6 Funniest Movie Moments That Were Unscripted

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*Xiola Blue Staley*
So sad about Robin Williams! :(
Robin Williams was good but overrated. Like Jim Carrey, they overacted, making a bad scene unbearable.
Adrian sosa
My most hilarious moment was when the person talking in the background of this videos said in the knocked up movie \
Amanda Falcone
This was a good list, but you forgot many iconic improvised film moments! For example, how could you **possibly** forget the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin when Steve Carrell is getting his chest waxed?! That whole scene was improvised. All of their reactions were real. How can you make a list without including scenes like that, or the scene in Home Alone when Kevin's Mom (Catherine O'Hara) runs into John Candy's character at the airport + he's asking her if she recognized him from all of his \
Anne-Marie Concepcion
If you want to hear the narrator explain the scenes instead of actually see the scenes, this video is for you.
Azuel Zorro
R o b i n W i l l i a m s .
Bonnie Sherrah-Janssens
I really loved the mention of Robin Williams, he's my favourite comedian. It's a shame he's gone now. 😢 Rick Moranis is awesome too, and Bill Murray.
Brandon Condron
Awesome video
HER UNDERCARRIAGE THOUGH :') god she is amazing :') \ni might have to watch that movie again now....
I've watched the first 2 clips and neither show the hilarious unscripted moments. Shall I bother with the remainder?\n\nNope. I suspect they'll be the same. \n\nAnd I'm out.
Chelsea R
Coz one time I turned into a dog and they helped me.
Denise F
Robbin Williams 💜😔
Yeah, Robin Williams never had a funny moment in his life.
Doutor Gori
Why people insist Judd Apatow films are funny?
Can you just shutup and show the scenes?
El Rocky Raccoon
Am I the only one who doesn't find Melissa McCarthy funny?
well that was boring and not very funny... sigh...such hype
Erline Bondelstein
Are you actually going to bless us with your deeply incisive narrative through the whole thing? Im outta here.
Evan Duck
I love ghost busters
Evie Henry
I forgot how much I miss robin Williams... I'm crying so hard right now
Faith mikealson
RIP Robin Williams
My wife farts in her sleep. No joke. It's the only time I ever hear her fart.
Fancy Name
I just don’t find myself laughing at anything she does.
Fat Cunt
Serious? Improvised maybe.. hilarious ? don't think so
Gabriel Fortitude
That wasnt the mother of the directors girlfriend.. it was THE directors mother.. she is in a LOT of his movies..
Glyn Shirt
The woman who was said to be a prostitute is actually Simon Pegg's real mother
Which of these hilarious moments were your favorite?
I feel bad that I found Robin Williams to be slightly annoying, and I think the lot of us do, we are just jumping on a bandwagon because he passed away.
Julia's laugh is EVERYTHING.
Janice Matthew
I was not amused this was not funny for me but good viedo
Jason C. Parker
Madeline Kahn in \
Jennifer Eddy
Moonrise Kingdom TJ Miller.
Joanna Eppler
oh my god you spend all the video talking about it and barely showing us any unscripted jokes. boring as hell.
Jon Steadman, Composer
Wow - the voiceover guy loves himself, no? Takes 80% of the video time. No more from this channel for me.
Joseph McDermott
Robin Williams was a genius. One of the best standups ever, possibly the best comedic actor ever (for me, it's either him or Bill Murray).
Joshua Lambert
*Names channel \
Just A Normal Scared Cat
Justice Blackwolf
Melissa made bridesmaids ! Lol that movie is so underrated , the diarrhea scene was life itself 😂😂😂
Kev Ro
Lass-in Angeles
Do you ever shut up and let people enjoy the scenes without your verbal diarrhea? Good grief!
I miss Robin Williams :-(
Linsay Thiebaud
haha I love Melissa McCarthy
Logan Van
too much talky talky, not enough improvisy improvisy
Melissa McCarthy for sure. I just hope she can lose that weight since it would suck if she died too early thanks to being unhealthy.
Lolita Hansen
I really miss Rick Moranis
Lotte Hermans
Dress test through gzhuz shirt beat survival until sharply affect lately musical tendency toy.
Lozza GQ
Rick Moranis is a legend.
