Top 10 "SIMON STOPS THEM" ... Watch What Happens Next!

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A.C. Fernandez
So many people believe Simon is an arrogant ass. Perhaps a bit, BUT he definitely has an ear for talent. I often watch him. He makes a point to turn his head sideways and not focus exactly on the musician, but on their vocals. In addition, he often takes the audience into consideration. I enjoy watching him working his magic. He truly knows exactly what he is doing and makes his choices with a great deal of wisdom behind them.
THIS is why Simon is the best in finding talent... Great compilation as always ❤️
27:34 close my eyes and hear that voice! I think that a woman's voice! Amazing!
Abdur Razzaaq Oliver
Plz make a video showing your beautiful self
Anesta Chie
This is why I like and big fans of Simon👍👍👍
Anne Capinpin
Every time I watched this i always cry....OMG Simon ur the best judge😊😊😊
Anui Risom
I really like Simon... just Love him
Ari Ot
El desgraciado sabe lo que hace
Arnab Chakravarty
Simon knows what he's doin.
Atroba Khalid
Biidhan Tiwari
Simon's like the big bully who has the soft corner on the edge. :D
Bill Robaire
I can't believe these things aren't set up beforehand. It just doesn't look authentic. Everything looks too perfect !!!!!!! Don't forget these shows toy with your emotions, and they need\nmoments like these to keep you hooked.
Call 991 now
Simon is the best judge he can know if the singer is using a lip sync \n\n\n\nRead more
Chelsea Kirk
The opera guy sings like me, and looks downwards because he doesn’t want to see the audience. I feel you bro.
Christina Gutierrez
These original songs are good 💯
27:56 looking strongly as a trans genre. No Adam's apple at all. Maybe a very low testosterone production. Very strange. No pilosity and large hips. Male clients like that that I have have very low result while training with weights.
Couch potato ._.
Giving this a big thumbs up for Simon
@1:22-1:23 who is simon giving the finger to? His body expression is very telling. Niles was probably being his usual and pissed simon off
Damien Sebe
We need friends like Simon
Dari SaysWhatSheThink
1:22 wow, the middle finger ..
David Berriman
Simon is a remarkable man. A few bars from a singer and he knows them better than they know themselves. Here was a group of people who did not have a snowball's hope in hell but he turned them around and put them on the right track. Please keep it up Simon. You have given the world so many wonderful performers.
Dawn Thompson
I used to think Simon was an ass....but now I really respect. He brings out the best in the artists.
Denise G- Hill
I like Rak Su
Dual Audio Hindi English Movies hd SN
Wow nice ❤❤
Fatima Abid
Where did her silver locket go after Simon stopped her😂🤣
Francisco Rebollo Pascual
This is all fake. I mean this is all staged.
Gabi Murakami7u7
Me encantó :'D Hermosoooo!!
Gaudencio Nuega III
staged. simon already know that they have this composition. when they start to sing their composition the quality of the audio changes. equalizers are working. compositions or not. and besides, why do simon always kknows that they have some back up song.
Heverton Gmax
*The last guy has a girl voice*
Ichigo Kurosaki
Asi odien al viejo simon el sabe por algo esta donde esta
Jana Hamden!
To be honest Simon can sometimes be rude but he makes amazing superstars .
Janet Browning
I do love Simon so much...he knows things others on the panel miss entirely...he knows how to get the best out of contestants!!
Jayaram Maddikayala
Simon is intelligent Infact he wanted to encourage talent in every guy who stands there for singing. Simon tries seriously to evaluate his\ntalents and seeks a different song . They do sing and shine in those songs! and this makes them fit for further rounds and they try to excel in their performances . simon deserves sincere thanks from singers as well as on lookers
Jeffrey Mongzar
Simon is the best and Top no.1 judge in whole world Talents shows
Simon's face on every single one says \
Jenna Wolfe
Jennelyn R. Manuel
Simon don't easily rejects and give up. He encourage 😍 what a great coach 😊
Jericho Dela Ysla
Thats why he's the best judge for me
Jo-Ann Bastings
That’s why soooo many people relied on Simon Cowell’s opinion regardless of the other judges.❤️
Joseph Galindo
I JUST love Simon he's so good at bringing out the best in someone he REALLY doesn't get the Respect he deserves he's the kind of man that makes star's..👍👍💙💙💕
Karen Lee
Simon read people soul!! He can bring out talent from people! He is the greatest judge ever! love Simon and respect!
Kartika Joe
SIMON... What you are so sensitive feeling...your ear.. your mood. so accurate for specific talent voice ... you are genius Simon!.. \ntwo thumbs up for you.
