German Shepherd Dogs Protecting Kids and Woman Compilation - Best of Protection Dog

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I hate that this says protecting women and children, what about men? Woman and children are not the only people who need protection. It is 2018. Obviously, not everyone understands that.
Maravillosos perritos, son un regalo de Dios.
Ahmad Azmat
You don't need to train German Shepherd to protect owner
Andrew Slaughter
Dogs are great, but I would still not let my kids climb all over a dog. They could easily hurt the dog causing it to react. Do your dogs and kids a favour by supervising these interactions.
Angela Enrick
German Shepard dogs are so smart , so ovedient, protecrive , and there fast, loveimg, & very beautiful dogs...God watch over all of theses dogs.and other little creature of his....🙏🙏🙏🙏😘💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨
Animal Top 5
such amazing animals. they know exactly when something is not right and will protect in a split second. nice video.
Anthony Y
Arctic Wolf Scar
I wish I had a German Shepard😢😢
Atulya Rajasthan
My doberman is the bast
Avery Stephens
German Shepard are amazing
Avi Singh
there is nothing like this thumnail . thnx later for saving ur time
Becky Lynn
I don't like it when they do that triple screen thing..
Blinking Sue
1:28 I have so many questions..
Brown_ Eyezzz
I have questions why the thumbnail is literally a German Shepherd about to attack the kid🧐
Caleb Meilink-Smith
Remember, if you can't call your dog off, then it's just an attack dog, not a protector.
Cd W
well theres goes my brisk evening walks
Chase Bell
Sic ‘em boy
Constance Connie
Stop letting your small humans crawl all over your dog especially crawling and pulling at the face. And People wonder why their family dogs end up snapping on their kid 🤷🏾\u200d♀️
DAL Eight
They are such dedicated smart dogs. I'm a small woman, but I felt I could walk anywhere with my german shepherd and be safe. No one dared to even come near me when I was out hiking alone with her.
DJ Funtime Foxy
I think family dogs are more important than guard dogs. Guard dogs would attacks anything, friendly or not. Family dogs know when you're in danger and will do anything to protect you. They're great to have around. My biggest dog is very playful, energetic, and also shy. Whenever me and her go near the ghetto, she knows it's not a safe place for me and keeps a close look out. I can see it in her eyes. We were once approached by a guy asking if I wanted drugs. I said no and continued walking. My dog kept acting up, and I look behind me only to find him following me. I called 911, and as the police were arriving and he got real close to me, and my dog attacked. He wasn't hurt, but he was pretty scared and backed away. My dog was snarling and barking the whole time. The police soon arrived, they arrested the guy, and the policed asked me some questions. We walked back home after that.
Denise Roberts
I had a German Shepherd named Jake when I was growing up he was an exceptionally large German Shepherd and exceptionally protective of me he went everywhere with me he's been long since gone and I miss him terribly
Dirimonacho Valencia
Emily Thomas
Dogs are the best \nI mean you can't play catch with a cat right
English Bob
1:34 why did they Chuck mud or what ever that was on her?
Felix P02
The Dogs doesn't like Lolicons
No wonder the whole world hates the US. Even their pets are trained to become agressive murderers.
Gulo 123
I'd never let a child climb any dog...\nDogs are living creatures, not fluffy toys.\nLetting your child climb the dog is the best way to get them bitten by one. Messing with the dog can be very dangerous.
DOGGO:\nhe protecc \nhe attacc\n\n\n\n\n\nAND HE MAKE U GET REKK
Harp the gamer
Hemant Kumar
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Horace Hogsnort
They WILL protect you!
IW Nunn
Highly protective breed
A lot of this \
J OneLife
They protect babies aw
Jenny Choo
Most of the dogs in this video are improperly trained. It is not up to the dog to decide if someone is posing a threat. You train the dog to defend and protect not attack everything that moves.
