Disneys Maleficent - "Dream" Trailer

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Maleficent is now playing in theaters. Get tickets: Award-winning, American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has recorded an unique reimagining of the renowned fairy-tale tune from Disney's 1959 animated film "Sleeping Beauty" which will feature in the end credits of the upcoming Disney film.

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never thought that song could be so creepy.. o.o
Crap, the song on the background trailer is creeping me out. Everyone will have goosebumps when they watch this movie in the theatres! o.o!
Aaron Hardin
I honestly hope that somehow Maleficent ends up being the good guy. It looks like Angelina played this role with fabulously.
Alexis Talbert
They're could have not been a better maleficent
Almog Azoulay
The song dream give me the creeps now
Annaline Pfeiffer
Lana Del Rey's voice brought this trailer to life.
Arleen Garcia
Did anyone notice when Aurora was about to touch the thorn but Maleficent stopped her?
Benjamin Wambeke
I liked this film, I really did. But I can't consider it canon. It's like disney kinda said \
Brunette From Cali
It had the potential to be good. But listen here: YOU DO NOT TAKE DISNEY'S GREATEST VILLAIN AND TURN HER INTO A HERO! NEVER!!!
Cacophonous 11
I love when Disney goes a little dark :)
There's a saying that evil isn't born it's made. You wonder how people turned into such evil creatures look at their back story.
Cedric Mathew Hudson
If you seen Maleficent .. these are a couple of scenes that didn't make it into the movie because Disney felt they were \
Chad Walshutter
that awkward moment when maleficent is more beautiful than sleeping beauty. 
Cheslin Siebritz
from 1:20..... the laugh... From that alone I can tell she did a pretty impressive job playing this character, without a doubt. Cannot wait to watch it.
Chris Maccool
Tim Burtan should be the one directing this movie not this Robert Stromberg dude.
Cornelius Hooper
When you watch it once, you cant stop watching it.
Deter Bobolo
so true evil is not born its created  its the path we choose that defines being good or evil and you must remember the devil wasnt always bad he was once an angel of GOD facts Lucifer was his name
Drohim. 1
Sleeping Beauty:1959
Emma Love
Emmanuel Thommy
lana del rey's voice suits this film perfectly.its as if angelina jolie (maleficent) herself sang the song... gave me goosebumps damn!
Fernanda Blunt Krasinski
i just simply love the movie and always return to see this trailer..
I just murdered the reply button.
Francisco Javier Pérez Olivares
I'm waiting for the \
Giglia Peña Tobalina
Who is watching Disney remake trailers because they are obssesed with Beauty and the Beast upcoming remake?!?!?
Hajvan neki
Lana Del Rey - once upon a dream \nher voice thoo
Hitomi 2oo7
I watched this movie with my whole family and we LOVED IT!\nWe actually understood the movie nuances and didn't read too much in to it at the same time.\nI wonder do ppl actually remember how to enjoy watching movies or they are just set on finding faults in everything and complain all the time?\nThis movie was like the other side of the same coin called Sleeping Beauty and focused on the \
Kate McBride
This is brilliant. They've scored this like a dirge. I've never heard the song used this way before.  The war drums are incredible. Lana Del Rey sings this most beguilingly.
Kohav Bibi
Lana is a goddess 
Li Angie
The song sounds like casting a spell. And I was definitely spell-bounded. 
Lily Potter
This is so creepy...I think that's why I love it...
Lizzy Grant
lana del rey fits so well omg
Lord Athenion
Thank you! Disney! for making a movie in a Villain's point of view this is very unique and I really am excited to watch this movie...and she's my favorite Disney character since I was little :)
Lucy Helen
Took my 3 year old son to see this today we both loved it! He didn't move a muscle the entire time well done angelina she did awesome!
Magic Man
I gotta say, this Maleficent film is everything I feared it would be, if not worse. They took her from a villain who was truly evil and embraced it and degraded into into an assembly-line \
Marinos Pitsillos
Love you maleficent ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Matthew Gonzalez
Those cheekbones could kill someone😂
Matthew Lor
before i click on this video, in my mind im thinking \
Matthew The Dinosaur King
Damn, Angelina Jolie as Maleficent! Perfect casting!!
Mei Yue
this movie is beautiful TT TT I LOVE U ANGIE
Miguel S
Disappointed. Am I the only person, who was waiting Maleficent dragon transformation ?
Angelina's smile !!
Mladen Bukvic
That was one hell of a movie,totally unexpected..
Monkey D. Luffy
man i don't want to wait til the end of the month to see this movie, it looks awesome.\nand i mostly hated the original movie but i did always like maleficent as a villian, so i'm really looking forward to this. 
Morgan Weaver
Basically Disney twists Sleeping Beauty into their own \
Olena K
I can watch this trailer thousands of times, unfortunately the movie is dissapointing
Pretty Little Liars
I can't stop saying how a great job Lana did. Her dark, magnificent cover of \
Rainy Autumn
That actually looks quite good, I wonder if it would have the same plot as Sleeping Beauty or different somehow...Hoping for the latter.
Ramon Ilog
That \
Rose Lara
OH MAH GOD! What is this song? It's so good!
