Every Best Visual Effects Winner. Ever. (1929-2018 Oscars)

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This year's Oscar nominees have been announced! So time to update our VFX award video from last year. We have added the winner from last year, this year's nominees, and a whole bunch of great updates throughout the video entirely. Enjoy!End screen music:Star Wars Cantina Band 8-bit by Darth Vesta(Amzn Aff Links)

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It's so interesting to see all of these so thank you! I hope Blade Runner 2049 wins.
How to win an Oscar for visual effects:\n\nCast Harrison Ford
Alex Greenough
A Spacy Odyssey holds up so well
Alonso Rojas
Blade Runner 2049 should win.
Andrew Swanson Films
It’s so cool to see the progression of visual effects!
Three of these winners were King Kong movies and there was yet another King Kong movie nominated for 2017. Considering that all 4 of these were remakes or sequels (the original came out in 1933) it appears that Hollywood likes movies about giant apes.
Anthony Burn
1968 really stands out, 2001 A Space Odyssey had no rival until nine years later with Star Wars.
Arthur Van Passel
I love how '76 to '97 is almost exclusively Spielberg, Lucas, Cameron or Zemeckis
Bernat Ibáñez
2001: A space odyssey was stunning at its time and surpsingly today too.
Blade Runner 2049 should definitely win, the majority of the effects were practical effects
Burger Fiction
We have a pretty awesome lineup of nominations this year, who do you think should win?
C Delany
Why did Golden Compass win in 2007 when the first Transformers was released that year?
Captain Jakemerica
Kong Skull Island should not have been nominated that should have went to Thor Ragnarok
Chiriac Puiu
2001 was so ahaed of its time. it still looks more impressive than the majority of the titles here.
Cyber Cyborg
8:06 will always remain the best VFX for me 🙏🏻
Dan Lokemoen
2001 looks better than many of the movies that followed for years (including Star Wars). I seriously can't believe that Blade Runner is not on this list -- it's one of the most visually arresting films ever made. Ah, well, that's the Oscars, really.
Daniel Danielsen
Best Visual Effects needs to be changed to \
Here again to say the 1 year jump from Space Odyssey to Marooned is hilarious
David B
The main reason why Spider-Man 2 won that Oscar was because of that shot of Doctor Octopus floating away to his death
David McDermott
I know it would’ve made for a pretty predictable list but pretty much every Star Wars movie ought to have won its respective year. LOTR 2 probably deserves it above SW II but that’s it if you ask me.
Dee Jarvis
Any chance we could all stop pretending that VFX human faces are o.k. They're not...yet, and it ruins movies. I'm not saying things haven't moved on since 'The Scorpion King' but please, just write a scene that doesn't need them, for now. We didn't actually need to see Gov Tarkin, we don't need to see 'young Tony Stark'. Gollum, excellent, but not really a 'human' face.
Desmond Hume
I literally started crying at the LotR part. We will probably never witness anything that comes even close to that trilogy. My absolute favourite.
Dingleberry Tech
It's crazy. As soon as the LOTR era begun, SFX have upped their game 1,000%. It's insane what computers have become capable of in such short time.
Eddy Girón
The Academy is not going to sell me that bloody ET won over Blade Runner, over my dead body!!!
Eduardo Mendez
The natural disaster effects in the black and white movies were the absolute best and most realistic even today! It's like watching a documentary!
Eight Trailer
We are in 2019 and We still think 2000 was yesterday, In fact its almost 20 years, and we still think 2000 was near and 2030 is Very far into future
Lord of the Rings. 3 years in a row. Still the best trilogy to date.
Someone took the time to add clips of all Best Visual Effects Winners in a short 12 min video with movie titles for you to enjoy for free.\n1000 people disliked it.\nGratitude is a human strength, practice it people, practice it.
G Ghecko
The only Star Wars films to win were the original trilogy with practical effects. Take that CGI!
G3org3 Ζ
...one thing is for sure...I am getting old
GuitarMD Pittsburgh
The best visual effects are the ones ya' don't notice.\nThe last thing a visual effects director wants to hear is, \
Hans Peters
Did you notice how all three of the old Star Wars movies were in the list and none of the newer ones? That's what happens when mass production replaces quality.
The Best Special Effects Winner for 1973 should have been awarded to The Exorcist.
