“Slap her": children's reactions

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Adi Surya
Damn she's so pretty
Ale Car
che disagio...
Alessio Petriccione
Credo che possiamo imparare ancora tanto dai bambini
Alexair Riz
Girls shouldn't be hit, not even with a flower 👍👌👌
Alice Pistolesi
2:02 quando ti portano la pizza all'ananas invece che la margherita
if she hits you then hit her back\nequality amiright
Ariola the skinny legend
Rimane il video più bello di fanpage
Aryan Mondkar
People aren’t born bad they are shaped by society.. perfect example
Ava Lynne
2:43 I like that kids answer
See? I've been saying it for about a year now. Men don't want to hurt women.
Balaraju v
I can't hit her\nBecause I am a man😭😱
Baris Cankaya
1:03 lol *\
Be My Trophy
If they told girls to kick boys in the balls as hard as they can, they'd do it and laugh at them when they're on the ground in pain.
Bernhard Sonn
2:42 I can't hit her , because she is pretty😂lolol
Brooklyn Runtuwene
Who's this girl name?he's to preety😂
Captain Lolburgers
Why tf kind of person rejects a once in a lifetime chance?
Care for Environment
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI liked my own comment \nBecause no one would....\n\nOh, this is an emotional comment section.
Coco Elizabeth
Can someone give me the account of a boy who said because I'm a man and wants to be a pizza maker anything Instagram account or twitter Snapchat or Facebook anythinggg pleaseee or his name
Cold † Hart †
How does she appear on instagram?
Coty Whalen
2:42 I like how he's the first one to say 'I don't want to hurt her' instead of \
is very good to be Brazilian i understand many Lenguages
Dark Tremor
Italia, \nTry this with American kids, the girl will be dead
caressing is so weird
Dee the art teen
2:10 Yeah you know he was going to but didn’t want to look bad...
Discovering The World
Italians children: no, I don't slap her because is a girl!\nAmerican children: wait a moment! I go home to take my gun!
This would've been different if you offered them money
Dorcas Tshilumba
yes these boys are sweet cute respectful and nice of course dont hit girls like me
I love Italy to the point I learned italian.
Ell Bee
These kids are gonna be such heartbreakers when they're older ❤
Ever Star
Awww, 2:43 , made my day💚\nBeautiful kids!
2:03 ima kill you she is mah sista My lil pony SAID HELL NAH
“Slap her!\
Fiamma Adriano
Italiani, facciamoci sentireeeeee! L'Italia ha creato questi bambiniiii
Gerry Scotti
Non ce lo do
Hylah Daly
*now caress her*\nI'm shooketh lol
ItzMark Channel
Quanti italiani che lo rivedono nel 2018?
JustReflect x
If only the world was like this .....
Jyothi Anantha
The 8 year olds eyes are amazing
Reverse the roles and I bet girls would slap the guy
Kermit Suicide
Ksenia Melnikova •Russian Girl
Don't hit women, yes.. but don't hit men and animals either... just hit nobody!
But I am always beating my sister
Magma Attack
Now.... try this with girls asked to slap a guy!!\n\n\n\n\nSee how that turns out 🤕
McD 33
Fanpage.it u should gather every kid from this video so we can see what they look like now including the one that said \
Mickael Riski Nainggolan
Mike Borisov
Wait why because she’s a girl you shouldn’t hit anyone period.
Minea Tabor
I can't stop watching this😍😍
Minnie Chen
I would want a boyfriend like that
Moon Beauties Tv
Moon Jiang
The last sentence, \
Nancy Marshall
These boys will grow up to be a real gentleman.
Natalie Rhone
If it were my sister: Ten minutes later she’s on the ground....😂 \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nJk I wouldn’t do that- she’d do it to me 😂☹️
Naud van Dalen
I can't read the text at the end because of the cards.
Why can’t I get a man like that 😔
Niki & Kiki
That's so adorable so sweet
It's so sad that even kiddos understood this easy rule, while adults just continue to be assholes..
Ojus Tuli
Okay, so nobody's gonna talk about the last thing?....\n\n\n\n\
Ono Moje
Please someone tell me instagram of Martina
2:05 DIE
Paige Bessasa-Grant
0.22 those eyes!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pandawaffels 21
2:03 he blinks like 222222222222 times
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
They edited out the kids who slapped the girl
Prince Doggy
I hate the \
How bout the kids that actually slapped her?!?😂🤔
Raiez njr
3:02 best answer
Someday when they grow up, they're gonna slap woman's *BUTT*\n\n\n\n\n\n\nMen will be always men.
Rian Leroy
I would have slapped her
Ruksana saeed
Kids have better knowledge then drunk men
Beautiful video with a very important message. Just, people should stop this stereotyping of girls and stop saying that only girls shouldn't be hit. It's not the boys' fault, it's what they've been taught. The thing is, no one should be hit. No girl, and no boy. \nBut i loved that boy's answer in the end. \
All I'm saying is that eight year olds eyes are *BEAUTIFUL* !!
Sadia Khan
*_it was sweet but guys in Bangladesh are monsters.. if any girl is insulted then everybody blames the girl!.. everybody says girls should follow the rule of \
Shahi The
Shoppe Remedy
Somali pirate who's actually somali
Would you slap her?\n\nNo.\n\nEven for money?\n\n£5 is £5.
Unknown: Would you slap her\n\nMe: for what reason\n\n*woman Reaches into my pants*\n\nUnknown: would you slap her now?\n\nMe: *Mighty hand of self defence* ...wait why was she reaching in my jeans when neither of us asked first?
Tamar Leffel
I loved this but the answer should have been \
Tech God360
You should have asked to SPANK HER
This And That
If there would be a #Boy. So we could watch #WWE. Huh!
Toasted Internet
this proves that chivalry is not dead
Tri Ana
Need \
Ungke Suleh
The future football player must have a good faith in Jesus. 😍
a k
A sexist video made to make men feel bad. If you stand for equality make a video that tells MEN AND WOMEN TO RESPECT EACH OTHER!
andrisoul 88008
Omae wa mo shindeiru\n\n\n\n\nNani
babydoll dancer
Oh wow 😮 I remember this I’ve seen this before a long time ago. I first saw this on Facebook it really touched my heart awww ❤️
cristian posteraro
Ragazzi....... avete notato che ad un certo punto la stessa ragazza passa dal minuto 0:03 al 0:06
emerson meneses
Because i'm againt violence ❤
fergal king
Awwww so cute
jason vorhees
Forza italia
kik lol
Swap it around and the girls would probably slap boy and everyone will laugh it off like if it was joke. I hate these type of social experiment, it's always one sided. I bet you that they had girl version of this,but this time not one didn't slap boy and their answer to slapping them be,\
paulus gultom
2:42 bicause jesus Said \
sai prabhanjan Kumar
Greatness of their parents. The future is in safe hands
suh dude
slap her for money?\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*SAY NO MORE*
tara bali
The boys are sooo cute
took a shito
Imagine if your crush does this to you..
xeno :
Jokes on you I’m gay
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