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David and Goliath like you've never seen before! A giant movie mashup of biblical proportions, this is an epic and accurate Bible story. Learn how King David really killed the giant with a sling and a stone, and took away the reproach from Israel. Narrated by Alexander Scourby, this audio visual bible presentation stays true to the King James version (KJV) of the Old Testament Jewish Tanakh. A compilation of various versions of the David and Goliath story are re-mixed and edited to make one amazingly accurate tale which stays true to the scriptures. Watch Noah's Ark | Rare Accurate Version | Best KJV Bible MovieClick here: Sources include but are not limited to movies, documentaries, films, animated cartoons for kids and children, images, and audio samples. All sources are credited below in video credits. The video in it's entirety is a Tac Times production, and stands alone as a new creative work.

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A. Osmond
What a great God we serve.
AWelsh Celt
The reason this is so accurate is because it uses the exact words from the KJV. Andrew Scourby is the narrator. I used to have complete audio cassette versions of the Old and New testaments narrated by Andrew Scourby. I gave them away. Gave them to someone who needed them more than me. They brought me a lot of comfort. Hope they're still in use somewhere.
Audie Herron
This is an incredibly accurate portrayal!! Holy Spirit approved!
Bender Bending Rodriguez
What a load of gobshite. This is not historical fact. It's not even rooted in conventional mythology. It's fiction.
Benoit Pellet
Thanks, friend. For all the haters out there, the point is not that this is or isn’t an accurate portrayal of a historical event - if you don’t believe in the Bible, that is your problem, not mine - The point is rather that it is at least an accurate representation of the story as the Bible tells it, unlike almost all of the Hollywood treatments.
Brandon Ezzard
This is wonderful. I was watching the Beginner's Bible version of David and Goliath and felt uneasy because if things aren't really accurate I remember it and then believe a lie, so I prayed to the Lord to find a real version and I felt led to this. Praise the Lord you have done such a thing. He bless you abundantly more than I can imagine. Amen.
Yeah, I hate it when a fake story isn't depicted accurately.
Captain G
What a change to see an accurate rendering of a Biblical story, unlike so many of the films that have been made. Thank you.
Carlos Dasilva
The Philistines promise to serve them if they lost was a lie, because they fled.1:21\nSaul is portrayed here as weak I stature when in fact he was a very tall and strong man.
Clinton Yorke
Great fantasy story.
Dada Pardada
I think it was 1st bullet in men history in any war used by Prophet David (MAY Paece Be Upon HIM).
As a non christian (Tho raised on these stories in a christian family)...\nI LOVED THIS
Daniel Swann
The most amazing thing about this story is that it really happened.
Don't Bet on It
Nothing in the bible is accurate it is a book of bronze age fairy tales.
Donald Gorth
Horse crap....MORE FAIRYTALE
Eduard BlaBla
Hopefuly somebody will shoot some good movie about David one day.
Electro Man
Faith is the currency of Heaven.
Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth
Glenn Watts
Funny how this supernatural nonsense happened in the dark age and doesnt happen now.Total bullshit.Plus he beat a bear and a lion,so sorry for the people that actually believe this.
Helen Burnley
So many dislikes?! 💔
Ima Pseudonym
Innocent Muhaya
With God everything is possible just have faith in God
Instrumentalists Jade
I believe in the Bible. I believe the Ten Commandments.. that it should be practice. We should never stop studying the word of God
Jack Duffy
This a parable or a fact, This story was told to us when we were children. We accepted it as true, well that's what children do, My Christian faith is still with me, amen.
Jamar Ratcliff
This video is inaccurate. The israelites are black and so are the philistines. Why is ever body Caucasian.
