Visit Italy: What You Should Know Before You Visit Italy

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Whether You Are Heading to Rome, Florence, Venice or Sicily there are a few things travelers should know before they visit Italy for the first time. This video covers issues that first time visitors to Italy will face, food, money, plugs, safety and more. What You Should Know Before You Visit Italy.Filmed in Venice, ItalyCopyright Mark Wolters 2018Support Us:

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Alden Weaver
I'm heading to Turin in November.
Alessandro G
I love the pedal sinks \u003c3 Hands-free without the trouble of sensors.
Amber Torrens
Great info!! Moving to Rome with the family soon.. I'm so ready. Love your videos, it has taught me a lot
Loved this! I just moved back home to the US after living in Italy for the past 4 months and I miss it so much already. These were great tips that many people may not think about! Another one I thought of when you mentioned bathrooms was that, public restrooms are almost non-existent. If you need the bathroom, buy a water or cappuccino then use the restroom. Also in the warmer months, make sure to bring something to cover your shoulders or knees when going into some of the basilicas or cathedrals, otherwise you may be turned away. Great video as always!
You don't see the 500€ bill because it isn't really used anymore... I actually think it's not even produced anymore... I think the 200€ is also almost there... for the 100€ I'm sure they're still around (at least in my wallet XD)...\nI'm saying this as an Italian... based on personal experience so it may not be totally accurate though
Spaghetti with meatballs *is* traditional. Most Italians forget about this, but it is typical of the Puglia region. So don't ask for it when you go to Rome or Milan, but you are 100% sure to find it if you visit cities like Lecce.
Blake Bella
One more place in Rome where there are extremely experienced pickpockets. That is on the #64 bus, from the Termini Station going to the Vetican.. NEVER keep your wallet in your back pockets, and make sure that it 'is SECURE somewhere in the front of your torso. They're VERY ADEPT at finding and removing it of off your person.
Braschi Giovanni Angelo
''Ciao'' = very UNformal, to use with friends, children, dogs, cats and pets, not with people you have never met in your life (expecially older). I saw USA Tourists approaching to old women and say ''Ciao!''. Learn the formal/unformal ways.
Brendon McLaughlin
My wife and I have just returned from Europe and spent our last couple of days in Verona. We had a lovely meal at a restaurant and my wife ate some pasta, but not enough for the waitress.....’you eat nothing’ she said to my wife (reminded me of Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes)! Classic stuff and all in fun. It was our best meal in Italy.
Buckeyefan 512
I can’t wait to see a video on your countries visited! Would love to see it... the number would sure be high up there lol
Cate Nall
Im so happy you made this video! I have watched your you videos for son long. I am joining to Italy this week!
Chance of Rain
Thanks, Mark! Going to Sorrento for the first time in Eaurpe in late Sept/Oct. Already have my Air BNB paid for, airline tickets, Italian words to practice, and most day trips planned out. Got shoes last year. Biggest stress is to sleep on the plane from eastern US!
Clarke Road Trojans
2:15 Person in a red jacket trying to kick a pigeon for no reason in the background. That is not a Italian thing to do in Italy.
Coach Mario
at 2.15 women with red jacket on left hand side of video kicks a pigeon!!! pigeon seems to be OK. :D
Connor O'Brien
ottimo video mark! Volevo solo essere un italiano, ma questo è tutto su Google Translate
Do those toilet actually pop up or you just funnin'?
Damiano Nardi
Amazing video, but why do you always use to insert some pictures of City Of Lucca!?😁😁😁
Nice video, just a few more tips from an italian:\nCiao is informal (usually someone you know like a friend or your parents), salve or buongiorno are more formal, usually we use them for unknown people or people like our boss etc.\nPublic transport is cheaper than in some other states, high speed trains (Freccia or Italo) are usually clean and on time. Regional trains may be both brand new or 40 years old; long haul slow trains arent that good or convient. Usually if you want to avoid bad people try to stay in the first coaches and avoid trains at night; remeber to validate the ticket or you might get a fine (usually from 50 to 500€); There are only few places where you can buy the ticket on board (same for buses). Another thing, in many trains there arent announcements or screens that show the next stop, so you should always write somewhere all the stops. \nAperitivo is not really a snack, that is \
Diane Pancel-Pierce
Another fantastic and informative video! :)
We are going to Cinque Terre in a few weeks time, these tips are great. Thank you 😁
Dr. Doom
Italy should leave the European Union because they’re becoming an Islamic country overrun with too many non-Italians.
