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Today I'm joined by Joel & Lia to teach you guys the three main London accents; Received Pronunciation (RP), Cockney and Multicultural London English (MLE). We give you a little bit of background about each accent and then we use example sentences to teach you the differences between them. Britain has many different accents so if you enjoyed this pronunciation lesson and you would like more let me know in the comments below.Please go and send love to Joel & Lia's channel - )

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**Dear Bangtan**
Really enjoyed watcing this video..Cheers xx 💕💕\nSorry for being late..\nP.S : Joel and Lia are Amazingly gorgeous and funny thanks for bringing them (And You're the Best Tom) ..Now Collab with Lucy ma'am too.. That'll be so amazing..❤\nIt is my Younger sister's Birthday today and you've wished her (kind of) 😁😂
A Google User
I love the part about pool, pull, and Paul. Reminds me of here in the southern U.S. where most of us say bin/been and pin/pen exactly the same.
A Lee
Lovely! I love this video very much. Being in London for four years, it is so relatable.
Cockney sounds 'dead common' to put it crudely. I'm American and have listened to a lot of the dramas and comedies from the Beeb, so I usually can understand what's being said, whatever the dialect may be. But before my ear became accustomed to hearing and being able to detect the variations in the British speaking patterns, Cockney sounded like a train wreck of words - as it would to most Americans. Actually, there are a number of American accents that are cringe-worthy to me. Depending upon the region, Americans can really sound 'dead common'.
Abzi Unicorn
I gotta learn Cockney/MLE for school... I am a proper northerner though, so I try it and It goes dead Yorkshire, then it goes Scottish...
Adam Believer
At school in Ukraine we used to study British version of English and we learnt to pronounce words just like it's requared by RP. My university years however have passed in Turkey, where throughout the country students learn American English mostly. So did I. Now my mind is totally mixed up. Some things I tend to pronounce like Brits do, while the others like Americans do. Honestly I don't think accents are so much important, it's much more important to be understood easily by others. As a non-native speaker I'll never be sounding like a native either way-:)
Adriana Gherasim
Thanks a bunch, Tom! I am very interested in accents, mostly in RP! Gracias :)
Alice Rossi
Thanks guys, very interesting topic. My knowledge of the British world is growing day by day 😃. However the RP accent is for my ears the best and most pleasant to listen.....and understandable. 😘 for Lia
Arianna Marmol
I’ve just seen this video because I’m trying to try this accent to improve in acting. What type of accent would Thomas Brodie-Sangster have? (That’s the accent I’m going for!) Thank you xx
Billy Bob Thornton
Just speak American
Catriona Mack
Very entertaining video guys. I remember \
Chris Michael
I love how each of you is so passionate about the minutia of local accents. I try to have these sorts of discussions in the United States and find most people tend to think of accents here by region only. (Yes, by class, but class in the new world is a wholly different thing, and I have a theory that the vocal fry and up-inflection trend going on is actually American English's new posh accent establishing itself.) But really very jealous of how knowledgeable you three are about the mechanisms of speech and the goings-on in your own English. Just discovered your channel and now freshly subscribed.
Dax Narain
Excellent video guys!! Very informative even for a born and raised Londoner!👍🏾
I think everyone should learn RP
Domingos Manuel Cabrita Correia
Well done guys, loved it!
Please tell me what accent is Anthony Joshua speaks in? I know it weird but boyfriend has the same accent I guess so I'd love to learn that but he is away from me right now. I would love to surprise him if you would help me.
Sorry I am in favour of RP, I do think it's the \
Evelyn Acquoi
Hi Tom...good to know...thanks 👍👏👏👏
Francesco Cauzzi
Chavs' accent what would it be categorised!?
Franco Marini
Hi guys, can you please tell me what \
George Pang
this is great, the \
Georgiy Yamov
Let's be real, RP is a definition of clarity. Accents are fine, but they are inherently inferior, like in any language. Don't be politically correct on that, it's stupid
Heather Dewey Pettet
That was very interesting and entertaining!! I'm an American, btw, and a writer doing some research into British accents.
