How to Trill Your Rs

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-- A short tutorial on the mechanics of how to trill your Rs. Everyone can do it — it just takes know-how and practice!

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A Horse Outside
Now I'm just sitting here angrily making fart noises at midnight
AliSki Girl
so many videos and no improvement what so ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GIVE UP
Andy KA
I'm asian and i can pronounce \
Arlo Tin
At Aa
hi I'm mixed with mexican and I can't do this uwu
Awkward_at _best
My dentist just told me I physically cannot roll my rs because of my bone structure... 5 hours WASTED!
Now I am just sitting here making fart noises in 2 AM...
It really pisses me off that I can't make this sound I would love to learn Spanish as a second language I sit here trying and trying but just get dizzy and light headed I wish I learned Spanish first and then had to Learn English but with the stupid English language he have the hard r we speak our whole lives then when you want to learn the soft Spanish r it's too damn hard because you never ever had to make that sound in the English language I'm pissed off why won't my tongue be relaxed and flap around so I can make this sound. If you try to Learn Spanish without being able to produce this sound you sound like an idiot
I’m Mexican and can’t even roll/trill my R’s...\nEven my REALLY American friends can do it...\n:’v
Im so triggered and irritated right now I could cry. 1. I cant freaking do it. 2. all of my friends can i get crap for it 3. im really trying my best in spanish and it just aint working.
Brian Abisdid
I can't trill my r's nor whistle, i just suck at these things, not everyone can do everything.
Cameron Rowles
soooooo hard
Charlotte Chen
just spent the past hour \
Charlotte Simon
During the span of the video I completely covered my computer screen with spit. I still can't trill my r's
Chris Wenderoth
Cristina Dima
Didier Colson
trill ur arse lol
my tongue is too short for this
I bit my Tongue 😶
I feel like I'm halfway there. I can get a small half-trill going for a bit (quarter to half a second, and it definitely isnt as fast of a trill), I can pronounce spanish words such as \
Eizō Shen
I have to be honest, I'm here so I can do a better Hitler impression.
Emily Claire
i think 90% of the people here are trying to learn how to do the “okurrr” thing 😂😂
How are you supposed to put the toungue at the roof of your mouth when it is completely relaxed?
Fan Tom
how do I make it relaxed when you say lift it up in to the air stream ?
GC Institute
When I do it I sound like a machine gun and it doesn't sound smooth but I learned how to flap my tongue
Gabrielle Mabazza
I've been doing this since I was 5. Who knew this was actually difficult for some
I can't stop doing the French R which is further back
Gretchen Vaughn
My problem is I can’t tell if I’m doing it right it doesn’t feel like it but it sounds right but I don’t feel my tongue going back and forth so I can’t tell if I’m just gurgling
HayHayRoseyPosey -LOL
How do you flick your tongue if it is relaxed? ;-;
Hugh James-Berry
this was a pain in my Rs
I like musicals *outside of Hamilton*
This just left me making the sound “fffffffffffff” at 4am.
I wanna be dead
Y’all this is impossible\nMy Spanish teacher is gonna kill me.
The air just flows around my toungue :/
This is making me light headed
It happens •
This is so very frustrating 😔😒
Jaboi Jiraff
My parents probably think im muttering devil chants to myself in my room, i just keep going \
Jaceton Butterfield
all i want to do is sound more russian
This does not work. No help. Just made me sound stupid. D-: \nThanks anyway!
Jezreel Pimentel
There is spit all over my laptop screen.
Josh Ewing
I'm learning Spanish and I honestly hate not being able to roll my r's
K-Generation / K세대
I'm Filipino and idk how to roll rs
Kai Yuan
i paused the video and went for dinner. when i come back i was able to do it for a few times but now its back to normal and i cant do it anymore. maybe hunger is the cause of not being able to trill?
Kaydi Dixie
Any one else here truing to learn this to do the okur thing
Kian Sedghinasab
i accidentally learned to whistle doing this. still no roll
Wow I'm light-headed AF right now 😂
Lady Awkward
This just made me want to cry.
Lala Pyo
I think my tounge is too short,lol😅
I'm trying to say DA TING GOES SR-R-R-R-RAAA
Lisa Ariaz
I'm sitting here making farting noises while my moms outside my room wondering wtf I'm doing
much easier with your uvula than your tongue IMO
Lps ElsaCat
All this does is make me blow air out my mouth. I can't make that sound...
Mara Evans
I'm here because I listened to The Great Comet and I want to trill my rs like Marya
Maria Witwicka
Po prostu genialne! Dziękuję!
