Combichrist - Blut Royale (Featuring Members of Rammstein - Live in Berlin)

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Audience captured footage of Richard, Christoph and Paul from Rammstein joining Combichrist on-stage for "Blut Royale" during their final performance of the 2009 Rammstein European Tour.

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IT'S THE BLUT ROYALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angela D
Wow! Looks amazing!
Daniel Rudigier
\\m/ yeaaaa :D
Deacon SYNN
Coming to Las Vegas With Rammstein FTW
Fucking awesome combination.
Froylán Bonilla Requena
in this song, play paul landers
@DeltaCr0w Cause the Rammstein fans of today are fucking casual random guys... Fuck it that the band become so mainstream - before it was just listened in the goth scene like combichrist mostly is at the moment... It sucks balls -.-
This is Ueber-Cool :|
Infantry Productions
I can die happy now.\nThis is the coolest fucking thing ever.
Jean Bon
OMG The public don't move 0.0
Joel Watkins
My fave Combi song at the moment just got even better... MP3?
Josh Castle
Best combo of bands imo. Im going to combi in august. Cant wait
aw man... Brilliant
Watching the combichrist drummers do their thing just makes you wanna head bang. Those guys are awesome...
Combichrist & Rammstein: cant get much better than that!
Matt O'Connor
I was there!!!! and this concert was fucking amazing. If it had been any band other than Rammstein Combichrist would have blown them away with their stage presence. But rammstein brought a few fireworks... lol
Melissa Med
OMFG!!!\r\nRammstein and Combichrist!\r\ni never imagined that-..!\r\nFuckinggg awesome!!! :O
lol the tickets were prolly like 100+ dollars\r\nfor that kind of money people wanna actually SEE what they're paying for
Pedro Junceiro
This is great. I assume I didn'k know Combi until the Rammstein concert but I am now a fan of Combischrist. Awesome music, kind of liberating feeling running through the veins!\nCheers from Portugal!
@MelWolff Yes, that had to be awesome. Maybe they released one album together? ^^
How cool is this?! \\m/
Ricardo Cravo
In Portugal it was a fucking crazy concert :DDDD
Rodney Severance
Combichrist is freakin Epic \\m/
Steph Gorringe
I wish I was there, or that they did that at the Wembley Arena gig in London back in 2010
ThePunart - ART and Punk, Hard Core, Metal, Grind, Industrial - live
I love it!!!
Industrial Orgasm...
the only rammstein members that wasnt in there was Till and ollie.\n both guitarrist, Flake, and doom was in there
Who just stands there????
It seams like it was Richard on stage, not Paul... Excellent performance, though :)
agreed i can wait, im seeing cc on the 1st in sheffield too
such a shame, a lot of people are just standing there...
omg!!! cant wait till manchster in feb now!! :D
andy and richard are sooooo HOT!!
@RealityBits Indescribably cool. There are just no words that can adequately describe how awesome Rammstein+Combichrist is. So ill just have to settle for UBER!
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