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✿✿✿ OPEN ME ✿✿✿Ciao friends! I hope you enjoyed my FIRST COLLABORATION EVER with the lovely Cheryl from NonStopParis! It was fun getting to see the differences of dating into another culture and how it differs from what we're used to.Have any of you had a similar experience? Would you agree or disagree with our points? I'd love to hear about it down below!✿ Cheryl's Channel:👏🏼 Thank you SO much for being here 👋🏽 💋 CIAO

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Angelo montano Orlando
I am here because of nothig
Carlo and Bailey
Lmao I love this video!! I'm envious you got to connect with a girl who's dating a french guy!! I'd be interested to see the tiny differences between dating an italian boy vs a french boy.
Charlye Smith
Hi Sofie! I will be moving to France and was wondering if you could talk about your experience teaching English as a foreign language? Thanks so much, I came from Cheryl's channel :)
Danica Christin
Very interesting! I am lucky in the sense that the people I have dated were always English or German native speakers (my 2 languages) so that part has always been easy.
OMG I LOVE YOU BOTH! I love dating a European. I'm from Malaysia and I study in the UK but I can tell you that I totally agree with you both on the whole European PDA thing. Haha \
Dexter Wolf
Don't worry Cheryl, guys only propose to keepers...
Digital Nomad Girl
Came over from Cheryl's channel! Really enjoyed this video :) Excited to check out the rest of your stuff!
Elena Galvani
She looks more Mexican than Italian
Eleonore Bon
American women are obsessed with getting married and they have been drilled to not let men have the milk for free and not buy the cow and all of that. I'm in the Netherlands and people don't really get married here either. Often they'll have children before they even get married.
Ina xo
I don't think Italians move together easily, maybe is just your experience. Usually couples stay together for a few years before they move together, obviously every relationship is different but I think the majority date for a long time before they decide to live together at least that's my experience, people around me and friends...
Ingrid P
agree...i hate when people play playing hard to get or the texting thing...freaking hate it!
Isaac Levy
Eroupean guys are creepy, they wear tight clothing, and smoke everywhere including in front of kids.
Jacen Starheart
Yep That's Amore!❤😊
Jodi's Expat Life
My husband and I were together for 8 years before we got married 😊 And we really only got married so I could stay with him in Europe. \nI'm 26 and all my friends have babies already haha. I feel too young for that!
Katia LaManna
You are so adorable! Love that trademark smil!😘❤️😘
Katie King
thx for sharing love! i've only dated americans....😂😅
Kia Lindroos
Omg! I could so relate to so much of this ;) \u003c3 German guys I think are very different to Italians and french XD Loved this you two \u003c3\u003c3
You look like Marianna di Martino
Liberty and Justice
Both of you are too much eye-candy for one screen to handle.
Loved your video TFS thumbs up xox
Mallerlyn Vlogs
awesome video
Maresha Coates
Why date if you don't want to get married??? Also, it is against the Bible to live together before marriage. \nI want to get married before I'm 30. You're life is way too much spent when you're that old. Of course, I would never get married if it was not God's will for my life.
Maritess 1986
This is an interesting topic 😉
British guys definitely don't count as European ;) hehe
Noor Hussain
Ciao Bella !!
Radio Illuminati
Why is it romantic to sign a contact and \
Rajesh Tandon
hey sofie, i've a question for you.. u don't look like American... u look more like an Asian.. why so? :)
Rick Chollett
A great follow up viseo would be to interview Europeans about dating Americans. This was a nice episode! Two lovely ladies!
Rizwan Ali
I want to date European girl I am an Asian staying in italy nowadays
Roberto Guardiero
Molto interessanti i tuoi video, però se vuoi avere iscritti italiani deve mettere anche i sottotitoli sub Italia. Così ti fai più conoscere anche qui da noi.
Simon Simon
I've definitely been watching too much porn. I can't watch two attractive women having a normal conversation on homemade video without thinking it's going to end in a lez up.
Sindy Jara
Came over from Zoe channel 🙃 , you guys should do a collab 😊
Taryn DeCicco
I'm a Canadian living in Germany dating a German so I relate to a lot of this 😜😜
lol y'all are so funny I really enjoyed watching (:
The Mia & Gia Show
loved this! very interesting to hear about :)
The mad king George The first king of Australia
Would you date an Aussie?
Tina Tyler
Ladys not to be mean but the brit lady was putting me to SLEEP.😪😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😵😵😲😟😦😧😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
Tommaso Gaggioli
andrea g
Loved this video Sofie! Its so nice to see your beautiful personality! You're such a good role model!
wow must have be hard for cheryl to talk about that
Nothing compares to U....