Joe Schlotthauer
Had four of em\nMiss all of them\nEspecially \
John Jr
I loved my German Shepard her name was kelly and she was my best friend. But when my dad die when I was 9years old my mum couldn't afford to keep her on her own cuz she had to work and the dog would be alone all day. So she gave her away an told me she went the vets I was at the door everyday hoping she was coming back but never did. 21 years on I'm still not over it.
Jose Rosado
People, stop using neck collars, they cause permanent trach damage. The body collars work way better.
Josh Grimm
Nice thumbnail. Couldn’t even tell it was photoshopped. 👍
Kanwar Brar
I had a german shepard too and it was very wise like any other german shepard...but still i beleive it can be dangerous for babies... because i was biten hardly by my german shepard.....once i was playing with ball with him he had ball in his i was trying take ball from his mouth suddenly he bite me in my hand badly...feel was like my hand got stuck in sum heavy thing.......that time his age was 1 year....and after 1 was sitting.....i was showing my foot to him.....than he bites me on my was the same pain...still got marks in my hand and foot.... i dont know what was my dog thinking both the times.....after that he lived safely with us....
Ken Hawk
The baby with the sprinkler was the best.
Lee Dale
Just wondering what I did wrong with our two Shepherds they raid rubbish bins BUT one word from me and they still raid rubbish bins but at least try to look guilty,wouldn’t be without them.
Lee-Lee Hardman
Well trained and lovable protectors. Always have GS in my breed's.
I think the thumbnail says otherwise...
Love Like a Hurricane
Do German Shepherd need training when young to be guard dogs?
Luci wester Hoffmann
MTB Scotland
Just wait till those young kids tickle the dogs paws
Really are they kids
Maddie Grace
42 and 2:07 are totally my dog Idk if there is a video of a dog attacking a hover and hairdryer 🤣
Malek Ragam
I have one 15 years old i love it so much 😍😍😍😍😍
Marie Christian
Amateurs taunting a natural born protector. That will backfire sooner or later.
Marielena Potts
On my Nintendogs DS Labrador and friends game I have a male dark coated German shepherd called Zack
Matilde Martins
Q lindo
Memer Reaper
Maybe you should have chosen a better photo for the Thumbnail...
Mharianne Lacuarta
i feel bad for some of them though
1:05 : good job, your dog is now trained to attack & bite any passing jogger.
Monster SNPRZ
doggo love little hooman
Musa Khamis Musa
Never Teach Your Children To Be Rough With A Dog, Dogs Can Be Very Inpredictable Sometimes 😐
Nicketa Wooten
My Grandmom had a German Sheppard mix and she kept having to be muzzled when she was at the vet. I had to explain that Missy was protecting her. Missy has known me since she was a pup but if she thought I was too close to my Grandmom she would give a warning snap. I explained that she had to leave when Missy was being examined and she wouldn't need to protect. My brother in law had a German Sheppard mix also (best dog ever) he had a great temperament and never was a snappy one. When my sister in law was pregnant he would show his teeth when we got close to her basically saying don't test me. Lol When my nephew was born he'd sit by his car seat and be on the watch lol Great dogs but be mindful that they see all people with the ability to be malicious and will act as such for the people they love.
Nishal Pawar
Man's best friend....🎇🎆🎊🎉🎀🎗😁😁😁😁
Norma G. Rangel
♥️♥️♥️ love the German Shepard breed!.!.
Philip Marlow
1:34 Tricks on her, the little girl\njust emptied the toilet.
Ralph Williams
They think theyre training these gogs to protect one day they'll keep pushing and get seriously hurt they are beasts
Ravi Prabhakar
I too had a shephard and his name was “ Dollar ” ..two and half years of age ate something got weak... Took him to the doctor.. Didn't work out.. Changed the vet.. Did fine.. Suddenly had paralyses in lower body.. Got weaker Day by day.. We prayed a lot.. Did all the rituals so he could attain peace.. He was no more.. Mom tried hard not cry but it all came down... As initially she was the one opposing to bring him in.... 😭
No. This video will never change the mind of people with brain.
