Top 25 Sleeping Pranks! 😴

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Waking up pranks on sleeping people just to scare them, confuse them or simply both.

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41 Mhz
I love the guitar with lotion, and she tickles him to make it look like he's playing it, priceless LOL\n7:39
7:58 I nearly died laughing. That was absolutely, positively EPIC. A banana in the mouth, a computer monitor in the arms, and marched into the closet, double time, in complete clueless compliance. Gut busting EPIC COMEDIC GENIUS!
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That guy in the intro has slower reflexes than a sloth 😂
A Starwave
AG _Craft
Wow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ALI Sher
I guess at 4:40 the girl is taking revenge !!!🤣 👋 ass
Aaron Brockington
@4:29...bruh....that girl is an undercover freak XDXD!!
Aden Van AR
8:53 Very Funny #2
Ahmad Fahmi
Kids...don't put stuff in people's mouth when they can get into their lung
Aminul Haque
after watching this I'm like WTF...I'm afraid of sleeping...
Amy Hunter
The pranks are stronger than any coffee in the morning hahahahaha
Andika Yogyanta
1:32 :v
2:30 LMFAO
Aniutochka 33
4:59 look at the camera loop= lol
Big foot and Alien researchers
Best one we did on our Brother was to stand there with our peckers im hand and slide a pickle in his mouth so when he woke up he saw us with our junk out. It was Hilarious at the time 😁
Brinae Grier
7:47 how didnt he feel that
4:37 I'm not even gonna ask..
Cinthia Martinez
The 22 it was so funny haha
Cody Frank
Omg the flour in the face. I lost it
5:13 my favorite part
4:23 when I see a spider
Daan Asten
wakie-wakie 😂😂😂😂😂😂 3:57------------mf loooooooool
Demon girl
0:46 if someone did that to me my boyfriend or my brother or my dad or my sister for my mother they will have no sleep for tomorrow or the next day or whole month I will get them living hell no one mess with me I'm sleeping I need my beauty sleep
Djidji Jean
im dead at 1;32 hahaha
Dorart Beka
5:14 hahahahahahah\nlike if you laughing at that!😭😭😆😂🤣
Epic Blazer 88
3:55 jevil in a nutshell. WHY?!\n4:49 IS THIS A NEW MEME?
Erman Kara
5:02 WTF?
Essenced GT
17m views 171k likes 17k dislike |17 :O
Faiz Sha
4.40 , wat was that 😅
Gaming For A Day
Look at the thumbnail!😂
Geir-Arne Bentsen
Number 2 is the best one!\nHe probably thought he was doing some weird and strange time travelling... ;)
The ones where they got people inhaling are funny til they fill their lungs and die
Henk Otten
Pittig veel weergaven zelfs engelstalige mensen
JACK GAMER LIFE جاكي العرب
His ping is 1000 0:04 \nJust gamers will understand it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jacob Frye
The second one should've been the first 😂😂😂
Jacob Johnson
Things you don't do while I'm sleeping:\n1. Open the damn curtains \n2. Take the cover off me\n3. Pour water on me\n4. JUST DON'T FW ME PERIOD WHEN I'M ASLEEP
Jaisakthi Packaging Prop. MOHAN
18 was so amazing
Jazz_ 101_love
no. 7 that will give himself a heart attack
Jazzy Land
Number 7 his laugh had me dead😭
Jdot Hernandez
#16 @ 3:50 was not funny... wat do u think
Jonas PS4
#11 was my favorite
6:09 7:58 Russians
Que chimba me rei mucho😂😂😂
4:40 wtf?
Lluvia Figueroa
22 i can't stop laughing and 19,15,11
Lokohd Lokohd
Como se llama la musica del vídeo?
4:50 просто ад!
Haha pinoy yung 3
Manos_ Gaming
Mazenlogy1604friends The bestie
3:44 Buuu wuu
Me Mo
Mecha Zero Sion
Remember the old memes, the old times, when all internet wasn't depressed?
Moammed Roj
Mochammadroby Ghifar
Namidid Gaming
Natsu Dragneel
The dislikes are from ppl who failed 😂
You can actually kill someone by collapsing their lungs by putting a vacuum to their mouth, so better to not do that, under any circumstances. Just turning the vacuum on next to their ears would probably be enough.
Razor E
I'm so glad i don't live with people like this :)
the one at 12:00
Rn Raju
😂😂😂 but I'm 😨😨of 😴😴😴
Roblox Gamer
2:18 r.i.p sleeping guy 💀💀
Rocco Primavera
The boys is when you call him and you say that your at a movie
SCP - 049
People who take pranks too seriously.\n\nThen there’s people who are chill and enjoys the video.
Snow princess
If someone does this to me they are dead. No one comes between me and my sleep.
Soma Electricals
@ 2:24 and 3:57 its a Dangerous prank he may die by Chocking .. @ 6:00 brain dead
Sonam Tamang
Second was the best .😂😂\nAll staffs set him up .😆\nHe was like,'I was sleeping since friday '?😆😆\nAnd as he came back and saw the whole staffs in the office , Am I time traveling?!!😆😆😆😂😂
Steve Houlihan
The best one was the 2 soldiers asleep together then one slaps the others face.
Superior Hugh
4:38 wat is dis...
TSR Str1ker two
9:51 enemy ahead in pubg and my friend be like
Top Dingen
6 as bayrakları
Venerable Bastard206
04:36 She must be really fun in bed...
2:23 very dangerous 👎
WeBe Flexin
Don’t you love when you wake up from a nap, check the time, and rush outta bed thinking you’re late for school only to realize you just got back from there 😂
Xeno Goku
0:07 when my mom calls my name to get up for school
YAh Man
5:02 Baby wake up there is a truck !!
abe oh rehne de
4:37 thats male rape.
4:23 me seeing my teacher
black_ _rose
1:27 *lmfao the dog got me ded bruh.*
hans- schmitke69
I'm looking for a video, where some guy slept and someone put a broom and a bucket to his hand and he scared him, so he trembled as if he was running. I can't find it anywhere :-(
mokay11 1
that's just rude how would you feel if they did that to you
nghĩa kim
Lũ bạn khốn nạn
superheroes style
unknown !!
Владимир Митяй
отстой, єто не шутки , а унижительний стеб.
Ьалق рiлк
1st ignore my english 🤔\n3:57 i do it to my father he got angry hahaha i cant stop laughing 😂😂😂
الملكي السوري
العربي لايك ₩₩
حسين الخفاجي
🙄\n\ndon’t fan \n\n🤮
معهم ستنجح
أيه ياكدعان فيه اي😂😂