Helena Cinto
Beautiful video... I loved it.
Henry Byrd
Wot a bleedin' cheek?\nIn 3.36 (free firty six) they say unfairly that cockney's ain't polite like wot toffs are. But the two rikwests for wor-ah ain't the same!
Hilal Sefa
So enjoyed it Tom!:)
Hobo Aquatics
Do a video with a Texan, a Californian, a New Yorker, and maybe someone from Boston Mass or Louisiana. lol
Ibbe Saputra
I've been interesting with cockney, everytime adele speaks cockney i just dig it. Thanks Tom, you should do more Cockney.
Jean Thompson
MLE in East London school kids sounds like 'posh cockney' ... cockney with aitches
Jinguo Ding
love you guys, I have subscribed both your channels, I really love the British accent even though I live in Australia now. I used to live in Birmingham but I made in China. loll
Joaniah Smithia
I hope that the traditional accent is here forever.
Joel & Lia
Thanks for having us again! ❤️🇬🇧🙌🏻
John Gibson
I dislike multiculturalism - each country should have its own culture - if outsiders wish to live there they must adapt to it.
Katie G.
You have a new subscriber here, I really liked this video and the content of your channel.
Khadija Fayyaz
I love these two, thank you for bringing them back Tom! \nLia you're absolutely gorgeous and I love your accent! \nI love the three of you actually! (and your recent videos with Lucy are just amazing) 👌❤ xx
Kostas S
Even if I was to take every single language I've heard in my life, I simply cannot think of a more annoying sound than MLE , I feel like the English language is being ridiculed every time I hear it .\nI never thought that hearing the way someone talks would make me want to punch them instantly.\nProbably cause it goes hand in hand with the obnoxious, wannabe gangsta attitude, adopted by almost every single non white 'Londoner' nowadays. \nThe country that produced all that great rock music , films and culture in the 60s-70s and 80s is now overshadowed by grime , fake gangsta rap and declining ghetto culture all over .
Krzysztof Mazurkiewicz
You guys call yourself 'teachers' but I really call you 'ambassadors' of English language. First time I was in London, beer was 35 p a pint! And pigs could fly. Honestly! At least at the Pink Floyd concert ('The Wall'). Thank you for the chance for being updated with contemporary language, slang and accents. Cheers from Poland.
Lina Paulina
RP IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. I also LOVE the English OF Inspector MOORSE from \
Lokman Black Jr
Please come to Malaysia and you will be surprised the way we talk in English. Its something like 'okay lah, you know lah' and stuff like that for malay community. But for Chinese community it will be 'is it rite meh, you know it meh'. Lol but its really happens. For our Indian friends they will pronounce the 'R' extremely clear! But on top of that, this is the beauty of our Malaysia. If you plan to come to Malaysia, I'll buy you a glass of 'teh tarik'...
Maquiagem para Eles
RP is easier for non-native speakers because most of the letters are pronounced. Cockney is pretty hard, but It has one similarity with Portuguese as Portuguese tends to pronounce TH with the F sound. One thing that I noticed is that you said you change accent depending on the situation. At least, as a person from Rio, I am not able to change my accent naturally. I can change the level of formality and choose some words according to the context, but I cannot change my accent (unless I study for It). And I do believe it happens with most portuguese speakers.
Marselena Brenda
what an awesome video! really enjoyed watching this one. keep up the good work, guys! cheers!
Melba 10
When you said 0:14 \
Meli Girón
Wow ~~~ such a wonderful video teacher tom 😍😍
Mevlüt Akdağ
BBC English is the best for me i think.
Muchacha viaja
Wow, I had no idea about all that differences! At school we are learned just one accent and then no wonder many people have problems with understanding even the simple sentences, anyway, good job guys!
