James Brown Best Dance Moves Ever.

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Best Dance Moves Ever

Adilson Adilson
Alex Hern
... those splits though
Alexandre Costa
Ali YOU.
I see here some moves that i saw Usher , omarion , chris brown doing i know now where they get it from?
Andy Santana
Electric long live the godfather
Angela Araujo
JAMES Brown ...PARA SEMPRE É O CARA ...INIGUALÁVEL.🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶🎵🎶🎵🎼🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎤🎤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🎤👏🎤👏💕💓💓💞💗💖💖💗💓💕💞💗💖CANTOU O AMOR É DANÇOU O AMOR !!!
Annette Skinner
Original funk.
AnnetteWhat a Blessings Mcintee
I had to show my Grandson what real dancing looked like😂😂
Arany Jovino
Arené Lomax
*The TOP of the food chain.*
The grandfather of FUNK.
Barbara Beedles
The baddest foot work on the planet earth .
Bo Jensen
Nobody moved like James Brown...What a talented man
Boulakhras Khennouf
There are no words for this dancing video, there would be no Michael Jackson, or Prince or any other Good Pop Idol if it wasn’t for The King of Soul, the one and ONLY JB. They both copied their idol JAMES BROWN!!!!!!!!!!! RIP man.
Brenda Robinson
How in the world could anybody’s feet move that fast - and they not fall?! Greatest dancer ever!
The Best
Carmen Moreno
Chan Aler
james brown\u003emichael jackson\u003ebruno mars
Charles Killen
Cheli Lombi
His feet doesn't believe in friction... so smooth
Colin Yang
James rocks
Darrius Hollins
Far as dancing goes without Louis Jordan there's no Godfather of Soul James Brown. Without James Brown there's no Michael Jackson, without Michael Jackson there's no Usher, Omarion, or Chris Brown.
David Daniel
I met him at L.A. EX. I was 12 years old. We were at a restaurant eating. My dad said thats James Brown. I walked up and asked him for his autograph. His wife got mad and said some shit. He told her to shut up. \
Enrique Rivera
Its just Mr. Brown teaching the rest of us how it should be done, thats all. Thank you Mr. Brown.
Fatima Piokoe
James Brown the best only best dance mooves 4ever 😍😜😘😘😎😎
Future Jazz
German Navarro
Gilbert Washington
James dance better than I walk
Godwin Igwe
Michael Jackson's dance moves never came close to the original from James Brown.
Hafid Mak
The real king! You are fantastic Mister BROMN !
Hager Osama
Ok but Michael Jackson is the best ✋❤
Hoof Hearted
One of the best performers ever.
J. Caldera
No One danced like the Great of Greats, James Brown!!!!
J. Stephenson
Am I the only one thinking that Michael Jackson (probably Prince, too), must have once idolized James Brown, and wanted to copy his moves?
James Kostohryz
Great video with this awesome modern mix of a JB classic!
James Quiroz
Look those feet , only James brown!!!
Jeff F
Wow he dances so fast. Amazing. I don't see nobody dancing like this...RIP JAMES BROWN!!!
Jerry Johnson
Jan.23,1986: James Brown \
Joey D
The entire video was incredible but what I saw at 3:12 til the end was inconceivable....no one can do it like The Godfather did....
Juju Julianna
Fantástico 👏👏👏👏👏
Julia Jackson
Khadijah Manus
I can dance like James
Kochelle Ragan
This is why Micheal used to say JB was his greatest inspiration. Both of they were legends.
London Power
Ηe is the king of kings
Luiz Carlos de Lima Lima
Marihuano Mexicano
La inspiración del Rey del pop
They say Kobe Bryant copied Michael Jordan's moves. And it is easy to see that Michael Jackson learned to dance by imitating James Brown.
Michael J. Marimon
Only the imagination can get as close to a James Brown move!
Michael Schwager
He must have done a lot of stretches before each show lol
Nélson Bradock
The best for ever!!!
Paula Nascimento
Dam he could move. Prince and Michael Jackson. Loved him
Rachel Gloria
Happy Birthday James Brown!! Would have been 85 today 5-3-18
Rachid Mahroug
I think Michael Jackson took a lot from him.
