Baby has never seen her dad without a beard...till now! Watch what happens!

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Follow me on Instagram! @TylerharrispageAfter growing his beard for 10 months he decided to shave it. His 10-month-old baby had never seen him without it, so they set up some cameras in the barbershop and here's what happened...🙏🏼📲PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO so the world can see this beautiful little girl!We are ALWAYS looking to collaborate with people/pages in an effort to bring great content to our audience. If you have something you'd like to be featured on our channel, please email us at [email protected]♫ Support Motivation Kings ♫♦

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Looks much more handsome without the beard. Good looking fella.
ANNA Lewis
he looks handsome now he trimed his berd
Alison Bell
Wow nice catch mom you were quick off the mark and dad you look amazing and your little girl is so cute your a great family x
All About Fun
Nice catch
Allen Wang
NO nothing can stops wars, but love
Amal Benten
Lovely baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anh Ng
Wish my dad was like that!
Aou Celloutus
1:20 nice job mom.....
Avery Bravery
she almost fell ! watch your kid !!!! don't just put the baby on the table like that !!!!
Aznin Taridi
I swear my heart stopped when that baby fell.
Beth Aurelio
The baby looks like her Daddy 🙂 she’s soo cute. Mom has good reflex the baby almost fell.
Betty Altman
My goodness. She is definitely a daddy's girl. Adorable❤
Beverly Gannon
Fancy let the baby sit like that..them bouncy...i knew thay wud happen... Fort the whole beard coming off.the kid did nothing
Not a single word or tiny piece of interaction with his wife/girlfriend throughout the whole process. She may as well have been invisible. That aspect of the video was uncomfortable to watch, makes you wonder what goes on behind closed doors.
OMG...gave my heart a skip when the baby fell over....
CLARA3952 koss
when I saw that baby on the shelf I knew she'd took all the fun out of the video
Carla Burke
I love this video, the world can be such a better place for all of us. Love is much easier and lighter than hatred. Peace to the world.
Carol Conley
Omg i was waiting for that baby to get hurt.... i thought its either the floor or smashing her head on the mirror....
Carol Defibaugh
It sounded like he said baby was 3 months. No way! Sweet video ❤️
Carter McClees
Just carry the baby it almost fell and hit the ground don’t be lazy but the baby’s soooo cute like if you agree👍
Cely Rivera
Omg🙏 thanks God you did catch your Baby👼 thanks baby’s 👼 🙏‼️
Chari Gaude
Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful baby....🙏🙏🙏
Christine Jones
Umm........ the barber was supposed to \nwrap a tissue strip around his customer’s\nneck BEFORE wrapping that flag apron\naround it. Not being hygienic.
Claudia B
Really great idea of making the baby to be part of this change.
Colombian flag
Why they left the little girl on that table unattended
She saw the process great !
Deanna Taylor
Why not hold the child...geeze
He looks a lot younger without the big beard.
Bruh my heart skipped a beat when the baby almost fell...
Elaine Fleming
Jings o Is it just me or was that an accident waiting to happen.
Elaine Kayes
My god don't sit your baby up there hold it
Elizabeth anne
Daddy looks so much better without that disease on his face
She's such a clever baby and her dad looks so much better now.
Emm Catherine
Though yes I watched, I felt uncomfortable about the outcome. It turned out ok. I actually think private is private along a persons way. Not being on the internet forever.
1:23 mom like Buffon!!!
Pretty girl. Beautiful family. God bless.
Irina Kirschbauer
MyVideo heart stopped beating at 1:28.\nOh my gosh!!!!
That's a much better way of doing it than those guys that go into the bathroom bearded and come out clean shaven, scaring their babies.
J Davis
Mom is a bum, always keep one hand on the kid. Useless!
J Hearn
Looks a million times better without that huge mound of pubic hair hanging off his face. I hate those bushy beards. Look like hillbillies. Very nice looking family
Jane Whaley
How brilliant to let Arden watch. She would have been totally confused if you walked in without your beard. BTW, you look fabulous without it. Beautiful family.
Jasmeen Bajwa
Wow nice video
Jim Wilson
So many parents are clueless on safety of toddlers, damn obvious the baby would topple over. Caught her this time, hmm.
Judge Gently
These parents get an \
Another video that has a heading that's a lie. Guy still has a beard. Duh.
Kali Linux
Happy baby
Karen Trenae
BOOOOY mama shot THAT LOOK to dad after she caught that baby.