Roger Scott
I've got no problem with people training their dogs to be guard dogs, and watch dogs. People just need to respect a dog's nature enough to understand, once they've learned that behavior and bonded with whom their responsible to protect...they're always on, and WE are responsible for that dog just as if they were a firearm. Train them and keep training them.
Rrudy DeDogg
A German Shepherd doesn't need to be trained to protect their loved ones, it is in their genes. Now if only they didn't shed so much....
Sarah Elizabeth
I will never understand why people allow their small children to maul their dogs, not fair to the dog and one day they will have enough and it will be the parents fault not the dogs when something bad happens but unfortunatley the dog will pay the price
We have a two year old German shepherd we’ve had since he was three months and two small children and we’ve trained him at home to protect the kids or whatever and he’s always been protective but he has never had actual training. The other day he has proven himself when I was sitting at the stoop in front of the house with the kids and him. When people pass by he ignores them unless they look at him smiling or talk to him, they want to pet him and he’s the biggest baby trying to lick them and flipping on his back for belly rubs. The other day tho a guy was walking by and he asked if he can say hi to our dog so I said “sure if he lets you” I got a really weird vibe from the guy, he stared at my dog for like 3 seconds and my dog just jumped up and started barking crazy in his face which he hasn’t done before to a person. The guys said “that’s a good dog” and quickly left. I was so proud of our dog because like I said the guy gave off a really weird vibe.
Why just children and woman? Why can't it be men too...sexist
Silmaria Pinheiros
the dogs are the best friends that a person could have they are so friends that saws bad people I get very sad when I see an ill-treated dog 🙄😃😍
Stealth Cat
I’m a cat person but I love German shepherds a lot. They are really intelligent and super lovely 😊
Susi Susi
Dogs are wonderful creation from God. They the best Frito mankind and faithful and loyal to their masters. Susila klang Malaysia
Travis Krause
Good deal good dogs!!!
Utah MTB
I have four German Shepherds and I don't even lock my house....
I've grown up with this breed. The first one we had as a family protected my brother and cats when two dogs got out of their house and went to attack my brother and my cat (and her kittens). The cats got in doors but my brother was still outside and the gate was open to our garden so the cats were still in danger. Our German Shepherd, Angel took the attack instead and let these two dogs drag her under a truck that was in the street so my brother wouldn't get hurt.
Want Some Butter?
I also think they are attacking because of the bad acting the people are doing
_. dot
I use to have a dog who was half German sheperd and half malamute and he was very protective of me and had a ferocius bark that would make people back up. But he was super friendly to everyone so long as you didn't try to touch me except family but anyone else he a would eye ball them or back or even bare his teeth and growl as He did with my dad who raised his voice at me and hand. He was a good boy and was my best friend and I'm thankful I got to grow up with him by my side he was my gardian
anime lover
awesome kitty girl Farren
Aww I love the Shepard family they're one of my favorites breeds
And then when the dog attacks someone that looks like a threat that the people didnt want them to attack, they will put down the dog for doing what he was taught...
chandra kumar
cute annabel cutieee
I use to have a dog named Brooklyn he always use to be outside with me protecting me btw he would let me lay on him and he would let me play with his nose ❤
gurneet malhi
I love German shepherds
ileyyia Kar
Not just German Shepards , all dog can protect their owners if you train them.
Cuanto jilipollas con perro los perros no son para hacer daño pero hay demasiados jilipollas con perros q pena
lisa merc
I don’t like that
GSD are sooo beautiful, strong, smart. Luv them!!!
marina zyko
Awwwwww that's what i call a person's best friend!😁😊🙂🙃
pekka thunders
Anyone look her eyes
You also realize them being protective is often the reason for them attacking people, do you?
suman singh
It is my favourite dog German shepherd
taygen Stevens
wow sooooooooooo protective
the unicorner
there are 3.5K heartless people who saw this video
wynten cowboy
My German shepherd deadass be licking me if someone attack’s me
Маргарита Кудряшова
Спасибо Вам большое за прекрасные новости!
This is why I like dogs..