10 Actors Who Turned Into Monsters

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15 Anjelica Huston Courteney Cox Courtney Love Macaulay Culkin Melanie Griffith Nick Nolte Olsen Twins Val Kilmer actors aging famous celebs lists monsters plastic surgery therichest Suzanne Somers

Yes. This will happen to all of us. And it happens a LOT quicker than you think.
Ada Jones fan
Aemilia Coffin PhoneTube
That is why I'm not acting
I thought they did something horrible and that's what made them monsters. But no! Some extra pounds and an unflattering photo later and suddenly all these people are monsters.
Alondra Johnson
The Olsen's were on drugs time nor plastic did that
Athena Fmlsmhsmdgfysmaihy
How could you say monsters imagine why they feel agine if that were you\n That is so messed up it's funny that a 13 year old is more mature than you
Ava Streeter
They all look fine to me
Ayitz anisa
I still think the rwins are beautiful and cute
Nolte still looks cool.
Carol Chaves
Monsters? I dont think so this call aging
Thanks, TheRichest, but I really don’t think you can label someone as a ‘monster’ just by their looks alone.
Crazyboy J gamer and other stuf
Why would you call some one a monster I bet you.look bad
Daniela Antunes
The only monster is the person who had the idea for this video.
Demon Goddezz
Monsters?? They just did surgery, not killing. Psh.
Divas Live
I just don't understand why women who were already beautiful, famous and glamorous would love to alter their God-given natural beauty... 🤔😤😩
Dr. Biomech
so people age. surprise!
Eddie King
So old people are monsters?
Ella Jervis
That those people are getting older, dosent mean they are monsters. Evryone gets old..
Emily Laurence
Wtf is with the title.... just no
Giles D'Souza
Gold Dragon
they simply aged, dnt call them monsters.smh
Guest 5929
When I first clicked on the video, I wasn't too bothered about the title. Then as time went by I slowly began to realize just how rude and insulting it is for this channel to call \
Hannah Banana
These aren't monsters
I thought I looked cute
тнє ∂ιѕℓιкєѕ σσff
Isabella’s Life
I’ll tell you who is the monster here... the person who made this video
I’m Shrek
Let's see your picture young then old, so we can criticise
J Hibberd
They arent monsters. Ted Bundy was a monster!
Jana chi
This title is so mean and harsh...
Jayvan Harris
I hate being bated when the photo that gets you to watch the video is not in the video :(
Jean Gilk
Yeah...become older big kucker silly......
Jennifer Calkins
Chenal west coast transgender ,for some reason I find that hard to believe. But who knows.
Jimmy Philippou
I do not agree with you everybody is beautiful no matter what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡
Julia’s Life
I thought the titles ment they did a crime , but now The Richest is bullying ,monsters are people thar commit crimes
It's kinda rude to call people Monsters, honestly
Krishnakumari Ramulureddy
Yo that's mean but at least they were still fine
La Pasgo
Really? Monsters. The only monsters are you.
Laughing out loud & Lots of laughs
Ban plastic surgery!!
Linda Karu
They aren't monsters!!!!
Liza B
plastic surgery didnt use to look so bad. it use be you couldnt tell if some had it. that was the mystery. thats the point. now people look beat up and far from natural and brag about how much they paid for it
Lyric Grant
Whos ageing\nWhos plastic surgery\n\nI only know monsters Bosch
NO YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THE OLSEN TWINS nuuu sis there beautiful and amazing GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT SIS I am so freakin mad rn byotch
Mafia De Leon
you can't just judge people for how they look that's just rude and also this video is rude
Mary Ann R. Strohl-Young
Must be that looks are your best friend or an educational tool, take a mirror and get a good look at your excrement hole.
Nadami Art
Calling the actors monster is monsterous!!!
PHUCK WYTE Amerikkka
Hideous Cavedweller’s indeed
Peppa Pig
10 youtubers who lost alot of subscribers just by a title:\n\n1. TheRichest
Pineapple Cat
Pipe Duster
Just remember—if you live that long you should hope you look that good.