Natasha Kosolapova
Thank you for this wonderful lesson! I love English accents. For me, the most difficult accent to understand is an Irish accent. I used to watch Graham Norton show and once there were two Irishmen and I couldn't understand the jokes. It was very frustrating! But Scottish accent is just lovely for my Russian ears. In Russia we are supposed to speak RP, believe it or not. At least, that is the required pronunciation at school reading exams. If a child reads \
Omar Shoqar
This video is extremely awesome \nThank you so much I enjoyed it
Oscar Healy
Its interesting to compare my accent to the london accents, RP is evidently much closer to My (irish) accent, i'd categorise it as Munster RP i guess. Bath not Bauth :)
Thanks for a great video! What kind of accents do Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Sam Smith have?
Pierre Grave
Appy Birthday 😂😂😂
Piyush Punj
RP is the best accent
African, WEST INDIAN & asian is the so called multicultural London english. Just thought I'd point out the west indian influence lol!
Can't believe Joel left out west-Indian, mostly Jamaican as being the biggest influence in 'MLE' London speech.. 🙄
Raphael Cramer
Appy biffday
Read This
Romford is the Capital of east London.
Hello Tom I'm a new subscriber! This video was super helpful and educational because I didn't know so much of Cockney and MLE :D It's interesting to know your accent depends on the situation you're in, it seemed like it was only RP haha
Sanayruammit Nasay
I don't like British accent. To me it sounds harsh like I don't know how to describe what it feels to my ears. American accent sounds so much better, like easy going, relaxed. I have one british man interested in me we grew strong feelings for each other, then I heard him speak, such a turn off. I'm not letting that affect my attraction to him tho.
Scott Preston
Teach RP to foreigners; they are hard enough to understand.
Shannon Wittman
Back in the early 1930's due to the mercurial rise of the American film industry -- which was largely due to the emergence and refinement of \
Small Minds Rule Dot Com
So Harry Potter is an English teacher now?
Stan Kormy
Thanks for showing the different types of London accents!
Taishi Kawamura
What about the estuary accent????
Tea 03
ahhh I'm being late..\nThanks so much by the way..🙏🙏🙏
The Tao of David
I teach English online, accents are always fun! I would describe myself as Estuary English, i was born in west/greater London so I'm a cross between RP and cockney. What the guys say in this video is true, I'm also very much a chameleon, for example I will be more RP in professional situations but full blown Cockney if I'm out with my mates. Estuary generally takes aspects of both, eg in sentences with multiple words beginning with H, some will have a pronounced H, some wont - the same with glottal stops. Even at 36 years old I can slip into MLE if speaking to teenagers. The perils of growing up in London! Great video by the way!
Cockney is the accent of uneducated people. MLE is just a foreign accent -- i. e., bad English.\n\nUpper RP is my way of choice, although of course as a foreigner my own accent isn't actually RP.
Tim Dean
I'd like to ask you, Teacher Tom, since I am Italian, does a foreign accent bother English people?
Timmy Stauffer
I would like a Cockney rhyming slang video or two. I saw a little of it in a American TV show but more would be nice.
Tiny Grimes
Nice setting Tom! Where is it?
Some British have hard and deep accent and some have clear voice accent like these are speaking . People easily understand American accent but British accent is beautiful because i like Britain accent i can understand American accent easily but i waan be fluent in British accent....\nLove for British accent ❤❤🌷🌷
Usui Takegava
Please do another one
Viola Drago
That is not a cockney accent. That is a Thames Estuary accent from someone who's watched too much EastEnders.
