Italians Taste American Foods

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We brought our Italian Staff some of our favorite (and least favorite) American foods and snacks to taste, then filmed their reactions. We are EVIL.

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Another case of comfort zone vs. novelty
Its not drama they tell you as it is.if stinks its stinks
Invece di queste schifezze sarebbe interessante provare la cucina della Louisiana con piatti come il Gumbo o la Jambalaya. Negli Usa ci sono piatti interessanti soprattutto la cucina creola.
Ironically this video reflects bad on Italians.
Adyprima Nigraha
I learn Italian swear words from this.
Aldo Spadari
Americani che scimmiottano la cucina italiana e cucinano merda. Impossibile. Quando impareranno potranno parlare.
Alfred Jodl
It wouldnt have killed them to be a little more polite when it came to their reactions.
Andrew Beaumont
None of this is even American cuisine. This is all convenience store junk food. Why don't you serve up some classic meatloaf or roasted chicken with a side of greens? I suspect the reason is you can't cook.
Anne RAy
I am so embarrassed. They couldn't have picked worse representations of America
Barbara Thomas
This is not American food these are just silly snacks
Baron Von Grijffenbourg
Lol, Italians are such drama queens. I get that it tastes like dogshit, but you'd think they're dying from the way they react. Oh well, cultural differences I guess. They'd probably think I'm some frigid robot guy.
Bing bing bong bong
Jerky tastes like an Arabs inside shoe sole that's been sat on by a Pakistani NY driver cab in peak summer for 3 months.\nSchiffo ! Try South African *BILTONG*
Carlo Mormile
Voglio capire che le cose che hanno provato facevano abbastanza schifo, ma l'ho visto un pò troppo recitato come video.....
Charles Bell
WHAT a poor representation of American food.. Most of the things the people were given I wouldn't eat and I am American .
Courtney Davis
They’re a little over the top to be spitting all of that food out. It may not be amazing, but it’s not rancid. Lol
D Patrick
that is right! astronaut food, if we can land on the moon we can make food better then real food!
Dalton Bruccoleri
Diane Watson
Italians taste American JUNK food is what this should be entitled.\nBahahaha...Chef Boyardee, LOL, really?! So cruel.
Em boss
no wonder their reaction is like this... Italian food is a masterpiece!
Esa Skykke
*Italians are such a cry babies. Yes, that food might be little bad, but that drama what they make.*
Says “foods” … gives them only candy and the salty brother of candy (whatever you call chips & co) … and then canned crap.\nI'm not American, and while I know they eat many things that are not food by any stretch of the imagination, their food is not THAT (bad).
Fabri ai Fornelli
Nice video
Frances Van Siclen
Funny !!!!!!
Frank Daniels
Dammi una pausa, sono americano italiano e non ho mai mangiato Ragazzo Chef Ar Dee, mia madre me lo ha alimentato e il mio Nonna non mi ha mai alimentato. Sono cresciuto mangiando solo ravioli fatti in casa e polpette fatte in casa. Non avrei mai mangiato questo a mio nipote è disgustoso insieme a molti altri cibi che erano in questo video.
Freyja Njordsdottir
When americans try to cook italian food. A catastrophe of biblical proportions.
Next time how about you show them some actual food and not just snacks and junk?
George Kam
γαμησε μας παλιολουγκρα μυρωνα...και το φεστιβαλ σου..
Hafsa R
Their reaction to the canned ravioli have me dead 😂 😂 😂
I'm Italian and we don't listen the music from Naples at the beginning. Worst music ever
That lady with arm tattoo, verrry nice.
Hope Hempstead
Those are just snacks! Wtheck!
Jesus was a Sausage
Were those Cheeto’s made at Chernobyl?? They had a very unhealthy looking glow to them, but saying that they’re probably made with every E number under the sun.
Jo DeFranco
For the record many Americans don't eat that stuff either. There are many Americans that came from Italy and while true Italian food is better (most of us can't figure out why) many of us cook traditional Italian taught by our Nonna's and Mamma's. We have some of the finest Italian cooks and restaurants here. As for Chef Boardee - well I would have to agree with that but you won't find too many Italians eating that stuff.
