College Students vs US Citizenship Test

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WARNING: Some of the questions sound oddly worded, but the answers regardless are true and were found on a practice citizenship test. (also there are many many many typos)Can YOU answer more of these types of Questions?

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0riginal _Panda_Child
Ae Falzon
Benjamin Franklin did not invent Electricity. He may have discovered it, but he did not create it.
Alius Cogitabam
How did no one say farmers almanac for Ben Franklin?
Andrew Barrett
Angel Mcfadden
Jesus,everyone knows that electricity was invented by Lightning McQueen!
The math question at the end made me laugh.\nYou gotta know your multiplication tables LOL:\n11*11= 121 , 12*12= 144, 13*13=169, etc...\nThey are very easy to remember. I mean look at these beautiful numbers.
Arpita Kodagu
This quiz itself is idiotic - in what world did Benjamin Franklin \
First of all you write U.S. and not U.S
Black Vitriol
Wow, they found a group of College kids who did rather well. Hat's off to you guys.
Benjamin Franklin did not \
Boban Pantović
they all answered with a question!
Bond skyfall
Caleb \
Brian Glass
I really think Americans should take and pass this test before voting in ANY in point.....Maxine Waters
Brian Hardy
I can't believe how much I learned from this video, including that people from Arkansas are surprisingly smart!
Cage SC
Originally, the three rights were Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property. The word Property, after much debate, was finally changed to Happiness. (Thank you 10th grade American History class!)
Cassie Koenigshofer
Eyes of a cheater! That was so great!
The most important document and yet its not taught in school SAD
Chris Congleton
I feel so stupid right now! I need dust off some history books! Thanks for the video!
Chris Dilger
Im so glad I know how to find the missing angle of a triangle but not a thing about politics -_-
28... i was adding. IM DONE xD
Now ask them how many genders there are. They'll get that wrong too.
The Declaration didn't give us any rights, so the question is phrased wrong. It declared these rights:\n\
Man.. you don't learn any of this stuff in social justice class or lesbian dance theory. I'm in the wrong college!
Daniel Brown
God help us. We need more immigrants.
Daniel Spaeth, Jr.
They must be really good at English.
Dapper Kitten
Who was the president in world war 1? Abe lincon lol
Comment Section: Ermehgawd You can't \
David Rixon
I asked an 8 year old what 13 x13 was and they knew instantly. They do their times tables up to 24 at her school.
Learn this: Do you want fries with that?
Eric Emerson
Actually, none of the rights were \
Fat Cunt
“Freedom of......something” - literally America in a sentence
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
LOL Dickson Land...what a name! 🤣👍
When you get old enough you realize that college kids are almost exactly like high school kids. Self-entitled, spoiled, idiots, who mostly have no experience in the real world.
Gordon Aitchison
The easy way--13x13 = 12x12=144+12+13=169. Everyone should know their 12 times table.
Idglã Reinhard
The latino one is the dumbest of them all.
Janie Henderson
Jessi B.
This is the way I calculated 13x13 even though I know it doesn't work all the time\n\n3x3=9 so 13x13 has to end with 9 \n\n13+3= 16, then I put the answers together to get 169
John Wayne Gacy
Seriously! The Declaration of Independence does not and did not Grant rights. Rather, it declares to be self-evident rights that existed and we're known to exist since the Magna Carta. Among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The idea that the Declaration of Independence grants rights would be repugnant to Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin.
Joshua T.
My favorite part of the US citizenship test is “What is 13x13?”
DAAMMMNN! We are the most ignorant country in the world!
Keegan. MOV
This video is great! Awesome sauce!
Ken L.
Let's see if these kids know not to capitalize \
I' am Canadian and I answered 90% of these correctly, says a lot.
I'm A British citizen and I got most of these questions right, and I've never been to America
Mellivora Capensis
So, who invented oxygen?
Michael Caplin
Wow, the ''Hey friend''-guy seems like an awesome person! I like him a lot.
Mr. Magnificent
What are the first 3 words of the US constitution?\n\n\n\n*The workers revolution*
Nate Wallace
Nicholas Pogson
Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson.
