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David and Goliath like you've never seen before! A giant movie mashup of biblical proportions, this is an epic and accurate Bible story. Learn how King David really killed the giant with a sling and a stone, and took away the reproach from Israel. Narrated by Alexander Scourby, this audio visual bible presentation stays true to the King James version (KJV) of the Old Testament Jewish Tanakh. A compilation of various versions of the David and Goliath story are re-mixed and edited to make one amazingly accurate tale which stays true to the scriptures. This video is accurate to the King James narrative of the Bible. If you watch this video and all you see are "white characters" then you've completely missed the point, and the blessing. God made man in his own image, but he never specified a race. God doesn't play identity politics. There is one race, that is the human race. We all bleed red, and we are all related regardless of whether you believe in Creation or Evolution. Only a true racist views everything in terms of race. Please take your black liberation theology elsewhere, and don't ruin it for others by making this story all about skin color. Click here for our rare accurate version of Noah's Ark: Sources include but are not limited to movies, documentaries, films, animated cartoons for kids and children, images, and audio samples. All sources are credited below in video credits. The video in it's entirety is a Tac Times production, and stands alone as a new creative work.

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