Smoked Whiskey Burgers

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Turn down the heat and go low and slow the next time you grill up some Burgers at your Pit. Check out this BBQ Pit Boys whiskey-plugged mega meat monster recipe that’ll satisfy any hunger… guaranteed! Click for more information about the Colossus Smoker Thanks for stopping by the Pit and for your continued support..! --BBQ Pit Boys

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A Serious Salamander
Aaron Dove
There used to be a restaurant in town that served a $12 hamburger. I never thought it was worth it. THIS is a $25 burger, and well worth every damn penny.
Abhishek Ghosh
Never been to America but I can say to you that this is like real authentic American burgers 😎
Adam Vesely
It's like Bob Ross at the pit! Ooh! And just a smidgin of Randy Savage
Adi Mihaiuc
Hello Pit Masters, I'm from Romania where the barbecue was invented I think (just kiddin').\nAaaand, i'd like to add that even though we have barbecues like 2-3 times a week with so many kinds of meats and styles, me and some colleagues and some of my uncles got intrigued by this video. It's outrageous how that burger looks. We have got to put our hands on one of those smokers and give it a go around the area here. \nWe're really happy you're staying original and your style is like nobody else's.\nKeep up the good work and HELLO from Iasi, Romania!!!
Adrian de la Paz
7:19 Martha: bro... where is the cow...?
Arav Gupta
Simple and honest Americans cooking some BBQ ...☺
Damn... I need to pay you guys a visit :D We should have an epic burger party sometime!
Aries Might
We're on the wrong side of the screen. Us envious viewers that is. Ahahaha
Arsen Isakov
The music and the overall feeling when you make the food is so passionate and relaxing at the same time!\n\nYou got yourself a new subscriber, keep up the good work!! :)
Bradley Schafer
So simple. Yet, refined enough to take on any fancy recipes
Brandon Morales
They are rocking those beards and those burgers look good to
Carlos Lagunas
Daniel Johansson
THATS IT! leaving my wife.. those burgers is all you need!
lol why have a burger when you can have one the size of a cake....those buns are a loaf where I come from!
Eric Calvar
the narrators voice!!! wow, it's like listening to an epic story about to happen.
Ernesto G
Dios mío, ¡ahora eso es una hamburguesa! Saludos desde México, ustedes son geniales! / Oh my God, now that's a hamburger! Greetings from Mexico, you guys are great!
Flaming Mad Skaven
This was oddly the most calming video i've watched on Youtube for a long time. Most meat eating channels are so overboard with music. And you just got some nice acoustic in the back. Makes me feel at home.
Gareth Williams
So bloody hungry now!
Grant Wragg
Your videos are always mouth watering 👍😄
Gregorey Staelens
Hans Mater
thats no burger its a meatloaf
Hans Wurst
Martha will be grilled soon
god damn....i'm hungry again...guess i gotta get those ring things....and eff.the vegomatics
I want a burger like that now 😫
Freakin d fattezt burgers ive ever seen man! who dont want to dive in those right now, on d duble xD
You Guys are REAL Americans! Respect from Germany !
Jamael Jordan
would gladly catch high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease for one of those. I think it would take two days just to eat all of it.
James Booth
there are very few vids able to make me as hungry watching them as these ones
Jessie Aguilar
Not only you got burger tasted deliciously but you already eaten the juicy whisky burger. Ohh lala. :-)
Jessy H.
Deutsches Essen ist gut aber real American bbq its better
Jonathan Lesher
1.5 lbs. of meat in each burger that's THICC
Joose Skeptik
They eat like kings everytime. I also try to take a shot of whiskey with them everytime they take a shot.
That's my kind of shot ohhh hohoho yeeahh this is gunna be guud. 😎
Justin S
If these guys had a BBQ restaurant all there food would be sold out.
Kovu Lion
This is gonna be gud*
Would love to come to America and eat one of those oversized burgers you lot eat!!!!!
Lee H
Those aren't burgers, those are meat loafs.
MR ice man
Now that is a man burger!!!
