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Hey rabbits!On Tuesday, 13th of February, DontTrustTheRabbit hit 200,000 subscribers! A great milestone! I cannot even say how grateful I am, I'm so lucky that you guys are part of my community and make all of this possible.To celebrate I decided to film a little video special: We are going to take the German word HONIGKUCHENPFERD literally and bake an edible honey cake horse. Why? Because you make me smile like a HONIGKUCHENPFERD every day. Thank you so much! ♥*****SUPPORT ME on patreon: VIDEO CUTTING SOFTWAREAdobe Premiere Elements 12

deuts... deutsch don't trust the rabbit donttrusttherabbit german accent german accent speaking english german speaking english how to do a german accent

Just a little vocab expansion you bit into the haunch not butt
Andreas Pflaum
Hey Trixi. Geht's Dir wieder gut? 🙂
Andy Koenigsdorf
*sing* Look at my horse! My horse is amazing... 😆
Anthony Rebock
She's...gonna...Pop, Lol... baby time_can't touch this...😁
Armin Jan Hoffmann
To be honest; this video was very different to the others. But it was extra funny; and really I stayed till the end because it was great entertainment that you offered here. I don't want to say that you are not entertaining in the other uploads (I wouldn't have been among the 200,000 for so long otherwise), but this time it was pure fun. Thank you! And all the best for the baby (this is most important), congratulations for the 200,000 - and good luck for reaching the 400,000 soon!
Fabelhaft! Glückwunsch am 200,000!!! Jetzt ich wollen kuchen!!
Brian Crawford
I liked it. Funny, quirky Trixi is back! I also couldn't resist taking a screenshot of you with a knife and your teeth bared, since you looked like you just chopped down a bathroom door to kill your wife. \
Craig Delaney
Ok OK! You made me comment.. God Bless and Good Luck! Have a Bright Future. I've come to love this channel and it's maker. Keep going..!
CuDobh_aka_ Patrik
A very wonderful video that lit up the Saturday morning for me!.. And .. not to forget the BONUS: hearing you sing free-range! There is a voice hiding or maybe hidden from us there?
My family and I are driving to go camping and we are literally being suffocated by pillows and bags and my little sisters are yelling while I’m using all my data watching this but I don’t mind cause Trixi is awesome :)
Dale Burrell
What are you going to do when you reach 1,000,000 subscribers? \ should give it some thought, Trixie-!!
David Webb
I like it when you create different styles of videos from time to time. Shows off your creative talent. Looking forward to your next weird and wacky episode. :)
Dorka Takács
Trixi, this video was so AMAZING just like you are. I'm very happy that you and the little bunny are all right :)) and congratulations, you absolutely deserve this number and keep making these funny videos, I smiled the whole time I was watching it :) Thank you \u003c3
I love this video, I smiled the whole way through :D you are a true ray of sunshine.
well at least the kitchen didnt burn, so thats a plus :)
So schlecht... ^^
Edith Bel
You're always so funny 😂😂 I love you and Congrats!!!
Eli & Iza
European Forest Animals
My mom has little plastic shapes, with which you can cut out pieces, faster.\nEdit: No wait... She uses them for dough... Nevermind :D\nEdit 2: Aww, it looks like a fat little Pony 7:16 .... Or a River Horse.... Hippo :D
Fire TBon
Congrats on the baby\u003c3
4:13 noch das alte Siemens Logo auf dem Rührgerät.
The word ‘dough’ is used when making bread or cookies, but the word ‘batter’ is used when making cakes or muffins 😊. Love your videos, keep them coming!
Congrats Trixi!! An also thanks for being there and making us smile. You’re a very especial person and deserve the best❤️ I’m glad to say I enjoy your content every week from Argentina.✨✨
Geoffrey Voigts
Trixi, you could call your horsey-shaped creation \
Gray Egerton
Are you sure it's not a Moomin cake?
HRDKOR Productions
Lachen ist die beste Medizin..... And this video was just that. Thanks Trixi!
Mit den bunten Streuseln sieht das fast aus wie ein Honigkucheneinhorn.