Hobbit Stomper
2001: A space odyssey (1968) still has better special effects than many of the movies that are being released now a days. It has a perfect blend of practical effects mixed with special effects.
Hoggar Krababbel
Peak at \
Homework Radio
The jump from Superman to Alien blew my mind!
Jan Michael Vincent
I love that not only LoTR won all 3 years in a row, but Harrison Ford was apart of the winning film like 6 times in a row.
Jani Akujärvi
2001: Space Odyssey deserves every accolade known to cinematography. :)
I think it really helps to see within context just how far ahead technically 2001: a space odyssey was at the time. Incredible achievement for the time it was created
John Paul Quevedo
I love how 2001 blew everything out of the water in the 60s and arguably most of the movies here
John Trent
Forrest Gump scenes when you see both Forrest and JFK are amazing ! What a great insertion work !
Jon LaFontaine
Not to be that guy, but you can really tell there was a turning point where the quality of visual effects became the focal point of production at the expense of minimizing the other profound aspects of film that would normally be so intricate and impressive that we forgave any lack of quality in the visual department in the first place.\n\nGood writing, acting, score, general intuitiveness just seems to take a back seat when films are made because it's much more profitable to invest a budget on something that'll guarantee to be an easy attraction if done right, and on the whole requires much less imagination and thought than what genuine storytelling relied on before the days of visual acuity.
Jordan Neal
ET beat out The Thing, the movie with some of the best practical effects of all time? Come on.
Josh Carlo Guadalupe
2001:A Space Odyssey has the best visuals
Avatar already 9 years ago
Klas Lothe
Strangely enough the earliest films were the ones to impress me the most. Some truly great model sets and stop motion animation in there, as well as some crazy life size sets. Somehow it has a more realistic feel to it than a lot of the more recent contributions in this list.
It's awesome to see the evolution over the years
Leif Leifnephew
Intersting with the sharp drop in quality when computer graphics became common in the early 2000's. It isn't until 2010 they start to get back to the image quality of the last practical effects (e.g. Aliens). Life of Pi is especially awful, current computer games have better graphics.
Leon Bellingan
The movies from the 1940s still look better than Justice League.
Lord Dragonzord
3:07, that's not an effect. Thats an actually a fully functioning Jet-Pack
You can see clearly that 2001 A Space Odyssey was a massive step up in quality. Then it slips back to crappy green screen and models until Star Wars a decade later.
Michelle Sanctuary
Metropolis (1930)
10:24 I knew my favorite movie would be on here
Mortimer Laforet
funny to see that before 1995 a good SFX was linked with a good movie, while after it's only junk movies...
A shame so many of them flew by so quickly, not enough time to appreciate the work gone into making them.\nAnd it's interesting to see how some have aged... 2001: A Space Oddyssey in '68 is still a wonder to behold 50 years later, and Marooned just a year later was dated within 10 years. And pretty much the same can be said about The Abyss in '89 and Total Recall in '90, except the timescales are much shorter. :)
Nish Limbu
I am surprised none of the Harry Potter movies made it
O&A Fan Videos
I feel bad for War For The Planet of The Apes and Blade Runner 2049 cause they look amazing but so does everything else these days. I find that War got to a point where improvements in CGI just wouldn't help it. Every shot of that movie looks amazing and I can't imagine it ever looking dated. It's hard to imagine that visuals will be even better in the future. After a while, I think it's just a matter of best art style and design because pretty much everything already looks realistic in any big movie.
Pablo Remonsellez
A lot of comments about Blade Runner vs ET. Please remember Production Design is were Blade Runner really is groundbreaking, unfortunately the academy gave the award to Gandhi.
I was born in 1993 (The year of Jurassic Park!)
I wish I could go back in time and become the greatest editor ever....lol
We're all waiting for 1977.
I still think 2012 movie deserved best vfx award. Though the movie was stupid, the visuals were absolutely insane. I have watch every disaster movies thats been released but never saw something so realistic as it was shown in 2012.