Johan Cha
As an American, all I can say is the foods presented are canned, processed foods. I don't ever eat them, not even the candy. Also, keep in mind that Italian Americans revolutionized Italian food and started the global phenomenon from ideas such as Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos, Olive Garden and so on. Sure, they are not authentic Italian, but many people travel to Italy and comment on how horrible the pizza is (marinara and margherita). How creative can you get with dough, cheese and tomato?
Johnny Maldonado
Cazzo! Io no parlo Italiano. Io sono americano . Io amo pizza !
Joseph Demetrio
What about southern BBQ, NY pizza, apple pie, or Nathan’s hotdogs? With such a diverse culinary landscape in our HUGE country, why did you pick the things A LOT of us Americans shy away from ourselves? Were these “American foods” picked by a foreigner?
Kenneth Wong
WTF are you feeding these people, this is all junk from gas stations lol
Leo P
Oh my god! That silly music at the beginning!!! I'm Italian and trust me, almost nobody listens to this music, which represents only the city of Naples!!!
Lorenzo De Nicola
bho io sta roba l'ho mangiata, non capisco tutto sto disgusto.....bha! io di carne secca ne vado pazzo! e anche delle cheetos
Louie M
italian food snobs 😉
Luca Bovolenta
Credo che quel cibo piacerebbe a pochi.
Title should be *Italians taste American **_JUNK_** food* - that's what those are.
Lulli Solli
imbarazzante quando ho dovuto leggere in inglese a 2:52 perchè non ho capito l'italiano 😂
Lupis Corvus
Man, I don't find flaming cheetos to be even a little bit spicy...\n\nAlso, making them try chef boyardee \
Dear Italians I would not touch this food either...unless I was starving... sincerely, an American. Bahahaha
Maine Coon
Italians are used to eating diarrhea...any other food tastes bad for them. You should of fed them horse shit then they would feel like they are eating their mom's cooking.
Marcelo Fortin
Mark Bigeloe
That's american food? Snacks, candy and canned kid food? I think not. The guy who had to smoke while he ate it the way i see italians.
Markus Federico
Is it tragedy or comedy of life that mostly italians feel urged to comment other nations food? I mean, the Italian cuisine had no innovation for decades of years, italian fast food are cheap and low nutrution bread and noodle variations, and there is only minor influence because they refuse to communicate in culture languages. Decreasing culture... They replace swedish IKEA employees now, together with the dutch, while the swedish watch the soccer championship.\nAfter centuries of noodle manufacturing ONE noodle producer came up with computer designed shape of noodles (baxxxxlas Spaghetti Rigatoni) and nobody cares. Mamma Mia, finally the italians understood what they copied from mongols and chinese (what they refuse to admit as well) but they still don't eat what doesn't taste like grandmas armpits smelled like.\nThey have no clue of butchering, barbeque, bread, cheese (mainly they have 4 or 5 specialties), their sausages taste like a zoo after a drone attack, and the cheapest spanish serrano tastes better than San Daniele or Parma ham. \nEat your Kim Chi, Giuseppe....
Master Roshi
Y'all hatin on gushers?!?! Smh
Michael Lozoya
Hahah giving them Spaghetto's and Shit Boyardi at the end... Hahaha!!!
Mika Ketch
Minchia che esagerati.
Mike Morgan
So Basically Cultural discovery is Telling American's their food is crap? I think I discovered Bigots. Italian ones. Why not just post the difference in how similar dishes are prepared instead of just bashing us?
Ms Zavala
Beef jerky is a stsple around the world, not just American, DUMB Video
Pasqualina Lelli
I prefer to cook for myself, rather than to go to an \
Faut arrêter votre délire \nL’Italie n’a jamais été LA PATRIE de la gastronomie
Pokemon Darkworld
È così bello vedere la reazione dei americani invidiosi del nostro cibo che creano scuse
Prithee Careful
I swear Italians are so fed up with themselves. honestly, it's just foreign food.
Raffo's reviews
We terun, mica tutti gli italiani sentono musica meridionale
Raymond Rodriguez
Yall are picking the worst type of stuff to feed them lol. Thought u woulda fed them a nice juicy cheeseburger or something to that effect. Cheetoos? Really ha
Real Eyes Realise Real Lies
Lol yea this is all very low quality highly preserved, and artificial food here. Let them try an American Bistro menu, and I'm sure they'd find some things they like. Our fresh cooked food is really good, chicken pot pie, Lamb chops, fried chicken, grilled steak and potatoes, who wouldn't like that.