Matteo Purgato
Those burgers are bigger than my future
This is the most american video I've ever seen
Michael Rice
My Pit Master Privilege is that if anyone dies from eating too much meat at one of my BBQ's, BLEEP THEM, I'm gonna toss them on the grill...more meat for the rest of the meat eaters! Oh and Vegetarian is just a Native word which means \
I think wee need y'all guys to have your own tv food channel...I know replace Rachael ray or Bobby flay on food network......good job guys...👍👍
Nikolaus Ioilev
вот так и живете,  в себя всасываете то что в вас не заходит, бургер должен быть в половину меньше, рот порвете, и жопу
Nikos Chrysafis
Ninos Zwis
NoToLeRaNcE- Asis
Vegetarians Worst Nightmare
I have the feeling that these guys are not vegans
Paweł Wyciślik
A year ago i would go and make 2 or 3 like that and eat them right away, and now i'm sitting here watching this eating less than 300 kcal a day 110 pounds lighter than a year ago and not even feeling the urge to eat anything, what a weird ways life has.
RJ9 Omega
This is why we need smelivision
Red Balboa
Robert C. Christian
The chickens are like... why are they being so nice to us? On the next show... Chicken whiskey crunch burgers.
Rushikesh Tarlekar
Narrator's voice makes it even more delicious
I wanna come get drunk with you fellers. Y'all seem like some good Eatin folk!!
One of those burgers could feed a family of four cut them in four halves with some nice baked beans on the side with some coleslaw and fries mmmmm...
Shaun Morin
I can't describe my feelings right now. Happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I must do this. Sad because I can't do it right now.
Space_ Ghost
Yoo that looks 🔥
This is called happy healthy life ?\nYes it is 🤞🏽🤞🏽
Feeding your chicken's beacon?! you evil savage........i like it !!
Subpar Monkey
I'm sitting on my couch crying with my microwave mac n cheese
Summit HuxX
this makes me so angry because i want to eat that so badly. very jealous.
this man is the bob ross of bbq
looks like cooking with ZZ TOP. Looks really nice but the size of the portion is huge from a European point of view!
Te Marie
My 3 yr old found this and wanted me to make it for her hahahhahahaha. I searched burgers and she chose yours. I guess it’s toddler approved 😂
Thiyi Umbrey
Just open up a restaurant. I will be your daily customer
Turki Alardiy
Epic commentary 😁👍🏼
Tyee Cambrón
Looks good. I work at a grocery store and seen a new item come in. It was some cooking sauce and something about whiskey. And I just thought the idea sounds great but I wouldn't want to try the fake sauce. Try the real thing like in this video.
I pay you guys to be my neighbour please
The type of guys, making vegans turn normal again :)
azhaafi ikhsan
when legend show his skills.. Hello from Malaysia !!
bubu mic
That cheeseburger ate 5 of his brothers !
I hope someday u guys open a restaurant \u003e_\u003c
crazy kain
I think this is going to be good
dan vandan
Well that's just ridiculous.. ridiculously awesome!!
Shhhhh im eating :D
Daaaaaaamn! This burger makes the Whooper look like a slider. O_O
glennard coleman
I have never heard of a smoked whiskey burger before to be honest.
jack Patillo
Only Progressives and Vegans disliked this video.
jeremy jensen
You boys giver' those burgers look awesome and to hell with any thumbs down grass eaters out there.
johaon john
YouTube always recommend this video at night.
kay and jay
He make the burger sound so sexy lol
lacey p
why can't I have neighbors like this
lars van der meer
Every time he says “this is gonna be good” take a shot of whiskey!
lemuel waller
thts the most sexiest gotdamn burger , I ever seen in my life. my stomach iz horny!!
marty keller
..I've never had a burger that big. Our beer is stronger but your burgers make ours look jr.\nCheers from Canada fellas
maz man
Discovery channel for you men.class act 👌👍👏
God bless america
rene meyer
Great stuff, hats off to these gentlemen!!!!
My mouth is watering like Niagara Falls!
These men clearly have a deep abiding love for roasted, fried and BBQ'd meat. Can't say I blame them.
WOW!!! Now THAT's a burger!!! Dang, it looks sooooo delish !!!
we doh talk bout that boi
lord have mercy
woman on a mission
1:45 2:11 3:51 4:15 4:25
Someone get a timer up on that screen every time \
America in 1 video
назар назаров
A real big Burger