Linkin Park: "One Step Closer" on acoustic nylon string guitar

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Alisa Kovtun
SOOOO COOOL!!!!!!!!!
Ich glaube die erste strophe ist zu kurz gespielt. Aber ansonsten mega gut !
Bubblebot Charles666
Damn that's good!
cool gespielt! \nimmer wenn ich versuch so zu spielen endet es blutig :D nein ernsthaft, is ziemlich ausdrucksstark so perkussiv zu spielen.
Dinn Noel
Amazing Cover man..what the tuning for this song?
Edu Fingerstyle
Awsome !! Congrats !
Emersom Farias
Hipnotizado!!! PQP!!!!!
Henry Spells
Holy shit give that man a medal
Jack McBride
Joceline Antou
Masterpiece !!! big respect❤👏
Julian Knoll - AI3JeWelz
this is killer!\nsowas kann man nicht auf deutsch sagen :D
Kenan Nagizade
RiP Chester
Kieren Keens
Sweet cover man :)
Leonardo Arias
Please tell me how to play that song.
Horrible tempo dude ! Slow it down.
Lukáš Krása
Who else watched it with mouth open ?
Matthias Waßer - Magic acoustic Guitars
Thanks a lot!
Mihael Sabanov
Me Tooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!1\n
Try to catch the chords lol\nOk, I'll download the video, 10 times slow the speed and then maybe... i get it))
Holy mother of Jesus
Absolut genial *.*
Nishant Mishra
Awesome awesome awesome 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤘🤘🤘
Peggy Wallace
Rajveer Gohil
oh my god !! u r freaking awesome ! i wanna be like you ! you are amazing
Rich Ard
heftig. mein vollsten Respekt. Tutorial würde ich feiern. 😇
Rj Porosh
Plz Provide The Tutorial For This Cover Plz..\u003eWe Want Full Tutorial
Sara G
How AMAZING!!! I haven't ever seen better cover of this song. Wow! I thought this song is too hard to play on acoustic guitar, but you proved it's possible. Is there any difference between nylon and metal strings? Can I play this song if I have 3 nylon and 3 metal strings? If you could make a tuturial or give me tabs I would be grateful. You're REALLY TALENTED. Thanks for this video :*
Scott The Scot
I love your videos! \n\nNever stop posting! \n\nYou should monetize all of your videos and get paid for this!! You play above a pro level!
Stefano Osto
TheDarkrai MegaWorldGamer
My respects
i like this soo much thank you lord for this person and song
Dope.... just dope! lmfao man that's sick. I'm definitly gonna start to learn your version.
Holy shit! Everybody tells me I have unnatural rhythm but that was perfect. Great job!
joko tingkir
ajg ngerusak gitar
rob sanderson
Amazing! Please give chords