James Dickens
And thus God hates war to such extent and sorrow in his heart - that God will forever deliver the wars of this Earth to meek. And God has delivered to the history of man's legacy to war - that the meek have sowed their victory - If it be David and Goliath, Gideon or the Hittites, the American Colonies and the British Empire, Vietnam and the United States, the Hebrews and Hitler, the Confederates and the United States, the mounting armies against Israel to Armageddon - God will ensure the victory to the meek. And thus time will even return the lands unto the Native Tribes what is rightfully theirs. God so hated war and David became a warrior of habit - that God denied David the sovereignty to neither build or ever even enter his Temple - yet bound him to gather the stones for the Temple - it was his son Solomon the only King of Israel to reign in peace - to grant him to construct the Temple and thus enter the Holy of Holy. Man has refused the gift from God - to go forth, be fruitful and multiply - rather man has chosen the path of death, war and destruction. To this insanity of war - God offered pleasures and man would rather shed blood. Yet the day will come when the swords shall be beaten into plows. Amen and glory to God for that day. To have lived by the sword - so shall they die by the sword. David and his rock - Cain and his rock - and God's Law - thou shalt not kill. But kill we shall - then God will ensure every time that the meek will prevail. It may take time - but the meek shall inherit the Earth.
James Gray
James Strothers
Horseshit ... Never happen .just like the exodus
Jasmin Aviles
Impressive ❤️ and faithful to the scriptures.
Jeff C.
Suddenly a sharp loud \
Jeff Phillips
You are a very confused individual whose type has been spewing lies for my entire 72 years. I saw one of your kind refuse help to a 92 year old man with an 84 year old wife (bed ridden with a broken hip) ...who still shot a grew all of his food. The reason was he thought the old man should be able to help himself, and because this same man wanted to buy an electric train and thought that the church kids should be helping him raise money. This man was a professional whose income in 1952 was probably $200,000 per annum and who ran a successful business. No sir. I know you, and  you're to be avoided like the plague. Tell you story walking.
Jeff Pringle
The reason why David chose 5 stones is because Goliath had 4 brothers. David had a stone ready for each one. I read that in a book that a historian wrote.
Jeff Richmond
Bless our GOD \nthank you Father for everything \nJesus is the way ,truth,and life
Jeff Stumpf
That's right. God is real
JeffGuy Poe
I'm sorry but some of these \
Jeffrey Coronel
Very good, I hope you\
Jimmy London
Blessed one ... I can feel this one .
John Gialanella jr
Much more detailed version, then previous ones. Must give it 2 thumbs up.
Jon B.
And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: for he was but a youth, and ruddy, and of a fair countenance.\n 1Samuel 17:42 KJV\nThe scripture says David was Ruddy (Red) and of Fair countenance (Face, features)\nAnd he sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, and withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to. And the LORD said, Arise, anoint him: for this is he. 1 Samuel 16:12 KJV\nNice Video Brother
Joseph Stocks
David's words to Goliath they are fuel to the fire that burns in my heart for the one true God. May God Bless all who watch this video
Lloyd Lifestone
Unique, dynamic, colorful Collage. Thank you & God bless
Lorelai Rhys-Jones Spencer
Thank you😇
Rare and accurate? lol, please give me a rare and accurate depiction of santa
With the Lord God Almighty nothing is impossible. The King Of King's is my God, He is the Highest Power, there is NO other.
Mark Mcdonald
What A load of bollocks!
Mark Toler
God made us all different like the flowers, we're all different colors because He loves variety. We're each loved by Him, made in His image. When oh when will we get over this whole race thing? It saddens me to see these things. I've worshiped God with many different people. Trust me when I say The Lord God doesn't care about our outer appearance, only our hearts.
Martina Morgan
Zalways a good story,,,
Matha Stinner
Powerful short Representation and the most powerful Video I have ever watched in my life. I thank you with my whole joy of my heart. May our Creator Lord of Lords keep you strong.
Mei Yuk McClure
Thank you very much for this wonderful biblical movie that is so accurate. I love it.
Micheal Attar
Mika Cotty
SO the rock killed him HUM
Music And Coffee
Solid video here, thanks for posting.