Rici Mercury
seriously I just saw 2001 yesterday in IMAX and I swear the effects is way better than any CGI I've had ever seen. Kubrick was way ahead of his time
Ruoqian Wang
2001: A Space Odyssey ages so well
Saleem Frazer
Tough choice between Blade Runner 2049 and War for the Planet of the Apes. One film involves the masterpiece craftsmanship of a hyper realistic futuristic city and one involves the near perfect visualization of walking, talking, humanized apes. Honestly, this is a tough one. Yes, Guardians Vol. 2 has some extraordinary visual FX but what Blade Runner 2049 and War for the Planet of the Apes manages to create is absolutely revolutionary whereas Guardians Vol. 2 feels like a show of some progression within the Marvel movies' already astounding visuals. \n\nHeck, I'm surprised Ironman 1 or the first Avengers movie didn't make it on this list, but it all depends on what came out those years I supposed. Also, would like to give a shout out to 2005's War of the Worlds by Speilberg himself for presenting realistic giant alien machines slowly causing destruction in a town setting as well as 2007's Transformers (despite the quality of the movie itself) for being a revolutionary step in CGI.\n\nI hope Infinity War gets a nod for next year via Thanos' outstanding CGI (forgot how the whole eligibility thing works with the release dates for the movies and the Oscars themselves). I'd argue that the CGI on Thanos in some scenes are almost, if not is on par with the apes in War.
Scocasso Vegetus
Citizen Kane should have won for 1941. I believe it didn't win simply because the special effects were so good, that nobody noticed that they were special effects -- because everyone was so used to at fake looking special effects and saying, \
Scott Boyer
We get to 1977 and its like yup, bit of a game changer that one...
Snake GamZ
For 2016 should be docter strange
Socks With Sandals
In Thunderball that was a real jetpack \nBond movies pride themselves on real action in the stunt sequences.
Is Harrison Ford a visual effect ?
St.Louis Films
Visual effects have changed so much the past 100 years, I’m can’t even imagine what they’ll be like in the NEXT 100 years
2016's winner was The Jungle Book, the same year that Doctor Strange was released.
Blade Runner wasn't even in this smh
Tee Dee
That Hugo clip looked awful.
The Beatles 4ever thailand
I came here for 2001: a space odyssey
By far 2001 Space Odyssey the best with southamerican tapirs and 15\
Tim Jansen
A number of these \
LOTR forever
Tommy BRo
GOTG Vol.2 nominated for best VFX?? Marvel has been downgrading their animations since after Iron Man 3 and this kinda ruined it from me in the movie.
i never was impressed by avatar, looks a lot like cgi now as back then, the story is the worst cliche of all, never understand why was so popular and acclaimed, even now im more impressed by independence day, that shoot of the empire state looks more real, uf and alien of course, just perfect
Verano Bojrttin
Sean Young is most beautiful woman ever.
andrea105 beautygirl
Aliens special effects looks so modern
3:21 The cut from the seamless floating spaceships of 2001 to the awfully chroma keyed astronauts from Marooned is completely laughable. Just proves that Kubrick was on an entirely different level from everyone else.
Of the 3 Kong movies that won oscars, none of them looked as good as the original.
You can say whatever you want and be a fan of any franchise out there, but the only trilogy that really comes close to LOTR probably is Back To The Future.
What wonder and charm the pre CGI effects had. Of course CGI is welcome - but only when it's used as an integral part of the story and not just to put effects in because you can. Thanks for post
But in the end, the winners are Alien series and Terminator 2. It's not about quantity, but how well the effects are blended into movie. There is no part of Terminator 2 where you can point your finger and say \
Biggest visual FX snub: Tron:Legacy.
oatmeal enthusiast
*wHaT aBoUt ShArKbOy AnD lAvAgIRl*
phuc hoang
Where the hell is sharknado?
sami saadat
wait a minute, Thor Ragnarock was not even nominated, Doctor Strange did not in 2016 and Infinity War won´t alsso win this year. Is that just a joke or a nightmare
selador 1972
Small level of improvement between 1967 and 1968😂
2016 jungle book? bah the hallucinations in doctor strange are visually far more superior
subhadeep das
What happened to peter jackson? His movies visual effects looks way more superior so that they looks better than today movies back in his days. But today he offered us cgi crap like hobbits especially the battle of the five armies. That movie just looks like any modern video game animation. 2005 king kong looks way more realistic than kong 2017.
2001 was so ahead of its time. It still looks brilliant, and then look at Marooned.
It kind of went from 2001 (in 1967) and, for me, skipped all the way to Star Wars in 1977 (everything - for me anyway - in between was In one way or another, basically inferior).
עדו סוקולובסקי
So Terry Giliam never recieved an Oscar? What a shame
2001: A Space Odyssey must have been mind blowing to see in theaters...