Those L’s again! Those funny MLE and Cockney word-ending L’s. I was commenting over at Joel & Lia’s the other day about y’all’s L’s. (Sorry; I just had to do that.) Your L’s sound (to an American) like something between an L and a W. Anyway, they’re very distinctive, fun to hear, and tricky to imitate. And let me lastly add.. One accent that I adore, which literally gives me goosebumps, is a Scottish accent. Right, then. Cheers! -Phill, Las Vegas
Wilger Mozombite Doñez
If you learn English using the RP accent, is it bad or isn't it? Cuz I knew that RP is for people who go to Cambridge or Oxford university. I learnt English at the university using RP. I am from Peru. Thanks for the video and your answer.
The \
Are you married, Tom ?
Yours Truly
‘I want a bottle of water!’ brings back memory from childhood! When I was little (5/6ish) living in London still, I got into a heated argument over the pronunciation of ‘water’ with a playmate of mine. Our mother’s were mortified. \n\nAt age 8 my family moved to Toronto, Canada and I shed my accent fairly quickly. I’m not sure if that has more or less to do with my age at the time we moved or propensity for mimicry. There are a few words that leave my brain reeling to this day when I try to say them, possibly due to the fact that my parents both retained their RP accents resulting in a schism between pronunciation in a familial setting vs. what I’ve heard from second-third-fourth etc. generation Torontonians. Most apparent (i.e. commented on) being: carrots, was, here, there, croissant (to the horror of Quebecers* in particular), mosquito (I try to avoid it and refer to them as mozzies) aluminium and water.
Yusuf Paiman
Tommmmm! thank you so so much for this great video, but we want more cockney!!!
Zahid sultan
Todays videos was very funny😂........but I want you to do some royal accent👑
Zyana Stephen
Well Cockney is quite tricky n MLE keeps changing kinda hard to track the pronunciation as it keeps on changing time n time again but as a non-native English speaker RP is definitely easiest cz u get to hear n pronounce all the vowels/consonants or whatever.
RP is the nicest sounding as well as the most clearly understood.
10:14 the word you're looking for that describes the switching of dialects depending on who you are speaking to is called code-switching
There is a \
elisabetta tonoli
I really enjoyed watching this video, please another one about accents! Thanks to all of you
joe Smith
It doesn't matter weather RP, Cockney, or a blend of the two are better. In a generation all you Brits will be speaking Arabic.
joe buffalo
But generally very good - i mean I ain't ' avin' a pop
john alex
Who wants to talk MLE? It's trash street talk. And yes young lady RP brings along manners. Quite obvious so why make that silly gesture as if embarrassed or ashamed to admit it because it’s against leftie thinking. Shame RP is hardly spoken as we all try to accommodate this leftiist street talk innit bruv.
kadyja brealey
How do you pronounce robot and crocodile? Also when a guy likes a girl I would say \
Not Black African, Jamaican and other English Caribbean.
nuraisah 1796
i don't why, when i about going to sleep, i usually end up wacthing this channel and getting sleepy 😁😆\nvery nice video though 👍👍
There was a lack of clear distinction between different types of RP. Roughly speaking I'd say there are three. First there is the one taught to foreign learners and used by most newsreaders and the younger Royals. (Listen also to the the presenter of \
a word that stands out to me in MLE is My.. its more like Mai, where cockneys says Mah
I love lia's accent her voice is really nice, great team! Cheers😉
Striped shirt guy claps a ton.
I don't know if it's me or because I'm from the US but I understand the\nRP accent so much more than some of the others. The cockney I can barely\nunderstand. In fact, when I rent British dvds I usually have to put on the subtitles\nbecause everyone speaks differently.
theparporn saraboot
It hard to non native to understand cockney accent .Anyway when you have beard you look like Daniel Tom.
x iLeon
_Which_ church is east London? What does RP have to do with London? (RP is more relevant to the English middle class, military and early BBC, blah blah) Why not do some real work and give us accent differences between, say, north and south London, east etc. The info you provide is too generic and most anyone with a cursory involvement in accents/phonetics could do it...
Am from London and grown up here all my life why are people on here saying there Indian and African words in London English. It's mosty Cockey & Caribbean English i.e Jamaican English add abit of the Irish English into \