Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2017

Welcome to JukinVideo's Top 100 Viral Videos of 2017! We've collected the best videos from this year and are ready to serve them up to you. From bear attacks to creepy clams, playful pranks to kid catastrophes and everything in between, check out the top 100 for the silliest, craziest, and most relatable videos of the year. Let us know what your favorite was in the comments!Visit Parts 1-4 of the Top 100 for original video links!Part 1:

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- Gh0sT
420 Accessories
I gotta tell you a secret.\n\n\nRead more
6B Liva Marie Köhler Juul - Oerkildskolen
3:23 \
22:15 not all heroes wear capes
9:36 this is slavery. Why doesn’t she do it herself lazyass
A Noob
Then our what??
AlbertEskild Films
28:56 R.I.P. Sun glasses
Allah SpreadsHate
13:30 - Speaks volumes about the parents... I wouldn't be proud if this were my child.
7:17 \
Aurora Mystic
Ayob Ahmad
At last so dangerous 😮
BOT 376381
Afrian hair lol
Bad Drivers of Bangalore
Some of these videos don't deserve to have gone viral
Benjamin Fraser
24:18 ... I just love African Americans : ) they are the best hahahahaha
A tip for next years video: instead of using cheesy catch phrases as the viral video titles, use the title of the original video title for each number - that way these people can get a little bit more credit - and we can find the videos easily if we want to watch the full length versions.
I want to see how much likes I can get for this comment
Carlos Reyes
Chadzard Playz
14:03 Looks like a tumor to me
Cherry Blossom Hun
2018 тнє иυмвєя σиє νι∂єσ ιѕ тнє gυу ωєαяιиg тнє нєℓмєт вα¢кωαя∂ѕ
Chris L.
21:57 The fact that that dresser was not mounted to the wall is horrifying. Some people should not be parents.
Number 21 Like a Boss
Devlin Ash
Hey comment section, it's your mom on the fence. 1:35
Dragon Fire
Banged up
5:25 - 5:40 man gases of a B737
Ella Dixon
Emily Finley
Pause at exactly 15:55
EmmaLine8 AJ
I'm kind of concerned about the bear guy, I hope he was okay. And the Elena girl like how stupid can you be? Also oh my god boas don't give live birth do they? And the guy towing the car 😂 and the redneck rescue was so cute, and the baby getting needles and the drowning baby like aw poor thing it good thing the cute puppy rescued him I hope he wasn't hurt, and the rc cars in the lake was so stupid and the little girls drew on their vaginas with sharpies like what the heck? And the baby otter was so adorable. And the little kid eating chicken is me! And the humming birds like aw. And the snake on the car, and the girl with the grades through school and THE GRANDMAS ARE SO CUTE!! And the girl with the door is honestly how attached I am with my phone! And the cat with the bag aw omg that was sooooo sad. And the emu or ostrich eating the food was so funny. And the babies oh my gosh that made me jump poor things omg! And the dogs at the gate like aw. And the two jeeps were so cool, they looked like they had faces and j honestly want to do that one day lolz! And the claw machine cat like omg sooooooo freaking cute and I would honestly love to win that and take it home lmao! And the house crashing oh my goodness! The whipped man was so sad, and the baby boy was so cute and he looked so concerned before that and honestly that makes me want kids and A husband lol! The man in the wheelchair must of gotten hurt with those fireworks or fire crackers like aw, and the dog with eyelashes lol! The baby with the beet root was so scary! I felt so bad for the dad with the beard but why dint she just pouch a hair off? And it didn't look so bad when she did it but then after it was so aw! The snow plot was sooooooo funny and cool, like I wish I could have experienced that or could soon! The bouncing babies were so funny and cute ahaha. And the seal with the little girl was honestly really funny but also sad , it's cute that someone jumped in after her but what if that guy had his wallet and phone on him? If you read all of this, leave a alike because wow that's commitment right there! Lol! Have a great day! For every like I'll get and for every person who reads this I'll add a turtle! 🐢
Flor Torres
1:55 boi one time we were driving and this dude throws a bottle of coke out and a dude gets out and gets it and gives it to him
Football Star8284
3:35 new fortnite dance?