Dubai Eccentric
Informative. Thank you from Dubai.
E.R Smith
Don't feed the birds like I did ;)
Ele anor
Are you always here?! 😂 Don't get me wrong, I am glad you find yourself at home! Have a nice stay
Filippo Daidone
In italy Spaghetti with meatballs do exist but are typical of the extreme south, but they are not very common. meatballs with pasta are more common in timballo a sort of \
Francesco De Paoli
3:10 NEVER eat pizza by cutting it this way and eating it with silverware unless you wanna have your passport revoked!
Fred is aus the venision
You are propering to visit my country? Good proper to get very rippt off. and pick pocketer from strangers!!!🇮🇹
Gary Lindsey
Yes, everything you say is so true. The driving? Italy doesn't have traffic laws...only suggestions that nobody apparently follows. But we will be back even after being soaking wet for 3 weeks, freezing our butts off and walking and walking and walking in early Feb/March.
Giacomo D'Ambrosi
Venice is probably the most beautiful city in the world...
As I have mentioned before, you inspire me to travel. I booked a trip to Italy this October! Cant wait
Gris Gago
Awesome video and extremely informative as always, Mark! Thank you so much for all your great content.
Gunter V
When I was in northern Italy, most restaurants were closed from 3/4 until 8/9. Was a big shock when leaving work at 5 and having to wait 2-4 hours until restaurants open.
Don't ever, ever ever mention \
Hamba Dari Malaysia
Vengo dalla Malesia. Voglio andare in Italia. Questo posto è così bello da visitare.
Hector Lalalala
Hmmmm im here in Las Vegas and some people live off tips 😳
Herman Gjeitanger
There are the typical taxi scams in Italy, especially in Rome where they claim that their meter is broke or something and want to give you a fixed rate. Or the scam they do in Prague where they have a hidden button that accellerates the meter.
Jeannine Smart
thank you.
Jeibaru Turay
im black so il never get there
Jennifer R
I’m traveling to Italy sometime in December. Starting in Pisa and ending in Venice, this is also my first time traveling abroad and I will be solo. I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with the planning, but your videos are helping me tremendously lol.
John M
Awesome video! Really enjoy your work!
Katja Ieromenkova
Love Italy.\nTipping is generally true, except in Naples in many places they put, along with coperto additional service charge AND the tip that they expect - between 10 and 15% on top of the bill. And get pissed off if you refuse even if you don't like the meal. Shamelessness :)
Ki Ki
You always give specific tips (instead of just generalities)--THANK YOU!🤠
Kim MacIntyre
Thanks Mark! Very informative as usual! 🇮🇹
Very informative video, thanks a lot. :D I am from Dublin, Ireland and will be going to Italy for the first time in late November to celebrate my 30th Birthday (staying in Rome).\n\nSubscribed! :)
Krisia Vaca
Best!! travel video about Italy. I had been meaning to watch it since you post it but i finally got to it today because my son saw the photo on youtube and saw the pizza and he just kept saying pizza mama pizza! lol! lets just say he enjoyed all the photo and videos of the food.
Leonardo Faria
Man, you're reading my mind.\nI'll be there next month \nThanks AGAIN
Lorenzo De Filippo
Per favore, non continuate a ripetere che spaghetti e polpette (spaghetti e meatballs), non si possono mangiare insieme, è una cosa totalmente falsa. Il fatto di mangiarle insieme o separatamente è un'usanza che cambia da regione a regione o addirittura da famiglia a famiglia, ma resta in fatto che non c'è assolutamente niente di male nel mangiarle in un piatto unico.
Marco C.
Hey Mark!\nWe messaged a few times in your Italy and Finland videos ;)\nNext time you are in Rome, hit me up.\nI would love buy you a drink ;)
Marco Ceccarelli
Visit Italy soon as possible before it turns into a third world country. Very disappointing I was born in Italia. Italians are too busy getting a haircut and buying clothes and ripping people off. Why they should be fighting to save their country.
Mario Debuck
Italians in America invented the meatballs and spaghetti not in Europe.
Mark McMarkface
Good video Mark. I would add that the reason Italians are generally slimmer than US Americans is due to the ancient culinary traditions that have evolved and ensure good digestion and a balanced diet. They certainly eat less processed food and less sugar and corn syrup. Alcoholic drinks are used as appetisers and to aid digestion as well as to help with conviviality, not to get smashed out of their brains.