Pixie Dust
With so many of them you just showed the worst pictures you could find
Queen Potato
The title was just *mean*
Rebecca Swan
Bruhh...... THEY ARE NOT MONSTERS!!! \n\n\n\nWho ever post this video IS A MONSTER
Red Sonja
5 minutes wasted
Rick Sanford III
FYI Val Kilmer is recovering from throat cancer. His look is a result of that.
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Sabrina Nascimento
They look worse not better.
Sarah Clifton
Monsters? Thats so rude just because they look different does not mean they are monsters . Please change the title 😈👹🤡💀👻👽 they are monsters
Sharon Collins
the richest isn't that a little rude?just asking.
Sherry Cano
To make fun of people for how they look and aging, which by the way happens to all of us, is incredibly immature and just plain cruel. Grow up...and when you do, look in the damn mirror, you will look different too!
Sister location Boy
Now this video is rude
StraightGate Jones
In fairness to Melanie Griffin, her mom said that her face and scalp were mauled by a lion during the making of mom's lion movie. She said that Melanie was nearly 'scalped' and required much facial surgery. Thus, I give her some slack. Incidentally, why do actresses continue to go for that ugly \
Youre just straight up bullying.
Susan Solloway
People's looks change when they age. Yea, some people have had questionable plastic surgery but that doesn't make them Monsters.
TJ Fashu-Kanu
Calling other people monsters is horrible
once I saw the title of this video, I unsubscribe immediately.\nyou are TERMINATED
I dont think you should have put “10 actors who turned into monsters” because its rlly harsh ppl change as they get older and its there decision to have plastic surgery or not but i dont think they are “monsters” infact they look great for there age! Plasgic surgery or not :) ❤️❤️
This is Kim
Where's Lindsay Lohan!?
Tryhard Togood4u
wtf is that pic to the video? 😂
Tziyo Gold
What?! They did not turn into monsters! Whoever made the title of this video is A MONSTER
Varlen Joi
Olsen twins aren't that bad looking actually, as you described them. I expected to see something much more extreme, but they are just ok lookin', nothing bad there.
Vinnie Royale
Ok this isn't fair. 'Monsters'?
Virgil Young
That title is hella disrespectful. Lol
Wali Qadri
You are so rude.
Yatsel Lopez
you’re extremely rude.
I don't understand why White people make so many plastic surgery over time. \nEven at 50, a Black woman still looks gorgeous and fresh looking.
Thats just very rude to call them out as monsters...
Zanoxolo Dumile
Whoever made this video she's /his rude I hate him 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
There is so much HATE in the comments 😰 Sorry TheRichest...
clementine Shmementine
As soon as you said angelica houston I knew you were going to use horrible photos of people, you are just being mean now
dbro yawner
#1 Ann Frank
emily cathcart
Well, that's a harsh title if I ever saw one.
gnomesstrobee :
that's a very offensive caption
karen Crockett
I hate it when they show you a picture...n that it's not evenin there clip
I thought these people killed or did some illegal stuff to be called monsters.. Not that they just had gotten some plastic surgery done.. -_-
Good Lord, I may never fall asleep again!
aging not monster...
my name is charlotte
Low key all of these people are beautiful what the heck
Who is the lady in the promo picture of the video?
sharon conyers
I watch everything in peace and respect negative is annoying and nasty
stella warigia
Monsters??? Really??? Nkt
stormi overby
How do you even know they did get in trouble you know people can lie
xXPugzy did gamingXx
The only monster here is you HOW DARE YOU CALL THEM MONSTERS
Çæ mm
There's no such things as monsters u can't just go out on ur computer and just call FRICKEN actors monsters everyone is beautiful but nobody is perfect and there's no such thing as ugly I'm not hate I'm just pointing out.
Антон Федорыцев
Where is Trump?