Italian Pronunciation, Video 1: Consonants

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This is the first of a 3-part series on Italian pronunciation. The goal is to quickly familiarize you with the sounds of Italian and the IPA symbols for those sounds. You'll then be able to learn them faster, either through your own studies or through my pronunciation trainers. Enjoy!Flashcard Designs for Teaching Yourself Pronunciation:

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Arthur Simsa
The gli sound would deserve further discussion though - As for me at least, I have a really hard time:(
very informative video
Bonita Squires
Great video, thanks! Note that the image for pronouncing the palatal nasal 'gn' in gnocchi shows correct articulation for the tongue but the velar flap is closed - it should be open for a nasal sound.
Edwar Salazar
This is what I was looking for, very thanks. Greetings from Perú.
Elisa Amato
Didn't you find a better word than 'sbarbarsi'?😂😂😂
EnglishsmilE by มาดามอิตาลี
Thank you very much , I love your presentation !
Flavio Spadavecchia
Your pronunciation is almost perfect, congrats! Just a little hint: drop the stereotypical \
I hate weebs
Sì ma noi non scriviamo con quelle lettere strane per la pronuncia come fanno i francesi, quelle stanno solo nei dizionari. Quando scriviamo le uniche lettere diverse che usiamo sono quelle con gli accenti: à, è, ì, ò, ù.
Jaime Benito de Valle Ruiz
The word gnocco does not seem to match its IPA representation, which has a long /o/ sound instead of a \
Z is not like sbarbarsi, which is written and pronunced with the S. I'm italian hahaha Z is more like Zanzara.
King Keegster
I had a hard time with the [t.t] and [k.k] and [p.p] geminates of stops. This helped a lot.
Matt of All Trades
So somehow when I want to do the r trill, my uvular trills instead like the french r. Any suggestions?
Rebecca Hicks
Grazie mille per questo video. Capisco Italiano, ma sempre parlo con un accento americano. Grazie a te, ora so il perché.
Zeeyang S.R
excellent explanation
_ Kissler
Great video that clears up a lot of confusion for me, however, it moves a bit fast (despite the fact I can pause the video). This will merit watching several times as I continue to learn.
essia slah
il suono della m esce dalla bocca o dal naso?
fatah Tani
the consonant /t/ is different in Italian is almost retroflex but is not, the IPA missed it, as this sound is a phoneme in some languages