Martina V
We do eat coffee, milk, cereal or biscuits (cookies) for breakfast (some people even bread with butter and jam). AT HOME. Espresso and croissant is by no means a typical breakfast. Most of the people you see having breakfast like this are in a hurry - OR already enjoying their mid-morning snack! Tadah!
Mary Hill
Speaking a little Italian does go a long way. I did my best when I visited Italy years ago to learn some words and phrases. Once, I was in a place ordering gelato, and I tried to use the Italian word for strawberry. The man that served corrected me in a helpful, good natured way. When he handed my order to me I said grazie. He looked at me with a big smile and said,” Awe, prego bella.” He was very sweet. I noticed that when I tried to speak a little Italian, I was rewarded!
Matteo Stoppato
7:52 \nRicky, ciao!\nCiao vecchio! \n\n😂😂
Michelle Lee
Great video on all the tips! Really help on our upcoming trip to Italy! Question: I’m a big camera gal, is Italy a safe convenient place to travel with a professional DSLR camera and tripod? Thanks! 🙏
Hi Mark! As an Italian that travels a lot, in Italy or abroad, I 100% agree with everything you've said! I'm especially happy that someone finally explains \
@wolterworld Loving the beard man!
Mussab AlAhdal
Fat tourism
Hey hey, your hair is long again! Lookin' good Marc!!
YAY! So glad you finally put this out. Less than 3 weeks till I’m in Italy and I’m so excited!
One Journey
🎬 1 🤔 🧐 🎥 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🧐 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. 🌎🌍🌏
sonna aformato \nGod bless John Pinette
Paolo Donzella
il calcio italiano era il migliore
Phil Dolan
Recent trip to Italy in a Sorrento restaurant waiter asked if I would like to add tip on credit card which I did. However he increased the tip which was already added in I found out. Later dispute the entire tip which they removed.
Ricky Anselmo
I'm literally in the airport waiting for my flight to rome! Great timing :)
Romano Benini
I m an italian professor . Good tips. Dont forget : speak some italian words; walk on the streets and dont use open bus ( the worst way to see Italy !) , stay far from beggars , abusive vendors and immigrants,confortable shoes on the day but avoid disgusting flip flops on feet in the evening ; and say hallo and smile to the people : italians are friendly but this american governement is not so appreciated by the more cultured italians
Samantha Gaudet
I just adore your channel. You make me want to go everywhere. Our next trips in order are Ireland 2019, then Danube Cruise and your around before and after by car hopefully in 2020. Then Italy and the following year the south of France. \n\nWe usually go for 25 to 35 days at a time and concentrate on a region. Last year was 35 days in the UK and 2015 was northern France and Paris for 26 days. \n\nEurope to me is heaven. I want to see it all.
A great video again, i dont even care what you are talking about it always is really entertaining to listen to your tips & stories keep it up!
Stephen Thorp
I do not miss the old bomb sight latrines. (pun intended)
I go in three weeks for 10 days..florence i cant wait
Szymon Zieliński
Note the toilets in Venice cost 2 euros. In this city, you pay for everything.
In Rome, be careful to not get scammed. They may put stuff on your table you didn’t order and charge it big time. I’ve also heard of menus with different prices for locals and tourists. As mentioned: knowing a few words of Italian makes a difference. Be friendly to the hosts, and if they like you they may spoil you!
Tanner Wilson
Just don’t mention the World Cup Playoff loss against Sweden. They first time to miss the World Cup since 1958.
Tom Jones
My partner and I went to Rome in 2015 and we were told by so many people to save up our euros as it was going to be expensive, seeing as we were staying about a 5 minute walk from the Colosseum (we could see it from our hotel room). We ended up going with approx 1300 euros. The side restaurants, tours and shopping set us back about 600 euros for the week we were there. We spent most of our money, or a good portion of it, drinking at our hotel and having food there too. We came back home (UK) with about 400 euros left over, totally over budgeted too. The tourist tax caught us out but thankfully we had money to cover it. Such a beautiful place which is drenched in history, fantastic food and people. Would love to go back one day.
Tootsla 125
Yes!! Find the best Gelato shop in each location you visit and have some EVERY DAY! You'll be sorry if you don't !