Ophelia Mammah
The God of israel ♡♡♡♡Thankyou faithful father
Pam Mckellar
The name Israel means , God is real !!!
Puruan Langit
Goliath suffer gigantism, physical illness that cause excessive amounts of growth hormone...
Ralph Williams
And bible p unchers believe this crap
Rev. Gunn
Well it really didn’t happen that way, I traveled back in time and lost my suppressed Glock. Yep! It was a 9mm bullet between the eyes which took him out
Ron Mower
Great put together vid
Santito Felipe
Naaa.. This Goliath sounds Too Polite to be a Philistine!
Sarah Stewart
People always criticizing a biblical movie bc of the main color of the actors portraying the characters, when what we should do is focus on the story which gives health to our bones. Thanks for sharing. So hard to find the script that's based on actual accounts of the biblical story written.💝
Shane Worsnup
absolute bullshit.
Spiritual Warriors in Yah&Christ
SONG OF SOLOMON \n1:5 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.
Spring Bloom
Sooo... he was ten feet tall and bulletproof?\n\nAm I the only one who thinks there's a little hyperbole present, in this story?
Sunny Wakefield
Thanks you for sharing 👍 I new about this story as a child at school when the teacher read this to the class many years ago ..And now watching as an Adult I understand a lot more thanks to this video 👍
The 2 Tribes Of Israel
So much of the Bible is based on historical fact, whether one is a believer or not-John in Texas
Thomas Waszczyn
impossible to prove acuracy, but good editing for storyline none the less
Tim Cantrell
I cried, hallelujah praise You Yeshua, to hear David speak the words of God against Goliath
Tiny Whiny
An accurate version of a fairy tale?
Tom Smith
five smooth stones... it only took one! \nplease don't mess with Shepards! ;)
Tosca Tosca
Absolute bollocks
True South
It is all absolute nonsense.
Uncle Fester
God is good!
UriYah Ysrayl
This is a masterpiece. Make more vids like this please.
Ven One
David = Israel and Goliath = islam
William Albert
I wonder why he specifically took five stones in his ammo bag?
Stupid and ignorant story made by the system to keep us stupids and ignorant
arhlen itchon
why david carries five stones. because golliath has 4 other brothers to kill but the philistines run away
aspince laframboise
Faith is streched really thin for this kosher MYTH eh... Ÿ
I am the God of all mankind. Is there anything too hard for me to do?
looks like a compilation movie featuring 1920s speed action with the Keystone cops. Almost comedic.
bluewave 2018/2020
lmao accurate? how can fiction be accurate?
christopher hinkle
Learch( Ted Cassidy) Adam s family was one of the Goliath's 😎
doug harmon
I call BS.. we all know the Palestine's are the best rock throwers..
gabry ella
Glory to God of the Israel and Christian people. Amen. Exiting only One God. God of Israel. AMEN.
guure iyo garaarace English
I'm from Somalia I'm Christian \nI like Man reading bible and channel\nG\nPlease\nI need what's name this Man God bless you all
This makes it seem as though David decided to confront Goliath in order to get riches, be free, and have a princess wife; when really he was outraged that someone dared to defy the army of the living God. David did not do these things to enrich himself!
james wells
We serve a mighty !mighty !sovereign !powerful !God.
juan alt
liv4JESUS Godsluv
Better than these hollywood bible movies today.👍 audio bible !
lover boy
our god is awesome god...\n\nJesus love u
m Day
Cool story for sure but it is still allegory!
mathew goode
rahkin rah
Great job! Kinda 60's B movies + bad cartoons.
rex ogden
The living God whose name is Jehovah ..
thunder tick
An ugly fairy story, amongst many other ugly fairy stories, all cobbled together by a bunch of fanatics two thousand years ago. I do hope people finally realise what the Bible is and consign it to history, along with every other bit of religious nonsense in the world.
wally west
5:40 David picked up 5 stones \n1st stone: J\n2nd stone: E\n3rd stone: S\n4th stone: U\n5th stone: S