Marsha marsha Marsha
The ting goes SKRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Massi C
I'm Spanish and idk how it happened but I can't trill my r's😂 Costa Rican🇨🇷PURA VIDA🇨🇷🇨🇷
Natalia Xx
I’m so triggered i can’t do it !!!!!!! I’m spanish and my family always makes fun of me when i speak Spanish because i can’t roll my r’s ughhhhh😭
Patrick Matteo
Cool now I have a headache
Planxz Official
I'm about to stick to gargling my spit and doing the \
I am trilling by gargling my saliva lol
Rose 7
i just sound like a purring cat wtf 😆
Shayla Gordon
Sometimes I roll my tongue on accident... then I try to figure out how I did it... once in class I was laughing and I accidently rolled my tongue and I looked like an idiot in the back of class trying to roll my tongue... I just spit all over my test.
SiCong Li
After months I finally am able to make the strong deliberate trilling sound. But I can't seem to use it in words. I can only make the isolated sound.
Sofia Madlangbayan
What happened to your gains Gaston?!
Spongebob Squarepants
I got dizzy from trying to make a F sound to much..
I thought that we made an aRRRangment now you're making me mad
T Stormer
See this is the sciencey, way I needed it told to me.
The Student Vlogger
How do I flick my tongue while keeping it relaxed? This is completely impossible it seems!
Stop calling OUR BRITISH r american. \nBritish English: 500AD\nAmerican english 1600-1700
TheDavo 17
Skraaaa pa pa pa pa skidup poom poom
TheScoliosisWarrior11 [Warrior]
Now I'm in an endless loop of either making motorboat sounds or really weird fart sounds and laughing really hard at myself...
Ti'el Lochridge
I just want to be able to sing in Italian... :'(
I believe that my mouth is incapable of making trills. I'm glad I speak English.
Truman Bubblo
All I'm doing is saying ffffft
Lol this is so fun to watch because I am finnish and rolling r is normal in Finnish :D
Wade Wilson
So all I have to do is make a machine gun sound. Close your teeth, part your lips, put your tongue on behind your top teeth, and blow air out. I still can't make trilling r's on English words (muscle memory?) but I'm having better luck with Spanish words now.
Xnny. x
I'm the only one in my class who can't do it
When I make the f noise when I put my tongue it it just stops all air flow
Yume Jensen
I'm making my dog panic because she's hearing suspicious noises
at least i know how to roll a joint
_Berolx_ 5
All I'm doing here is rolling my r's for about a split second and thinking I'm doing it the right way\nEdit: :(
a.m p.m
My friend always tells me\n\
beth scholes
so i was trying to do this and i managed to whistle. Not what i was aiming for but i couldnt do that either so i learned something
I lived in Greece for 14 years and eventually mastered the Greek gamma (Γ) and chi (Χ), Greek cadence and a lot of Greek slang and idioms but could never roll my Rs, no matter what advice and exercises I tried. The best I could do was something like a flip...until now!!! Your explanation and advice is the best I've ever heard. I've been practicing for only ten minutes and I'm already nearly there. Thank you SO much!!
After three hours I’m about to pass out and feel light headed. I think my tongue is to fat to do this 😂😂
For rolling the r you just use your uvula, don't you?
garbanzo bean
My Spanish teacher told us that if you say “pot of tea” normal speed and then get faster and faster, you can do roll your r’s. I’m half Hispanic, my whole family except me can roll their r’s and this is very helpful. Don’t worry about air flow, just say “pot of tea” really fast, but try not to purposefully try a rolled r. Hope this helps, it helped me
i feel like a baby doing this..
kay nine
All im doing is whistling. I cant do this
mikk k
I'm soooo irritated rn. like i've been working on rolling my r's so I can get better at speaking Spanish and Dutch as 2nd and 3rd languages and i just can't do it lmao
4:17 What was that... lmao
Alcohol is a muscle relaxant, I think I'll start with that!
I don't understand how you keep your tongue relaxed whilst lifting it up. I can relax my tongue so that it just lays on the bottom of my mouth but in order to lift it I have to tense it.\n\nIt's like saying flex your bicep without it tensing? I don't understand
rock n ronnl
from all the videos i've seen so far, this one is probably the most helpful (especially for me as a linguist because you explain it in linguistic terms). however, i still fail to do it hahaha
shay trøncø !!
i want to cry bc of this.
I've been watching so many of these videos and I still end up making gargling noises and spitting on my screen
Yeah, rolling my R's is still difficult, more like non existent. When I was learning Japanese. The R's was difficult for me to pronounce. The basic sound of Ra (sounds like La), Ri (Ray, slient Y, the I is pronounce like an E in me), Ru (rude without the de), Re (red without the D), Ro (road without ad). I can say, this video helps me pronounce my R's better in Japanese. My mastery of Japanese is still at a beginner level. I don't have a use for it and only learn partially because I wanted to. I'm thinking about learning French but it might ended up with me learning it partially.
jesus christ!,!!! after watching mils of videos I finally did it so satisfied omg *\\(^o^)/*