Margarita Hernandez
luv Shawn of the Dead! those 2 guys are hilarious!
Marquis M
Wait, this isn't Looper?
Merri Cat
never liked juliia Roberts her laugh...Who cares
Michael Hamm
Just more repeats!..nothing new here!!
Ms Sandhu
We miss you, Robin Williams.. :(
Ms. worldwide
awesome video...thank you 😀
Melissa McCarthy is awesome.
N'otha chicka
Rick Moranis is a comic genius!
Williams was annoying
Parker Sanderson
If you've seen elf, then this is for you. When Buddy went into the streets and thought he found \
Penguin Pilot
Possum 20
Am I the only one who misses Rick Moranis? He gave me so many great childhood memories.
Random 1
Did you need to talk all the way through it? Ruined it.
Samuel Li-A-Sam
I love Robin Williams ❤️
Santos JFX AlP
Scott Kucinski
I miss Robin Williams
Seth Williams
We are so blessed to live in a time where we've seen Melissa McCarthy in her prime and at her best.
May Robin Williams Rest In Peace! 😔
So tired of dumb ass people
When God maded Robin Williams, he broke the mold their is only one and now he's in heaven making God laugh dammit LOL LOL 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Was the last guy the one who played Dark Helmet in the movie Spaceballs?
Stephen Chase
Bridesmaids had the best unscripted moment!!
Stephen Hill
Melissa McCarthy is one of the biggest comedic stars in the world? America maybe; but the world? Don't think so. I have no idea who she is and I haven't missed her performances. Tone down the hyperbole please.
The Beelzeboss
Shaun of the Dead is probably the beat movie ever made
Pretty Woman: if the director told him to do it, and he planned on doing it, then it is not improv.
Tiranya Pehelini
You forgot Tom Feltons line \
Veronica Villegas
Melissa Mccarthy and her husband are so cute
Waldmeister Spock
man, would you mind stop talking and show us the freaking scenes? Thank You.
Robin \u003c3 We still love and adore you!
Zoe Gent
Robin Williams killed himself because of your voice.
I had no idea Rick Moranis was a widower raising his two kids alone, although I often wondered why we hadn't seen much of him.
barb ryll
Melissa McArthy is hilarious. she comes out with things we wouldn't dare say!! I love her
Sorry I'm on the wrong side of UT.. I need to get back to the serious side.. otherwise my whole day will be wasted!
Whether or not Robin Williams was funny is debatable, but he certainly was not a versatile actor. It could be argued that every role John Wayne played he played like it was Nathan Brittles, even it the role was Genghis Khan; by the same token, every role Robin Williams played was Mork, even if it was Patch Adams (a real person).
cory williamson
R.I.P. Robin Williams..... I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when saying this .... But you truly are one of the best and we miss you
daizy martin
Love robin williams
What about Johnny Depp's improv moment from POTC2 \
I miss the hell out of Robin Williams.
Damn I miss Robin Williams and John Candy. The world is a lot less funny with them gone. RIP Robin and John.
Melissa McCarthy is to comedy, what Melissa McCarthy is to weight control.
kirby march barcena
Sometimes,an unscripted line usually ends up better than what was originally written...
I absolutely loved Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting
Melissa McCarthy is genius. Nuff said.
marscandygurl jo
In oretty woman i always wondered why she look like she was looking at the producers and stuff am i wrong
mavis ary.
robin williams :(
A lot of great ones here.  I would have also like to have seen Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in Stir Crazy.  The scene when they walked into prison saying \
oscar bell
more hollyweird bullshit
is it just me or does it sound like Rufus Humphrey in this video
robin peppin
they didn't let you see & hear but a millisecond of the actual scenes & lines they were talking about. a waste of time, but not totally because i'm going to check out bridesmaids, i had no idea hilarious melissa mc carthy was in it, & that they let her loose.
russell murray
you eh..you had to.. be there?
samuel grabel
no baby Ruth from caddy shack? bill Murray made Hollywood gold on his own!
tatiana matysuk
Rick Moranis is the best part of GHOSTBUSTERS.our trivia team name is Last of the Meketrex Supplicants
zoinks shaggy
So when are we supposed to laugh?