Ruby R
So I watched the movie today. And I gotta say - Disney completely floored me. I was shocked. In a good way. This movie was perfection. I completely loved it. I'm not sure about others, but I really loved this movie. By far my favorite movie from Disney. They did amazing. Everything about it was beautiful to me. It is truly worth seeing. The whole message is something movies don't usually show. 
Sarah H
who's ready for the second one?!
Sawra Ullah
i liked this way better than sleeping beauty
I love this movie the way a parent loves a flawed child...sure it has cheesy moments and cliche themes, but despite it all, I still love it. I love the music, the imagery, the costumes...everything. :D
Sirasit Prateepmongkol
This is like the real life, not everything is pure black nor white.
Skull Knight
I hope this turns into a trend for Disney live action movies. I demand a Hades movie next.
I like the creepy song. It sets the mood
Sounds From Saturn
one of my all time favorite live action Disney movies! and ugh Lana Del Rey is queen her voice gives me chills
Uhh... Maleficent seems to cheery with her smile... In the movie Sleeping Beauty, she had a smile that looked diabolical and menacing. In this, she just looks like she's flat out smiling, it doesn't look evil. Maleficent isn't supposed to be a cheery villain.
Stephino Chavez
I really hope they don't somehow make Maleficent the good guy. There goes the Kingdom hearts franchise if they do.
I love this movie but it isn't maleficent. Maleficent is the mistress of all evil, she was born out of pure darkness and was a sadistic psychopath who didn't care for people.\n\nDirect quote from the Sleeping Beauty Movie \
Thomaz Clark
I hope one day they do a live action version of sleeping beauty
Angelina Jolie is like sleeping beauty, she never ages and is beautiful
VIP_army sone
Many people are disappointed that maleficent was not portrayed as the villain.Tbh I was surprised too and I think it has a little more mature approach but it shows us how people are shaped by consequences and stuff. It teaches us not to judge people quickly as even Disney's greatest villain had a story which made her what she is. Personally I loved the movie
Vanessa Cook
Man I love this trailer... probably more than the movie. It looked so dark, but ended some mom/daughter relationship sappy film :( If you liked it, great. But COME ON This trailer made her look evil, which I was hoping for.... because SHES MALEFICENT
Vanessa Sanchez
Lana del reys songs makes me want to see this movie even more!!! Is that just me?
Great one, wanna watch it again!!!
Wilson Cardenas
Does anyone feel like Stefan was the \
Wolfie Millie
The movie in 3D is phenomenal. Angelina is the queen. But I think Elle could have done it better, I am not impressed by her acting skills.
Youtube addict
Angelina Jolie was born to play this role.....
Lanas voice suits perfectly to this trailer. So mystic it gives me chills
Zafira Zalina
I have a dream!
Disney, playing with the pharse \
I'm so glad Disney is finally doing a movie about the villain rather than the hero. I don't think I've ever been so excited to see a Disney movie ever!
alus nova
I love this prequal style thing!!! i loved wicked because it explains why these women became evil!!!! they usually had good, even noble causes for it! if they were men they would only be called ruthless but would be accepted. and also proves that beauty is no indicator for purity(aurora) or goodness (glinda vis a vis elphaba)
Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, and now Maleficent. We are in the middle of the new Disney Renaissance.
brandon lim
I was amazed after watching this movie but when I rewatch the animated version I cant stop from being disappointed. The Sleeping Beauty story is becoming weird I know the title is Maleficent but if the movie tells us her back story and then continue the story of sleeping beauty will be a lot more better. I miss the scene the fairies use magic to make Aurora's dress. After all I really wish that they make this film more magical
capt. Slygor
Great movie!!! 1:14 to 1:17 ERMAC, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS :D
Maleficent is evil. Period.\nThis movie sucks!
I'm honestly hoping Angelina gets an Oscar nom for her performance. I'm getting goosebumps from this.
doulos kid
really like the song lana del rey did a great job of making it mysterious and a bit creepy
The movie wasn't all that great, but man if this wasn't a good trailer! This is advertising done right!
grox u sev cav
It's amazing .. Jolie And Lana .OMG . I love them both 
They should have called it \
jalyn delrey
Im so excited to see this movie. :D
I love this movie so much...its like perfect...thanks to angelinas perfect masks and face expresions I simply love it....and always calm me down to see this movie :) i like it every time more
mejson m
The first 40 min of the film were great you could see the evil of maleficent but the rest of it was s**t! Maleficent turning good? What the....
Angelina Jolie's acting plus Lana Del Rey's singing.
ramona lynn
Ehh. I'm getting tired of all these remakes, Snow White, Alice, now Maleficent. Snow White was okay, dark. Alice was creepy, dark the way this one looks to be. It's one thing to make the movies more realistic and less like the glittery, perfect fairy tale endings of the originals but I think they're taking it too far in the other direction. Granted, it is about Maleficent, but _Sleeping Beauty_ cannot be rivaled. Love Lana Del Rey.
tania َ
Forever one of the best trailers for a movie EVER!!
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waddup bro
This was a beautiful movie to see in theaters
I FINALLY SAW IT.. I definatly didn't expect this movie to turn out the way it did (in a good way) it was better than I expected, great movie overall.. Angelina did a great job as Maleficient :)
Γιάννης Γαρεφαλάκης
I get the feelling they're forcing a \
Ειρήνη Λιζάρδου
it is just perfect!!the real love is mothers(biological or not) love!!!♥you will understand what i am saying only if u see this!!!♥