Katya Prykhodko
Simon is the biggest talent himself! Everything he says just right, everything makes sense. Love him.
Kim Decsi
Simon is the best. Honest, straight forward and always spot on!
Jesus, when he stopped the kid I got scared😭 THANK YOU SIMON FOR EXPOSING EVERYONES TRUE TALENT💓
Lass-in Angeles
That's why Simon Cowell makes $95 million a year.
Lheny Balce
I realy cry at gruffydd wyn
Lisa Watson
Wow he just knows...that can not be taught one must experience a whole lot of life. Good work sir
Luka Willems
Lydia Robertson
Simon is brutally honest, honest is the key word here... ~♡PEACE♡~
Margaret Osburn
Yes, sing it again! Simon knows best! Wow! Great music and Beautiful voices!
Marrium khan
He is a real judge to judge anybody
Marycel Calabria
Wow..that hunter guy is incredibly amazing!
Menard B Brian
I love Simon face he looks so proud of them,love him big and best judge ever
Michael Soprani
How. Nice, what a transformation… Simon knows exactly what fits to whom… Great… He elevates people.
Miguel Armenta
hope yall get better
Mimi Indah Amelia
Simon is best judge ever
17:15 min is really fantastic, so much feeling in it
Mykayla Conlee
That Hunter is like a REAL country singer
Nixon Ms Dawngliana
Wow!!!!nice video show ever,i never ever seen like this before!! GREAT!!!!!
Nova Annalise
Y do ppl not use thr grammar they talk like dis all de time it’s weird I do not like it if u are talking like dis u should stop rn
Old Ben
There should be an album of this mix.
21:25 who is that hottie ?
Pamela A. Mankowski
Omg here goes Simon with his perfect ears for judging what you should sing .. omg we will never have a man like him again. His ears can hear the multitudes of voices and correct their choices ... God has gifted him with the ears of the universe he is drop dead spot on I just love his choices to those who picked the wrong song .. the heavens are cheering the Angels are all dancing .. God Bless you Simon 🤗🤗😍😍🥰
Patrycja Pawłowska
24.50 what's song??????
Phiu Rana
Simon you are great judge
Residnti Kk
Wow woW nico were good👍👍👍👍👍👍
Mr. Simon Cowell... Mad Respect...
Running Waters
When I Man Knows,....a Man KNOWS. I Sir Salute you.
Russell Montminy
Another example where screaming is judged to singing. Sad, very sad. This generation does not know what singing is and the way things are going never will.
Senior Craig
It's about time those morons - oh so clever - stopped attacking Simon and stopped writing daft headings. Thank you.
Simon Thomas-Lemay
SmutnaJules007 rychwalska
...and true to form, of these types of shows, you never heard from any of these people ever again...
Steven Rennie
I just love that boys group. I cant believe they wrote their own song and it had rap in it and....Wow it was so well put together. I just thinking that they are going to be the next Boyz 2 Men group...I wonder whatever happened to them??
Tata Tata
He cares! Dats why he stopped them.
Therese Olanda
Simon is the greatest judge of all time :)
This was so staged it is simply too cringeworthy to witness
Tora Fuliar
A few times, especially the opera I feel that the stopping and doing better on another song is just done because it worked once with the audience and their hoping to make the show more interesting.
Simon you're the best judge
Victor Franco
This Man has the skills to Bring The Best in any Talent. Say whatever about The Man. But He is a Genius!!
Xxhappyprincess4532Xx Plays Roblox and more!
Yamily Rivera
Simón Never stop for nothing..HE IS PROFESSIONAL...
Young Ran Yoo
Simon has a true love toward contestants!\nHe is the one truly talented.
claudio mauricio bravo
elaine maria bordin Bordin
Simon tem talento para descobrir o melhor nas apresentações.
Ofcourse Simon is a genius, but I liked Heidi saying \
You can see it in his eyes when he's not satisfied with someones song choice..
hmm apayak
simon magic
MTN, awesome vids. Thank you.
jenifer mirasol
Simon is the Best Among the Best his Ears is good enough to the mixer sound iloveyou Simon
judelyn ferrer
Prefect choice...awesome selection. Simon has extra ordinary taste. Best judge ever! Hats off to you!
I'm afraid no one got the joke of Jason, that's probably cause people don't speak Italian. The guy's singing fake words like \
When Simon Says - he knows what he's talking about!
o joly
Thumbs up for Mr Simon Cowell you're best in finding talents
siyad vahab
this attitude make simon special from other judges
Simon has an eye for talent, he wants to see the real them
vitusowen susngi
Simon knows how to bring out the best from every contestant. He is the best judge ever
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