of this song, I love it. So true but also so well-written at the same time. And the instrumental work is great
1:01 why does the guitar sound remind me of a Genesis/Phil Collins Song. I just cant put my finger on it
Rachael Barfield
I remember listening to this song on a cassette tape when I was much younger. My mom would play this for me on the car stereo whenever we went somewhere. =)
Rajesh Mannamkunnath
my favourite song
I don't think I've ever seen a color picture of Billy Joel.
Binnie brought me here ;-)\nThis song is amazing!
Rowena Shenalyn Corbito
I search it because of romqntic doctor . So cool i love it . I will save it . Songs drives us to the past
Ruben Delgadillo
What a great time in music history there was so much talent out there not like today where music acts sample everything.
Salmah Yusof
Billy Joel, my most favourite singer and greatest ever. He is one in a million.
Samara Subaita
Hongbin from Vixx brought me here. Hongbin aced this!!! And ahh, Billy as always, hats off to him 😊
Shabana Singh
Just imagine this song playing in a Korean drama :)
Shervin Yesharim
the song starts out slow and bluesy , then rocks out, then back slow, \u003c very creative, just like the many faces, many styles ... profound lyrics  \u003c3 it
Steve Collett
such a haunting intro then......
5/9/16 Happy Birthday Billy Joel
Tucker France
reminds me of a cold dark, smoky night walking down black corners and alleyways...
She just showed up last night and kicked me right between the eyes, again.
Walkin Bonita
...why were you so surprised that you saw the stranger?  did you ever let  your lover see the stranger in yourself...?  No one says it like BillYYYYY!!!
Wichta 0
Came here from Hongbin Cover 😂💖
...toć to arcydzieło 😊
Zing Tan
came here from hongbin's cover :)
Does this remind anyone else of The Godfather? The sad intro is Michael's father dying, then the music gets really intense when he starts taking over the family business. Michael's real face is the one that went to war and disagreed with the family, and the stranger's face is the one that ran the business and murdered people in cold blood. He has secrets, and ones he never tells like about his wife back in Italy. His stranger's face isn't always evil, he's just trying to do good for his wife (or his lover) and kids and the rest of his family, but he has to do evil to do it. Then the music gets sad and depressing again, because his wife leaves him for letting the stranger take over.
Hongbin led me here. I love this song.
This guy totally ripped off Snoop Dogg. No shame. As if anyone in rap ever used another's melodies. Sheesh.
dennis michael
It was then I felt The Stranger kick me right between the eyes...don't I know it.
Cute and great lyrics.....some of it reminds me of Alice Cooper....
xzibit - the foundation
indy arbella
im here because romantic doctor kim sabu 😂😂😘
kat mcfarland
Missed this song so smooth.
kevin hanes
I Can whistle this pretty well.  :)
thumbs up if you're here because of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim \nthat drama is amazing can't wait for more 👍
michael page
I think the stranger and don't ask me why are his absolute best...
That beginning is something to live for
One of the last of the great singer/songwriters this world will probably ever know. Unfortunately people just arent inclined to make masterpieces anymore. Lyrics, Melody, everything is just industrialized bullshit devoid of emotions, or meaning.
natalia mvm
solo vine por vixx XD
The beginning and end of this song are timbral perfection in capturing a wistful loneliness.
If you listen closely to the lyrics you will discover the profound truth of human nature contained in each line.We do indeed all have a stranger inside that we only show ourselves when everyone else has gone.
samishiineko chan
came here from Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 😂😂😂
sarah nizar
came here because of romantic doctor teacher kim. what a masterpiece this song is
shannon wilson
The piano in this is so freaking good, and also that whistle and piano combo is amazing
spoopy poopy
0:57 ...its that moment.
Brilliance personified.
When the whistling stopped i thought this was a Steely Dan song.
vicki patterson
some of this reminds me of john lennon's double fantasy...don't you think?
김사부땜시왔다\n 드라마와 넘나어울리는것 한석규.유연석.서현진♡\n진짜 ㄹㅇ 명작임 \n시험기간에도 죽기살기로본....!
lmao i love how the newest comments are from ppl who r watching romantic doctor teacher kim
58초 ㄱㄱ
김사부 소리지일러~~!!
When I heard the intro first time, I felt my heart was stopped.
저두 김사부 땜ㅇㅔ 왔어요 ㅋ\n조으네요