Italian Greyhounds: Pros and cons

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Learn about these little athletes. Could you keep up with an Italian Greyhound?

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I would mention the leg break issue to anyone looking at getting an IG.\r\n\r\nI love them and have 2 of my own, but they are a special breed and not for everyone ... in my personal opinion at least ;)
Angela Nicholson
Very like Whippets. Very loving dogs. Sight hounds do tend to please themselves more, because they are noticing everything, and have a \
awesome dogs but idk if its just mine but they are not that bright.
This is ''THE Breed'' !! ;D
Catharine Thomas
Having had three IGs, I can tell you that they are never really house broken, only house bent. If it's too cold, they are happy to do you the favor of not having to take them outside. Not fans of rain either. First friend I had who had had IGs for a long time said she was going to tile her bedroom. I didn't get it. NOW I do.
Che mob Chemob
Can someone tell me what a CERMIT is\nThanks
How about shedding, is there hair everywhere.
Destiny Elliott
it looks like dobby the house elf 😁 I want one
Emi B.
Mine is perfectly trained, never had a single accident as I taught him how to knock at the door and ask to go pee out. IGs are amazing at dog training. Unlike Retrievers, they don't respond to dog treats, they respond to compliments and eye contact, they love our language, they love human interaction.\n\nI think this woman knows little about IGs.
Fatandyz Vintage
mine was too. even when she had an accident, she would go to the spot where her original pee pad was located. \n
Fire Wolf
plantpot85, Hold a bladder for ten hours? I can't even hold my own bladder that long and these are toy breeds with small bladders. ;) Mine are all trained to a potty box when they can't go outside. 
JL Music2myears
not the greatest advice in the another 0ne on Italian greyhounds as I really want to own one someday!
People, she's saying SIGHTHOUND, not psycho.
Jewels P.
My Italian Greyhound is almost three and he still occasionally has accidents it is just something you have to deal with. Also training has been very hard with him but I love him he does mimic training he picks up tricks by watching my other two dogs tricks. 
John Douglass
canadia is not an cermet friendly weather.
John Schwartz
My IG is 11, still won't indicate potty time but can hold for hours. I take him out about every 4 hours and he's usually good through the night.
July Stamey
So I've had two Italian Greyhounds and neither of them have been independent, at all. My Italian Greyhounds listen very well. Most people have always told us that IGs can never be off of a leash because they won't listen but this has not been true in our case. With both of my IGs I could walk anywhere and they would stay right next to me even when squirrels or rabbits ran by. I do agree that they are difficult to house train and I highly recommend using a puppy pee pad in a kennel to begin training them and slowly moving that pee pad to a door and then eventually outside but it takes way more time to train them than other dogs. I have had several different breeds of dogs and this is by far my favorite. They are loyal, sweet, patient, and extremely endearing. My IGs were both funny and very loving and affectionate. They will happily cuddle on the couch or go out for an adventure in the woods with you. I may never own anything but an IG. :))
Justina Kirkland
hey me itlan greyhound can bark full greyhoud
Lexi Nova
She forgot the cermets need water to en groww
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I’m Cermit the ccchhhhiikkenn mast
Max Moroney
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Mia Giulia
I live in a cold environment,but I really want an italian greyhound. I could litter train the dog. But what about exercise? Any tips to what I should do? Find a big house for him to play in or ?? In summer its fine because its warm. But in winter its so cold.
Nathan Kolbe
I'm thinking of buying a Cermet
Otterverse Gaming
I want one so bad!!
Paris Marie
I live in Saskatchewan and am wants to get an ig but I'm having the hardest time finding one. Any suggestions?
Pharaoh 90
very helpful! thankyou
Ryleigh Jones
I want a brownish orangish Italian greyhound and name him ginger
Sgt_ PullaBongZ
i have a 10 week old IG and he was actually very easy to house/poty train
Shawn Hall
Hmmm! This was a lot longer before being edited. Yes, I hear her saying they're sight hounds (like before), but the part about them being difficult in situations around hospital equipment (going psycho as she called it) has conveniently been left out. Originally she spoke 2 minutes longer on this. I'm glad she \
Baby Cermets 😁
Thanks for the info.. I'm really starting to like these dogs even if they can be difficult to house/potty train...
Starbuck Rojas
I love IGs! I'll never own a different breed
The Great Outdoors Vic
So cute. WORTH the effort tho I think in the long run!
My Italian greyhound is grey... and around his neck is white and also the tip of his tail... he's 10 months old and I had him since he was 2 months... when he was younger he could indicate places and did a good job on the potty stuff... but know he is peeing and pooping everywhere and PLEASE anyone give me advice to how to make him do his business on the pad...
the only real worry for me is that there legs are so thin i would like to get one for my first dog when i move out on my own i have had dogs and i have a puppy now so the potty mess is no problem would you say they are good first dogs to have?
I have a miniature italian greyhound and i toldy agree. They have a mind of there own. And the first one died. And now i have a new one. And the dog is so cool.
There ARE no cons to these dogs!
Does anyone know where I can find a greyhound in Alberta Canada??
mmmm..... my Iggie was so quick to house train and can hold his bladder for 10 hours if needs be... its not the breed its the owners which causes slack house training and accidents
I know a lot about shepards, and I trained aggressive Pitbulls back to mild temperance and german Shepards. I am currently looking at this breed only after a lot of experience with training dogs. I can't imagine this being a first breed for someone or a family dog.
Наталка xx
I guess this is why Jenna finds poop surprises every now n then. Haha.