10 Pronunciation Mistakes Spanish Speakers Make

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Download the FREE American Accent guide for Spanish speakers: a free list of all 10 pronunciation challenges as well as tips on how to practice, words, minimal pairs and the best thing - a 15-min AUDIO practice! ...If you've come all the way down here, then read this:You are enough. Speaking English with an accent. Getting stuck. Your voice and your identity make you unique. There are enough Native English speakers out there in the world... You don't need to become another one. Find your own voice. It's important to improve your pronunciation and fluency so you feel more confident and capable. So YOU can express yourself better, and minimize the gap between your native tongue and your English. And If someone makes fun or judges you because of your accent, simply ask back:Oh, and how many languages do YOU speak?! 😏People who only speak one language don't always understand what it means to overcome the challenges of speaking a foreign language. Don't feel self-conscious. Teach them❤️

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