You Know You Are Dating an ICELANDIC Woman When...

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You're my stomach sister!Ahd @ahdtYmir @ymigudMUSIC:Youtube Audio LibraryFilmed in:Reykjavik, IcelandThanks to Guide to Iceland and Blue Car Rentals!

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Iceland is unbelievable. A dream for quiet, calm, progressive people.
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STDs STDs STDs, just imagine the STDs in this feminist cesspool
Alain Smith
Please make an episode about dating Armenian men/women or so stereotypes about Armenians !!!! Thanks
Ale VC
I prefer more conservative cultures, not as liberal as Iceland's.
Anti Phase
So Iceland is perfect for gigolo-like guys, right?\nP.S. Couldn`t they check themselves at home?
Antoinette Emily
This was brilliant!! I’ve never met anyone from Iceland but after watching this I need to! If you ever decide to make a dating a New Zealander video let me know 😉
Interesting.... are there any Icelandic women in the comment section to confirm all of this?\nI must admit, it sounds too good to be true.
Antony Piniepedus
The Icelandic women, descendants of the mighty, proud Vikings shouldn't mingle with outsiders and defile their bloodline, rather they ought to date only their own male population.
Bear Grilling
Goes out with you because you’re not related to her, god what a country
Bee Zava
When we say \
Rule #1 never take a female or beta cucks advice on how to date anyone anywhere.
Why do they care if they are cousins?
Carlos Saraiva
Iceland and the Faroe Islands: Two countries i would love to visit very much.
Coin Howto
What do you get when a Icelander and Cuban get Married ? An IceCube
Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience
Upgrade in production quality. Nice. 😊
David Murphy
You know you're dating an Icelandic woman when she knows no one with a down syndrome child because they terminate almost all pregnancies once it's discovered.
Dr. Thrax
You know you're dating an Israeli man when...\nYou know you're dating a Chinese man when...\n\n^ - Please do it.
Duncan Sands
She bought him a drink?????????????????????\nWhy do English women need men?\nBecause Vibrators can't buy a round!
Eirik Magnus Larssen
As another Scandinavian (Norwegian), I'll say this to Iceland: If your population has to use an app just to make sure the people they are dating are not blood-related, it really is time to start mixing it up too!
Elena S. M.
She definitely has to reveal her hair care routine And amazing vid, as always
Eniayo Ayoola
Watching the first couple of seconds...\nMe: Why are they being so awk - oh my... 😆
Erik Granqvist
Come on - everybody calls everybody by first name! At least in Sweden and Iceland.
Erin Elen Kiourtsidou
O.k Icelanders are officially the coolest I've seen till now I hope I'll get the chance to meet some one day!
Eris Yoshida
Third cousins? Smash.
FireGaming BG
FlyingSoul - Shots from Siberia!
Where NOT to date a girl!
Funny Fonky
Never ever date feminist
That one with the Eskimo sisters it cracked me up :)
Grfy Ddgf
Icelandic women have the cutest english accent
Holy Thor
Keep your culture als make sure you dont let any Islamic subjects in
This was SO much fun!! Thank you guys so much, this was amazing❤️❤️❤️ ahhh! 🇮🇸
im irish but ive always wanted to visit iceland. looks like a peaceful and happy nation
It's not calling people by their first name, it's calling them by their name. The great majority of Icelanders don't have last names - they have patronyms. Using their 'last name' would be like saying \
Iuliana Kuznetcova
Please do one about dating a (German-speaking) Swiss man!
Ivan Stepanovic
Dang... Everything sounded great until you said they are \
The lifestyle and mentality of women is deeply rooted in their culture and history, so it doesn't qualify as feminism as it isn't a plight for the same treatment as men. The interesting thing about Nordic countries is that whilst the playing field is much more level, masculine and feminine traits in the traditional sense are also incredibly high, which may also upset some of the feminists who believe that femininity is socially learned and should therefore be criticised as a patriarchal construct. All very interesting. Anyway, the moral of the story is that they enjoy what many would consider liberation, because it is embedded in the culture, historically.
Jacob Maldonado
That Icelandic women is BEATIFUL I wish women would try to pick up guys the way guys to pick up on women here in the states it would makes thing a lot easier!!!!
No thanks I’ll pass 😂
Jame Gumb
That taking the last name was a thing in all of Scandinavia as well as the Netherlands. As far as the Netherlands goes, Napoleon came in, demanded last names for administrative purposes, and everyone laughed and many gave ridiculous names because they all were confident Napoleon would be kicked out, just like everyone else has been kicked out over the centuries. Poepjes (Farts), Piel (Penis), Maandag (Monday), Naaktgeboren (Born Naked), and those are just the decent ones.\n\nNapoleon gets the boot, and they figured last names would be gone. Except the new state thought of last names as rather handy dandy and decided to keep em. Everyone up in arms because they gave shit names and wanted to change it. Nope. So to this dayyou have people with last names that sometimes are literal profanity, most of these are luckily rather archaic now (Ploert for example, meaning whore or pimp). \n\nNow I know the first comment, and no, changing a name is not possible as a rule. You need exceptional cause for a judge to approve this. They are a lot more lenient with first names than last names, and \
I meet some Icelandic people and they were really nice to talk to :) They all speak English, even older people ;)
How much are plane tickets to Iceland? (Dont say for me, dont say me, dont say me) Asking for.......myself
John Gonzalez
Great video Marina! Beautiful view of Iceland 🇮🇸. The Icelandic girl is very pretty. I hope to visit there one day since my parents got to visit Iceland.
