ASMR Massage / I Did Massage to my Father (Hair Wash, Head Massage, Shoulder and Back Massage)

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My name is Anıl Çakmak. I'm a turkish barber in turkey istanbul. I do asmr massage also. My massages contain back massage, head massage, shoulder massage, hair cracking, neck massage so full body massage.If you like my video please SUBSCRIBE my channel and like my videos._____________________________________You can support me on : ╔═══════════════════════╗ ╚═══════════════════════╝

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ASMR Anil Çakmak TV
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Ailatan Otos
Hahahahaha I love how much you have been \
Airil Adzellie
Your baba is cool
Alex de Souza
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Ali Köse
Abi kadın kuaför olsaydın kadınlar senden traş olmak için sakal bıyık bırakırdı :D
Anup verma
Are you related to India in anyway? I'm asking this because 'Anil' is a very common name here in India.
Arc Zs
The best.. the big boss!! ANIL RELAX BROOOOUU good luck my brotha
Ariadni St.
Anil You have interesting sense of humor! Lucky father. Iyi geceler from Greece my friend 😚
7:46 to 7:54 trust me I was dead and flattered ❤️😳
Bleach Kills
LeTs gO bOwlInG
Broken Halo
You are very lucky. In Western culture, older men would be embarrassed, even humiliated by their son being a barber, or going to hairdresser's school. In your culture, it seems as though it carries a lot of pride. Your father seems very proud of you.
Cheeze Boi
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I watch your videos before i go sleeping to relax and to sleep well ... it works great!😉
Dennis Albuschat
where are your Salon??
Dore Asmr
Akskdjdjdjd uzun zamandır izlediğim en iyi şeylerden
El Tigre
Dude should be sponsored by Head&Shoulders!
Ellie Morgzzz
Nice son and farther time how cute
Eman Nasser
You deserve every single subscriber you have .....great as always anil 😄😄\nKeep the great job 💙
can really tell this dude is grinding youtube, earned my sub
Fatih Yakar
Bu gidişle turizm bakanlığından daha çok turist kazandıracaksın İstanbul'a :D
Gimmie Them tits boy
4:42 when your parents tell u not to play with fire
Baba mahalenin kabadayisi sanirim iceri dovecek gibi girdi
Hatch Mortimore
Baba Cakmak good job!.....GREAT SON!👍
Mom: what are you watching\nMe: watching a anil massage \nMom: wtf do you mean \nMe: anil mom not😂😂😂😂
IMetLadyGaga2015 *
Anil be looking like \
Please hit the like button if you enjoy Anil folks. I'd hate to see such a passionate man get discouraged. Keep up the great work Anil! I'm sure dad's glad he helped to make you!
Ikarus Gp
I hope your parents are proud of you, they really should be.\nThanks for the video.
Ilker Feyzula
When i go to bed i watch your videos though none of them i have watched till the end cuz i fall to sleep in about 5 to 6 minutes ..... relaxing
JIery xa
I was in Marmaris this summer and visited one of the barbers. He shaved my face with an open razor. It was an unique experience for me. But I even didn't know that Turkish barbers can do so much amazing things. I will try all of them next time. Thanks to you and your operator.
Jeff Grace
Your father must be so proud of you. You do an amazing job! Please keep it up!
Joe Peters
The man the myth the legend
Joker C
I enjoyed this very much. I always watch your videos before going to bed. What i do wanna say is that there was too much slowmotion scenes and too much like and suscribe. but other than that it was pretty relaxing 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Goofiest ASMR bastard on YouTube and I love every second of it.
Jordan Gonzalez Valdez
Me encantan tus vídeos hermano nunca me pierdo ninguno de ellos saludos desde México🇲🇽
Juan Carlos
Anil very relaxing video.👍🏻
Just Kiyah
I wonder if his dad ever imagined he would let his son burn his ears with a lighter in years to come👂
Kaah Dianobraga
Marry me Anil?! Love this vídeo. Thanks 😘
Kawaigirl Ye
Idk why but this guy kinda reminds me of messyourself 😂😂
Keri Agnew
I love when you do videos with your mom and dad
Your smile makes my day!
Kirsten Katt
Videos like this make me wish I had short hair!! It would be so relaxing to get a message like that
Kissen Kill
Dont do too much slow mo. For your signature throw at 02:48 its okay but too much slowmo breaks the relaxing effect for me. Good video anyways! :) as always
Kristína Szarková
I like your funny mood 😍
Le Crafter Rayan Minecraft Habbo
C'est trop relaxant merci mec
Lucas Gonzales
12:17 when you wanna see if they are operated
Lukáš Kůs
What was saying the man when video was in progres? I did not understand him😂😂😂😂\nBtw you have gold hands....nice job, nice video....nice everything!!! Do not stop!!
