Joan Rivers - Best Moments (part 1)

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Her humor was off the wall. She had hits and misses. I miss her clothes and sense of humor. She did a lot for women in show business. Comediennes like her don’t exist anymore. Rest In Peace Joan.
Her best line was when she told the whole world that Michelle OVOMIT is a TRANNY and it was the TRUTH.
A 1
Ghastly female.
Alan Renfroe
The Bridgette Neilson clip is EVERYTHING!!!!. Love and Miss you Joan!!♥️♥️♥️
Andrèr François LeJonèss
She used a brick for a tampon! ...... I'm dead.
Ariana Forever
Funniest woman to ever live 💟💟💟
Bon Zai
Joan is my dream girl! Only 60 years younger!
Brandy Lee
😂😂😂 these are the best🙌🙌🙌
Brett Green
Brutal 😂😂
Cactus Kid
That ending is pure gold!
Chas No
Funniest comedian ever, bar none. Joan Rivers mattered.
Chris Bennett
I LOVE her.\nI can't stand rich people who complain. Her jokes help me deal with those people.\n😎
Chris Lillyman
The concert clip between 9:12 - 10:32, where is this from. I have most of her material, but not this one.
I miss Joan so much, she was so funny young and old.
Cowie Thomas
She's so honest and sounds humble in how she explains things. Her jokes are the best. Has the best timing too, she cuts right in with something hilarious but true. 😂😂
Curtis Jones
How obvious is it as to who had her killed for talking about michael.
Damien H
I love this woman. I miss her so much. Rest in heaven beautiful 🌹
Danny O’Flanagan
These jokes are older than she was!
Dark Lord Angel
Now everyone is PC and can't take a joke or laugh at anything. This legend didn't care. I love her.
David Jaime
Her comedic banter was amazing. Not a second wasted, every moment was a joke.
David L
She will always be my biggest hero
Dennis Hartnett
Every time I find a new clip of Joan, I miss her more. God she is BRILLIANT!! And it was wonderful to see Lucille Ball REALLY crack up!
Drew Nielson
RIP Joan
Dutch Guy
❤️ may her soul live on fabulously for eternity 😢
Damn. I miss her more than ever. \n\nComedy has turned into who can suck up the most to the leftist elites and appease the “oppressed” privileged people of the West instead of actually being funny.
If she hadn't called Michele Obama 'a man', she'd still be alive.
Edwin Bell
I didn't know she was this funny! She put it all out on the line! Fluck those who get offended at least little Joke! 😂
El Hijo
I just miss her \
Emily Gates
Joan's best lines are her eyes.
Emma Teti
Lucielle Ball and Joan Rivers so fucking funny 😩rest in peace angels 🖤
Erik Stenberg
She was the best
Fabulous LEGEND!
Flexnet User
I think she’s one of the most beautifully dressed people in show business. She always looks so artfully put together, always wears what is right for her. LOVE her style. Miss you Joan.
Flying Up
I have the book she sold after she faked her death.
Fontaine King
She was always sharp as a tack!
God Bless this woman for EVERYthing.. but most of all for allowing us the freedom to laugh at ourselves. A true American Original - A work of art.
The funniest woman who ever lived!
Harpervalley Peeteeay
Anyone who could have made Lucille Ball crack up laughing on camera had to be the best comic ever.
Henny van Veldhuizen
Miss her
History LVr
I was having such a bad week and this really cheered me up! I miss Joan and her unique infectious humor, she was one of the few that wasn't afraid to speak her mind. Love you Joan...missed, but never forgotten!
J E ss E Y
Shes such a fuc.king ICON! I miss her so much!
James Bryant
The queen
Jared Smith
I wish I could have met this phenomenal woman!
Jeff Meade
There will never be another Joan Rivers... absolute legend
JoAnn Brannon
The Obamas had her killed
Who was the woman with her in the last interview?