John Paul Sylvester
I’ve seen most of the vids in this series, but this was by far the funniest! I literally spat out toothpaste at the “stomach sisters” part!
Josh Fetchik
Apparently I need to find an Icelandic woman
Man, exactly my kind of environment haha. Much love from Brazil.
I personally don't want to meet any of my stomach sisters! I'm good being an only child hahahahha
Little Sea Outpost
Fat chick...
Lone Wolf MGTOW
Sounds like all the women in Iceland love to “Monkey Branch!”
Ludwig Rodriguez
MaskSo James
Damn it will be a cultural shock for me, I never thought women make the first move in Iceland if they are into you
Matt Burns
You know you're dating a Swedish woman when.... please please please
Maya Bella
I really like this episode. And the icelandic language sounds so beautiful to me :)
Mianlo 2
Skyrim and the new God of War help American and other countries to appreciate Iceland and other Norse Countries.
Michael McCabe
Very nice video, and excellent shots of the scenic beauty! I definitely dig the casual attitude and women feeling free to speak their minds. Feedback is always good, and especially when it doesn't come camouflaged in mind- and word-games. :P\n\nOne of my European friends told me about an internet scam that claimed that there weren't enough men to go around in Iceland, and claimed the government was willing to pay people to move there. Just like how a Nigerian prince wanted to leave his fortune to somebody by lottery. X'D
Mojtaba Hasanvand
wow! there is beautiful. when they went to a trip to mountains I was like whaaaaat. This country needs a mountain climber who enjoys the beauty of nature.
Mr. D.
Oh dear...You lost me at the word \
I knew I saw you there in the church 😄 Iceland is so beautiful, isn't it? Good Video though, always nice to learn more about different cultures.
Multi Meter
So essentially the key to being attractive in Iceland is to not be related to anyone? Got it.
Funny facts, amazing landscapes, and no shy ladies. NEED TO GO THERE!!!!
Nenoro Alzafen
The first one made me laugh so hard XD\n\
Nina Irene
I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SERIES. Oh! Norway and Sweden next! ♡♡♡
Noelle M
Do Cuban woman with Jenny Lorenzo
Obergruppenführer John Smith
I wonder (((who))) is behind this channel. Some very interesting accents... and noses going on at the end there
Ori Gimenez
Hrafna i love her so much♥ greets from argentinaaa\nedit: the perfect couple in real life
Oscar Wilde
You know you're dating an Icelandic woman when she and the government are both desperately trying to get her out of her own gene pool.
pfft, you're only 3rd cousins. That's no need to call it off!
Penniless Pilgrim
You forgot their penchant for Icelandic jumpers which are highly irritable on the skin when things get physical 🤔
Raymart Lipat レイマート・リパット
Once again, far more excellent work Marina!!! Iceland has a fewer population which all of them are very good friends with each other! Not bad for Hrafna!!! Dating Beyond Borders Forever!!!
Regina George
yesss do more nordic countries!
Iceland is pretty feminist, huh? Uhh... yea no thanks. I'll pass onto the more traditional and non-misandrist eastern European women.
Rocio Velazquez
Omg that first scene was hilarious. I was not expecting that.
I am very aware of the fact that people in nordic countries are all about gender equality when it comes to dating and everything but are THEY aware that it's not to norm to most people? I just imagine myself - a woman - to just awkwardly waiting for a guy to approach me at a bar and he would not get why I didn't make the first move...
Simons Gordon
I think I will love Icelandic women because they show initiative like making the first move, buying the man drinks at a bar. Great job Marina at learning about different cultures and their personality traits.
I never knew about the cousin app, that’s so crazy!
Svetlana Volkova
Please I need Norwegian for both genders!😂
Syed Ibrahim Mohamed Alsagoff
I hope it's ok she buys me a non-alcoholic drink. 😍
Tahmid তাহ্মিদ
Please do a video on dating an Argentine woman
Thomas Paine
hahaha another feminist piece of crap! imma keep my middle eastern mentality till i dieeeeeeeeee
Ultán Ó Néill
That actually seems like a top date, an attractive, friendly, chilled out girl who likes getting outdoors and enjoys a social drink. Keep doing what your doing Iceland, you got this.
Alright, Icelandic might be THE coolest language I've heard so far!! WOW!
William Jackson
0:53 That’s what happens to an isolate island after hundreds of years. Icelanders should import boyfriends, I am available, just saying...
Zainab Andaloussi
amazing country 👌
Zeynep Csk
Great quality of video on a whole new level!!! ❤
wait; hook-up culture is big and also almost everyone is related..........
1:32 is a deal breaker for me.
What nationality is that dark handsome guy?
This video shows us why the White race will become extinct
A casual woman who buys drinks with little drama? Need more of her kind in the U.S.
gloopity gloop
It looks like Icelandic women are sort of feminist but not in a horrible way like North American women.
joseph mclennan
I meet an Icelander , who lived in Mexico.He was a drunk.
Mohhamedson... it will be the most common name soon.
You Know You Are Dating an ICELANDIC Woman When - she gives you the cold shoulder ??
you know it... when the date is in summer and it is only 15 degree Celsius outside.
You forgot the part where she beats you in armwrestling, and you discover she's a Crossfit champion and her father lifts giant boulders for fun. Her name is Thorsdottir, you should have known.
robert punu
would not want to date an Icelandic girl, to much ''feminists'' for my taste.
sam smith
You know you're dating an Icelandic women when you have an STD.
smasher 71
I think cheating on their partners is common too. ..
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