10 Pronunciation Mistakes Spanish Speakers Make

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Download the FREE American Accent guide for Spanish speakers: a free list of all 10 pronunciation challenges as well as tips on how to practice, words, minimal pairs and the best thing - a 15-min AUDIO practice! ...If you've come all the way down here, then read this:You are enough. Speaking English with an accent. Getting stuck. Your voice and your identity make you unique. There are enough Native English speakers out there in the world... You don't need to become another one. Find your own voice. It's important to improve your pronunciation and fluency so you feel more confident and capable. So YOU can express yourself better, and minimize the gap between your native tongue and your English. And If someone makes fun or judges you because of your accent, simply ask back:Oh, and how many languages do YOU speak?! 😏People who only speak one language don't always understand what it means to overcome the challenges of speaking a foreign language. Don't feel self-conscious. Teach them❤️

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Accent's Way English with Hadar
Thank you for watching! If you are a Spanish speaker, tell me what is the biggest challenge you struggle with (from the ones mentioned here). If you're not a Spanish speaker, tell me what are the challenges you are facing as a speaker of another language. And don't forget to download the American accent guide (it's free): https://theaccentsway.com/spanish-accent/#freebie
Alan Edher
Fantastic video, I didn’t know about the Z/S thing for the longest. No one ever told me or corrected me 😒
Alter Ego
Great video as usual! Phonetically, Spanish is very simple, with fewer phonemes than most European languages I think. That's why we struggle speaking more phonetically complex languages. Greetings from Argentina!
AnimeSK Descargas
The best video ever!
Ann Nguyen
Love your accent \u003c3 I'm a Vietnamese speaker & I'm so confused about the TH sound.
Anto Anto
Simply fantastic!! 😍😍😍 I'm an Italian native speaker and some interferences are similar to Spanish, vowels in particular😖 maybe one day I'll have the chance to see you speaking about the problems Italians have with English pronunciation 😉 \nLooking forward to seeing your next video dear Hadar💖💞
Baatman Abdlmalek
Hi this lessen very useful thank you so much you're amazing I'm from Algeria
Bronyasha Ponyashina
I'm a Spanish learner from Russia 😅 but I've watched the video till the end with pleasure 💜 I'm waiting for a new one 😉
Cana Chi
V and B, USUALLY we don’t make differences. We say cavallo (caballo), Pavlo (Pablo) and some others. You forgot School, snake. And the last one is funny because the first words of a baby are in general “DADA” in English, when a baby say it, I heard “TATA”, in my country grandparents are called TATA. Hahaha or Jajaja! 😉
Cristian Oliveira
Hello, you are incredible! Could you do a video for portuguese speakers? You are helping me a lot! Thank you.
Very Useful video, Thanks Hader!
Daro Dewkeea
Hello welcome no interest english sarry
Hi Hadar, it is great to hear from you again, you mentioned a vital tool when it comes to tell if you're pronouncing the words as they should. In my case, I talk the word to google, If it repeats it back the same word, it means I am pronouncing the right word, otherwise I keep trying, if there is not success I let it for some other day.
Edwin Martínez
Hello, Hadar, thank you for this video! I am from Colombia and, personally, I do struggle with the double or triple consonant endings. If \
Excited About Learning
I'm a native Finnish speaker myself but I speak Spanish so it's very easy to spot the mistakes Spanish speakers make all the time. Here's a list of mistakes Finns make in English: #1 Always stressing the first syllable: In Finnish, only the first syllable is stressed so naturally people only stress the first one on any given word. Though, I've noticed that a lot of Finns have learned to stress any syllable at will. That's quite new. It took me a year to first off hear where the stress was, then it became pretty easy to stress the right syllable. #2 kpt are pronounced without aspiration (this is a mistake Spanish speakers make.) #3 No distinction between z and s nor v and w.\n*English is so widely known that there's some people who speak Finnish and pronounce S & kpt the English way which is of course not right.\n#4 Vowels: Not pronouncing schwaa right. \n#5 There's a zillion of others but now I'm kinda tired of listing them so these'll have to do.
Favi Cortéz
So true!! Thank you for compiling this list and dissecting why and where these mistakes happen. As a native Spanish speaker and English being my second language, I can attest those are top challenges when pronouncing English. Usually we are not even aware of it and unable to identify them, until we start listening carefully to ourselves and when people have some difficulty understanding what we said.
Fill Colinz
Hadar thank you.\nSo useful ,as usually.
Flavia Fichmann Gilad
I would love to see a video like that for Portuguese speakers :)
Gerardo Rodriguez
Thank you. I love your brown hair. I am a native Spanish speaker, I take it you are too, if not please correct me.
Inomjon Axmadov
I'm not spanish speaker, but it sounds good.
Itoldyouso - English Listening Practice Channel
For the \
I know i make some mistakes when i speak but none of these (that's goog cuz i'm a spanish speaker).... But i love the video, it's very interesting!
Jhonathan Gomez
This video is a treasure hehe, thanks a lot, you are the best :)
Johana Martinez
So true...I'm a spanish speaker and I did all of them🙃
Juan Lambert
Awesome video. We truly make those mistakes without being aware of them . For example the sounds v and b ,Cuban people like me pronounce them both the same way as b. Thanks for all your help and advice,I am sure this new road of learning a new language will be easier now .