Imre Hundertwasser
Das ist eher ein Honigkuchenflusspferd :-)
Isaak Rabenschwing
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu den 200k. Alles alles Gute. Un mach weiter so.\n\nWas stimmt denn genau nich mit dem Honigkuchenpferd? Find noch imma. Isn tolles Wort. #lach#\n\nGanz liebe Grüße, Denis Haase
J3tzt bassman
I've watched many cooking shows less amusing. I might watch this again to try and take down the recipe. I'm gonna try to make that cake.
Congratulations Trixi!! I enjoyed this video very much. Looks like you are having fun. Take care.
Jim E
My maternal great grandparents were German. They spoke NO English
Trixie I love you!! I still want a video of you just doing singing impressions. Your literal translations and love of exploring language is what drew me to your channel and your great sense of humor keeps me here!! I’m glad you and baby are well and am looking forward to hearing of her birth!!
Johannes Gebhardt
200000 abbonenten \n\n\nDas ist der grund 2.
John Reynolds
Congratulations on 200K subscribers. I do enjoy your videos
Josef Krakel
There is nothing wrong with your kitchen Trixi. Es ist alles in ordnung in diene Kuche.
Just Curious
No baking powder and no yeast?\nReminded me of my childhood and St. Nicholas.\nThere was the custom to bake \
Kajal Prajapati
so happy for you trixie.. somehow this little cute video did brighten up my day! lots of love from Stuttgart :)
Karsten Schulz
Das beste Video war die Flaschensammlerin, jetzt warte ich schon Jahre lang auf köstlichen Nachschlag.. :)
Katriss Priordeen
How is your bitty bunny? The one in your tum and the one in your house? When is baby bunny number two due? 🐰🐰🐇🐇\nAlso \
Keine Werbung-Bitte
HORMONE ^^ ... ja wo sind sie denn schon wieder ? ^^
Kevin Schollmeyer
Noch nicht einmal ein deutscher kommt auf die Idee ein Honigkuchenpferd zu backen.\nSuper Video 😍
*Delicious!* ... Despite failing to rise, a bit of yeast or baking soda might have helped. The perfect reason to get to know your neighbors!!!\n\n_If I was nasty, I would mention that you had two buns in the oven at the same time ... but I should better not, I believe. So I don't._
Liz Indy
WILL AUCH SO EIN HONIGKUCHENPFEEEEEERD!!! :) Looks realy good an tasty ;)
Richtig cooles Video von dir, Trixi. Dein Honigkuchenpferd ist süß rausgekommen. Es war auch nice, mal deine Küche zu sehen. :P\nGlückwunsch zu deinen 200.000 Abonnenten. Du hast sie dir verdient. Ich schaue dich schon seit deinem Video über das Psychologiestudium auf deinem alten Kanal. 😍😘
You're not german!... absolutely no precision in measuring the ingredients. busted! (or maybe you're spending too much time next to a latin american, or you were watching a strange version of howtobasic that works).
Melissa Janine Peters
Was that \
Michael Clark
Omg this is hilarious! Love it! I also live your use of jump cuts, Trixie.
Mirko Bongiorno
Oh my god it's written \
Mitchell Hodgemeyer
Rapmaster Trixi. Nice. Fun video as usual - I love your channel. My only nit is that you didn't actually put a smile on the horse. ;)
You're too critical of yourself, Trixi. Your fun-loving, quirky personality is a big reason why so many people are subscribed to you. Don't apologize for your weirdness. Embrace it!
Off the path
You really don't look overly tired. You look beautiful. Having some of the stress off probably helps.
Pascual GF
Hi there!! 😉
Patrick MCMLVI
Dear Tixie, I think this might be one of your most funny and charming videos ever. :) It's wonderful to see you being so light-hearted. Best wishes to you and Papa Rabbit, Baby Rabbit, and the Baby Rabbit on the way. :)
Aus hauchzartem Meissner Porzelan ist ihr Gesicht...