Graylynn Phillips
28:49 how my grades get me
Gregory Ashton
21:52 I’m screaming at the screen, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS???
Hailee Kawii
24:42 me toooo
Hannah Banana
9:49 I love Harlow so much
3:24 \
Imani Maldonado
Dang that last guy had his wallet or sum in his back pocket too
Its Neko Dat Cat
Ive seen all of these XD
Who else is just scrolling through the comments watching all the timestamps?
Jeff Stauffer
If someone shaved my beard like that I would be pissed beyond belief. That girl would get part of her head shaved.
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Thanks for the glitch
Kelly Lorraine
god bless the man in the number one video that literally jumped in to save the little girl
Kenny Nguyen
11:14 that smile turns into tears of joy
Kung Fu Madness
Just here begging for subs. I have kung fu movies ;/
Kurdish Movies
Who watched the whole video ? (I did)
This video mostly have snakes 🐍 🐍
Maci Cassell
Margaret S
11:30 is when my sister and I get in a fight😅
Martina Harkness
7:43 the only person to survive the uprising
Half of these I didn’t even see during 2017 lol.
Michael Jay - Value Investing
21:01 Still holds onto the phone though!
Mike XXX
Mira Maryusya
So that’s what elderly’s do beside looking like two broken arms😂🤣😂
Mitchy Boy
11:13 cat: HELP ME PLEASE
MooseMan's Unboxings
4:30 🤮
15:32 💜
Pete Hill
omg when the baby saved the other baby it warmed my heart
Picket Pants
If someone puts their feet on your armrest during a flight, simply lean over and drool all over them. I can promise that their feet will swiftly move.
Purple Rosette
The guy with the baby ducklings \nMan I'm not ready for kids XD died laughing
Queen Yandere
“Prepare for rust” 3:45
Raleigh Burris
The Very Last Ine Is SUOER SWEET!!😨😱😱😃😍😍
0:07 he clearly does not value life \n0:24 dont know if she crying or laughing \n0:34 the glitch \n0:46 i would totally do this my future kids \n1:17 the way she realised her mistake\n1:34 bear trip gone wrong \n1:48 i wished i seen her face\n2:01 swallowed more than can chew\n2:23 thats one more costume i'd hate to see in person\n2:41 clearly the human here is the waiter\n2:54 seems legit \n3:10 \
23:36 that boy just ripped the taxes
Simon Kennedy
I spotted animal cruelty a few times and child abuse
Smujahid shaikh
Solar _
I'm kind of concerned that \
Spencer B
A moment of silence for that nice mans sunglasses
Super Lapinou
1:13 seul les français peuvent comprendre ce qu’elle dit
Tech Rene
But you have to say that she looks pretty good.. 25:35
The Trailers
5:20 is that real
Titanium Soldier 76
8:27 blinker fluid that's the best dad prank i've ever heard of XD
23:00 :LMFAO
UnicornLizzie Galaxy
Do u have two steal unspeakable song
15:32 Cute
Vanessa Berumen
At number 84 ewwww
Vinnie Romano
That last one freaked me out
Why Why
Now this is what I call yt rewind
Wise doggo of da youtubes
Is it just me or have I seen almost none of these? 😂\n\nEdit: holy crap! So many likes! Thxxx
15:32 is the best
Zain Chupacabra
I kept watching every video with Daily Dose of Internet's voice in my head.
13:23 if that's how sand is made I think we'll give the beach a miss from now on. :)
bodak CZE
25:17 😂😂 i can't😂😂
elisabette D'Msp
Settai Cyril xD?!
fluffoluff fluff
3:06 to 3:26 I'm not ready for kids then a kid comes on screen! Must watch!
11:43- all I'm thinking of is jungkook in RUN 😂😂😂
This shows that all heroes don't wear capes 21:58
mohan kumar
paige danford
I wish I had a squad of lil’ ducklings 🐥
Tbh, I would have preferred this video instead of YouTube rewind 2017
romyy dsrt
1:56 👍🏼👌🏼
t r a v i s g h e t m
elena wtf
zahid momin
The part when the guy got a injection he was in pain and I got 7 of them when I was 3 and I was not like that and I was not crying I was like BRUH