When we saw your father, can you do a massage for your mother?
Matt Lewis
Your a good son
Matthew Furlani
My god, even his old man looks like a turkish johnny depp. Theres no stoppin this guy 🤣
Mattia De Ascentiis
Simply the best! \u003c3
Medina ASMR
Sabía desde tus inicios que llegarías lejos con el canal, Anil 😃🤘🏻🔝
Michael Otten
I sort of bad for this barber guy because he has some dude show up and film him all the time and upload it to the internet, but its relaxing
so well done. I love how you play around and smile during work. we can see you love what you do
MubeeN FarooQ
I low key want to go to turkey to go to his salon.
Muhammad Ubaid
wow Great Job Anil Cakmak I like you Style, \u003c3 \u003c3
Najat omer
Awww i truely admire how u love doing what you do. Massage is my addiction and you being from Turkey is a Bonus.
Night Rydah
0:31 you know your dad loves you when he leaves you hanging for a hug
Pedro Vieira
Iae man, I am fromm Brazil. I like yours Vídeos. Parabéns os BR deixa like!
Preetam Raj
Anil, what was the purpose of the lighter thing that you did?
If I was Anil's father, I'd be the proudest father in the world!
Rakesh Mahanty
In india 1$/hour but not as good as compare to yours
Real Deal
I like your videos ALWAYS!
Robin Menard
How about beautiful Turkish women getting massages by Anil.. not dudes like in every other Hindu/barber video? Just saying..
Sas dK
Babe 😊 Just in time to go to bed!
Sethos-Philipp Engelhardt
I wonder who gives a thumb down here. Such a great massage for his father. he has to be proud. Thank you for your commitment! Good night.
bro if i lived in turkey i would go to his place every day no joke..he really is funny,,,good person,,,and very focused when he gives massage LIKED !!!!!!
Believe in the K I N G !
Make a video of just winking and smiling and you’ll go to 1 million followers soooo fast 😉😉😍😍
Susan Ruiz
It would be difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t watched these videos exactly how calming and interesting they are. You have to watch to understand!
Tayyab Hussain
I have many heros but my papa is my best hero
The Guv'nor
I'm thinking of a Turkish holiday. I'm going to include a visit to you for 'the works'.... :)
Tim B
This has to be the most entertaining video since the early ones where he's jumping off chairs and slaps....I mean massages...the customer around in circles
Would anyone reading this be comfortable enough to massage their own father? Too weird for me.
Turkiyem Ceo
Allah çarpsın abi uykum geelio ben rahatliom uyumadan önce seni izliom
VerZockt YT
Wer ist deutsch der liked
Victor Shumaher
Very nice Hi From Russia Moskow👏
Wayan Herdy
where you from sir???
Weird beard
By far you're my favourite asmr \nHope I can go to turkey just to visit your barbershop 💆💇
Yigit Can
0:33 Baba = Father
YourMammas AssCrack 9000
U threw suds at ur own dads head?!?!? U monster!!!
Yukii Sahashi
I don't know why, but I love his moustache.
abood flash
The best thing from the whole vid is when he says “relax papa” 😂❤️
Speaking of the watch ..... did anyone else notice that it was dark outside and his watch said is was midnight ? Bro ... how many hours a day do you work ? Great video, you obviously have a great relationship with Papa.
dat dude
U kinda look like messurself \n\nNo offense
Great job! I’m forcing my son to give me a neck rub when he gets home from school today. He’s 9. 😆👍🏼
Papa looks like Anil is one mistake away from being grounded. Oh, he’s an adult and lives on his own? So what! This Papa doesn’t mess around.
Does his family have a tradition of wearing stylish watches?
kristian valchev
You look so concentrated,, i really wanna come to Turkey just for the massage...
nimisha singh
Anil u r sooooooooooooo cute and handsome.U r a great son of Ur dad. He is proud of you. Ur smile is killing. Love ur channel and videos sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
ninja noodle4462
No offense but your dad looks like the type of guy that you don't wanna be in a street fight with lol.
I can see where u get your good looks from... 😊
Who else smiles back when Anil smiles or pulls a face at the camera? 😂
This is the best ASMR channel i’ve seen so far! Very good job!!💪🏻
Ömer Kaan
Relax baba 😂😂
İsmail Ceylan
abi senin videolari izlerken uyku bastırıyor, taaa burdan rahatlıyorum ben 😂😂
Арсений Паканов
Amazing, respect from Kazakhstan, i love your video, best ASMR Experience on youtube, thank you
Егор Орлов
Did your father like it?)
رندا يسري
I wanna kiss u 😍 \nLove what you doing 👌
Relax Baba 😁😂