Italian for kids - The colors - I colori

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Cornette the unicorn has lost all her colors. Do you want to help her find them again ? All you have to do is to say the magic spell three times and everything will go back to how it was once.In this lesson your kids will learn all the colors of the rainbow, the color white, black and grey, but there's more... they'll find a lot of new other words and they'll learn to ask the question "what is... ?" in Italian..----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Subscribe:

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Jessica Ramirez
I'm really sad to see that you have only made 2 videos for kids in Italian. My son and I are both learning and this is the first video I've found where my son understands and the pace is great for both of us. I really hope you will make more!
*self teaching teens/adults*\n\nI actually don't know why I'm here. I already know all of the colors 😂
Markus Hagen
Italian is easy I feel
Stephen Lim
As an adult beginner, I find this lesson very useful. Thanks so much.
john doe
Who else is an adult watching this to learn Italian? 😂
That feeling when you're an adult and watch videos for kids to learn Italian :'D
good video!
samdra legatheaux
thanks amazing to not forget in Italy