Karima Altidor
dame that is a real mom she caught her like nothing an the dad got her hyped up what a beautiful baby
Kim Large
What a precious little boo.
Kimberly Gray
That's what I afraid was going to happen babies are so unpredictable but good catch.
Lana Varmatos-Carpenter
This is the best way. My husband had a beard for 5 years. Our youngest had never seen him without it. When she was 3, he shaved it off. She would not go near him! For a week he could not touch her. Finally he picked her up & started kissing & blowing on her tummy. Then she finally realized that he was her daddy.\nBTW This is a gorgeous baby! I could spoil her so rotten & love every second of it.
Matilda Bond
He looks so much better
Max Anderson
On second there I thought it was aj styles 😅
Michelle Mobley
As soon as they set this baby on that high counter i knew she was gonna go head first. Idiot parents...
Miriam Carrasco
What a beautiful baby she looks like a doll.
Miss Feisty
The title is misleading. He still has a beard, it's just shorter. He's very handsome & has a sexy smile. Cute baby, too.
Nicole Christopher
WOW he looks so handsome without the beard .
She is so cute
Peacock For Sale
Man I was scared as hell good impulse mom there
Phantom Pharrel
He looks like AJ Styles
Poopy gang
Rayford Hickman
Thats a happy baby
Red Angel
I got scared when the cute baby gonna fall down... very good catch ...
Reva G.K
beautiful baby
Rita Tan
Mother,watch your daughter,everything she wants to put in her mouth,dont give your necklace .just watch and hold her nicely!
Rogelio Tapia
If ever she didn't catch the baby my God my heart has stop to beat my gooodness
Ryan Little
Hey Tyler! It's cool that my music was used in your video...but can I please receive credit for the music used in the video? I didn't see my name or any of the song names.
Shallon Saz
What a good parents 💕 May God bless your family always 🌸
Shamsah Hamid
Such s careless mother l swear!!!
Sharath Yadav
This moment is so precious ❤❤❤
Sibusiso Christie
She's so cute and happy
Silver Girl
She’s so cute!
Susan Bennett
Wow! That was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing it...well done! I know all babies are cute, but oh my goodness! She's absolutely precious! But, look at her parents. :)
Tell The Truth
The dad looks so much better without that beard; the baby is so, so cute and good catch, mom!
Thor Nado
The baby almost fell down. That was a scare.
She’s happy because her daddy finally looks decent.
Vanessa Turner
After the first time my child almost fell over by me not holding her properly as young as she is I would have held on to her the second time and she still not holding onto her properly I'm thinking is her mind all right but I'm glad the baby is okay
Viva los pepes
Weird husband-wife relationship . pay attention to your wife
Woofy Woof
lovely family god bless.\nby the way,Nice catch mom hahaha
YahIm LookinAtU
Good catch mom, nicely done!
arlene Walker
Beautiful baby, handsome daddy.
I just knew that baby was at risk of falling. At that age, they are not stable enough to hold themselves up for a long period of time. Even an older child is at risk. Always have an arm around your child, better safe than sorry.
Nice looking without so much hair.
ehrlichlanier c
He looks younger and more handsome without the beard, good job man!👍👌✋
hold that baby will you?
My God that was one powerful beard. That was beard goals. You must have felt at least 90% weaker without it.
juan alt
You are one handsome man!😍 I really couldn't tell with all that \
This is the right way of doing it. So the child is not shocked, by just doing it secretly and then springing it on the baby!
puja pooja
soo cute baby 😍 😍 😙 😚
rahel zeleke
She is so cute 😘
sandy grunwaldt
Good idea taking the baby with you to see the change in the face of the Daddy. Instead of terrifying the child. Great job Mom and Dad.
The baby just kind of...poured herself over the edge of the table there. Glad she wasn't hurt!
stephen nelson
shes a very beautiful baby parents very lucky
bout jumped up off my seat when she tumbled forward , whew great catch.
wish wish
Best example of good parenting! I was needing this..
wuneth yiferdal
This would have been a tragedy.please be careful.but the outcome is do beautiful.i don't understand some men keep growing beard like see the. Difference even the baby say i know my dady is the best in the world.but i didn't know he was so handsome.the mom get jealous of him now.other girls may go after him.she will integrate the day she came in this barber will be a divorce the baby will grow up .and she will aske her mom how did you and dad get a divorce.the mom will answer it's start to make you happy and surprise and see your reaction my husband without a beard.i think I'm going write a book about this.
zimam gebremedhin
She likes it
Зилола Исакова
Without beard more handsome😍