Raul Sanchez
I m not tired for watching his video. R in Pace
Rich G
Love this version!!!
Rob Brown
The fastest feet 👣 in show biz... First J. B. 2nd M.J. 3rd Prince.... This man is the originator innovator & creator of funk 🤘music 🎤🎼🎹🎶 & dance culture... Rest in soul heaven to the.. Godfather, The king 👑 & The Prince 👑... ✌❤
Rodimus Prime
to all MJ and prince fans,say thank you to the god father of soul
Roger didit
Not only a phenomenal performer, but a great business man and patriot.
Roland Charlles
I think it's common knowledge that Michael Jackson and Prince copied James Brown. In addition to James Brown, Jackie Wilson was a great influence on Michael Jackson but c'mon that's the nature of any art. The Impressionists had to know how to paint like the Masters who went before in order to break the rules and create something new!
Shawn Hooper
Can't touch this
Sherry Hunter
I love Mr. Brown as a Entertainer. The person that found him had great vision. There was no TV or computer and his education was limited so he was a natural talent.
Tasha Muhammad
When my children were young they told me how good Chris Brown danced. I sat them down and showed them footage of James Brown, Jackie Wilson, and finally Michael Jackson, telling them that there would be no Chris Brown if there weren’t any James Brown. Michael Jackson has always credited James brown with influencing him in his career, paying homage to those who came before us.
first (high speed) moonwalk 1:31 and then 2:23 Dab?
Tolly T
It's surely illegal to be such a baddass motherfunker.. He should have been arrested for being too cool and funky for this world!!!\nI bet JB knocked on the pearly gates and shouted \
Tonio Miklo
Beautiful. Absolutely personal style of dancing I think.
Tony Knight
Lmao he was killing it. His dance style would definitely not have worked in this generation something old school could only appreciate. 🙈👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Uno Jones
Vasilii Ivanoff
Great artist 🔥❤️🙏
Not fair ! The man defies the laws of gravity !! AND, he makes it look easy! ----------------------WolfSky9
YianChah Debanyas
Amazing. So much talent !
Zyaire Graham
I see why he was Michael Jackson idol how you move your feet and legs that fast he felt his music where his body became the beat respect Mr.brown
Ha....James was moonwalking his ass all over the stage 20 years before Michael Jackson ever did it.
cnniz fakenewz
The biggest influence on all artists including M.Jackson...\nwho TF would thumb this down.
dennis paul fuentes cares
Mickael Jackson imitaba los pasos de james Brown
deon yang
damm this guys got the moves.
Dude had the moves man
dick dewater
JB - funk in motion - good as it gets
Okay, now I see why Michael always raved about him. He's amazing! Both of those men were absolutely incredible.
eight inches
At the end of the video he just glides off the stage, unreal.
jeffrey hinkel
Don't know ...I think he's better than Micheal Jackson.
jhony magalhaes
the best james brown
jose pagan
Teenager: teach me how to dougie\nJames brown : hold my beer
Mieux que Michael Jackson
max silva
Agora eu entendi da onde Michael aprendeu a dançar
nina kaur
Yes prince and Michael Jackson were great fans of James Brown they have done a tribute to him they have been on stage with him. So basically they all learnt how to dance from him
renee Mitchell
Da legend huh?!, James inspiration and style originated from (Joe Tex) do ur history folks. James was a real piece of work, but never da less a talented soul also.
sachin singh
I think JB has fixed some ball bearings in his shoes
sanjay shaheen
now i know where michae jackson got his dance moves from hames brown
Was James Brown ever Young....He always looked Old...🤔
un fenomeno vivente, musica vera e pura !!!!!
wintersong l B
Holy hell mf how does he even do those moves? I dont even swear! But this kind of dance makes you!
Дарига Ногуманова
Непревзойденый Джеймс Браун!
Лейла Боташева
Браво! Джеймс Браво!
Станислав Карас
Easily give odds to many modern dancers. Because Mr. Brown is the king of dance
Элизабет Ли