Domestic Abuse: What would you do?

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In another installment of “Heroes Among Us,” find out how ordinary people react when they’re placed in an extraordinary situation. Undercover cameras are rolling to find out if complete strangers will step in when they witness scenarios involving teen bullying and a man who is being verbally abusive to his girlfriend. Will they speak up and intervene on the situation? You’ll be surprised to see who decides to step in and their reasons for doing so!

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I thought this was “WWYD” “WWYD” is better enyway you stole it
Abbi Jackson
Wwyd Steve Harvey’s coming for you
Agnieszka Skora
And when a man abuses a woman, and see the reactions
Alicia1411crozier 2
when your running low on ideas and you need to copy shows
Amber Louise
i dont care that he stole the idea, i just love to see how people react to things tbh
Amelie Seso
*John Quinonez left the chat*
Anand vijay
wwyd is 100000000000 times better than this ......
Andrew Colin Wilson
Here's what I would say to that woman who was being emotionally abused by that man;\nMe: This has to end. We need to get help.\nEmotionally abused girlfriend: Look, I'm fine. I don't need any help.\nMe: Yes, you do! I'm coming with you.\nPolice officer: Hi! What can I do for you?\nMe: We'd like to speak with you.\nPolice officer: Oh, I'd love to. Come right in.\nMe: So, I've convinced this woman to come in and talk to you about a situation she's in.\nPolice officer: I'm proud of you for having the courage to come in and talk to us. It's OK, sweetheart. I know it's hard. What you're going through is not easy. So why don't you tell me a little bit about what has been going on?\nMe: You need to tell them the truth about what was happening between you and that man at the restaurant.\nEmotionally abused girlfriend: Well, it's seems like he's always mad about something and we fight a lot. He insults me too much. It's like I'm making him mad no matter what I do and sooner or later the abuse he's giving me may turn physical as well as emotional any day now.\nPolice officer: What it sounds like so far is that you're experiencing something pretty unhealthy. So, how about I ask you some questions about your relationship and then we do a little assessment about your relationship.\nEmotionally abused girlfriend: What kind of questions?\nPolice officer: They're questions about domestic violence.
Andrew Y
You're out enjoying lunch and witness a popular television show being ripped off...
Angirson Lopez
I would've invited her to my table while he's gone and just keep her to protect her from him.
Anila L Clarke
Wait?!?!?! Where's John Quinonez????
April Kalcsa
Kudos to the men who stepped up and did something. That was me, and I Never got the help that I needed, not even from my family. So for Years I suffered, until I was able to do something about it, but it is extremely difficult to deal with it on your own, to get out of that kind of relationship on your own. Please help people if you can. Women who go through this don't think they are worthy of help. That's why they stay, that and fear. Whatever you see in public, it's 100 times worse behind closed doors.
Aries Leo
i was in a relationship like this. I begged people not to come to me when we argued in public. i know people just wanted to help me but it made it worst. it made my ex more upset. when we got home he would just beat me up and shout at me who were all that people. How did i know them etc. I knew i can call the cops but i didnt wanted to because people pressured me to leave him but it made me closer to him. I knew i had enough and left him. after i called the cops.
Artty star studios
I would have punched the boy friend in the face and kicked him in the balls
DISLIKED for stealing from wwyd. You can't compete with that show.
Baby Doll
So Steve you thought you would get away with this so easily WE CAUGHT YOU you ain't slick
Ben EastwaterVlogs
Blue Sapphire
This is literally WWYD!!!!! Why Steve do something like that taking credit from John
Brad Morrison
What about the thousands of women abusing men? It happens just as often and women being abused. Smh. It’s always men abusing women CAN WE SHED light on the MEN being abused?
Just break us with him or get a divorce with him
CSERA Fashion Accessories
Shouldn't be allowed to film anyone without prior permission, these social experiments are an invasion of privacy.
i thought this was wwyd
Catherine Torres
Stop copying WWYD steve :/
Christian R
dollar store version of WWYD.
I'm sure they took this idea from somewhere, but I couldn't tell you what
Dear True love
Stop trying to copy WWYD
Don Corlione
I'm so proud that there are some True decent men up there, my huge respect !
DreadHead Jay
I literally thought this was WWYD haahaahahahahah
They should have reversed the genders. I can almost guarantee no one in that restaurant would have even acknowledged it if that was a man suffering domestic abuse from his wife/girlfriend.
Edub One
Ema Tafolla-Vasquez
I like Steve but really? What would John Quinones do?
Ethan Hii
Switch their gender, man being abuse, see what happens
Evyatar Hadar
Steve's mustache looks fake lol.
Frendy Rau
Steve stole this video
Fumni Ajani
Stop copying wwyd
Goldn Haze
such a biter, be original steve.
Here is a human
I wish this show or WWYD would do the same experiment, but with the woman verbally abusing or threatening violence torrid a man. I feel like that's a issue people look over.
Hilary Tsai
Failed knockoff of WWYD
I 4got
Thank God for the real men who acted... So many women are literally have no where to go... For those men who stood up Thank you...\nFor those that did nothing, remember this when you need help..
I am a person who just replied
What would you do? A weak copy of WWYD
Jahaira Zavala
Steve Harvey didn't create this. The show called what would you do did.
Julia Smith
partnership & empowering each other through correction not the opposite. lowering self esteem is a definate no no. jack ma said people complain =problem= opportunitiy for solution. we have to learn to forgive not continuous hurt. Someone said hurt people hurt more people which isn't good. The male has inner lower self esteem so he feel the need to put down the female as his way to deal with his unaddressed inner tourmoil or hes using his action to cover up for himself by thinking he's teaching her to stand up for herself which wouldn't be in play if she didn't have that issue prior to meeting & being in a relationship. Therefore, this is where domestic verbal abuse is demonstrated intentionally in some cases purposely. I would only hope a neighbor eater in diner stood up for the woman or person experiencing the abuse. & resources are probided for both parties to address their pain & have time to heal. So many issues spiral from this scene that needs solutions.