Uncle Chuckles
Its smaller than California and has Twice the population.. Then add tourist = Busy as Hell
Vincent S
Americans and their sanctimonious anti-smoking attitude is sickening. PS: I live in California and do not smoke.
great video
Good tips. Also, always, always, always *VALIDATE* the local/regional train tickets (i.e. non-reserved seats) right before getting on a train in the little machine on the platform (big stations) or in the station building (small stations). Otherwise, you may get a hefty fine.
Very nice as usual! But the video is in 360p what in the Wolters world?
I'm Australian but I am living in Italy for 12 months this year on a gap year, but one quite shocking thing is the attitude to work. Don't be surprised if you go outside the main touristy areas to run into some very rude workers or service people. Don't expect to be treated with a smile if you give them a 20 or 50 euro note for something that costs 5 euro!
francesco salsiccia
Guys, just a little tip for you.Eat local tipical food non the same menus for tourist try something particulary from the place,like \
Hey Wolter, First of all Great video but i would recommend you to take a look for the region on the very north of Italy. New York times vote it on the top 50 locations to go on 2018. South Tyrol is a region with a huge amount of history, story, culture from the past century were it was part of Austria, then moved to Italy, people had to decide if they wanna keep their language or their home and so on... Basically you can not just find gorgeous places like: pragser wildsee or the Unesco Dolomiten. You can find Italian culture, Austrian (tyrolean) culture and some things, that where mixed up with the two languaged, complicated Story. Greetings from the „Nature Jewel“ South Tyrol Philipp
kevin mc nally
Your wife looks Italian.
lillob lillob
you have to keep your eyes open everywhere in the world... complimenti, sei molto bravo nei video e..most of all I understain your english :-) ciao
lorenzo suprani
Other tips: Public bathrooms are not usually cheap and are used only by tourist. It's way cheaper to enter a bar and take a coffee ( 1€ in the north, around half in the south) or a bottle of water and ask for the toilette, than to search for the, rares, public bathrooms ( always over 1€). Try to always validate your tickets on train or buses to avoid fines. Also, a non-written rule is that the best restaurants are often the less visible ones, the ones that you must ask locals to find them. Those are often ignored by tourist, at least in my city (Ravenna), and survive only because locals know that those are good. Also always search for regional or city's food ( trust me there is a difference) like you search for monuments: some art is better tasted than seen. The eye contact between pedestrians and driver it's a very very true thing, but the driving skills are not everywhere so stereotypical. The light breakfast is quite common, but hotels will always exceed the normal Italian standard for breakfast. So much so that even Italians use to do overabundant breakfast during holydays.
Mark, come here in Turin! It's wonderful, and oftend understimate, but i love living here and i think it's one of the best cities, full of culture and museum, and beautiful palaces!
Honestly I knew no Italian and I was in a smaller city with little to no tourist and I used spanish to help me communicate and it got me through.
melissa saint
none 13
if you want to find low prices for expensive brands in italy there are things called outlet, there you can find gucci, prada, ecc for half the price
phantom scribbler
Thanks, Venice is my first stop when I go to Italy. My grandfather is from just outside Venice. I'm learning Italian now. I can't wait to visit Venice. Thanks for the great information.
I'm a little disappointed that a lot of the tips in this video are advice about Europe in general (plugs, coins, debit cards, beds,...) and not specific to Italy. This might be good for people visiting Europe for the first time but for people who watch a lot of you videos it gets a little repetitive. Apart from that I really enjoyed the video :)
simdar Mia
I’m heading over now to open a restaurant for spaghetti and meatballs... I’ll clean up
velvet raptor
Great information. I've been there twice in the last decade. BUT, none of my credit cards would work in the machines and I had made sure the banks had set them up for me to use in Italy. Don't do it if you're uncomfortable, but there's nothing like making a Euro purchase at your American bank before you go. I hid mine in a money belt but was delighted to find that there were no sheisters, pickpockets of any sophistication. Plus I don't wear jewelry and I'mm quiet, and 66 years old. I don't look like much of a mark.\nI witnessed one hysterical and awful event on the bus. While somebody had his back turned a guy embraced his girlfriend behind him. While they were supposed to be kissing the kisser actually was going through the backpack of the guy who was turned away. He didn't get anything though.\nOne lovely thing was that you can walk anywhere in Rome in the middle of the night and feel safe. At least my daughter and I did.
wild wolf
I'm italian. This must be where my driving comes from
In terms of dealing with the language, is it true that if a person speaks Spanish that a person can get by in Italy?
ート ー ス タ
Tip: Don't be Logan Paul