“Slap her": childrens reactions

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-thetruescira -
1,000 subs without any vids
Why?\nEHHhhHhHh \n2:31
10,000 subs with no vids challenge
i would slap it... hard
Ale Car
che disagio...
Alessandra Vecserdi
Anche io ho 9 anni in mezzo
Alexair Riz
Girls shouldn't be hit, not even with a flower 👍👌👌
Propaganda at its finest
Now, rape her.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCome on bambino
Aryan Mondkar
People aren’t born bad they are shaped by society.. perfect example
See? I've been saying it for about a year now. Men don't want to hurt women.
Balaraju v
I can't hit her\nBecause I am a man😭😱
Be My Trophy
If they told girls to kick boys in the balls as hard as they can, they'd do it and laugh at them when they're on the ground in pain.
Bhavika Kataria
Kiss her \n''Can I kiss her on the mouth or her cheek'' 😂😂
Billie i have found your avocados smile
Those kids are so nice! I hope they weren't just doing that because they thought she was pretty.
Callum FC
If you did this in Scotland it wouldn’t end well
ClearWater Empire
02:10 kid was about to slap her
Colin McCullough
I cringed so hard...
Colourful Studios
My reaction:\n*Hurls insults at person who told me to slap her for 1 hour*
Crafty Fruit
They left out the reaction where someone jokingly slapped her softly
Crazy Gaming Demon
American boys: *kills girl* \nItalian boys: No! She is a girl\n\n\n*i wish my brother was like the Italian boys*
Dakeron Smith
Dark Tremor
Italia, \nTry this with American kids, the girl will be dead
caressing is so weird
Dean Ambrose
2:05 i wanna die\n\n\n\n\nBecause i liked my own comment
DiCiS Gaming
What if he actually meant slap her butt?
Dizzycatlady BEKFAST
Try doing this with all girls and one boy xD
Moral of the story: Don't hit anyone regardless of their gender
Dorcas Tshilumba
yes these boys are sweet cute respectful and nice of course dont hit girls like me
E Wood
2:42 I like how he's the first one to say 'I don't want to hurt her' instead of \
Emily Mata
Hit her \nNo..\nWhy?\n,,Because Jesus doesn’t want us to hit others “ \nI love this boy ..
“Slap her!\
Fratorix TM
Se c'ero io\nRegistra:dalle uno schiffo\nIo:ma tu lu rong a ti Lu scaf ca t facc arrva tritt a Lu spdal(TRADUZIONE:Ma te lo do a te lo schiaffo e ti faccio arrivare subito all'ospedale)
Gerry Scotti
Non ce lo do
Ok, kewl...\nThe carries part was slightly weird
GodzillaGamerFan 2019
Hardcore Boy
“I don’t want to hurt her”\nGirl: You haven’t even hit puberty yet, you can’t hurt me little man...
Haziq Khalid
2:49 the true answer
Horse Hat
Jokes on you I’m gay
Hyp3 Gabbo
1 minuto prima\n-fanpage:quando vi diaciamo datele uno schiaffo dite di no\n-ragazzi:oh la pizza mi raccomando
imagine if one of them actually slapped her- 😂
Iam sagar
If there would be a #Boy. So we could watch #WWE. Huh!
Ilsah Ahmed
Don’t hit girls, yes but better to say don’t hit anyone
Inès Bouazizi
Why ? Cause' i'm a man\n\n\n\nLet that sink in...
Jack Napier
I would like to see a girl version of this, just to see what contrast exists
Jan Błachut
Why not slap?
Jayden Goff
That kid was crying when he said slap her
Jin's Dad Jokes
2:02 \n*bish not today, not here!*
Joel Teittinen
What is this video trying to prove?
Joyce Melody Toukam
a 0:01 Il ressemble a Mike Dans le film Mike Dans tous ses etats
Just an Opinion
This is why I chose an Italian man
Reverse the roles and I bet girls would slap the guy
Krazy K!!!!
“Why? Because I’m a man!”\nBest answer 😂
Ksenia Melnikova •Russian Girl
Lena Xx
2:11 I THOUGHT HE WAS ABOUT TO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀
Don't hit women, yes.. but don't hit men and animals either... just hit nobody!
Lucia and leila show entertains
I swear that kid 2:16 was about to slap her
But I am always beating my sister
Marv H
And what is it about to show? Future Feminism?
Mary Sherman
Dominico is gonna be so hot when I’m he’s older
Matous K
Try rusian teenagers, they would kill her😂
Mr. Potatoes Head
I bet you these kids got a boner when they saw this beauty.
Mrkz __
In Ireland they would have slapped the head off her
Murron Xo
All I'm saying is that eight year olds eyes are *BEAUTIFUL* !!
Nancy Marshall
These boys will grow up to be a real gentleman.
Natalie Rhone
If it were my sister: Ten minutes later she’s on the ground....😂 \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nJk I wouldn’t do that- she’d do it to me 😂☹️
Oro the Teacher
2:02 I can see this all day!
Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss
They edited out the kids who slapped the girl
Raiez njr
3:02 best answer
If only the world was like this .....
Ricardo XD
i wont hit a girl\ndo u know why?\n\n\n\n\n*BECAUSE IM BATMAN*
Russel xox
How bout the kids that actually slapped her?!?😂🤔
Shahi The
Shoppe Remedy
Somali pirate who's actually somali
Would you slap her?\n\nNo.\n\nEven for money?\n\n£5 is £5.
Stephanie A
I love there answers on why they shouldn't hit her (besides the ones who sais ...\
Sumin Chan
Imagine if one of these boys ends up marring her in the future that would be 👌🏻👌🏻
*I only like her hair, I swear!* LMAO
Toasted Internet
this proves that chivalry is not dead
Ttyoda Rinoh
but the Americans or the English who think that in Italy there is no violence against women? hahahahah\nFanpage is a channel of Communist pigs who do not reflect on societal problems that should take precedence over others. When there is moral degradation and honest men do nothing, evil spreads
Ungke Suleh
The future football player must have a good faith in Jesus. 😍
WallStreet uae
*me wishing my boy classmates to be like this*
Who am I?
Zac Adrion
The new version of men in future
Zara Stark
Everyone is saying that no american male would not hit her.... I know plenty of amazing boys who would do nothing of the sort
That guy who was eleven was actually really cute
anakin skywalker
2:32 that boy is super pretty
emerson meneses
Because i'm againt violence ❤
gacha wolfy
Dose not matter if your a boy or girl hit nobody
il Mod Dei RnG
it's swag madafaka
2:35 the boy is to cuteeee
this seems like an airlines ad, more like Alitalia.
kik lol
Swap it around and the girls would probably slap boy and everyone will laugh it off like if it was joke. I hate these type of social experiment, it's always one sided. I bet you that they had girl version of this,but this time not one didn't slap boy and their answer to slapping them be,\
*i Want these people in my class*\nI’m pretty sure my classmates would murder me if they had the right weapons..
sai prabhanjan Kumar
Greatness of their parents. The future is in safe hands
I would take out his eyes with a blow
من Jesus استغفرالله