Kadeem Patrick
this would have been better if the roles were reversed
Kage Krôss
I've been watching WWYD. Really, Steve?
Kari M
Ummm... Why was Steve on The John Quinones WWYD show?? \n\nCome on Steve ... SMH!
Kevron Harris
Steve's mimicking WWYD, which is weird.
Kiana Hughes
I’ve never been abused so I don’t really understand how people feel like they should stay in that type of situation where they are being put down verbally or physically. Why in the world would anyone put up with it?
Kiona Prater
No body deserves to be mistreated it is up to her to get help and not the abusive boyfriend and if she had enough she can do that.She don't have to put up with it he is the one speak up for his girlfriend saying she don't need help and if she not happy she can leave so heartbreaking 💔💔💯💯💯
Kirstine Termansen
Agree call police violation often connected drug abuse alkohol\nThat ustabil even police is careful
There’s only one show and that’s wwyd
Lilly Castillo
*John Quiñones has left the chat*
Lisa Clark
I would mind My Own business because He could have a Weapon or hit Me
If this will happen to me I would absolutely do the same thing. I will call the cops because I don't want to hear or to see someone insulting a woman like that. It was so rude and I can't stand it.
I was waiting for John Q to come out but... Some chick came out saying she works for Steve Harvey. Idk if this could be considered major television station click bait. I thought I was cooking to see WWYD!!! Steve legit stole the show idea. So the way down to \
M. Va'enuku
Next time switch races. Will the reaction be the same if it were a black or brown couple. Most times, no.
Marsha Montgomery
Lol steve 100% like play by play stole the show what would you do. An exact rip off lol,,cmon Steve.
Melanie Cravens
Bravo too the people who helped my mother put up with a beating every day never left him it ruined 5 kids child hood folks don't put up with it life's short. Your better than that stand up take up for your self get help. If he try too hurt you do what you've got to do if I had not been a child my step dad would never got by with the awful things he did he was a monster.
Most.hated.laila Most.hated.barbie
They tryna copy off of wwyd
Why wasn’t the genders reversed ?..... males wouldn’t have been helped at all
Nathan Aguirre
(What would you do copycats)
Nick Yad
Nicola Davis
The last guy\
Nicole D
That was hard to watch because of my childhood experience , I definitely would have reacted if I saw that in public ! I hope noone tolerates abuse of any kind . Especially if this happened in public, you can simply get up and go sit by someone else and be safer than walking away ...
Ninjallen C
This show is weak compared to WWYD.
Nuclear Muscle
Octavia Polk
WWYD is wayyyy better Steven Harvey can't do everything hope he doesn't take this show over to
Regan Williams
They just copied WWYD 🤦🏾\u200d♂️
what a ridiculous what would you do ripoff
Scarlett the avocado
Rip off of what would you do
Shaunna Richards
In the past I've been verbally abused like this in public and people just stood and watched it but I almost preferred that because I would have been terrified if someone had stepped in, it would have probably escalated when he got me alone. After the incident in public I broke up with him the next day because I realized the \
Sophie Louise
This show isn’t as good as WWYD
Super Duper S.P
Is calling the police an actual thing with these situations? Seems too far to me just simple intervention I say.
Trash Mouth
*john has left the chat*
Tre Griffin
so steve harvey literally stole all of what would you do's concepts n made a show lol its almost word for word too haha
Trish Bhunu
Such copy cats.... Steve please get your own material or at least you could have outsourced from WWYD
Tyler Webster
So wheres the video of the woman being the abuser? Its far more likely than what this shows.
Vasil Kochev
Okay, I am a big Steve Harvey fan, but Steve....? Why would you copy from another show and meanwhile teaching people how to jump and do what they dream about? Seems like eighter you've changed, or you have not being honest from the beginning... I am disappointed
Victoria M
What in the John Quinonez is going on here?
What The F Blog
Oh hell no! It would take every ounce of my will to not go up to that douchebag! BUT...i grew up in an alcoholic abusive home so i KNOW that saying something to him would result in a beat down at home for her. So as hard as i would be id probably keep my mouth shut in fear of making it worse. Id definitely say something once she was alone like that 1 man did.
William Dow
Less talk more slapping...
Yaquelin Hernández
you know it’s not the og what would you do when they don’t have the police department in on the show
Zazo Pink
My step mom and dads frequent conversation ender- dad: \
ari ari
Ooo i think you copied someone whose wwyd was better
u cant just watch 1 ep of this kind of show
It's interesting that the couple removed themselves because they were \
The concerned grandfather at the end though
daria harruff
wheres john quiones?
you should do different scenarios with good scripts, this one looks like wwyd knockoff.
fallen palace
I want to see what people would do if a girl did that to a guy
john Baldock
Having grown up with my Father doing this i will Always try to STOP THIS!!
ricardo morales
Is Steve really trying to do that stealing credit doesn’t that damn man have enough money!!!!
sara F
OMG you’re literally copying WWYD COME ON GUYES
skys darkest craft
It's so sad. Me and my mom goes through this every day.
titus flowers
I would have been mad as hell when instead of John Quillones I get a cheap producer for the show of a guy who isn't even there 😂😂
Where's Traci? Oh wrong show.
Although I am a fan of Steve Harvey, I am also one of John Quiñonez, and this doesn’t seem right.