Such Lovely Eyes
Ich liebe Honigkuchen. Am besten noch mit Butter bestrichen.... Mjammm!
Congratulations Trixie on the great news about your baby and the 200K subs! Love your videos! 😍
Random Potato
A Trixi video not on a Sunday? What's the occasion?\nEdit: Woah! 200K? CONGRATS TRIXI!
Randy Welsh
Trixie, still wonder if we could have a 16x20 of that smile
Real men shoot 308
I'd always heard \
Robert Grey
Keep making videos Trixie. Your in a good mood. Sure would like to see the other Trixie rabbit sometime though.
Ross Meldrum
You should have left the yellow plastic thing in the batter and said who ever finds it wins a prize.
1st: Congratz 200K subscribers.\n\n2nd: No product placing :-) ? I count 4 brands for the bakery including the (in)famous \
Samoth Emanon
Man merkt, dass es Dir gut geht. 🤪
Samuel Peter Rose
I am glad that you are making your videos with joy and passion, instead of moneywise only as it became popular on Youtube. Congratulations, Health, happiness and love to you from Poland.
congrats on 200000 subs👍
That was the very best honigkuchenpferd I have seen this millennium. Of course it is the only one I have ever seen, but it is the very best.
Tell Me A Song
This was the most random yet entertaining video I’ve seen in a while. Congratulations on the baby and subscribers.
Very funny! :D Great video ^^
Congratulations on 200k! 👻♥ And carving a cute horse. 👻
Thomas IV
Your so creative in many ways Trixie. Congratulations!!!
Tommy G.
Alles Gute zu über 200.000 Abos, du hast es verdient und noch so viel mehr. Vielen Dank für deine super Video, mach weiter so. Bist großartig 😊🖤
Torsten B
Dein Honigkuchenpferd grinst aber nicht. Trotzdem Glückwunsch zu Deinen wohlverdienten 200k!
And it was eaten before it could grin/smile... poor ginger bread horse ;P You forgot the MOUTH!!! :O
Jetzt dreht sie völlig durch! :-D\n\nHerzlichen Glückwunsch! :-)
Victim And Villian
I couldn't smell it. I'm thinking you may be trying to trick us.
White Tiger
Sorry to tell you but.. Langnese Honig ist kein Bienenhonig, er wird künstlich hergestellt indem Blüten und Zucker aufgekocht werden
This was a great one, Trixi. It’s wonderful to see you in your element. Congrats on that penultimate pregnancy milestone. And congrats on the subscriber milestone too! It looks so cold outside where you are. I almost forget that there’s this other season called winter, with all that white stuff that falls from the sky. Isn’t that terrible! Anyway, keep warm, honey. And thanks for the Honigkuchenpferdelächeln! -Phill, Las Vegas
Es ist ein sehr schöner Honigkuchenpferd! Guten Arbeit!
you are so cute :D
bryan hanson
I’ve just started your videos I’m a huge fan you make laugh thank you so much for being you !
Das war das süßeste Video von Dir Trixi!!!
@1:22\nThat is a happy face!!\nThat smiling face made me smile!!!
jana karimi
thank you 😘
Congrats on 200K subs! Grüße aus Finnland, keine Honigkuchenpferde hier ...
john dreslin
I love you Trixi!
200k well deserved fora very alright Mama Rabbit!!!!
You are hillariously sane crazy host. Cheers!
Never has a woman with a mad expression holding a knife looked so sweet :-)
Congratulations on baking a nice cake and reaching 200,000 subs fibers. Today is Chinese New Year's Day and it's 4716, the Year of the Dog. It is a positive and forward year, so Happy New Year to you, too!
sophia ikonyak
Please more weird videos!! Really enjoyed this
In slavic countries honey cake is known as \
And Google translate had no clue what that word was... It knew it was German though... -:) Hope you are well, pending baby bunny #2's arrival!
congrats! You're a lot more that \
Congratulations on the 200K Trixi!! And may the birth of the new baby bunny go smoothly....
Congratulations, Trixi! It's well deserved!! I got a big smile out of this video, too! :D