Looool look at all this guys with their useless degrees. Never major in communication, theology, English, or psychology.
Pablo David Clavijo
So Benjamin Franklin invented electricity. So he is some sort of God? What were lightnings made of before he was born?
Boiii I'm a Russian living in Canada and I knew more than these people...
Pedro smith
Why are they hesitating on guessing the Atlantic Ocean?
They're Imposters!!! Deport them All!!! 😂 Just Joking, God Bless 'Murica!!! 😇
Peter Luk
Are you people kidding me? Get out of this country because you do not deserve to be here!
Rebekah Skandera
13X13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was by far the easiest question! (And a couple of them were gonna be elementary school teachers!)We can't have those people teaching our kids!
Rick White
back to school
Robert Morton
What does it take to get into College in the States? Breathing?
Samuel Coughlin
Damn first of all you can't invent electricity, only discover it. Also, Nikola Tesla should be credited with it, but like most aspects of this video, I bet you didn't research it...
Scott Jessup
When you are born in America, you don’t need a citizen test. That’s something we give foreigners to prove their worthiness of becoming a citizen. This whole thing is an equality fallacy. Citizens are not equal to foreigners, they have greater rights until that foreigner has citizenship, just like every other country on earth.
What these dishonest leftists don't mention, is that that list is just a question bank of potential questions with the exact answers that they give you months before the interview, where they ask 3 questions that you need to get right. It's ridiculously easy and available in different languages so it doesn't even evaluate your ability to speak English.
Sterlin Walker
There aren't 50 states anymore!!!
Dicks in Land - what a name xD
Tomas Roque
Vorpal Zvevda
Q: what does the presidential cabinet do?\nGirl: they...hold his clothes.\n..................bruh
Zachariah Candelaria
2:14 It was originally \
Funny thing is most Americans think Germany was \
So Bejamin Franklin INVENTED electricity huh? There was no electricity until he came along, hmm?
I lost some IQ watching 3/4ths of this video and had to stop.
This is painful.
diane mohamed
13×13= well 13×10=100\nand 13×3 =39\nSo 139\nAnd thats how they are calculating
fatima diallo
They did better than I expected
Invented electricity?
2:04 The Declaration doesn't give us rights, it acknowledges rights that are self-evident and Creator-given.
D o n a l d T r u m p
The real question is what is taught in Social Studies or whatever studies and what is on the syllabus. Foreign born people who want to become citizens have to study the citizenship study before they become us citizens. The real question is what is difference between what is taught in social studies in the USA and what is taught in the citizenship study for foreign immigrants. Unless I can compare the syllabus of these courses side by side I can't make a judgement. Another thing that should be looked at is comparing the schools of the USA to schools in other countries. Just giving more funding to schools is not the answer. We should compare our school and the curriculums to schools in other countries and see how we compare. This still is only th beginning. Studies like womens studies or gender studies is a complete waste of money.
Besides those being quizzed the people asking the questions are also idiots. Benjamin Franklin \
besides inventing electricity? no one invented electricity, it was discovered
mack cummy
Why study for a test when you can just walk in ask cry and whine to be given citizenship?
mahyar keshmiri
I want to choke the fat guy in the jam nation t-shirt to death.
What does the cabinet do? Girl in purple: They.. dress him? No.. they get him lunch! T_T ^.^ I'm dying rn. 6:05
These students seem to be more knowledgeable than most people who show up in these kinds of videos. Is this a Christian college?
patrick robock
lol it opens and closes
qq qq
As a kid in high school, I easily got all of these answers correct (including the bonus).
That fat dude is dumber than a rock. Maybe he should put down the burger and pick up a history book.
It was the Secretary of State, according to Alexander Haig.
Benjamin Franklin was the first fitness guru.
wannabe to wasabe
I would imagine that the most intelligent people are not included in the edited version of what you have presented here. That is because watching people answering these questions with the self confidence of knowing the correct answer would not make for entertaining viewing. This is similar to \
5:21 Donald Tru- i mean... the secretary of state.\n\nYou just said it man.