Samidella idella
LOL. My parents are Italian, but I was born in America. When I was very small I wanted those ravioli in a can and \
Scott Roberts
Give them food not junk food, Americans make great food but all we see in video's like this the junk food!
Simone D'Angelo
American food = SHIT!!!
Step in time Creation
even alot of us Americans dont like most of those lol
Spaghettios are a national treasure, how dare you
Susan Badalucca
This is hilarious!
Teetwo Dev
This is a bad representation of American food. You should feed them authentic exceptional Italian food from Olive Garden, Domino's and Bucca!
That Guy
And they wonder why Europeans are known for being snobs.
I'm retired 1st generation Italian. I have never, ever eaten canned pasta of any kind. I never will.
Uranos 96
3:14 thats what she said
Vernon Roche
Lo so io cosa ti spinge a mangiarli... :)
Vince O'Driscoll
I'm a 61 year old American and I have never eaten anything in this video. I would have the exact same reaction they did. This is a piss poor example of American foods.,
That stuff isn't American food, it's snacks that most of us don't eat. Except for the Cheetos, god damn I need those.
Yuto Nagatomo
Perché ste musiche napoletane
Why would you give them literally the worst food you have to offer
When in Rome, make a disgusted face and emotive hand gestures. I would love to see their reactions to Mexicans beloved \
I just remembered how my uncle has reacted to some food that he doesn't like...lolz!
antiqueslivers dusty
you should be more accurate and call it american gas station food... C'mooon if you were so comfortable with the notion that Italian food is so much more superior... then put it up against American food cooked with care and some skill..... \n\nLike for instance find some of the famous southern barbecued brisket and have them taste that... most likely different views... these videos are if anything are just peddling ignorance
Tutti incazzati per la musica. A me piace. Porta una certa allegria. Mangiare in America e veramente per la gente con la digestione di acciaio. Che merda.
blue summers
Questo non è nemmeno cibo americano. Questo è il cibo americano. Stanno cercando di far apparire cattivi gli americani. Ma il cibo americano è veramente buono. \nThat's not even american food. That's American Junk food. They are trying to make americans look bad. But American food is really good
deep bluehue
I'm American and I don't eat that shit … They are the lowest quality items in any corner store or gas station market …
At least give them a non questionable poptart flavor. XD
1:00 of course he likes beef jerky.He's sitting next to his pack of Marlboros.
ma perchè devono mettere ste musiche napoletane del cazzo ogni volta..
why are italians so dramatic about everything hahaha
Yes, Spaghetti-O's are vomit inducing, even here in America.
marzio bergagna
Comunque questo NON E' il VERO cibo americano, ma le solite schifezze di snack che si trovano nei loro supermarket; o, come lo chiamano sprezzamente gli stessi americani, il JUNK FOOD (cibo spazzatura).\nFategli provare un pò di mashmallow, dei pancake, muffin e waffle fatti in casa! Mia madre ha vissuto un paio di anni in America, quindi se ne intende più di me, è mi ha detto che, nonostante il loro cibo non sia certo buono come il nostro e non così ricco, non è tanto male; naturalmente parlando di pietanze fatte in casa. Dovrebbero fargli assaggiare la cucina creola di New Orleans, quella non è male.\nAssolutamente PESSIMO il cibo \
does he purposely choose nasty food?
Why are Americans so freakin sensitive? You guys excel at many things, but for Fu&ks sake we're talking about food here. When it comes to food, all Americans did was \
:) yes, this is what i feel.
pineapple guy
Well at least get the good kind of beef jerky sheesh and good poptarts not the experimental ones
The canned stuff at the end is mostly only eaten by little kids for a cheap meal. I found it edible as a kid but it's not something I would ever consider eating as an adult.
some stuff
tarantella style!!
I feel sorry for us in USA and Canada, even worse, think of what the poor people have to eat here.
A zia mama!
Get them some smoked brisket or maine lobster and see how they react to that