Classic Brit Awards 2018 pt.4

Held in the Royal Albert Hall on June 13th 2018, part 4 includes performances by Andrea Bocelli and a duet with Bryn Terfel.

Andrea Bocelli Bryn Terfel

Agata Castiglione
Andrea sei una persona speciale. A ascolto sempre le tue canzone
Ardis Barnes
Watching the times you, Andea have received the honors is an honor in itself. It brings happy tears. You are truly a gift to this world. I will watch these videos over and over. Each time brings a thank you to God that we have you. We all love you, your family deeply
Bette Mackay
Andrea has such a beautiful voice, when ever he sings it makes me happy.
Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada
Great Andrea! Congratulations
DJ Muffy
As a Scotsman who loves all kinds of music....................I LOVE the VOICE of \
Daniel Thompson
6:00 for 'If Only'
Fabio Buzzo
bocelli is not human.
Gary Johnston
Andrea Bocelli is such a blessing to the world. Family, animals, children and Christ are all a big part of his life. We all need to be inspired and be as kind. God Bless you.
GreenEyes 1226
He's outstanding always brings me to tears...!!! Bravo Bravo.....❤❤
J morgan
One of the most beautiful voices ever.
Jackie Johnson
I Love his music .. \u003c3
Jey Billones
I already imagine Andrea and Dua singing If Only in any Music Awards ❤️
Juan Antonio Lewin Gotuzzo
Can someone tell me the name of the song is at 3:20 on this video
Judith Bingham
God surely placed only one voice such as this in the musical world. Andrea Bocelli
you are a beautifull dream mister boceli 😍😍😍😍😍
Mari Villalta
Felicitaciones 😍
Marie-Ginette Lafrance
Maestro you are a breath of fresh air many blessings we love you😘😘🎶🎶🎷🎺🎸🎤👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️
Please can you tell me what is the song than Andrea makes his entrance to in this video, it's at about 4.17 on the timer? Have been trying to find it on our many CDs but no luck so far, although I do recognise the piece. Would really love to know what it is. Thanks
Rren De Guzman
A great man with great voice.. Hope to see you in person. From Philippines
Sofia Mendelson
Brings Joy to my life and the world.
Star War
I love listening to Andrea since his 1st album. You are gifted by God.
Thomas Kelly
Why would anyone go so low to sing for the British royals
Valentena Upton
Andrea is most special and extraordinary ♡♡♡
Valery Merkulova
У Андреа Бочелли очень красивый голос. Сара Брайтман красавица.
Watch from 5.50
Andrea is amazing! Il Maestro !! \nProud to be italian !!
eujenia Miranda
Solamente voz muy extraordinaria muy Emocionante Escalofrio Gracias Gracias Andrea Bocelli
hanna strack
all the angles in heaven stand still to hear Bocelli even they know the sound of an angle when they hear one soon a day is coming that he will sing for me as I dance across heaven with my lord and my father
hanny dam
Kippenvel ❤❤❤❤❤
Che voce, che brividi, immenso bocelli
marie sia
Goosebumps! Every single time.
olga miro losa
Algun dia podre hacer realidad mi sueño?? no lo se.......y vivir en persona un concierto tuyo en Lajático, en el Teatro del Silenzio...Ti amo ti amo ti amo....Andrea!!!
pat lynch
Oh boy, Sara is so overweight, for some reason women can't handle food rational.