Judá Abuter
Gracias, Hadar!! Thank you!! :D from Argentina!
Kta Westbrook
Hello Hadar i think you forgot the link about the list of words that we can use to practice the correct sounds for the words that ends with 2 consonants
Thanks Hadar! I´m from Argentina hahaha some of those mistakes I already don´t make them anymore, but some of them (the most) yes!!! Out of sight, ouf of mind!!! as they say... And each lesson it´s like a gold that make me improve. Thanks for your time Hadar, dreaming and struggling to reach the level of the native speaker, those diteals are very important. Especially the \
Luis moran
Hadar you're always so right on! Love u!
Lully Bai Owner Blake
Are Spanish speakers who most struggle learning English? It seem like I'm never going to learn ='(. Thanks Hadar for your help!
Lyndia Cahyani
I'm an Indonesian speaker, but the video is beneficial for Indonesian speakers as well. We do the same mistakes, especially the R sound is the same as Spanish R, we don't have th sound also, again I'll say this video is worth watching
Manuel Alejandro Vazquez Espinoza
Thank you Hadar, your videos always help me. 😃😃😃😃
María Marcela Sancho
Hi Hadar! Excellent video! Thanks for making a specific video just for us.... I'm Marcela, a Spanish speaker from Argentina, and my biggest challenges are s for z and i for i:.... I love learning from you... You rock!
Michael Cahue
I never realized the way I pronounce the \
Miss Sophie
Do you have any tips for Danish speakers? :D
Míriam U. B.
By the way you pronounce Spanish sounds, you would make an excellent Spanish speaker!
Nelju Ve
Hi Hadar, thanks for the video. You might expand on this topic making videos for each mistake, and maybe make more videos focused on Spanish speakers. It is a huge market for English teaching on YouTube (almost 500 million native spanish speakers). Greetings from Canada.
Norma Quesada
thanks for this video, greetings from Mexico 🙂
Omar Fidel
But even native speakers drop those sounds when they speak.👍👍👌👌😂
Omar Nina
Hi ✋. I am native Spanish speaker and this lesson is very helpful and amazing! You know in deep how to move the tongue, lips etc for English and Spanish pronunciation. Wow!
Orlando Muñoz
Jajajja i enjoyed this video I'm a native spanish speaker AND i was expecting a video like this one helpful it knows
Oswaldo Milano
the first time i saw you,i thought you were latina,you know the spanish language very well,and apart from this, what a beautiful hair you have got!!!!
Paul Cobo
Paul here from Miami. This is the most comprehensive and detailed explanation of the challenges Spanish Speakers face. Yes, being aware is the first part. You are amazing at breaking down the problems and explaining the solutions to the proper pronunciation. My wife is Brazilian, could you do now of these video for Brazilians?
Raul Villalta
Excelent lesson!! Greeting from El Salvador!!!
Roy Pitchon
Watched this (excellent) video with the reverse motivation - trying to learn how to imitate a Latin accent speaking English.\nThis gave me some amazing, smack on pointers that had considerably improved my performance.\n:-)
Ruslana's Self-Care Diary
Please make a video like this for Hebrew speakers, PLEASE !\nPS i saw you on TV when you spoke about your work with politicians, i was excited to see you! ox
Sabrina Tundidor
Great video! Thanks! Sad because the link is broken and I couldn't download the free guide for Spanish.
Salam Eldjazayria
thanks Hadar really you are a great teacher..I like your way ^^
Shaw English Online
Hello Hadar! I randomly came across your channel and I love it. Your language skills and knowledge are commendable. You are definitely one of the real teachers on YouTube. I do hope to meet you one day. Sincerely, Robin Shaw
Sir False
You're amazing keep it up!
Valery Linn
AMAZING video very well explained thank you for sharing it and thank you for help Us to improve our English.
Vane's Curls
Very good video. I'm a Spanish speaker and I acknowledge those are typical mistakes we make. It's very helpful to be aware of it. Thanks for this great video. Keep them coming!
Wilde Correa
Muito linda! Very gorgeous!!!
William Rios
A great and wonderful video, thank you very much for your time 👍🏼\nIt's very helpful!
Yass Cat
Could you do a video about Arabic speakers mistakes please
Hii!! Im from Spain, the most common mistakes that I make are:\nTo pronounce s like a z : I actually dont have a clue when I should pronounce z.\nTo pronounce Y as J. I cant even make the difference because I dont know how to prounce any of them in english, in Spain both pronunciation are really different but any of them is like the pronunciation in english. \nAnd finally I also mispronounced H a lot of times\n\nThanks for the video
carlos orlando
I always consider myself a pretty good speaker, until I watch your videos and I realise there's still a long way to go... :'s That S/Z distinction is such a tricky thing...
cesar De La Cruz
although you're not a spanish speaker, you know a lot about our mistakes.....i've been following for 3 months...your videos and tips have changed my English................
What an amazing video. I'm an spanish speaker from Chile who live in New Zealand, and I have been following your videos for many months, and of course hundreds of videos of others, and this video is quite impressive. I have seen similar ones, but the way that you explain and imitate each mistake is superb. I would like to have \
I just love your videos!! Please make one for Hebrew speakers. You're amazing!! thank u so much!! 💕
אור הושמנד
Wow, great job! Please make also a video about pronunciation mistakes Hebrew speakers make.
هادي مياح
Thank you so much for this useful lesson .