Justin Donahue
Thank you very much for this, I needed this 💙
LOuna cool
And have sex appeal still, but I just dont use it xD so miss you Joan.
Legal Occupier
The look of the girl in little shop of horrors maybe was copied from Joan. Joan looked almost identical in the late 80s/early 90s.
Lord Debrick
She was bumped off alright...
Louis H
I miss her
Lucky Cedarlane
Thank YOU SO Much for this mix ! I love her for years (like many) and I am very happy I got to see her live in NYC and after the show I will never forget it cause it was so strange cause it was the night michael jackson died
Lucky Lawrence
Wow! U really did pick her best moments!! Love the Lucille Ball moment. On the spot as well, no one's as sharp as her to this day !!
Luís Terra
There are a few people is this world that we can say that they are irreplaceable, Joan is one of them. There will never be someone like her. Miss her and loved her even when she made fun of my live long idol, Elizabeth Taylor.
Maddison Jade
I miss her so much, a ICON 💕
Meir Wise
Unique, unequaled, irreplaceable, RIP
Michael Galduroz
I love this woman! I love her!
Michael Schuenemann
Michael T
Taken too soon! Just 10 more years!
Milan Benek
so sorry 'elites' killed her for snitching on them
she was one of a kind for sure
Natalija Semanova
what a woman she was ,so sad we lost her
I sooooo miss Joan Rivers so much! She was funny, didn’t care about your feelings and ripped everybody! What a classic. She would take on these Snowflakes is a New York minute!
Oscar Holmström
She's absolutely devine! This is how you live a life!
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Ragtop Roads
The best Joan Rivers comment was when a person told her that she shouldn't ware furs and she replied \
Ricebunny Moon
She was so great!!
Rob Ayres
I love this woman
Roc Star Studio
I miss Joan so much......She was and still is one of my all time favorite women comedians.
Rudy Labsilica
Joan is ruthless! But, she’s making people see that if they can’t own up to their shortcomings and see the humor behind it, then that’s a problem we have, not hers. Joan, you’re Fabulous!
Ryan Tobin
Melissa looks so much like Joan no matter what she had done especially at 9:20
Not a nice person.
Shelly Tuohy
When Joan died she took comedy with her x
Silly Goose
dude, she's funny
I had the good fortune to serve her when I was a drama student moonlighting as a barmaid in the West End. She was an absolute ANGEL and tipped me very well. What a woman!
The Gman
Its days like this when life's a bit crap, I find a video like this and Joan, even from beyond can make me smile and laugh. Rip girl.
The Orange Bandit
How'd she have so much youth at 80 years old?
Tiger Cub
Katie Hopkins mummy!😁🤩
And now we have Amy Schumer....
What a legend !!!!
PC culture took over because we no longer have Joan to verbally spank idiots.
Walter Paton
rip. Joan.
Will aware
Love her and miss her. \
c-el Loake
thank you for this! the irreplaceable joan rivers! no comedian has made me laugh as much as she did, taken way to soon.  love her! x
She was one of the few comedians who could crack me up and she didn't need a phony laugh track or a phony giggly souped up audience. Genuinely funny.
heckin tasty
Could’ve taken the whole Kardashian family, but no, Joan had to go, I guess.
Bridget Nielsen was the best interview....
leonardo braz
Finally her best moments, this video and the other ones are great 👏👏👏🔝
Too bad she was murdered for telling the truth.
There just isn’t anyone else like her.\nThat woman had balls, brains and one hell of a wit.\nI love watching her so much.
mplsmndude tr
God she was funny! I was so lucky to have seen her more than once live on tour.
my thoughts on
funniest woman to ever live
phantom prophet
I'm glad she passed before society got so freaking PC. Otherwise haters would have tried to ruin her, and force her to \
sarika love
I miss her!
How she gon introduce HERSELF? LOL
wualagual a
We need more Merryl Streep jokes, soon people will elevate her in goddess category.
מסעאן סקאריה
I miss you ❤️